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Siobhan And Marys Bed And Breakfast, Chapter 3 Th...

Having decided to make this beautiful place into a special clothing optional/
open sex Bed and Breakfast Siobhan pointed out that we two would never be able
to run the place by ourselves. We determined that we would need two 'helpers'
and that they also should be bi so Siobhan wrote up an add that we placed in so
appropriate places.
'Help wanted - two openings - one single, bi-female; one single, bi male, needed
for general housekeeping/maintenance at new B&B. Minimal experience needed.
Start immediately. Fair wage plus room and board. Contact Mary and/or Siobhan
Like Siobhan I was surprised that we only got three calls from men. I thought
that guys would jump at the chance to be here but then Siobhan pointed out that
it was probably the bi part.
When all was said and done we had narrowed the list to two people. The bi man
had been the easiest to choose simply because there were so few men who applied.
The fellow that we choose for the final interview was named Josh. He was a well
built California man, 23, about 6 foot, sounded very pleasant, and judging from
the photo that he sent, in VERY good shape without looking too muscle bound.
The girl was harder to pick, and after I kiddingly asked Siobhan to "interview'
them all we did settle on one girl, Cindy. She had a good figure judging from
the nude picture that she sent, was 22, good figure, had Brunette hair in a bob
cut, good figure, nice looking breasts, trimmed pubes, good figure, and, like
Josh, a very nice smile, Oh, did I mention that she had a good figure too?
When the day came that Josh and Cindy were to be here for their live interviews
Siobhan was very nervous, either that or very horny. We made love several times
but that didn't seem to calm her so we donned large T-shirts and nothing
else-didn't want to frighten the potential staff away first thing. We didn't
have to worry though because when Cindy and Josh showed up Josh had on his
shorts and that smile and Cindy had in just the smile.
Siobhan and I quickly got rid of our tops and Josh dropped his shorts to reveal
a flaccid cock but one that promised much. We later learned why it was flaccid,
he and Cindy had stopped along our long driveway to make love. All during the
technical part of the interview Josh's erection grew to the delight of all.
After the first part of the interview I ended up sucking off Josh and tit
fucking him while Cindy finger fucked and then ate Siobhan, but why go into
detail when it is so well described in PART 2, "THE INTERVIEW", by Siobhan. I'll
just stay with telling you what happened after I shared a cummy kiss with
Siobhan and we managed to gasp out that Cindy and Josh were hired.
After everyone had managed to regain some half way normal breathing we thought
that we would give Josh and Cindy a tour of the place. First we showed them all
of the downstairs which consisted mostly of the large living room and the
kitchen and then took them upstairs to the bedrooms. We started with our big
bedroom, which overlooked the living room. It was made in such a way that a
sliding 'wall' could close it off and leave sort of a hallway past it but we
told them that Siobhan and I rarely, if ever, closed that and planned to keep
that up even with guests here. We wanted everyone to feel free to join us in bed
and, as you can see this is one BIG bed. The guy that had this place built must
have had this bed made special.. (I'm dreading the day we have to buy new
That led to telling them of one of our loose rules. That was that anyone was
welcome in anyone else's bed but they had to ask permission and/or be invited in
"We hope that you two will also join us in this open door policy.........and our
"Why don't you two pick out a bedroom for yourselves from among the others. Feel
free to chose any one, you're like guests here, not staff. The only difference
is that you stay longer. And remember, just like our ad said, you'll be sharing
a room and a bed. What else you share and how often is quite up to you."
Josh and Cindy settled on the first bedroom to the right of ours and even though
no one said anything, Siobhan and I were very happy that they chose to be so
"Now that you've seen the upstairs we'll show you the outdoors, a very important
part of this whole place.", offered Siobhan.
Josh begged off for now and explained that my 'playing' with his cock had worn
him out for now.
"I'll join you or Cindy can show me later."
Siobhan and I just looked at each other and smiled. We were both thinking the
same thing, that Cindy (and others) would be more than willing to 'show' him
around later.
As Josh lay down we led Cindy out of the room and told Josh just to follow the
path to the right if he wanted to find us. We headed downstairs and out,
reminding Cindy that she never had to worry about covering that lovely body
"That's one of the things that I love about all this. I get a thrill out of
exposing myself to you and to Josh so I just know I'll enjoy all the guests
seeing me. And too, I love the idea of outdoor nudity. I grew up a nudist and
loved it but as I got older I discovered sex and wanted to incorporate that with
my nudist experience but those places have rules about that. Why, if we had been
at one a little while ago when Josh started getting that erection according to
their rules he'd have had to hide it somehow till it went away. Now, that's
We were more and more sure that these two were the right choice.
