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Strancge Fantasies 2 5

"Well, I've never been described that way before." Lee supposed he
should've been insulted, but he was attracted to this man and his dick was
starting to harden at being referred to like a woman.

"I'm surprised at that. What about you and me taking some time to get to
know each other out back?"

Lee thought that the man was lucky he wasn't a woman. Any woman would
probably have slapped his face for such a rude, crass approach. But,
strangely enough, Lee only felt his dick hardening in his underwear. Never
in his life had he had a chance to indulge the homosexual side of his
personality, never had he been brave enough to approach another man. But
now a man had approached him, and was obviously interested.

"Well," Lee said, "I am bi-sexual."

"Me, too. So if you want to bring someone else in and have a three-way, it
sounds good to me."

Lee smiled. "Right now, I have neither a girlfriend or a boyfriend. But
I've got to get my shopping done. But if you'd like to come to my place
after I'm done, that sounds a lot better than doing it behind a dumpster in
the alley."

"Really? You're not worried I'm some psycho rapist pervert?"

"I think I can handle you. My name's Lee."

"My name's Wyatt, like the famous marshal."

The two quickly finished shopping and went out to their cars, the strange
man promising to follow. Lee drove home, and got the three bags of
groceries out of the car. He was surprised when Wyatt took a couple of the
heavier bags from him and helped him carry them up to the apartment.

Once they were inside and Lee had packed away the perishables, Wyatt took
Lee in his arms and kissed him savagely. He then forced Lee to his knees.
Lee wasn't too sure about the savagery of the man's approach, but decided
he didn't really care. He was finally getting a chance to live out a
fantasy and wasn't going to blow it just because he liked things a little
softer and slower.

He reached up and unbuttoned and unzipped the man's pants, letting them
drop to the floor. He pulled the man's boxers down, freeing his dick.
Wyatt's member was smaller than his own 8 inches. If he had to guess,
he'd've said it was 6, maybe 6 1/2 inches. He leaned forward and licked at
Wyatt like his dick was a lollipop, and before he knew what was happening
he had taken all of Wyatt into his mouth and throat. He started bobbing up
and down on his new lover, enjoying every second of his first cocksucking
experience (minus his dreams, of course), amazed at how easily it came to
him. On every stroke, Lee managed to take all of Wyatt into his mouth and
throat with no gag reflex at all.

And whatever he was doing, it was working. Wyatt was moaning and bucking
his hips in clear signs of extreme sexual pleasure. Wyatt grabbed the top
of his head and started slamming into his face, saying things like, "Oh,
yeah. Take it, bitch. I'm fucking your face. How do you like that,
bitch?" And although Lee supposed he should've been insulted, in point of
fact, the reverse was true. The more demanding Wyatt got, the more turned
on Lee became. Somehow he got a private thrill from being treated so

And thriving on the treatment, he redoubled his efforts on Wyatt. After
only a few seconds more, Wyatt slammed his hips forward, burying his dick
into Lee's throat, and dumped his load. Lee pulled Wyatt as deeply into
him as he could, swallowing all of Wyatt's gift to him. After Wyatt was
finished and had relaxed, Lee pulled off, then licked the last bits of cum
from Wyatt's cock.

Wyatt pulled Lee to his feet and kissed him. "I love the taste of cum on
your breath." He then went to his knees before Lee, saying, "Your turn."
He quickly undid Lee's pants and pulled Lee's briefs down. Lee thought he
saw a bit of surprise pass over his face, but then he shrugged and took
Lee's cock into his mouth.

Wyatt proceeded to suck and lick on Lee, and Lee enjoyed it, but, strangely
enough, not as much as he had when women had done this to him in the past.
But when Wyatt reached up, grabbed his ass, and slid a finger into his
hole, Lee gasped and felt his dick go rock hard. Wyatt pulled off his dick
long enough to say, "You like that, baby?" to which Lee just moaned his

As Wyatt returned to sucking, Lee started to pump his hips. And he
realized it was more to get the sensation of Wyatt's finger in his ass than
Wyatt's mouth on his dick. It only took a few more seconds before Lee was
spraying into Wyatt's mouth. Wyatt stood up, kissed Lee and spit the load
of cum back into his mouth. Wyatt said, "Swallow your own cum, baby." And
Lee happily obliged.

