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The Stranger

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This is how I met my wife:

It was a beautiful day, the day in November I went for a walk;

I was alone, enjoying the silence of an almost completely abandoned park in the centre of the city.

I walked my regular route; I followed the well-known paths and turned left at the crossroad. This path would lead to the water, my favorite place to sit and relax, think about nothing.

There was a little bench near the water I normally sat on, watching people going of and on. That day I settled on the bench and stared over the water. Suddenly I heard a woman moan, at least it sounded like a moan. I smiled. Maybe I had been alone for too long now, I was starting to hear things that weren?t there.

But then I heard it again, it came from behind, from over the other side of that little hill covered with pine trees.

I sat there trying to focus on the sound, figuring out if it really was what I thought it was. I heard a voice moan deep now, as if it was begging for something more. "Someone is having fun over there", I thought, and tried to concentrate on the water and its piece fullness again, feeling a little ashamed to listen to people apparently having sex. I couldn?t help myself, but I still heard the soft moaning, and the fact that They didn?t know I could hear them turned me on. As the moaning became louder and heavier, I got curious and turned my head in the direction the moaning came from.

I stood up and slowly walked up the hill, not making any sound.

I wanted to know who was making the sound, and as I got closer and closer, The moaning got louder and was really turning me on now. As I reached the other side of the hill, I suddenly saw a pair of beautiful legs on high heals, spread wide open, the woman bending over. I looked straight into her wide open pussy, hearing her voice moaning for more, It made me get a hard on right away. Then I noticed the man standing right next to her and as she bent over, her hands grabbing a tree, her head in her neck and pushing back her tight ass, The man put two fingers in her wet pussy. His right hand on her back His fingers disappearing into her wet pussy entirely. I saw his fingers going in and out off her beauty and going over her clit.

I saw her hips move fast on the rhythm, her moaning almost became screaming as she Was about to cum; I stood there hypnotized as my cock grew harder and bigger in my jeans. It had been a long time ago that I had had a woman, And it turned me on to peek on them. I reached down to my Hard-on, wanting to unzip my jeans and satisfy myself, as I stared right in the eyes of the man_Oh God, he had spotted me A blush came over my cheeks, not knowing how to react, what to do. Then I saw him Grinned a bit, looked back at the woman and opened her pussy lips more, his fingers in and out harder, turning her ass, so that I had a better look.

He wanted me to watch him make her cum. He really got excited now and grabs his own dick with his other hand. I saw her pink hot pussy, her swollen lips, and her ass in the air, wanting to be fucked so badly. As he teased her more then ever, the man shook his head to me as if he wanted me to come closer. I wanted it so bad, I wanted to feel her lips around my cock, I wanted to grab her hair and fuck her hard, but I thought I must have had misunderstood the sign of the man. "Jesus, does he want me there.

?I stood still as if my body had frozen, but he raised his arm; put his finger in front of his lips to silence me and winked. I was sure now, he wanted me to come over there and join them. I didn?t hesitate, walked over there slowly, my excitement growing, as fast as my cock. When I stood right behind her, he moved closer and whispered to her: "Close your eyes, beauty, I am going eat you now" Her moan told me she was horny as hell, wanting to be satisfied in any way. He stepped away, grinned at me I wanted to taste her juices, put my tongue in her deep hole. A hand on my shoulder, pushing me down to her pussy, he wanted me to eat her_ And I wanted it, oh boy I did, sitting down on my knees, silent as a mouse, he pushed my head towards that wet pussy. "Take me, please, do it now", she moaned. And as I saw her swollen pinkness, I couldn?t resist it.

Both of my hands grabbed her ass and I stuck my tongue into her hole hard and deep. She moaned when my tongue was moving in and out, in and out, the taste of her horny wetness made me wild. I pushed her swollen lips aside and buried my face in her blinking pussy, my tongue licking every part of her inside. She screamed for more, and I let my tongue go over her clit, gliding two of my fingers deep inside of her.

I sucked her tensed clit hard, one hand moving up and down faster and faster, and my fingers going deeper and deeper. Her body was out of control, trying to follow my rhythm. I wanted her to cum on my face, my mouth filled with her lips and hard, swollen clit, I sucked her harder. Her moaning became louder, my mouth covered with her juices_ I tasted she was going to cum and pushed my head between her legs one last time, spreading her pussy as wide as possible and a long suck on her clit made her scream and cum right on my face.

My hand reached for my cock that had grown real hard; my jeans were so tight that it hurt now and I needed to be satisfied. She relaxed and turned around, looking me in the eyes_ she stood there, smiling at me, her body covered with sweat.