We were standing in front of the place showing off the view and getting in a few
good feels of Cindy's breasts when she turned, looked at the front of the house,
and asked. "What's that?"
'What's what?"
That sign above the door. I don't think I can make it out."
"Oh, that. It says "Failte" (that's pronounced falt-chuh). It's a Gaelic
"Yep, in case it escaped you, my red haired lass here (Siobhan) is just a tad
bit Irish."
While we talked we showed Cindy the deck and the hot tub but explained that
there was no pool and that if any of the guests or her and Josh wanted to go
swimming that there was 'ye olde swimming hole.
We headed off down the path with me in the middle holding Siobhan on one side
and Cindy on the other. I had my hand between their legs a bit and a couple
fingers in their wet pussies but no one was complaining, they both just smiled
at me, grabbled a breast of mine each and off we walked. I made a mental note
that these paths were sure to get wider the way we walked them. The only time
that we had to go single file was crossing the little foot bridge but then we
joined up again and happily moved on.
We walked along a small stream and into a small meadow next to a pool of water
just under a waterfall.
"I take it this is the "ye olde swimming hole"? It's lovely. Why if it were only
the meadow it would be a wonderful spot for outdoor sex."., was Cindy's
"Yes, Cindy, Siobhan and I have made some wonderful love right here many times
and one or two times on a mild night we slept here under the stars. Come on,
let's take a dip and we'll 'show' you more." (Siobhan just looked at me and
smiled her 'evil' smile--then ground her wetness against my hand, leaving me
with no doubt that she was with me in wanting to 'show' Cindy more.
We walked to the water's edge and the right in up to our nipples. Siobhan and I
then move to Cindy's sides and pressed our hot flesh to hers and then put our
arms around her and each other and moved our lips closer together. I started
kissing one side of Cindy's face as Siobhan's lips just touched Cindy's and then
I saw her tongue tip come out and it was soon joined by Cindy's. As we ground
our wetness against her hips Siobhan and Cindy opened their lips more and their
tongues disappeared inside as their lips pressed tightly to one another. I slid
my hand from around Siobhan, grazing her left breast as I did so (causing a
moan) and moved it to Cindy's breast where I cupped the mound and felt the
hardened nipple press into my palm.
Still feeling her breast (and now joined at the other breast by Siobhan) I moved
my lips closer to Cindy's and that was Siobhan's clue to break her kiss and move
to lightly kissing the other side of Cindy's face and nibbling at her neck and
earlobe as she moved Cindy's hair to the side. My tongue moved to Cindy's and
for a while we just touched tongues before she wrapped her lips around mine and
started to suck it. I enjoyed that sucking for a while but soon we had our lips
locked together in a long passionate kiss with plenty of tongue.
As I kissed and sucked Cindy's tongue Siobhan was not content with just nibbling
at Cindy's neck and shoulder and let her one hand slide beneath the water to
Cindy's warm wetness. At the same time I let the hand that was not fondling
Cindy's breast and hard nipple slide down her back to her ass and after
massaging one of her ass cheeks I slide that hand between her slightly opened
legs and my fingers met Siobhan's at the entrance to Cindy's treasures.
Siobhan was in a better position to work her finger over Cindy's clit so I
pushed several fingers up her hole and started to finger fuck Cindy in time with
the humping against her hip that I was doing and from what I could see, Siobhan
was doing on the other hip.
Cindy broke the kiss and lowered her head as she lifted one breast from Siobhan
and one of mine and took turns suckling at our hard nipples. That Cindy was
sucking Siobhan's left and more sensitive breast was something she had not
planned but it just worked out that way.
I could tell from Siobhan's moans coming closer and closer that she was very
close and I must say that I was not the calmest of people either. Cindy,
meanwhile, let out some "ooooohhhhhh's" and "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh's" but then took
in one deep breath and was silent for a moment. Her condition was no secret
though as she exploded and flooded my fingers with her hot honey. This was
enough to set off Siobhan an soon she was calling out her joy to be joined
quickly by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all just stayed there quietly sharing in the glow of our orgasms but then
reality hit as we all felt our knees getting weak and with us being in water
that was a no-no. To avoid drowning en mass we walked out onto the grassy meadow
and lay with Cindy between us. As we lay there Cindy told us more about herself
and how she thought that this B & B was a good idea.