Wyatt told him, "Turn around, baby. Spread your hands on the wall like a
cop was about to pat you down." Lee quickly did as he was told, and Wyatt
went back to his knees and started licking Lee's ass, both inside and out.
After a little while of this he stood back up, put his dick to Lee's ass,
grabbed Lee's hips and rammed himself all the way in. As he fucked in and
out of Lee, he moved his hands up and started rubbing Lee's chest and
nipples like he had a pair of tits. And Lee got off on it! Between the
feeling of penetration in his ass and the chest rubbing, he didn't even
have to touch his dick and he still had to fight from cumming before Wyatt
did. But as soon as Wyatt came, Lee was spraying all over the floor like a
fire hose on a fire.

After Wyatt came, he pulled out and escorted Lee to the couch. They sat
down together and Wyatt unbuttoned Lee's shirt and started rubbing his
chest again. After a few seconds, Lee said, "You're getting me all hot and

"Yeah, I haven't met a bitch yet who didn't like having his chest stroked.
And you are my bitch, aren't you?"

Lee moaned, "Yeess." Wyatt just smiled and continued to rub his chest
until Lee came all over himself.

Wyatt then demanded, "What's your phone number?" Lee gave it to him.
"Keep Saturday open, bitch. I'll call you then."

"Yes, sir." Wyatt got up, put on his pants and left.

After Wyatt left, Lee sat there for a few seconds. He tried playing with
his own chest, but the sensations were nothing like when Wyatt rubbed his
strong hands over him. Lee just shrugged and put away the rest of the

But the dreams that night got even weirder. It started as it always did,
with "Lisa" getting out of bed and getting undressed, but this time,
instead of just getting into a new pair of panties and bra, he went into
the bathroom and shaved his legs. He then got dressed, but not just in
lingerie. He got dressed in lingerie, slip, stockings, garter, blouse and
skirt. He also put on a pair of 3 inch heels and walked around like he was
born to them. Then he took the time to brush and style his hair into a
very effeminate style. Looking in the mirror, Lisa looked like a woman.

His next dream had him (dressed as Lisa) working for the VP he had worked
for that day. He walked into the office for some reason, and the VP, a
beautiful brunette, told him, "Get undressed. Down to panties and bra."

He quickly undressed till he was standing there in nothing more than
panties and bra. The VP then stood up and stepped from behind the desk,
revealing that she was naked from the waist down. She walked around and
leaned on the other side of the desk. She then said, "Lick me out." Lisa
went to his knees, leaned forward and licked her cunt, and inner thighs in
long, slow strokes.

Lee, when he was awake, may have wondered about the origin of his Lisa
dreams, but he certainly couldn't fault his sexual skill as Lisa. Lisa was
slow and loving, yet positively pulsing with sexuality. Lisa continued to
lick and love the woman's cunt until she was moaning and grinding her hips
in passion. But before the woman could cum, she yelled, "Enough!" and Lisa
leaned back.

The VP leaned back over the desk, opened the center drawer, and got out a
strap-on dildo, something Lee had previously seen only in sex shops. She
handed it to him, and said, "Put it on me." Lisa took the dildo, and with
an expert's hand, he put it on the VP. She said, "Stand up. Spread your
legs, and put your hands here," and patted the desk where she had been
leaning, as she stood up.

Lisa stood up and took the position ordered by the VP. She got behind him
and pressed the dildo to his ass. She grabbed his hips and rammed the
dildo in. It was painful, being that neither his ass nor the dildo had
been lubed, even with a tongue job, but Lisa didn't mind the pain and even
seemed to thrive on it. As the VP pumped his ass, she moved her hands up
and started fondling his breasts. The two moved together until the VP
screamed in orgasm.

Lisa stood there frozen in place as the VP pulled out, and went to her
knees behind him. She ordered him, "Turn around." He turned, and she took
his dick in hand. "Play with yourself until you cum." She took his dick
into her mouth as he reached up and started playing with his breasts. It
was only a little while later when he finally sprayed his load into her

She then told him, "Get dressed." And after he was dressed the dream ended.

