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The sexual lifestyle of a Bisexual Exhibitionist who does more that just flirt with both sexes.

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This is the first of many stories of my sexual adventures and how I got to be the person I am today.

I am not actually sure when my husband and I actually became members of the Lifestyle. All I know is that when I was in my teens I loved every aspect of sex.

I knew that I was Bisexual very early in my teens. As I grew up and started getting to think seriously about one mate I knew that the person I chose to be my lifetime soul mate had to have the same sexual interest.

I have been with lots of guys (and girls, and I knew that I wasn't Gay) and I still hadn't found a guy who could handle my sexual appetite and be cool with the idea of my having sex with other guys and girls.

Sure I found lots of guys who loved the idea of me being with other girls. Name one guy who doesn't have the fantasy of seeing 2 girls together. But add that with being with another man. They freak and loose it. They are not obviously comfortable with their own sexuality. They are to insecure an miss the point. It's not that I don't love them, it's just that I love seeing and having more than 1 cock.

Anyway's I thought I would never find the guy until I met Mike. On our first date I told him up front what my sexual interest and desires were. He was very cool with that. Yah sure, a guy will say anything to get in my pants, that's what I thought until he asked me to fuck another guy. How cool is this.

After that we just hit it off. He loves pussy and so do I and he knows that being with another man doesn't mean that I don't love him. He doesn't get jealous. We knew that we were made for each other.

In the beginning of our relationship it wasn't like that we were meeting people and fucking every week, every month etc. Actually it was more like once in a blue moon. If I saw someone that appealed to me and the timing was right and we were all agreed on it then we would play.

That's how our relationship was and is.

We have had straight (or monogamist) friends and well, to be honest we have found that they are phony when it comes to sex or my openness toward sex or worse they talk bad about what we do, but in private want to have sex with me just so they can say they experienced a Bi sexual relationship or make their husbands happy.

To me that is total bull shit. I have people like that. You either are or your not. So we got tired of those friends and we decided to find some friends who thought like we did. Ones with no sexual hang ups.

I think we finally realized that we were into the Lifestyle about 5 years ago when we actually went to a "swingers club" (I hate that word, I like Lifestyle. Swinger sounds so 60's hippish to me. Mike calls it the "Dark Side" complete with the Darth Vador voice. "Cum to the Dark Side.")

Anyway's we were curious about "those" clubs so we searched around and finally found one. You'd be surprised how hard they really are to find.

The first club we went to was Freedom Acres. It was very cool (for more on that please check out the story). We went to some home parties in our town where we met some very nice people, who we still are close to.

We have tried soft swing and we find that can be very cool, but it's still not the same as having another man touching you and that different feeling that cums from all that another man brings to the table (or bed in this case).

My husband is great in bed and he knows exactly what to do to me to get me off and I love his touch, but it's fun to spice things up. We even went to a nudist resort to see if we fit in and to find out if we were true nudist. Now that was strange. I mean I love to be naked, I would go naked in public if I could (without being arrested), but when we saw that there were children around naked men, well that just didn't seem right.

I guess we are not Nudist in the Mind that they are. We relate to nudism with sex and they don't. That's pretty simple and to the point. We have in the last 5 years gone to a sex club probably 2 to 3 times a year just to see what's new and break the routine up. We would probably go if there was a club closer, but it's hard for us to travel with our home life.

I have been told that I am a very giving person. Especially when it cums to sex. If you asked anyone who knows me they would tell you that I have a problem saying no to sex and I often seek out situations that would put me in the position of men wanting to fuck me.

My husband and I love to go out and party, dance, play some stick and sometimes play with other mens sticks.

We both know that we have certain needs and we both do what ever we can to make sure those needs are met. My needs for instance are to make men happy. By doing this I get off so I'm happy. It's a win win package. I know what guys want. I read Penthouse Forum and I read the erotic stories on the internet. They know they can't get it from their wives and girlfriends so I fulfill their needs and fantasies. Lets get one thing clear I'm not a prostitute. Prostitutes do it for money. I do it for sex.

I know that guys love to see women dress provacative and give men the time of day. If they look and smile in appreciation it's only proper to show them that you appreciate the compliment.

I hate hearing and seeing women dress sexy and get pissed off when guys check them out. What the fuck do they expect. I make sure that guys know that I am in no way like those women. If a guy takes the time to compliment the way I look with a smile and look then the least I can do is smile back or even go over to him and thank him personally.

