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Siobhan And Marys Bed And Breakfast Series, Chapte...

By: John M.

My girlfriend absolutely loves to suck my 8 ½" cock and swallow every last drop.
She calls it her "favorite thing". She's put me in some very interesting
positions, whispering in my ear "I want to do my favorite thing - now," at what
might be considered inappropriate times. I can happily say that I've never
denied her her pleasure. I also love to eat her pussy as much as she likes to
swallow my cum.
We've experimented a bit sexually, shared fantasies, though rarely have we ever
acted on them beyond real intense mutual masturbation. She has gotten me to
taste my own cum and one of her fantasies is to watch me suck another man's
cock. But, I have fantasies about her eating other women, so I guess that's
pretty fair.
Cathy booked a romantic weekend at this "different" bed and breakfast she'd read
about. She's been wanting us to get away for a while and this bed and breakfast,
according to Cathy, would be just the right place. She didn't give me many
details about the place, except that I would really enjoy myself. Cathy can be
full of surprises, but the weekend we had was nowhere near what I had expected.
Cathy had our bag packed and in the car early that Friday morning. She was
dressed real sexy in a skimpy wrap skirt and a string bikini top. That outfit
really showed off her 36-C tits and her hips and her legs. I was hard the
instant I saw her. But, knowing we had an almost all day drive ahead of us, I
quickly showered, got dressed and was ready to go. All morning I concentrated on
the road, sipped my coffee and just generally enjoyed the time with Cathy. She
was handling the tapes and playing navigator, her directions written in some
code only she could understand..
Around 1:30, she instructed me to turn off the main highway and take a small
road that looked as if it hadn't seen traffic in years. I kept giving her that
"Are you sure?" look, but she assured me this was correct and the directions
were given to her on the phone by the lady at the inn. OK.
We drove for a while, not passing another car or a building or anything. Just
the countryside passing by at 60 mph. Cathy spied a sign saying something about
a roadside table. We were both ready for lunch and Cathy had packed some
The roadside table was just that - an old picnic table off to the side of the
road, shaded by some trees and not easily visible from the road, especially if
the car is moving at 60mph. Cathy unpacked the sandwiches and the two import
beers she'd hid in the cooler. We ate and drank and just generally relaxed. I
did need to stretch after the morning's drive and this was a good place to do
After we ate, I started to look around and I realized just how beautiful the
area was. Out in the middle of nowhere, getting very close to the mountains, it
all seemed unspoiled and clean. I was lost in some daydream when Cathy lightly
kissed the back of my head. "I want to do my favorite thing" was whispered in my
ear. I turned around to say OK and I saw my Cathy standing there completely nude
against the distant mountains. She is a beautiful woman, but this sight made me
damn near cry.
My awe was interrupted by Cathy's sweet voice "May I please suck your cock,
Sir?" I stood and unbuttoned my jeans, never taking my eyes off Cathy. She
reached in and freed my rod, lovingly stroking and caressing it before
swallowing me whole. Instead of taking her time, she started sucking me like she
couldn't wait for me to cum. She has told me on far more than one occasion that
she enjoys sucking me so much that she cums when I do. She was really into this
one, she was moaning almost as soon as I was in her mouth.
To my amazement, Cathy took me out of her mouth and slowly moved so that my cock
was nestled between her luscious tits. She bent down and kissed the head of my
cock, giving it a little lick with her hot tongue. She put my hand to my cock
and gave it another kiss. "Stroke it for me, Baby. I want you to cum. I want to
see you cum for me. I want you to cum all over my tits. I love it when I feel
your hot cum splashing all over my tits. Cum on me." I was strokin'. "Oooh, yes,
Baby! Cum on me! Cum on my tits! Cum all over my nipples! I want to see you cum
on me!"
She started playing with her tits and pinching her hard nipples, titty fucking
me while I was stroking my meat to beat the band. "I know how much you love to
watch me play with my tits, Baby. Show me how much…cum all over my tits. Cum on
me. You know I love it. Oooooooooooo, yes…!"
I was really getting close. I looked her in the eyes and saw just how much she
was enjoying it. That was all it took. With a grunt and a groan, I was cumming
like crazy. I covered her tits and she moaned her approval with every spurt.
Her nipples, hard since the time she put my cock in her mouth, were covered with
globs of my spunk. Streams of cum streaked her chest and tits. She kneaded her
tits and the cum welled and fell between them, running between and down toward
her belly. I could see by her glassy eyes that she was way turned on.
Cathy crawled up a little and rubbed her hard, wet nipples over my chest. I knew
where she was going with this. She brought them up to my mouth and let me lick
and suck the cum off of her nipples. "Suck my tits, Baby. Suck my tits! Please!
Suck 'em."
She held her cum covered tits to me. I hungrily took her nipple in my mouth. I
sucked on her nipple until I didn't taste cum and then switched to the other one
and sucked my cum from that one, too. I was really getting into it, and Cathy
was too. She was moaning and groaning, she was really hot. The nipple I wasn't
sucking, she was. She was stuffing her fingers into herself, writhing in