His third dream that evening was a dream of Lisa with Wyatt. It started
with him dressed in his blouse and skirt meeting Wyatt at the supermarket.
Lisa said exactly the same things to Wyatt that Lee had but she was a
little more flirtatious about it.

They came home and went through almost the exact same things Lee and Wyatt
had, with some exceptions in what Wyatt said to Lee. When Lisa had taken
Wyatt's first load down his throat, and Wyatt kissed him, he said, "I love
the taste of cum on a woman's breath." Later, when Wyatt pulled down
Lisa's panties, he said, "A transsexual," before shrugging and taking
Lisa's dick into his mouth. And when Wyatt and he were on the couch, with
Wyatt rubbing his breasts, Wyatt said, "Yeah, I haven't met a bitch yet who
didn't like having her tits stroked."

He then had a fourth dream which was just like most of his ending dreams of
nights before, with him getting undressed, taking a shower and masturbating
himself with his tits, and getting into a fresh pair of panties and a
nightie and falling asleep.

When Lee awoke, he was a little shocked. Not so much at the content of the
dream (that was becoming almost common place now), but at the fact that, in
the dream, he was now so used to being Lisa that he wasn't thinking of it
as a dream name but as his name.

He got dressed and went to work. It was an average day of average work,
but when he was finishing up, April approached him and asked, "Hey, Lee,
what are you doing later tonight?"

"Don't have any plans. Why?"

"I was wondering if we could... you know... go out or something?"

Lee couldn't believe his luck. "Sure. How about we go to a bar for a drink?"

"Uhm... Only if you really have your heart set on it, but I'd rather not.
Because of my small size, I can't drink much, and the bartenders always
give me flak because I look so young. Some of them even refuse to serve

"Okay, how about we go to that deli on the corner for sandwiches and sodas?"

"Sounds great." April smiled, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and went
back to her desk.

After work, they went together to the deli, arm in arm. They got a few
strange looks on the street and in the deli, and when April mentioned it
while they were waiting in line, Lee said, "You look 18 or 19, while I look
to be in my mid to late 20's. Despite us being only a few years apart,
they probably think I'm robbing the cradle."

"I suppose. But I can't wait to grow up a little more. This was great
when I was only 18. I looked like I was 14 or 15 then and although nobody
treated me like an adult, I could also get away with murder because they
thought I was a young kid. Now everybody is finally treating me like an
adult, but not enough of an adult to give me any responsibility or trust.
I'm 23 years old and everybody treats me like some punk kid."

"23? I'd've said only about 20 or 21."

"That's one of the reasons I like you, Lee. Despite how I look you always
treated me like an adult."

"Hey, you deserve it."

"Thanks." April smiled and leaned forward a little bit. Lee leaned
forward and their lips met. It was just a light kiss, but one fraught with
hidden sexual innuendo. It got a collection of disapproving stares from
the others in the deli, and Lisa whispered, "Let's get our food to go and
head back to your place."

Lee agreed. They quickly ordered and went back to his place. After eating
together (occasionally feeding each other), they got up and kissed. Lee
escorted her back to the bedroom where they quickly undressed. After they
were naked together, April took his face in her hands and kissed him. His
hands slowly drifted up to her breasts and gently massaged them, eliciting
a low moan of pleasure. April reached behind him, grabbed his ass, and
rubbed their groins together. When they broke, Lee was very erect and
ready for more.

Lee led her to the bed and sat her on the edge. He went to his knees
before her and decided to take a chance. Emulating himself as Lisa in the
dream, he used his tongue on April as he had on the VP. He had no idea
whether or not the techniques would work, but from the way April was
quickly turned into a thrashing little girl begging for more, he guessed
that they did work. And somehow, he managed to keep it up far longer than
he expected, and brought April off without experiencing any cramps or
problems with his jaw as he had when he had tried to perform this way on a
woman before.

After April came, she told him, "Get up here, I want to suck you off."