Now if that smile goes further and the situation is right (the guy is nice, clean, polite, takes pride in the way he looks and that doesn't mean he is wearing gold chains and an expensive suit, that means he isn't wearing dirty jeans and the same shirt he has been wearing for a week) then there is a good chance that we just might become better aquainted.

Now there might be a time that due to uncontrolable female issues that we may not be able to get to know each other in every way, but at least he will be receiving one of my patent blow jobs which believe it or not, I will be getting off as well. I can achieve orgasm by giving head. It's just something that I can do. (If you want to know more about my sexual likes and dislikes please check out my BIO).

Now my husbands needs just so happen to be that he loves to see or know that I have been with another man. Let me see if I can explain that. I know that my husband is totally in love with me. He showers me with gifts, takes care of me mentally and physically, and he is always ready willing and able to fuck me. He is a very good looking man, a total romantic at heart and a gentlemen as well. He is intelligent and he has a professional job, he has a 9" cock and knows how to use it.

He only has one vice. That is SEX. He loves everything about it. When we met we immediately discovered that we had the same feelings toward sex. We knew that we were made to be together.

So right away I found out that my husband gets off on watching me be with other men and women. So who am I to keep him from full fulling his needs. Besides once again it's a win win situation. I love sex and he loves watching me have sex as well as having sex with me.

He loves women and on occasion he has been with other women whom he or we have met or some of my friends. He loves the fact that I'm bi because he gets to share my left overs.

Just so you know there are times that he and I will be out having a good time together and the thought of me being with another man or women will never cum up, unless the situation presents itself. This actually doesn't happen often. It's not like me and him are out and a guy is checking me out and we end up fucking. The situation has to be just right.

Now there have been times that we have gone out and I notice or he notices a guy checking me out and my husband and I both look at each other and know that it's time to have some fun.

Usually were in a club or bar where there are only adults around and pretty much we are all there to have some fun and that usually means finding someone to fuck.

My husband usually asks me if I like his looks (he has a pretty good idea what I look for). I sometimes will ask him if he would like to see me fuck him. If it's agreed on then I know that it's time to play nasty girl.

We usually change positions so my husband can't see the guy checking me out so the guy feels more comfortable. If the guy has no obvious problem with me being with another man (which is a real turn on for me) then I usually will start with moving myself into a position that offers the guy the best advantage to seeing my legs.

I will start crossing my legs naturally. I will run my fingers over my legs. I may slowly uncross them so he gets a clear shot of my pussy because I rarely wear panties. I may brush my hand across my breast. I don't do anything too obviously.

Once I see that he is checking me out I will look directly at him and see how he reacts. If he smiles at me with that look of you're a bad girl and I want to see more than I move to the next stage. This usually consist of maybe sucking on a piece of ice or taking a sip from my Corona bottle and then running my tongue over the opening.

I have on occasion, when I don't want to beat around the bush so to speak, performed deep throat on it. That usually sends the guy over the top and I've even heard guys uncontrollably say things like "oh my g?."

My favorite thing to do is running my fingers around the bottle with the beads of water on it acting as a lubricant and masturbate the bottle as if it was a cock. I do this as if I don't even realize what I'm doing. It's even more exciting when there is more than one guy or a group of guys.

They all get into it and my husband tells me later that it's like going fishing and catching a huge fish and not having anyone see you bringing it in. No one believes you. But now there are witnesses to this once in a life time event. You know that old Forum saying "I have read these stories and never believed them until one day........"

After I have done these things my husband will normally excuse himself and leave me alone to see if the guy or guys will cum over to me. Often with a group of guys they will go into a huddle and the bravest one will cum over. If he does than it's taken up a notch.

If he doesn't then it just wasn't meant to happen. I rarely go over to the guy or guys unless I can't pass him or them up and I just gotta have sex.

I am actually a shy person and I hate rejection. Some guys either are afraid because of me being with another man, or they think I'm not serious.

It's still fun to talk about later with my husband when were fucking in bed and we talk about the what if's.

When my husband leaves he doesn't go far. He usually goes just out of view enough so he can watch. He never leaves me completely alone for my safety.

Once they think I'm alone and they are brave or horny enough and cum over it's time to see if they meet my other criteria. They have to be polite and not vulgar. I have had guys just grab my breast or stick their hands up my dress. I only like this if I'm at an adult book store or sex club and were in the midst of fucking frenzy.

I do have my forced sex fantasies. Don't get me wrong I like guys to take the inititive but with some class. I actually prefer it if they make the first move.

I also look for guys who can carry on an intelligent conversation. I want this to be interesting and exciting. I love the dance of sex. Little inuindoes are so cool. If the guy does this then it's time to take it to the next stage.

