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The search

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Finding B&D scenes that excite me

THE SEARCH, Part 1 I was still searching for a real Bondage and Discipline scene. In my mind it didn?t seem that it would be so difficult finding one?from the stories and movies I had seen, it was quick and to the point. In real life it was quick, all right, but there was little imagination involved. Then I stumbled into a situation that worked out better than any of my dreams or fantasies. I worked at a large printing house, I was a pressman on really difficult jobs and loved the work and even more I loved that salary. It was a good job.

There were four men running the press, all with specific jobs, and two additional men who supported the crew. One of the support men and one of the crew were black men and the rest white. We all became good friends, mainly because cooperation made it possible to keep up the good work. Gradually we all became closer and closer friends. Frank was one of the black men on the support group. He did his job well and always had a smile on his face and it wasn?t long before we were friends. He grinned and watched me every time one of the ladies from the office walked through our production room. I never let a woman pass me without rating her in my min d and wondering what she would be like in bed. Frank teased me about those once-overs and it was not long before he suggested that he knew of a place that would fulfill my fantasies. During a break, one night, I told him what I had in mind and he said, You have to meet Sis.

I said I wanted to serve and service a really hot woman who would have no trouble making me into a very obedient sexual slave boy. Servicing hot women on their commands was a favorite dream of mine. I added that I wasn?t sure I would be comfortable with his sister. He laughed really hard and said my sister would turn you inside out, boy, I am talking about a long time friend of mine whose name was ?Sis?. He said she is really hot and somewhat older than you, and would make my dreams come true.

He said, from my experience I know that she will demand complete obedience, and would take you deep into your fantasy B&D. He said how about tonight, after our day is finished, and I will get you started. He said my wife has decided you are gay, with a big smile are you ready for that in your B&D scene? I said yes, but you should explain to your wife that I am Bi sexual, not gay. He grinned again and said not too much difference there, is there boy. Let?s get together as soon as this job is done.

I agreed, and at about 7 pm he came by and said my job is done, want to get started tonight? I was really hot and happy that he moved so fast, and said I sure DO want to start tonight, where do I meet this Mistress Sis? He motioned to me and we left the building and took the subway to South Philly. He said Sis is looking forward to meeting you, she doesn?t often get white sluts to have fun with. We walked about two blocks from the South Philly subway exit and he led me to a nice looking row house and rang the door bell. There was a slight wait and then the door opened and tall black lady grinned at me and said get in here boy and on your knees and be quick about it. Frank closed the door as I knelt and Sis said well, Boy, it?s time for your very first test. With a big grin on his face Frank stepped in front of me and unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest soft cock I ever saw, and held it up to show me what a beauty it was. My cock would look silly next to his beauty. Sis said, hands behind your back boy and suck him until he is good and hard. I did so, of course, a lot of firsts here for me, and his cock grew in my mouth as I slid my lips in and out. I never expected this as a beginning but I was hard too, now and was looking forward to an exciting evening. Sis was tall and was wearing a tight dress that hugged a luscious looking body, huge tits and shapely legs and everything else in my dreams. She was smiling and nodding and said to Frank, give him the best lunch he will ever have, Frankie. The she said you boy, do a good job and make him cum and you take every bit of his load into your mouth. Don?t swallow, just yet, I will tell you when to swallow. Then she added and said I have sucked that cock a few times haven?t I Frankie? She laughed and said if you pass this test I have even more fun in mind. I was working on that huge stiff prick and wondered what else was going to happen.

Frank was gasping a bit by now and said, still want to do what my friend Sis tells you to do? I nodded and mumbled ?uh huh? and Sis laughed again and said Frankie told me you have been looking for a long time for a real dominant woman to take you as her latest slut. Then, she added, your time has cum, boy and laughed again. I had no idea how long I sucked Frank?s prick but I must admit even though it was my first suck job I was enjoying it. Then Sis said, how is Beatrice, Frank?

He said, hot as ever Sis, and anxious to work you over right after you give this friend of mine a first class job. He laughed again and said she cannot wait to grab my friend here and give him a workout like only she can do. I was shocked to hear that Frank?s wife would be involved in this scene. The image of her fantastic body sailed past my closed eyes and I sucked harder on Frankie?s prick.

That was about the time that Frank began to feel like he was going to cum. He laughed softly and said he?s good Sis, really good.

She nodded and said wonderful I cannot wait to see his mouth full before I tell him to swallow. I was so hot, I would have sucked a dozen guys, and could not wait for my very first mouthful of cum. He grunted and his body jerked and it took an instant before I felt a huge, hot load of cum fill my mouth. She said firmly, don?t swallow boy until I give you permission. Then she added don?t let a drop of that load drop on the floor, get it all and wait for my inspection. I was almost choking with the cum in my mouth and hated the taste but loved doing it. That was when the door bell rang and Sis giggled and said keep it there boy, no swallowing. Then I heard the door open and in walked Frank?s wife Beatrice. She was laughing and said, see there, Frank I told you he was gay and even before I got here he?s sucking that huge thing of yours.

Sis interrupted her and said, to me, open wide honey and show us Frankie?s load, open wide and don?t drip on the floor. I did as she ordered and Bea giggled and said look at that load, and more to cum, Frankie I am really happy you have your own Gay white boy to service you. She laughed again and said I love that cock inside me but not inside my mouth, I just hate the taste of Frank?s huge loads. Then she grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my face up to look at her and said you stop around every night boy, he loves a blow job right after dinner.

Sis said, all three of you are so bad, I love you all. Then she said OK boy swallow every drop and then open wide so we can see you got it all. I did so, almost choking at the size of the load. But I did swallow.

Sis checked to see if my mouth was empty and laughed and said now for a real treat boy, and she lifted her long skirt and threw it over me putting my face up between her thighs. She said eat me boy and if you do a good job I will give you a treat every time I have a pussy full of fresh hot male cum. I found her pussy lips easily and began to lick and suck them and then I slid my tongue between them and got the full taste of her hot pussy juices. As I licked and sucked, she humped my face, a whole new experience, one I had never had before. Then she stopped the rough stuff and positioned my tongue inside her and said make me cum, pussy licker. I did as she said and we both enjoyed it while I heard Bea say save that tongue, boy, I cannot wait for Frankie?s favorite white boy sucking me, too.

When sis had enough and lifted her skirt and pushed me away, Bea stepped up and said my turn Gay boy, do a good job or I?ll have Frankie stick that huge prick of his up your ass. When he does that you will never forget it. They all laughed. I did my very best job and I must say I have never had a complaint about eating a hot pussy.

When Bea had enough sucking she giggled and said Frankie and Sis lets go down stairs I have a wonderful idea. Of course they took me with them and once in a basement bedroom Sis turned to me and said strip boy and I did so as Bea pushed Frank down onto the bed and mounted him and gave him a wild fucking like you will never seen in an X rated movie. After a short time she said hey Sis it?s time to switch and she got off of Frank and Sis straddled him and finished him off with a really wild fuck. She gasped the whole time saying over, and over what a beautiful cock he has. There was a sofa nearby and Bea grabbed my hand and said hot dinner ready for you Gay boy, and she lay down and pulled my face between her legs and I licked and sucked her inside out as Bea finished Frankie off, she gave me a guided tour of her huge, hot dripping cunt.

It was, as I hoped, the start of a series of wild scenes with me as the save slut and lots of men and women friends of Sis.

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