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True story.

My first wife and I were both virgins when we got married. We of course fooled around a lot, mostly in the car parked. I got my finger wet and she got her hand wet.

After we got married the sex began in earnest and we fucked a lot. Merrian was a little thing. Wore a size 5 or a 3 if we could find one. She was a natural red head and beautiful. We had a good time. She worked for 7-11 part time and I was an insurance agent so we did well financially. I remember I bought a men?s magazine and we would sit together looking at the pictures and Merrian liked the pictures as much as I did, although they were all of women. We enjoyed the stories about swinging couples and read the ads from couples seeking other couples to have sex. We would get turned on and get it on.

I asked her once if she wanted to put an ad in and she said sure, but we didn?t really understand what we were doing. So we put an ad in the magazine, saying couple seeking a couple, not really expecting any results and not really talking much about want we would do if we got a response. We were real naïve and having real sex with others was just an idea not a real intention. We did finally get one response from a couple several hundred miles away who said they were interested and that the wife was Bi and were we interested, and the picture they included showed them to be quite attractive. We didn?t really know what Bi was so we responded with a picture and asked them what the wanted to do. They responded with details which included swapping wives and having sex and that the ladies would have sex with each other as well. Merrian said oh having sex with another man and with her too. I said that is what swinging was and did we want to do that? We were just not sure about the whole Idea and after talking about declined to meet them as they were too far away, but the Idea was planted and we talked about it and decided we were interested but needed to find a couple close to us.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he said sounds exciting. Dan was single and had a girlfriend and I asked if she might be interested, and said they had never discussed it, but he would ask her. He later told me that Sara was curious about the idea except not sure about the sex part but thought fooling around a little might be fun. I said what does fooling around mean and he said kissing and maybe feeling each other up and than having sex with our own partner later. I said ok lets do it. I told Merrian about the plan and she said sounds like fun. So we were at the jumping off place and excited about what we would do. We talked and agreed it was ok to do some kissing and hands on stuff.

We arrived at Dan?s house anxious and excited. Dan and Sara met us at the door and offered us wine and we sat around talking and drinking. None of us had ever done anything like this before so we really didn?t know how to start. Dan suggest we play spin the bottle. A kids kissing game with a little more than kissing. We were all nervous but excited and turned on. So the plan was on the first spin we would get a kiss and on the second spin we could leave the room alone for one minute and on the third spin for 5 minutes. So we started. First spin by Dan landed on Merrian and he leaned toward her and they kissed. Merrian spun next and landed on Sara and the both laughed and kissed each other lightly. Next I spun and it landed on Dan and both declined laughing. Next I spun again it landed on Sara and we had our nice kiss. We were all having fun and had another glass of wine and returned to the game. Dan?s turn and he landed on Merrian and they had their minute alone and Merrian told me that when the were out of sight he gave her a long kiss and offered her his tongue during the kiss and it was a long kiss. During the kiss he played with her butt and that was about it. She said it really turned her on. Dan was obviously turned on by the bulge in his pants.

Next my spin and Sara And I had our one minute. We had one long kiss for the whole minute and I played with her butt and she with mine and I was as hard as rock when we returned to the living room.

We all agreed that we were having fun knowing that on the next spin we would have 5 minutes alone and we were all excited and had our plans made. The only limit was no sex otherwise you could do whatever you wanted.

We decided to leave the bottle out as we all knew what we wanted to do and so Merrian and Dan paired up and went to another room, Sara and I in a different room.

Merrian told me that when they got to the room he started kissing her and asked if she was ok with what they were doing and she told him she was as that was why she was there in the first place. So heavy kissing and he played with her butt and she with his. Next he put his hands on her boobs and she got really turned on and felt his crotch and soon they had their hands in each others clothes and he was fingering her and she was rubbing his cock inside his pants. She said she almost came. Than the 5 minutes were up.

Sara and I did pretty much the same except we laid on the bed kissing and soon my hands slipped under her skirt and up to her pussy, which was very wet, and my finger slipped in and she moved against it and a lot of heavy kissing and I was feeling her boobs through he top. Our 5 minutes were up by than and she hadn?t done anything to me except give me a raging hard on.

