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As I came home one day, I walked into the house and called to my wife. "Honey, I'm home". She didn't answer right away, but in a few seconds she said "I'm in the bedroom babe". She sounded like she was out of breath. I grabbed a coke from the fridge and heard her say "come in here babe, I have something to show you". Not having any idea of what she had bought this time on her shopping trip, I told her I'd be there in a minute. I swallowed a big gulp of my Coke and walked to the bedroom.
As I opened the bedroom door I couldnt believe my eyes! There was my beautiful wife laying on tangled sheets naked, legs up and spread open. Not that I was bothered by this sight, it was one of my fantasies to come home to her hot pussy waiting for me. What I couldn't believe is the guy who was on top of her in a 69 sucking her cunt while she had his big cock in her mouth! WOW! She smiled around the cock and told me "What do you think dear? Does Randy here look like he could have some fun with us?" I stood silent for a minute as I took this in. We had always talked about another guy joining us in bed but had never done anything about it. It was plain to see that she had taken the initiative and went out to get a cock she could enjoy as much as mine. Smiling, I said "He looks like a nice one, has he been here long?" "Not long" she said, "he has only shot one hot load up my cunt so far!" Only one load? I wondered how many this stud could shoot as she continued sucking his cock. I noticed he was licking her twat deep with his tongue and seemed to be enjoying the taste of her with his cum up inside her. I also like a good creampie but had never eaten one from another guy. Maybe tonight I would get a taste of cock cream from another man. I enjoy the taste of my wife with my cum in her so I guessed I would enjoy his in her too.
Stripping naked, I got into position on the bed to let her roll over and start sucking my cock. She let go of his and surprised me by kneeling and sitting on my face! Her cunt juice and some of his cum were clearly visible inside her hot lips as she lowered herself onto my mouth. I was right, the taste of that stud and her was indeed enjoyable. I was reveling in the taste and feel of her cunt when I noticed hands on my hard cock. Seven inches of cock was being handled expertly. I looked up and saw my wife with her eyes closed riding my face and realized that Randy, our guest, was handling my cock! I am not gay, nor even bi, but I was certainly turned on by this! As my wife shook and shivered with an orgasm she relaxed and rolled over onto her back. Looking down she saw her new boyfriend about to lower his face onto my hard cock. Smiling, she bent down to join him. As my cock slid first into his mouth then out and into hers, I could hardly hold back cumming! Seeing the two of them suck my hard dick and kiss around it was getting to be too much. I moaned as I told them I'm about to cum, they smiled and continued sucking and licking. As I started to shoot my wifes beautiful face was full of hard cock and my cum erupted into her mouth! First one big heavy shot of cream found her throat, then another. As the third shot of hot cum came flying out, Randy lowered his mouth onto me and he got the full load. Not even flinching, he ate my cum as I finished off one of the best climaxes I had ever had. His cock was now rock hard as he lay there sucking my shrinking cock. My wife bent to her task and started sucking him off. Soon, I was getting hard again as Randy continued to suck my cock. One more time my wife surprised me by saying "I want both your cocks in me now!" Randy and I both smiled and started to move her into a kneeling position when she stopped us and said, "No, not one in each hole, I want BOTH of you in my cunt! Right NOW! " She then moved Randy under her and told me to guide his eight inches of hard meat into her cunt. "Just move it into my cunt babe, shove him up inside me". I did as she requested, realizing that I had just touched another mans hard cock for the first time. "Now move your cock so it will join Randy up my pussy babe". She was squirming as I positioned my cock to join his in her cunt. As I started to insert my dick into her she told me "it needs more lube dear, get down there and lick me some to get it really wet". Here was my wife telling me to suck her cunt while it's being fucked! Not knowing what else to say, and having just had my cock in his mouth, I agreed and started licking her from her asshole to his cock. I even let my tongue rub his cock some as he slid in and out of her juicy pussy. "It's plenty wet now babe", I told her. She answered "I know, I just wanted to let you suck my pussy full of cock once. I know you like creampies so I thought you would like to taste one in the making!" She was right, I continued to suck her pussy and his cock as it slid in and out for a few more minutes. Then I knelt and prepared to shove my fuckstick up her hot cunt. Surprisingly, it slid right in! My wife does not have a "loose pussy", nor is it teenage tight. But feeling her open around me and Randy and the two cocks just slide right in surprised me. She moaned as I slid in and started stroking in and out. Soon we had a rythm going and were really pounding that cunt! Moaning was heard from all of us as my wife enjoyed being absolutley full of hard cock and Randy and I moaned from feeling such a great pussy around us and the feeling of two hard cocks rubbing together. It wasn't long before I said "here I cum" for the second time today. Randy followed by about thirty seconds as he told us he was going to shoot also. Within a minute of us cumming, my wife really started shuddering and shaking in an intense orgasm. I looked down at her ass and saw her full pussy overflowing with our cum! That was the hottest thing I had ever seen! I had dreamed of this happening and now here I was with my cock rubbing another guys inside the hottest pussy in the world! Cum was flowing out of her in large amounts as we withdrew our cocks together. She rolled over and lifted her legs up to open her pussy for us to see all the cum. Her pussy was wide open and was a gaping hole where our cocks had been a few seconds before. Cum flowed out and onto the sheets. She took my hair and started pushing my face down into the slimy mess emitting from her cunt. I did not resist as I licked and sucked all the cum I could from her open twat! I felt my cock inflating again and saw Randy bend to suck me off. I continued sucking cunt and cum and soon Randy got a mouthful of cum from me! I had never cum so many times or so much in my life. As I lay there exhausted my wife beside me smiling, Randy told us what a great time he was having but now had to go.
As we watched him dress, I invited him back anytime. He assured us he would be back for more of that wet pussy and hard cock. I leaned over and kissed my wife and let her taste our cum on my lips as he left. She laid there smiling and assured me there would be more surprises on the way for me. I can't wait to see what she has in mind next time!

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