I let the guy know that I find him attractive and hopefully the guy makes his move. Even if it's to ask me to dance is great. I find dancing especially close dancing a huge turn on.

I love it when they touch me and let me know how much they want me. I have even had guys finger me on the dance floor. I go nuts when I feel their cock's get hard against me. If they don't dance that's cool, if they at least show me that they are interested then we can go from there.

After we have an understanding that we want to fuck then it's time to see if they can go the distance. I tell them that I want to be with them, but my husband has to be there for my safety.

I tell them that he is very cool with my fucking other men. He never gets jealous and he is totally straight. He only watches unless the guy wants him to fuck me with him in a 3 some.

Now if the guy is with a group of friends and they are all nice looking guys and he tells me that they all want to fuck me, then it makes it easier to have my husband there. I tell him the same thing about my husband.

If the guy is really open to pretty much anything then I ask him if it's ok if he takes photos of the moment. This totally makes it the ultimate fun nite. We absolutely love taking pix of the party so we can relive the moment later. Plus we know how much guys love them on the internet.

If the guy is dead set against my husband being there then I have to decide how bad I want to have this guys or guys cock's. If it's something that I can't pass up, sometimes there are ways around it.

I have on occasion fucked guys with out my husband being there. It's rare, but I have done it when I couldn't say no.

My husband has been outside a hotel/motel while I've fucked guys. He has also let me fuck them in cars while he stood in the parking lot.

I have even fucked guys in the mens bathroom while he was outside the door. But if I don't get the right feeling from the guy then it's his loss.

It's to bad some guys have sexual hang ups and can't just look at it as fun sex. Like I said if it wasn't meant to be then it wasn't.

If the guy is ok with my husband being there or close by then I tell him that I need to let him know and we can go from there. I give my husband the look and he cums over for the introduction.

I get a kick out of guys when they meet my husband. He has to insure them that he doesn't get jealous and that it's only sex.

He tells them what a great fuck I am and that he is going to have a great time. This usually calms the guy down and after a few more drinks of liquid courage (oh yah, if they have had to many drinks already then it never goes to the do you want to fuck me stage).

If the guy has had to much to drink then I have found that they can't perform. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to get a guy hard with a drunk cock. If there drunk I usually just talk to them and not lead them on to think that were going to fuck. I let them know that I like them and the next time we meet I hope that he has less to drink so we can both enjoy it.

Once we have decided that it's time to go to the next stage we ask where the guy would like to go. Usually they are married or have a girlfriend waiting for them at home or they may even live at home with their parents. So they usually suggest we go to our home. Well, that will never happen unless we have known them for sometime.

We have heard of some horror stories of guys who show up at the most inappropriate times or they fall in "love." So we just don't do that.

We suggest a nice hotel/motel and it is appropriate that he pay for the room. Then again I have fucked in cars lots of times. I actually get off on it. Once again it must be something from my younger days and or that forced sex fantasy.

Hey I have even felt so nasty that I have fucked in a bathroom with guys all around me. It just depends on the moment.

Once we have decided where we are going to party at and we get to that destination, I usually like the guy to make the first move unless I am so fucking horny by now from the anticipation and my husband fingering me on the way there.

There have been times when my husband has driven the car to the location while the guy is with me in the back seat warming me up. I have to admit that it takes a lot of self restraint for my husband to keep his eyes on the road and not on the guy fingering me or my sucking his cock.

Once in the room the guy usually forgets that my husband is even there because he doesn't hover. He sits quitely and watches. He may jerk off while the guy fuck's me, but he doesn't like to cum if he can help it. He wants me to have his cum.

The best moment of all is when it cums to the point where I undue the guys pants and pull his cock out of his underware. There is no describing the feeling I get when I see the present I'm unwrapping. It's like a birthday present.

Then the next best thing is when I get the first smell of his musky cock. There is no other smell like it. It's intoxicating to me. Especially if he's been dancing and sweating. I can't help it I just get wet right there on the spot.

As far as cock's go I love them all. I am partial to fat thick cock's, I love fat cock heads. It's a challenge to see how much I have to spread my mouth to accomadate his mushroom head.

I even love uncircumsized cock's. I love to play with the skin before it's hard. I actually pretend that the forskin is a pussy when I scrunch it up. I'll stick my tongue in the opening and lick it like a pussy. I love the feel of the velvet skin on my lips as it slides in my mouth.

A guy doesn't have to have a big cock to please me. You can only take so much anyway. I have been hurt by a few monster cocks. Sure they look great on film, but it has to be pleasurable at the same time. I sorta have to remind them not to stab me with their sword, but guys still get carried away.