We all arrived in the living obviously all turned on by the experience. We had another glass of wine. Dan and Sara on one side of the room, and us on the other, as now we were going to have sex with our partner soon. I asked Merrian if she was having fun and she said oh yes but 5 minutes wasn?t long enough and laughed. I asked if she wanted to have sex with Dan than? She said only as long as it was ok with me but she would like to if he wanted. I thought why not except that wasn?t the plan for the evening.

So Dan turned off all the lights and he and Sara on one side of the room and Me and Merrian on the other having sex with our partners. It was a real turn on listening to them and them us. I could hear all the sex sounds and could tell when he was fucking her and than heard her cum and than him. Merrian was as hot as she could be and we both came hard, knowing they were listening.

Well the evening was nearly over and I told Dan that Merrian had a really good time with him and me with Sara and that Merrian had gotten real turned on and wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. He said Sara had fun with me as well.

Merrian and I talked about the experience and agreed it had been a lot of fun and that we were both still interested in swapping with another couple. She said she really liked Dan and what she had done with him. I knew than that she wanted to fuck him and to my surprise I wanted her to fuck him as well.

I called Dan a couple of days later to thank him for a very exciting evening and to tell him, I put it straight, That Merrian really wanted to have sex with him and that I wanted her to do it as well. He said WOW and didn?t know what to say. I laughed and said you could just say yes. He said, well than, YES. I asked about Sara and he said he would tell her about what I had said.

We talked again and he said that Sara had had fun with us and was in interested in another party with us, but still unsure about the full swap although she did have fun with you the last time. I said no problem we can play it by ear and what ever happens, happens.

He agreed. The plan was to meet and maybe watch some xxx movies and see what happens. The alone time would be 30 minutes with no limits the first time, then no time limit no limits the second time. Each couple would do what they wanted or not do what they didn?t want.

Merrian and I were excited and talked about what we were going to do. We agreed that we were going to have sex with someone new for the first time other than with each other and we were ready to do it.

We arrived at Dan?s house all excited. Merrian looked beautiful, as she had played special attention to her make-up and clothes for the occasion. She had a button down top for easy access and a short skirt for easy access as well. No bra.

Sara was dressed about the same so we all knew that it was going to be a little different than our first meeting.

We all sat on the couch together with our wine, the ladies in the middle, the guys on the outside and started the movie. The action in the movie was graphic with 2 couples fucking and than the two women having sex with each other. This was Merrian?s first xxx movie. The movie ended and we all got more wine and I asked Merrian if she was ok and she said yes and that the movie had turned her on and she had never seen two women together and was fascinated by the action. I said that part really turned me on as well. I asked her, well ready for your 30 minutes with Dan, and she said oh yes lets do it I am ready.

Dan and Merrian.

So Dan and Merrian left and went into another room as we had all agreed to separate room only at least for now. Merrian told me later about their 30 minutes. When they were alone he started kissing me and me him as we were turned on by the movie and our intention form our talks. Dan knew I wanted to have sex with him but 30 minutes isn?t much time lol. He asked if he could undress me and I said of course and so he unbuttoned my blouse and removed it and slide my skirt off and knelt down and removed my panties. I was so turned on. I unbuttoned his shirt and than his pants and we were both naked. Dan was only the second man to see me naked and I liked how he was looking at me. I looked at his cock and it was bigger than yours and walked up to him and we began kissing more and he slipped his fingers in my pussy and I road his hand. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and felt his hardness and slide my hand up and down his cock.

We kept this up and suddenly I felt his hand disappear to be replaced by his mouth and he was licking me. He turned me over and continued to lick my pussy and finger me and I knew I was going to cum and jerked around as I climaxed on his face and hand.

I turned around and took him in my mouth and sucked him. He moved in and out of my mouth and I was so excited I almost came again. I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I could fell him tense and knew he was going to cum and let him cum in my mouth. What a feeling that was is all I could say. Darn the 30 minutes were up and we hadn?t fucked yet. So we got dressed and went back to the living room.