Lee replied, "Your wish is my command," and climbed onto the bed. He lay
on his back as April maneuvered into position to get at his dick. She got
over his dick and slowly licked at it for a bit, before sucking it into her
mouth. She bobbed up and down on his dick until he was thrashing and
moaning in near orgasm.

But before he could cum, she got up, straddled his legs and slowly lowered
herself onto him. He reached up and took her breasts in hand and massaged
them. His hands moved almost with a mind of their own, and he allowed them
to do what they wanted because whatever they were doing, they were getting
results. April was soon thrashing about like she was hooked up to an
electric current. Amazingly, despite all the previous attention Lee had
received, April came first.

After April came, she collapsed on top of him, pressing her breasts to his
chest. Lee felt a sudden surge of pleasure from his chest as she moved
subtly in the after-bliss of her orgasm. Lee found himself moving
underneath her. Not enough to disturb her, but enough to increase the
waves of pleasure from the contact of her breasts on his chest. Every time
his nipples brushed hers, or the contact between them increased, he felt a
surge of pleasure rush through his body. His movement underneath her
quickly brought him to orgasm within her. And when he did, she lifted
herself up a bit and asked, "Am I really so sexy that when you're within me
you can cum without even moving?"

Lee smiled and said, "When you're cuddled up atop me, I feel a pleasure
I've never felt before," in a vague approximation of the truth.

April smiled. "You know, I haven't jumped into bed on the first date since
before I graduated high school, but there's just something about you." Lee
kissed her. "Lee, I was wondering... Could we be boyfriend and
girlfriend? Be exclusive to each other?"

Lee was about to say yes when he remembered his relationship (such as it
was) with Wyatt. "April, I would love that, but there's something you
should know about me. I'm bisexual. I've always had an attraction to both
men and women, but only recently have I had a chance to do anything about
my attraction to men. I've now got... well, I wouldn't call him a
boyfriend quite yet, but a male sex partner. Now I want a relationship
with you, so if you really insist, I'll break it off with him, but I'd...
really like to see more of him."

April considered it for a few seconds before saying, "Well, if it makes you
happy, I guess I can put up with it. But I think I'll be really jealous
knowing you're out with some stud and I'm sitting at home with no one."

"Well, how about you join us? He said I could invite someone else to our
sex if I wanted."

"I don't know..."

"It's up to you, April. I'd really love to make it with both of you, but I
don't want to pressure you into anything. And if you want me to choose
between you, then you win hands down."

April thought about it some more and asked, "When's the next time you see
this guy?"

"We don't have set plans, but he's going to call me on Saturday. Why don't
you plan on spending the weekend with me? We can leave together from work
and come straight here."

"And what if your friend doesn't want to spend the day with me?"

"Then he doesn't spend the day with me. From here on out, you and me;
we're a package deal." The two kissed.

Lee rolled them over and took the top position. His dick (amazingly still
hard) still inside April. He started slowly fucking his new girlfriend.
The pleasure wasn't as great as before, at least not until April grabbed
him and squashed their bodies together. Then Lee felt that same pleasure
flood from his chest through his body. Lee writhed a bit, rubbing his
chest over her tits, getting a simultaneous moan from both of them, as he
continued to move in and out of her cunt. It was only a little while
longer before the two screamed together in simultaneous, orgasmic release.

After that they lay together for a while before April got up, got dressed,
and left; Lee walking her to the door and kissing her goodbye.

Lee had three of his "Lisa" dreams that night. The first had him getting
up and getting dressed in a revealing blue dress. The second had Lisa and
April having sex just as had Lee and Lisa earlier that day. But the fact
that they were mashing breasts together wasn't the only difference from
what he remembered. In his dream, April seemed even younger than her
appearance in real life. In the dream, April looked about 17. Lee
realized she could easily have been mistaken for someone not old enough to

His third dream was just like the last dream from nights before. He got
undressed, got showered, played with his breasts, got into a nightie and
went to sleep.

Wednesday and Thursday at work (except for the flirtatious glances from
April) were nothing unusual, and neither were the dreams. He had two
dreams each night. In the first, Lisa got up and got dressed in something
frilly. And in the second, he got undressed, showered, got into girls'
night clothes and went to bed.