The other best moment is when the guy undresses me. I do love it also when the guy tells me to undress. I find this both very sexy. I love the way his eyes light up when he sees my naked body the first time.

I love it when he touches my bare skin and caresses my flesh. I know that I am in for a real treat when he takes his time with me. He explores my body with his hands and mouth. He doesn't rush things and he understands that there is more to sex than just fucking, sucking and cumming.

I get really excited if he talks dirty to me. I love to hear him breathing hard and let out a cry when I first touch his cock with my hand and then my lips, tongue and mouth.

I love the taste of pre cum. It lets me know how he is going to taste. (I have found that if a guy eats parsley before sex his cum will taste sweet. I guess that's why the put it on your plate at restaurants).

When the guy kisses my breast and licks and gently pulls my erect nipples I melt. I love it when he slowly kisses down my body and brushes his lips and hands over my pussy and continues down to my legs. He knows that my pussy is desert and a good boy always eats his desert last.

I love it when he licks my inner thigh and caresses my legs with his warm hands. Finally without warning he slowly slides his finger across my now wet and throbbing pussy lips. His finger glides into my pussy as it parts my lips. I shake as he baries his finger up to his knuckle and softly begins to finger fuck me.

If he does it right I can actually gush cum. I love it when he puts his mouth down to my pussy and licks the cum off his finger and my pussy as he fingers me.

By now my clit is rock hard and sticking out waiting to be licked and rubbed. It doesn't take much for me to shake into climax after climax. Then he knows that I can't wait any more and he moves up my body and gently kisses me as he slides his rock hard cock into my pussy.

My husband understands when I say that when I am being fucked by a stranger I feel totally lost to the world. I am in ecstacy. It's that forbidden sex.

I have been told by guy's and my husband that the sounds I make as I'm being fucked is incredible. They tell me that I fuck and suck like I was made for sex. I should be in porno movies.

I've heard and seen me on tape and mpg's before and I don't sound or look any different than other girls, but hey if it works for them. All I know is that I am in total ecstacy if I'm fucked by the right guy.

Don't get me wrong the fact that I am being fucked by a stranger is fantastic, but nothing beats a great fuck.

I can usually tell when a guy is about to cum because of his breathing and the way his body feels. There are times that I've been with a guy and he cums without warning, but I can usually tell when he is about ready to shoot his seed in me. I try to stop him so I can make it last. Not because I haven't gotten off yet.

I normally get off on the ride over there. I just want to have fun for as long as we can stand it.

I want to taste me on his cock so I ask him if I can suck on him for a little bit. I say this because I know from past experience that it doesn't take much for a guy to cum after fucking and then a blow job. I just love the taste of pussy (I guess it's the Bi in me).

I first have to smell his cock scent mixed with my cum. Then I lick it like a big stick popcicle. I lick down to his balls because that's where my cum collects the most. Then I give his cock one of my patent blow jobs. My mouth literally gushes and soaks his cock.

When I hear him start to tense up and breath heavily I ask him where he wants to cum. They usually want me to swallow there goo. I normally do cause I love the taste and texture of cum and it drives guys crazy usually because for some reason most girls don't swallow. Hey it's all protein.

I usually shot his first burst on my face so he and my husband (see you forgot about him 2 huh) can see it then I swallow a the rest. I love it if he has several hard burst hitting my throat.

If he wants to cum on me that's great because we can all see it. I am always amazed when I see a guy cum. It's so cool. I love the feeling as it hits my body. The cum is so hot and gooey. I love to feel it run down my body and I love to feel it with my fingers.

Guys get off when I scoop it up with my finger and put the cream in my mouth and tell them it's so tasty. I guess some girls think that cum on them is disgusting. I would take a bath in it if I could. Honestly.

I love it even more when a guy cums in my pussy. He takes it from my mouth as I try to get one more taste of him and he slams it in me and fuck's me hard. Then his body tenses up and he gives out a groan.

I love hearing them when they do that. I have to grab there ass and hold on so they don't pull out so I know that I'm going to be filled up with a strangers seed. Then I feel it as it spills into my hot pussy. I can actually feel it hit my pussy walls and I can feel the warmth of it.

As he continues to stroke his cock in me I can feel it lubricate his cock and slide with ease in and out of my pussy. The ultimate pleasure is when I feel it oozing out of my pussy and down to my ass. It's so hot and wet.

I love to reach around and feel his cock slide in my pussy and I can feel our cum all over his cock. I love to taste our sex cocktail.