ecstasy. Cathy squirmed and moaned. "You're (gasp) gonna make me (gasp) cum!"
So, I kept on going. She came. I could feel her entire body trembling as she
screamed out my name and she collapsed next to me on the picnic table, knees on
the seat, her sweet pussy up in the air, dripping with her nectar.
I couldn't resist. I peeled off my t-shirt and got out of my jeans, my cock
again rock hard. I positioned myself behind her. She grabbed my cock. "Put it in
me! Fuck me….ooooooooooooohhh!"
I grabbed her hips and sunk into her to the hilt. She pushed back with every
thrust, moaning with every stroke. She was soon screaming to the top of her
lungs, "Fuck me! Oh, yes! Fuck me hard! Yeessssssssssss…."
I pumped her as hard as I could for as long as I could. She kept screaming and
moaning, telling me how much she loves me and how good it felt and purred and
mewed every time she had an orgasm. She started begging me to cum in her. "I
need to feel it! So hot! Cum in me…!"
I couldn't take any more. I shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her pussy.
Her pussy clamped down on my dick and milked it for every last drop. I could
feel her pussy spasm and contract as another orgasm ripped through her.
I laid back on the picnic table to catch my breath and recover a little. After a
few moments of very heavy breathing, we both started to recover. "Don't you dare
fall asleep," Cathy said with a giggle, licking our combined juices from my
wilted dick, "We're not there yet."
I smiled and sat up. It was almost 5:00. Cathy was already getting into the car.
She hadn't put her clothes back on. OK.
I slipped my jeans back on and got in the car and gave her a smile. The streaks
of cum were still slightly visible on her tits and her trimmed bush was wet and
matted with our cum. "You're going to ride like that?"
"Yeah. Do you think you can handle a nude, freshly fucked, very satisfied woman
sitting in your passenger seat while you drive?"
"You know I'll certainly try," I said with a smile. I reached over and gave her
a kiss and a quick finger to her soaked pussy.
"You just worry about driving, I'll take care of that," she gave my hand a light
We drove for about another hour and a half when Cathy saw the road sign she was
looking for. "Turn there then two more miles on the left," she was reading from
her notes. I made the turn and gave the gas pedal an extra push. We came to a
break in the hedgerow where there was a huge gate. I was going to get out and
check for a monitor or something, when the gate just automatically opened. Cathy
had given them a description of our car and they opened the gate from the inn.
We drove through and saw a big sign saying something about "clothing optional"
and "sexually free". Cathy didn't tell me about this part. "Stop the car and get
those jeans off, Mister. We're not getting dressed again until we leave. I want
everybody to see your beautiful cock. Everybody." She had some little plan
cooking, I just knew it.
I did as I was told. Getting back into the car, Cathy started to caress my cock
and I could feel it starting to get hard. She gave it a kiss and then let it go.
We drove up to the inn and got out of the car. There was a stairway through some
bushes and then we were on a deck looking at one of the best views I've ever
Cathy held my hand as we walked into the entry, nude. Inside, there were several
people, also nude. There were even a few people in the beginnings of some
foreplay, right there in the main room next to the fireplace. I was a little
surprised to actually see two men freely touching each other while the women
they were with were kissing and fondling each other. I could feel my cock
filling even more, getting heavier as I took in the sight. Cathy smiled "Do you
want to join them? Would you like me to join those women?" She didn't really
wait for an answer. "You do know, my love, that this weekend we are both going
to lose our homosexual virginities. I can't wait. I don't know which I want
more, to make love with another woman, or to see you really swallow another
cock. Mmmmmmm…….."
A pretty, dark haired girl, also very nude and quite turned on, guessing from
the hardness of her nipples, greeted us at the desk. "Hi. I'm Cindy. Welcome to
our bed and breakfast. As you can see, there are very few rules here. 'No
discrimination' and 'No taking some one else by force'. Other than that, pretty
much anything goes. Would you like me to show you to your room? Or, would you
like to join our other guests…er…either over there, or in the bar?"
I looked at Cathy. "I think I'd like to go to our room first, if you don't mind.
Does our room have a bath?"
"Oh, no bother at all. And, yes," smiled Cindy, "you have an attached bath.
Here, follow me up the stairs. You're the third on the left." I watched as her
hips swayed gently as she mounted the stairs. Cathy's swayed in time to Cindy's
and my cock was just getting harder. I heard some moans from the foursome near
the fireplace and turned to look just as one man's cock was being engulfed by
the other man's mouth.
Once in our room, Cindy noticed my erect cock. "Would you like a little help with
that?" She smiled, pointing at my erection. I just smiled a bit. I didn't know
if I should cover myself, take her up on her offer, or what.
Cathy reached over and touched Cindy's arm. "Is everybody so friendly here?" She
"Some people are kind of shy at first. But you two are the first ones to walk in
the door as a couple completely nude. Did you find the road side table on the
way here?" She noticed the faint remains of the cum trails on Cathy's tits. "I'd
say you did…" she giggled. "May I…?"
She didn't wait for an answer as she cupped one of Cathy's tits and gently