"I think I'll really enjoy meeting all our guests and 'showing them around' if
they ask."
Then she touched on a pet love of mine when she pointed out again how she looked
forward to showing all them her naked body. We both agreed that this was always
a thrill and Siobhan quietly agreed but I happen to know that she and a lover of
hers, Darlene, did a strip at a club with one other girl and from what she said
it turned her on more than a little, turned both of them on from what she said
of the night's love making.
As we lay talking and feeling Cindy turned on her side to face Siobhan and I
moved closer to Cindy's ass with my mound. The more that we talked the more that
we did. Siobhan began to kiss Cindy harder and longer and then she slid down to
take one of Cindy's nipples into her mouth and suckle.
And while this was going on I pressed my breasts against Cindy's back and threw
in a slow grind of my pussy to her ass cheek. I also started to kiss her neck
and shoulder and added a few nibbles and a suck to her ear lobe.
It will come as no surprise that, by this time we were all hot again and ready
for more sex. Siobhan started to move lower on Cindy and I cupped both of
Cindy's breasts as I whispered for her to open her legs. At first Siobhan stayed
to Cindy's side as she leaned over and licked at her thighs and very slowly, to
the accompaniment of Cindy's moans, moved closer and closer to her ever
moistening pussy.
Of course, during all this, not only did I get to watch my lover loving another
(a real turn-on right there) but I was palming Cindy's hard nipples as I covered
her neck and shoulders with light kisses, licks, and the occasional nibble.
Cindy moaned a few more times and then turned her face as much to me as she
could and as I leaned to her she stuck out her tongue in my direction. I
answered this by sticking my tongue out and touching the tip of it to hers. and,
though it was a stretch, I did manage to wrap my lips around her tongue tip and
suck it.
During all this I had been slowly humping my pussy against Cindy's one ass cheek
and was getting hot enough that I wanted more so I took my lips from her tongue
and started to slide ever further upward on the ground until Cindy, on her back
by now, had her head lying on my mound. I stopped there for a moment as I
watched Siobhan get up on her knees and cross over to kneel between Cindy's
opened legs. Once there she did not bother to lie down again but lowered her
face to Cindy's wet wonderland and left her sweet ass high in the air as I saw
her tongue came out before it entered between Cindy's moist petals.
I was about to start sliding out from under Cindy again when, out of the corner
of my eye I saw a nude Josh standing at the end of the path watching us make
love and getting a harder and bigger cock as the seconds passed. It was then
that I had my idea.
First I put my finger across Cindy's lips to signal her not to say anything as I
knew that she might see Josh. Then I put a finger across my lips to let Josh
know to be silent but then I waved to him to come over quietly. It wasn't that
far and he was standing beside us in short order.
I motioned for him to lean over and after kissing him I whispered my plan into
his ear. By this time Cindy definitely saw Josh and was smiling at his
'condition'. While he was leaned over she reached up and was stroking his
erection. He had been carrying his shorts and after I whispered to him he smiled
as he stood and took a condom out of his shorts and as Cindy and I watched,
pulled it over his big cock.
Then, as I had asked, he move behind an unsuspecting Siobhan (here I lost sight
of the exact things he did but from later conversations with him and with
Siobhan I learned the following--and one part I did see) and Josh eased his cock
head to Siobhan's very wet pussy lips.
This is the part that I did see. As soon as Josh's dick touched Siobhan's pussy
she immediately raised here head from between Cindy's thighs where she had been
so busy eating her out that she had ignored things that were going on around
her. She quickly looked over her shoulder, saw it was Josh (who else?) turned
back to me and smiled that devilish smile of hers.
"Surprise!', was all I said and she replied, "I'll get you for this." But I told
her that I was counting on it. I loved it when she 'got even'. That usually
meant some VERY hot sex.
Before returning to her meal of Cindy, Siobhan again looked over her shoulder at
Josh and smiled, but this time more like with lust than devilishness and as she
was lowering her mouth to that delicious pussy she wiggled her ass (arse to
some) ;-) and pressed back against Josh's cock to let him know in no uncertain
terms that he was more than welcome to continue. And, to no-one's surprise, he
Siobhan told me that she could feel every inch of his manhood entering her and
when he started thrusting into and pulling almost out of her puss she moved her
arse to meet every thrust, even as they speeded up, while not losing contact
with Cindy's wet pussy.
