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I would enjoy going to a vista along the blue ridge parkway around sunset. At the vista I come across a couple enjoying the sunset. As the sun disappears I notice the light on in the car in front of me.

I see the couple kissing for a while, I see her disappear out of site. He is looking back at my vehicle as he has his hand over the seat. She raises up and kisses him. She then looks back my way and smiles. She sit up higher and I can see her opening up her shirt and take it off. I see her taking off her light colored bra next. Her tits are exposed to her man. He leans over and begins sucking her left breast and pulling her closer. I can see him sucking that beautiful breast. She then looks back at me in my vehicle and has look of satisfaction on her face.

She begins running her right hand through his hair and turns to face me more so I can watch the show. I am so hard that it has forced me to let out my cock. I am wanting to get out to watch closer, but I am concerned about other vehicles and intruding on the couple's fun. I haven't seen a vehicle in over 30 minutes.

She pushes him back up and over in his seat. She bends back down out of site and you know she is giving him a blow job. He puts his arm back over the seat and smiles at me again. This is turning me on so much. He turns his head and you see him looking like he is talking to her. She raises her head up face to face with him quickly and smiles at him and goes right back down on him. He then looks back at me and waves for me to come on over!

That was my cue to get out. I tuck my cock back into my pants and get out of my car. I walk to the vista side ( away from the road) and peer through the passenger side front door. This woman's ass is hiked up in the air for me to view. She is wearing a short skirt and you can see her thong underwear. She is leaning over giving this guy a blow job while he smiles. He says hello and asks me if I like what I see?

I tell him that I do and he responds by telling me to go ahead and take a feel. I reach in and fill that nice ass. He asks me if I like it and I tell him I do. He then asked me to take my cock out and show him so I do. He smiles and says that I have a nice cock. The next thing he told me was that I should feel free to do what I want. So I open up the door and begin massaging her ass.

I pull her her thong off to the side to see her clean shaven pussy and ass. I then get on my knees and begin licking her ass. She begins to moan a little. I keep this up for a while as I play with her clit. He pushes her off of him and tells her to lay on her back. That is when I see her pretty eyes as she says hi. I say hello back to her and then get back to licking on her clit because he had reached over and pushed my head down toward her pussy. I eagerly accepted this task.

I begin licking up and down on the tip of the clit as he licked her nipples and watched me. After a while, I start making circles around the tip of the clit along with some long tongue strokes as well. She is shaking a lot and moaning some. You can feel her legs quiver. He gets out of his seat and let's his pants fall. This the first time I see his nice thick tool. He feeds it to his woman.

She is moaning pretty heavy now and her legs are jumping as she is now trying to push my head off a little. He grabs her arm away fom my head and I begin sucking a little harder and faster as I hold on to her legs. She tries squeezing her legs to control the orgasm that is about to erupt but I have her in my control. She begins bucking hard and let's his cock fall out of her mouth. She is looking at me and you can see she is losing control. She begins moaning loudly that she is about to cum. I feel her bucking out of control and cumming. She is shaking all over when he laughs and tells her to get out of the car.

She covers her face and tells him to give her a minute. She then raises up to me because I am still between her legs caressing her legs. She grabs my head and pulls me toward her and says, damn.... you are really good at that She then hugs me and we get up and stand on the pasenger side hugging.

I get to feel those nice d cup tits against my chest while she is stroking my cock. He comes around to the passenger side and watches. He tells her that she needs to suck me. She smiles at me and the kisses me passionately. She kneels down and begins giving me a really good blowjob. He states to me that she gives one of the best ones he has ever had and I agreed:). He has pulled his cock out and was stroking it. It looked to be the same size as mine, about 7 inches. We hear a car coming down the road and she stops and puts her blouse on. We tuck our cocks away as the car comes around the corner. The car goes by and we continue on where we left off.

She continues to suck me till he tells us to go to the front hood. I am leaning against the hood. The front door was kinda messing up his view. He then gets beside her and let's her suck his cock a bit. He then pushes her head back to mine. He tells her to deep throat me. She tries but only goes so far. He grabs my cock at the base and tells her to go this deep. His hand felt good while she sucked me. She removes her mouth and tells him that she can't. He then gets down level with her and shoves her mouth down on me deep. She does her best but does not go all the way down. He tells her she is doing a better job.

He asks her if she likes my cock and she moans a happy yes. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and begins kissing him. She then starts licking the head of my cock and grabs the back of his head and pushes him toward my cock. My cock swells more as she moves to one side and he begins to lick the other side of my cock. She backs up a little bit and pushes him to take my cock in his mouth. He begins sucking my cock as good as she did. This couple could really suck cock. She gets up with her hand on the back of his head. She looks down at him and then at me. She asks me if I like him sucking my cock and I tell her i do.

She caresses my chest as I play with her tits. We hear another car coming and have to get dressed again. This car pulls into the vista and parks. We wait and begin chatting. We introduce ourselves and make small chat waiting for them to leave. Another car pulls in and stops. This start to put a damper on things. He begins playing with her breasts through her shirt and then decides to tell her to unzip my pants and stroke me while he walks down to where the other cars are parked. He comes back, walks to the trunk and opens it. He has pulled out a big banket tells me to go lock my vehicle and follow them. I go back, lock my vehicle and walk towards the far end where the couple was walking.

He gets to the four ft. rock retaining wall and goes over it. He helps her over and waves me to come over too. He then lays the big blanket out on the ground and moves her over toward me and tells her to undress me. She seductively kisses me and begins stripping my clothes off with his help.

He tells me to lay down as he takes her panties off as she takes off her blouse. He gets her to get on top in a 69 position where I begin licking her clit and she begins sucking my cock. After a while I feel both of them sucking me as she moans. We hear one of the cars start up and leave as another one approaches. We are now clearly out of site.

He gets up to see who has arrived and then comes around to my side and gets on his knees while he strokes his cock to the action he is seeing. He then gets closer and lines up his cock to fuck her.

His cock begins penetrating her just inches from my mouth. His cock looks so nice next to that nice little clit. I begin licking his cock every now and then as he goes in and out of her! The both of them taste so good. He slowly fucks her as I continue to lick her clit. I feel her tensing and she is moaning heavy. I reach back and grab his ass as he picks up the pace. He is moaning now and thrusting harder into her. She begins to suck my cock faster and with more intensity.

She begins to moan really load with my cock in her mouth and she begins to buckle and my tongue is buried deep into her clit and she starts to collapse on top of me. She has just came and now he is cumming deep into her. She continues to suck me deeply and I am getting close. He pulls out of her and gives me his cock to suck. I taste his cum and her juices at the same time! I go over the edge and cum in her mouth while I am sucking his cock. She drains me of every drop of cum and gets off of me while I am still sucking his cock. She comes up pulls me off of his cock and kisses me deeply. I can taste my cum as she kisses me. She smiles and thanks me for the nice time.

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