Her naked breasts pointing at me, with hard nipples standing up as if they wanted to be eaten alive."Not bad", she said. She smiled at her boyfriend. "Two horny men with their jeans on.

You?d better take them down, because am not finished yet." She kneeled down and opened my jeans; my cock flipped out hard as a rock, as well as her boyfriends cock, When she pulled his jeans down when she pulled me towards her, her nails disappeared in my butt; the pain got me even more excited.

She placed us next to each other and took our two cocks in her hands.

Her tongue licked her lips; she bent forward and put our two cocks in her warm mouth. She began sucking us both, my cock feeling the touch of her tongue over the top, another hard excited cock against it. I felt her tongue over my top as she sucked it harder and harder her hands suddenly grabbing my balls_

I moaned deeply when she took mine deep in her warm mouth, stroking her boyfriend with her other hand.

He watched her sucking my cock real hard now, taking it real deep, and got even more exited when I moved my hips to get with the rhythm as if I was fucking her in her mouth.

She took my dick out and took the other cock in deep and slow.

She sucked it in and began to stroke mine, like she had done to his a moment ago_ suddenly she let go of us and stood up. "Bend over the two off you", she said. Like two little Boys we bent over, right next to each other and leaned on a tree. Sitting behind us, she opened my ass cheeks and started to lick my ass slowly.

I felt her tongue over my ass when she grab my balls and began playing with them. I bit my lip, god she was good. Then she did the same to her boyfriend, who was moaning for more.

She stopped licking our asses and I felt her hand near my asshole. Slowly I felt her finger gliding in, finding its way making me want her even more. I looked back and saw her doing the same thing to her boyfriend;

What a sight that turned me on so much that my cock felt like exploding. We were Both riding the same hand when she started to stroke me with her other hand. I was ready to cum now and my moaning became heavier.

She must have felt it, because she suddenly stopped. She bent over in front off me.

"Fuck me", she said, "fuck me hard en deep now, I want to feel your hardness inside of me" As I entered her deep I felt her pussy lips closing over my hard cock, her pussy still warm and wet as she started to ride me.

My hands grab her breasts, my fingers feeling her hard nipples_ I forgot about the other man, just wanted to cum in this hot pussy. I pumped her deep and suddenly saw her boyfriend kneeling down under her.

I heard her moan "That?s it baby, lick me while he is fucking me so hard!" He was licking Her pussy as I was pumping in and out her pussy harder and harder. Then I felt a hand grabbing my balls, trying to stop me from pumping.

He wanted me to hold still, grab my cock and pulled it out of her wetness.

What the hell_ I felt his mouth closing over my cock he was sucking it hard licking her juices off of my cock. Ooooh yesss, now I was riding his mouth, his tongue going over my top, his hands playing with my balls. Then he stopped and guided me back into the hot wetness and I started to pump her again. He was licking her pussy again, and I felt his tongue going over my balls at the same time I was fucking her. I was going to explode; I felt she was ready too, moving her hips wild at me. We were both out of control; she was so hot, so wet and horny. I couldn?t stop any more; I felt my dick pumping, my balls slamming against her pussy, I felt the excitement growing faster and faster and then I came "Ooohhhhh godddd" My cum shooting deep into her pussy, I felt her pussy tightening over my cock as she moaned real hard now. She came on my dick, I felt our juices mix and stepped back, pulling my dick out, her boyfriends tongue touching my cock for the last time. As I pulled it back, our juices drip out of her pussy, her boyfriend still licking her. She opened her legs again; her eyes still closed, and felt him still licking her. As I saw his cock still hard as a rock standing up, she opened her eyes, looked at me and grinned again. She took me by the hand and brought me down to my knees. "His turn", she said to me and started to suck his dick in her mouth.

He was moaning, his cock disappearing in her mouth, his hands grabbing her head. She looked at me, and pulled my head closer.

She took the cock out of her mouth as she began to kiss me, her tongue in my mouth. Then she suddenly slipped the cock between our tongues; we licked and sucked his cock taking turns. Sucking it in deep and then licking it together all over. She began sucking his balls in, and as I sucked him deep in my mouth he was riding my mouth wild. Then I felt it getting hard; he was ready to come in my mouth.

I grab her head and we both sucked his top. His breathing became heavier and heavier and with every pump in our mouths, I felt his cum in our mouths. We licked his cum out of each others mouths as we were kissing heavily.

His body totally relaxed after a shiver though his entire body and one last moan. What a walk that was.

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