Friday was slightly unusual at work. Aside from him going home with April,
he also spent some time working with the head sales rep for the firm. At
home that night, he and April ate dinner, had a bit of casual sex, and went
to sleep.

His dreams that night were a little different from the usual ones. In the
first he got up and out of his night clothes as usual, but when he got
dressed, it was in something he had never worn before. He started by
wiggling into a rubber corset. With a flexibility he didn't have (at least
not as Lee), he secured all the hooks in back. Then he noticed it.
Although the corset was slimming, it didn't pinch or bind in any way. It
seemed Lisa not only had breasts, but a curvy, womanly figure. He then put
on long, black gloves, black rubber panties, a skirt, make-up, stockings,
and long, black boots. Looking in the mirror, he looked every bit the role
of a rubber clad sex whore.

His second dream that night had him inside the head sales rep's office. He
took off his skirt, leaving him dressed in just his rubber clothes. The
sales rep stepped out from behind his desk and knelt before Lisa. He said,
"Rubber Mistress, you are so beautiful. Command me and I shall obey."

Lisa smiled. He extended one of his boot clad legs and said, "Clean my
boot, slave." The sales rep gladly and avidly crawled over and licked
Lisa's boot clean. Lisa extended his other leg and the sales rep repeated
his performance. Then Lisa told him, "Clean my panties." He lifted his
head up to the level of her crotch and licked the front of her panties
clean. He then crawled around behind her and licked the rear of her
panties clean.

Lisa told him, "Come around here and pull my panties down." The sales rep
quickly obeyed, pulling his panties down just beneath his dick, trapping
his balls in the plastic lingerie.

Lisa ordered the sales rep, "Suck me off." The sales rep avidly sucked all
of Lisa's dick into his mouth. He didn't move up and down on Lisa's dick
but rather just rotated his head and used his tongue on Lisa's dick. Lisa
could tell he was doing it because of his obvious plastic fetish. He
didn't want to lose contact with either the plastic panties or corset that
Lisa was wearing. But Lisa didn't really care. He just liked getting his
dick sucked. It took a little longer for Lisa to reach orgasm this way,
but that only made the orgasm all the more luscious when it happened.

Lisa told him, "Get up and take your pants off." He quickly obeyed,
revealing that he was wearing a pair of his own plastic underwear. "Take
those off!" Lisa ordered.

"But, Mistress-"

"OFF!" He quickly obeyed, clearly disappointed. "Now remove my panties."
He knelt before Lisa and pulled the panties down his legs. "Now put them
on." He quickly pulled the panties up his own legs. Lisa's panties were
smaller than his own rubber underwear, and he barely got them over his ass,
and his dick stuck up out of the front of the panties. "Go sit on the edge
of your desk."

The sales rep walked over and sat on the desk. Lisa came over to him and
pulled his legs apart. He grabbed the inside edge of the leg hole of the
panties and pulled it to the side. He put his dick to the hole and slid it
into the crack between his butt cheeks. The angle was all wrong to get
into his asshole, but that was not Lisa's intent. By adding his dick to
the inside of the panties, the panties were pulled even tighter around the
sales rep's dick. It only took a couple seconds of pumping before the
rubber fetishist came onto his shirt. But Lisa didn't stop there. He
continued to pump until he exploded in orgasm, soaking the inside of the
panties with his cum.

He then pulled out of the panties and said, "Rub the front of your panties
till you cum again." While he obeyed, Lisa took his underwear and put them
on. Lisa put the skirt on, walked to the door and as he heard the sales
rep cum, he turned around and blew him a kiss good-bye.

His third dream that night involved him in Lois's office. He was standing
in front of the beautiful woman as she almost clinically checked out Lisa's
body. She rubbed her hands over his body, focusing on his torso and
breasts. "These are noticeably larger than last week."

"They are, ma'am. Up to C cup now."

"Do you think you can handle a trip to the lingerie store?"

"No, ma'am. I feel certain I couldn't handle that."

End of Story

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