Now that all that was settled I decided to continue on to what I had been hoping
for and I slipped all the way out from under Cindy with her head ending up
between my legs. As I got free I straddled Cindy's face and lowered my very
moist and horny pussy to her. Cindy stuck out her tongue and I lowered my cunt
the last inches onto her warm and moist tongue which acted like a small and soft
cock. She ran that tongue as deep into my hole as she could reach. Cindy then
began licking the sides of my pussy clean of my honey, or rather, she tried. As
soon as she got one part licked clean and moved on to the next and did that the
first part had reformed a coating of my juices.
Cindy finally moved on to teasing my clit. I would like to tell you that she
teased that little bud to it's swollen size but that thing had swollen a long
time ago. She used her fingers to hold my pussy lips apart as she flicked her
tongue tip over the top of my clit and then she started finger fucking me as her
lips closed around my clit and she began to suck.
I was moaning and tossing my head about as I cupped my right breast and, in the
end, stopped tossing my head about and smothered those moans buy sucking on that
right nipple.
I could tell from the sounds coming from everyone, including the rhythmic
squishing sounds of Josh's cock as he fucked Siobhan's dripping pussy, and the
way that Cindy was eating my pussy and rapidly fingering it that all were close.
Siobhan's tongue in Cindy's puss was moving rapidly before she started to finger
Cindy as she sucked on her clit.
Josh later told us that the sight of all that pussy eating going on while he
thrust really got him off and it was a wonder that he was able to last as long
as he did.
Speaking of getting off, I think that it was Cindy that got things going---or
CUMing, as the case may be. I could tell from the way that she was wildly
tonguing my clit and fingering me that she was close, as was I and probably
everyone else. When Cindy arched her back and pressed into Siobhan's face
Siobhan merely slid her one hand under Cindy's arse and held her tight to her as
she sucked her clit and got one very wet (and I can now report, VERY tasty)
Cindy's orgasm caused Siobhan to lose it and soon she was flooding Josh's cock
with her (I know this personally) sweet and hot juices. The spasming of her
pussy and the flood of her honey was the final straw for Josh and his balls
exploded with CUM. It rushed up and out his cock and the only thing that
prevented Siobhan from getting the full load shot into her was his rapidly
filling rubber.
I must have been mesmerized by seeing all this obvious CUMing going on for
finally it all got to me all at once and I screamed and then threw my head back
and had a very intense orgasm!!! I came and came into Cindy's mouth and to her
credit she drank every drop.
Just as the last of my orgasm was ebbing I watched as Josh pulled his, by now,
semi-hard cock from between Siobhan's dripping pussy lips. She turned and, first
kissed his cock to taste herself on the rubber, but then she 'helped' Josh to
remove the condom and again kissed his dick, this time to taste him. She move up
on Cindy, and as I watched, Cindy opened her mouth and Siobhan emptied that load
of CUM onto her tongue. As Cindy swallowed I heard, "OH, my God!" escape from
Josh as Siobhan looked at me and smiled.
I managed to slide off Cindy and was lying on my side recovering when Siobhan
lay beside me and we gently kissed, sharing the tastes of both Josh and Cindy,
and just touched each other with our finger tips and whispered "I LOVE YOUs " as
we shared this post orgasmic time. Cindy, though, took Josh's hand and they went
off to 'see' the swimming hole.
I told her that it looked like we were ready for our first guest. "Just one at
first, till we get the hang of this stuff." She agreed and told me of this woman
that she knew by the name of Darlene that had asked to be a guest as soon as we
got things going. I had 'met' her via Internet chat and she seemed a very nice
woman so when you add that to what Siobhan said of her then, and in the
following days, I just knew that I was going to like getting to know Darlene.
Siobhan and I finally got up and were headed back to the B & B arm in arm when I
happened to notice Cindy and Josh in the water. Cindy was backed up against one
of the rocks by the waterfall and Josh was kissing her and from his other
movements I don't think he was teaching her CPR!!!
I smiled and turned to Siobhan and said, "Now, don't you have some getting even
to do, lover?"
And we were both smiling as we walked to the B & B.

End of Story

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