Jim and Sara When we were alone I asked Sara if she was ok. She yess just real nervous and unsure of what she wanted to do. I said well you can do whatever you want as we are in private and what happens here is between you and me if you want it to be that way. Lets do what we did the first time and see what happens, she agreed. So we moved to the bed and started kissing and soon my hand was up her skirt again and she was wet and I slipped a finger in her pussy and she began to move against my finger, fucking my finger. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out and was playing with myself hard as a rock and took her hand and placed on my cock. So their we were on the bed jerking each other off and soon Felt her tense and she had her cum and her hand jerked harder on my cock and I tensed and came in her hand. I said wow that was great and she said fun. Our 30 minutes were up and so back to the living room.

Us guys needed some recovery time so we had some finger food and more wine and just sat around talking. I wanted a smoke and to talk to Merrian so we went outside. I was anxious to discover how she was doing and asked her. She responded with wow what a time that was and told me she had a great time with Dan. I asked if they had sex and she said no ran out of time lol. So you still want to go all the way? She said only if you are still ok with it and if yes I want to do him. I said then I guess we it is going to happen. Because I am curious about what it will be like for you as I know you want it. She asked about me and Sara and I said not sure if it will happen as she is doubtful. I think she is worried about what effect it might have on her relationship with Dan. I said we had a good time as far as it went, but not sure she will have sex with me. She said she would talk to Dan and have him reassure her it was ok, assuming it is ok with him.

So went back inside and could see Dan and Sara talking. They stopped and we joined them and Merrian asked Dan to join her outside. When they returned she smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up sign. Later she told me that was exactly what they were talking about when we returned and he was reassuring her it was ok with him for her to do whatever she wanted. I think he may have been worried if she didn?t I wouldn?t.

So we all agreed although it was still a wait and see as far as Sara was concerned.

We guys had recovered and so Dan put on a new movie and this time him and Merrian sat together and me and Sara. The mood had changed. We all new what was planned next. So we sat and watched the movie watching people fuck which set the tone. Again the women in the movie were having sex and obviously were enjoying it as us guys were.

I realized that that Dan had rented movies with bi females on purpose and thought that is his fantasy and mine.

We continued to watch the movie for awhile and I could tell Dan and Merrian wanted to get started and I nodded to Merrian and nodded my head in the direction of the bedroom and she took Dan?s hand and said see you in awhile. This time there was no time limit.

So off they went.

Sara and I were left on the couch and continued watching the movie for a while and I reached over and began to play with her boobs and unbuttoned her blouse and slipped my hand inside. She had 40 C boobs and she leaned into me and kissed me other and than I knew we were going to fuck as she was willing. She told me that Dan had told her it was ok for her to have sex with me as he was going to have sex with Merrian, as that had been the plan for the evening.

Dan Merrian Merrian told me when they got to the room he was all over her and took her clothes off and his in a minute. He started kissing me and playing with my boobs and he was very hard and laid me down on the bed and entered me immediately. I was so hot and wet and loved the feel of his cock inside of me. It was wild and we just fucked. First face to face and than he got me on my hands and knees and entered me from behind and what a feeling that was for he went deep and I came with him. It was incredible to think I was having sex with a new man and was enjoying my self. He laid on his back and I climbed on and rode like a wild woman and came again and could feel him tense up and he came inside me and I keep riding him till he was finished. What an experience. I am hooked on this swinging. We looked at the clock and we had been fucking for an hour. I said wow what like a good time, Are you ok and are we ok and she said oh yes and I love you for allowing me to have this experience.

Sara and Jim I said lets go into the bedroom more privacy so we were headed that way when I heard noises from the other bedroom and just had to have a peek. I looked in and Merrian was on her hands and knees and Dan had mounted her from behind and I heard the familiar Sound of Merrian cumming and knew she was ok. Sara and I proceeded to the other bedroom with fucking on our minds. I immediately undressed her with no protest from her and she was beautiful. She had great boobs and naked she was incredible to see. I got naked and we were on the bed and I entered her immediately and she said oh yes and wrapped her legs around me grabbed my butt and pulled all the way inside. Once she got started she gave her all. We were kissing and fucking for all it was worth. I turned her around and climbed aboard for the ride. I felt and heard her cum. I pulled out and licked her pussy to extend her cum and she went wild and actually made a grunting noise she came so hard. She turned around with lust in her eyes and went down on me sucking me deep and I couldn?t hold off and said cumming and she held me in her mouth and I went to heaven and squirted in her mouth and she went all the way down and took all my cum.