sucked on her nipple. Cathy moaned and threw her head back and threw her arms
around Cindy. I started stroking my hard cock. Cindy saw this and let go of
Cathy, only to drop and swallow my cock all at once. Wow. It was my turn to
throw my head back. Cindy wasn't on my cock long. She got up after a moment or
two and giggled "Welcome to our bed and breakfast" and then left the room.
Cathy and I attacked each other and ended up passing out on the bed. It wasn't
until the next morning that we both realized that no one had ever closed the
door to our room. All we could do was laugh. We shared a shower with a few extra
touches and kisses and went to see if we could get breakfast.
When we got to the dining room, almost all of the half dozen or so guests looked
up and smiled or even said "hello". I'm sure most of it had to do with just how
spectacular my Cathy looked. She was absolutely radiant. We smiled and returned
the hellos and took a seat at a table near a window. Cindy showed up wearing
only an apron and her constant smile, carrying a coffee pot and two cups. "Good
morning, you two," she chimed. "You both look great! The pool is just out back
and there are several trails to wander around. If you need a guide, I'm sure
just about anybody here would be happy to show you around. Coffee?"
We had our breakfast. After, we wandered around the building and the grounds.
The place was fantastic. There were several people outside, all of them nude,
most of them we'd seen in the dining room, just talking, or taking some sun, or
wandering the gardens. Cathy decided that we should explore some and took off
down a trail. I followed close behind.
It was very relaxing and very sexy all at the same time, being out there. We
wandered the trail for a few minutes when, turning a corner, we started to hear
the sounds of sex. Kissing, moaning, giggles. Cathy turned around to me, her
eyes were wide open in excitement. She whispered in my ear "Wanna watch 'em? I
do…" and slowly moved to see where the sounds were coming from. I spied through
the bushes a couple in a clearing, sitting on a large boulder and she was just
going down on him. "She" was Cindy. I was instantly hard.
Cathy and I watched for a few moments in rapt silence. I was doing my best to
keep quiet and to keep my hands away from my cock. It only took a few minutes or
so before Cathy had her hands between her legs. Our hiding place was compromised
when Cathy let out a little moan, just when Cindy and her lover were quiet.
"Whoever is watching," he said, "You are more than welcome to join us if you
wish. Unless just watching gets you off. If that's the case, enjoy!" He started
sucking on Cindy's tits as she let out her agreement, "Yes……..join
I looked at Cathy. "Want to join them?" She nodded her head in a yes. "Me, too,"
I wasn't even aware that I was stroking my engorged cock. We found an opening in
the bushes we could fit through and stepped into the clearing.
"I was hoping it was you," Cindy beamed and introduced us to her friend, Tim. He
was another guest. His wife was off having a threesome with two other women, so
he thought he'd enjoy Cindy's company for a while. "She just loves to suck
cock," he smiled.
"What I also love is eating pussy," added Cindy, reaching for Cathy. Tim and I
watched as the two women caressed and kissed and fondled each other. Cathy
smiled as she and Cindy got more and more passionate in their kisses and
touches. I reached to stroke myself, but Tim had beaten me to it.
His hand was warm and somewhat soft. I almost jumped, but did my best to keep my
cool. "I'll stop if you want," he said with a genuine smile. I admitted that my
sexual experiences had only been with women, but I was OK with him. And I
reached for his cock.
He wasn't as long as me, but he was a bit thicker. I'd been masturbating since
my early teens, but was somehow in awe at actually touching another man. Tim's
smile grew, "Do what ever you want, John. It really is OK." I looked at Cathy
and Cindy who were kissing and fingering each other on the blanket in front of
us. Emotions, curiosity, fear were all swimming in my head. The more I watched
the women, the more I felt I wanted to suck Tim's cock. I let go and just
followed my instincts. I took Tim's cock in my mouth. I was amazed at how really
good it felt. Maybe this is why Cathy so loves to suck me? The more I sucked
him, the more I wanted to. The more I wanted to, the more I wanted his cum. I
licked him. I sucked him. I took him as far into my mouth as I could. I bobbed
up and down on his rod, waiting for the moment when his muscles would stiffen
and his cum would fill my mouth. I wanted it.
I didn't have to wait long. He shot spurt after hot spurt into my mouth. I
swallowed as much as I could, though I could feel some dribbling out and down on
to my chin. I felt myself stroking my own cock. I was so close to cumming when I
heard Cathy moan than she was cumming. I shot my load all over the base of the
boulder, still with Tim's softening cock, and cum, in my mouth. We all collapsed
on the blanket in a heap under the morning sun.

The rest of our stay included a threesome with Cindy later that afternoon, a
threesome with another man the next day, and an orgy in and around the pool the
final night we were there. Not to mention a really good fuck by ourselves in our
room the second night. Cathy admitted she really liked having sex with women
almost as much as she likes it with me. I liked having sex with men, but women,
Cathy especially, is what I want.

On our drive home, Cathy stayed nude the entire way, "doing her favorite thing"
once we were on the expressway in traffic. Our weekend was sexy and fun and I'd
go back there with Cathy in a heartbeat.

End of Story

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