As he collapses on me and I can feel his sweaty body with mine I feel like a total woman at this point.

I know that my husband is totally excited and pleased knowing that his wife has just pleasured another man. I look over to him and he is all smiles. He knows by the look on my face that I am in ecstacy. He knew that from just hearing me.

I know that this guy will soon feel strange in a few minutes when he remembers that we are not alone. I want to hold him and feel his warmth as long as I can.

There have been guys who I have fucked one time and have never seen or been with again. Although when we have seen each other again they may have thanked me and asked me if I'd do it again, I normally try and make it a one time thing because I want to keep that moment special.

Then there have been guys who after the night of sex I knew that once was not enough. If we felt the same way we all would make it clear that it was just sex and nothing else. I would make it clear to them that I would never leave or cheat on my husband. Most of the guys understood this perfectly.

There have been others that wanted to be with me alone, but I ended the contact because they crossed the line between sex and love. Lust good, love bad.

After we lay there for awhile the guy gathers himself up and we either make plans for another party or I say that it was fun and thank him very much for the great time.

I get the biggest kick out of the next thing that the guy says. Instead of thanking me he thanks my husband. Go figure. My husband quickly corrects him and tells him that he isn't the one he should be thanking. I guess it's that ackward thing between a guy and a girl and a husband who watched him fuck his wife. Any ways everyone is happy.

After the guy leaves my husband and I are all smiles. He asks me if I am all right and that I was great. I know that what I do excites him and that he loves to watch. But most of all he loves the after effect.

Usually after I have just sucked someone I don't clean up because he loves to see the mess either in my hair or my glazed face. He loves to tell me what it looked like when the guys cum shots all over me or when it fills my mouth to the point of spilling out.

Some guys love to cum on me like my chest, tits or stomach but he likes it in my pussy or on my face. He is a creampie lover.

He loves it when after the guy leaves that I stand in front of him and let him see another mans cum ooze out of my wet pussy. He loves to stick his hard cock in me and feel a strangers cum in his wife. That to him is a total taboo.

I have often come home to him with a pussy full of cum for him to enjoy. He loves it when I take his hand and place it under my dress and let him feel the goo in me. It's like his own doggy bag after I come home with the left overs lol.

He hates it when I make him beg to hear all the sorted details and I know that by my telling him while he is fucking me is a sure way for him to get off so I have to be careful in how I tell him so he doesn't cum to quick. But thankfully my husband can go a long time before cumming.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself here. I have written several stories just about these subjects so I will leave that to another day.

As far as meeting guys and fucking them, well that all depends on the moment and if there is that attraction. If it's a girl I never pass the chance up. Those opportunities are much more rare to find.

A lot of guys think that I just meet guys and fuck them, that is not the case at all. I do love cock and would like to fuck a guy everyday, but I just don't for several reasons. The biggest reason is the times we live in. There are way to many SDT's out there and I plan on being around for awhile.

So like I said the moment and situation has to be just right in every sense. This is one reason why we are trying to find a local couple that we can become good friends with and build a trust with so we can have fun in and out of the bed.

So if your from my area and your interested in meeting Bi all means lets. If you are a couple and your thinking about cumming over to the Dark Side (LOL) You will never know if you don't try it. You can go to a club and just watch that's totally cool and accepted. You may want to try to soft swing first (fucking your mate in the same room with another couple doing the same).

I have been asked by a lot of people, mostly guys about the Lifestyle and how they can get their mate to get into it or if I have any advice. Well I have placed a link to a cool site at the end of this message that will explain the Lifestyle further and much better. I do not profess to be an expert on this subject so you really need to check into it through some much better sources.

All I can say for sure is this. #1 if your mate isn't into it, don't push them. It has to be a mutual thing, and discuss it before you make that step. #2 It's not for people who are not comfortable with other people looking let alone touching your mate. It's not for people who get jealous #3 No means No. In all our experiences with this subject we have never met another Lifestyle member who doesn't understand that rule.

I hope that this little introduction into my life helps you not only understand me, but perhaps other women like me as well. Trust me guys were out there. You just have to be patient and find us.

The internet is a great way to do just that. There are several groups, clubs and sites that offer ways of meeting girls and couples like us. You just have to find it.

And when a guy at work cums up to you and tells you about this wild girl he met last night well first of all you might want to believe him and secondly ask him where he met her. You may have found a cherry patch.

Bi for now, Patricia

P.S. please let me know what you think. If there are any couples in the lifestyle who have read this story I would love to hear your point of view.

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