I thought I was going to faint. I said wow Dan is a lucky man. She just smiled and said so are you. I said yep.

We laid there and talked for awhile and I asked what she had thought about the 2 women having sex in the movie. She said that was Dan?s fantasy and he wanted her to consider it for him. I told I just wasn?t ready for that, but would think about it . I laughed and said my fantasy as well and probably most men as well. She than asked about Merrian and I said she knew about it but we had never actually talked about it but because of the movie probably would as she seemed at least interested.

We went back to the living room and Merrian and Dan were already there. The night was over so we kissed good night and went home.

On the way home we told each other everything we did and were both so turned on that we were up all night.

The next day I asked what she thought about the women having sex with each other and that was mine and Dan?s fantasy. She that was the first time she had ever watched a xxx movie and it really turned her on and set the mood of the evening including what the women were doing. I said want to try it? She said she was curious but wasn?t sure what it would be like. I said I think Sara is a little curious as well as Dan wants her to try it too.

Merrian said maybe, but still not sure, but will talk to Sara. I said ok.

A few days later she said oh I talked to Sara about Dan and your fantasy. I said, good.

She said we decided that for you guys we would see what we could do the next time we got together, but not like or as much as the women in the movie. I said great and left it at that. I said surprise us and laughed.

The next party was planned in a couple of weeks. None of us was sure about anything except that we were going to fuck. We were struggling in how to make it new and exciting. We thought and decided to quit the different rooms and play together in the same room with very low lights. We would mostly see shadows and a lot of sound. We told the ladies if they had decided to play a little than it would be in near darkness. They smiled and Sara said watch your expectations.

So we started. The lights off with, only a little light in the room from a couple of candles. In the shadows I could see that Dan was undressing Merrian and so I did the same to Sara. I slipped into her and we slow fucked and our breathing increased and for sure they could hear the change and could see in the shadows what we were doing. I looked over and could see that Dan was behind Merrian and from the moving shadows could see his movements. Merrian was making familiar sounds. After awhile we changed positions. I said to Sara are you and Merrian going to play at all and she said maybe later. So we all slow fucked, no one in a hurry to cum.

I slipped out of Sara and she went down on me and I am sure that our shadows gave away what she was doing and so soon I could tell that Merrian was doing the same to Dan. The sounds filled the room. I heard Dan grunt and Merrian making sounds and knew he had just cum. I was so turned on that I came as well making my own sounds of cumming.

We all laid there quietly for a while and Dan said you two ok over there and we both laughed and I said you must have heard we are ok. They laughed as well us too as you must have heard.

Merrian said to Sara powder room time. So the girls left. Dan said to me thanks for sharing my wife with me, as she was wonderful and fun, I retuned his thanks with mine as to Sara as she is incredible.

After a while the ladies returned and sat down in the middle of the room between us guys.

They leaned forward and kissed each other. I thought wow they are going to do it. There was a little more light in the middle of the room so we could see a little more of what hey were doing. Merrian reached over and unbuttoned Sara?s top and we could see she was feeling up Sara as they continued kissing more passionately. Sara unbuttoned Merrian?s top and soon was doing the same to her. We could tell they were both turned on by what they were doing. They removed each others clothes and laid down together naked and up close. We could see them wrap their legs around each other rubbing against each other.

There movements became more intense and their breathing more rapid. Dan moved in closer and got behind Merrian and I followed his lead and moved behind Sara. The girls were on their sides boob to boob kissing passionately. Their legs were intertwined and they were grinding against each other in a fucking motion. Their pussy?s fully exposed from behind. I entered Sara and she pushed back against me taking me in, and Merrian tensed and I could see on her face that Dan had entered her. So we all slow fucked and were in no hurry. It was exciting to watch Merrian being fucked by another man and she was obviously enjoying her self. Than Merrian started to cum and I got to watch and while she was cumming she was kissing Sara and I could feel Sara cumming with me.

The ladies finished cumming in a passionate embrace. I motioned Dan over to Sara and I moved over to Merrian and She was down on me tasting Sara and it wasn?t long before I squirted in Merrians mouth and Sara was down on Dan he she took his all as well tasting Merrian.

The evening was over and we all agreed that it was a great night.

The Beginning.

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