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Just now, I sat down in my home office to write my tale of liberation. The cool leather of my chair touches my ass in such a way that inspires my memories of the past weekend.

My story starts two months ago when I met a mature couple (in their late forties) on line who wanted another male to join them for drinks and possibly more if things clicked. I had previously doubted the success of such on-line opportunities, but after chatting and vanilla camming with these two I had decided to take a chance and host them at a hotel in my town for drinks and a long face-to-face conversation.

It turned out that we had many things in common, but most of all, we were an easy-going trio and enjoyed a lot of mutual attraction. The ground rules were far easier to discuss than I thought, especially after a few drinks and bonding through a couple hours of chit-chat.

She was so beautiful. Very easy on the eyes - the face of an angel - brunette hair and flawless skin. She didn't have a supermodel body, but was much more the the real woman, with curvy round hips, a wonderful bubble but and ample breasts. He was clean-shaven, slightly gray and a firm build despite his age. I'm an avid bicyclist and alpine hiker, so I myself am fit and healthy, though at 52, I do have some slight love-handles.

I was a bit surprised that this couple asked me to not wear a condom. I brought a package of them and had originally promised myself I wouldn't forget to wear them, but after receiving certain health assurances from them, I agreed to go bare back.

Well, we ended up on the king-size bed in the hotel room, and to be honest, we lay naked for hours talking sensually, not vulgarly, and caressed her body, and taking turns loved her. She was easy to climax, and we two guys took turns with her, thrusting ourselves deeply in her, so that each of us caused her to cum at least twice that night.

I can't get that first sensation of fucking her first, in front of her husband who caressed her breasts and kissed her, whispering in her ear. I was so aroused by the sensation, that I came much more quickly than I wished.

Initially, I apologized, but both of them giggled and said they took it only a compliment. He rose from her side in such a way that it was clear I was to take my positon next to her, and I lay next to hear and began to kiss her breasts and nipples, and then her mouth.

She whispered to me, how sexy it was for her to know her husband's cock was coated with my cum, and then he began to whisper how wonderful her pussy felt so full of my cum.

I rubbed my sticky cock against her leg in subconscious need, and listened to her and her husband cooing and groaning with pleasure.

Like I said, this went on for quite a while, and before we collapsed in exhaustion, I too had entered her, but this time with his and my own cum in her. It was so hot and arousing, that I came a second time rather too quickly for my ego to bear. This time I didn't apologize, and it was clear, that was the affect they were both after - to fuck each other with another man's cum inside her.

To my surprise, we slept together on the king bed that night, and in the morning, everyone stayed nude, showered and ordered breakfast room service.

I hosted in an upscale hotel, so there were two robes. Each of us men wore one, and the wife, simply covered herself in the sheets. The bellboy's eyes were wide as saucers, but I gave him a tip and he left with a grin a mile wide.

After a nude breakfast together, we revelled in our new-found frienship, and before long, we decided to plot our next rendezvous.

Well, to get more quickly to the point, we did rendezvous again and enjoyed more great, uninhibited sex together as a three-some. Things were going so well, I was afraid they might develop some expectation of a poly-amorous relationship. I wasn't into that, but I was really enjoying the nudity and sexual openness, especially with another man involved.

I didn't really take a sexual interest in the man, but I did notice him eyeing my body, stealing glances now and then, giving me smiles and freely touching himself.

The long hours of nudity with them gave me my own sense of freedom and spontaneity and I noticed that I was touching myself provocatively at times, knowing that the two of them were watching. It was very enjoyable.

Well, she said that she would be going on her menstrual cycle next weekend, and said that she would have to beg-out of the next rendezvous, but said the two of us should have a guys weekend. This time, the husband was going to host at their cabin in the mountains.

At first I didn't know if I should go along with this. I was afraid that expectations might not be mutual, so I said so. Both of them assured me that there were no expectations of gay love-making, but it would be very cool if there was nudity.

I was comfortable with the nudity, so we ended up at their cabin - just he and I.

As we entered the cabin, which was modern and spacious, he sort of gave me a side-ways smirk and said, "I've got some home movies and we do get some great satellite porn up here."

"Great", I said, and without hesitation, I said, "no reason to have clothes on then is there?"

In two shakes we were both nude, and he showed me to my room which was in the single loft. I followed him up the rough-hewn stairs, neither of us in nothing but our skin, and well, I did sort of get a little swollen as I watched his body striding up the steps.

I threw my clothes and bag down, and then led back down the steps. Once in their great room, he picked up a remote and started a gas fire place, and a blower turned on, warming the room.

"It gets cool up here in the evening."

Well, before long, we were both maneuvering around in the kitchen, prepping some food for supper, pouring drinks, etc., and I couldn't keep my eyes off his body.

He was smooth all over. Not much different than my own body. I never grew chest hair or anything. I did have leg hairs, but only now did I notice he had shaven even his pubic region, ass, legs and arms. He was totally smooth. His tan skin and his easy movements were almost feminine here in the cabin. I hadn't noticed him this way before, but it was sort of erotic.

Well, we made some dip, and nibbled on some chips and a relish tray as we drank some red wine, and well, before I knew it, two bottles had been downed, and we were in the great room, sitting on their couch watching a home movie of my two friends cavorting on film in every conceivable positon. I had long-since gotten an erection and both he and I were stroking ourselves openly.

I was really turned on, and then, due to a combination of wine and over-excitement, I asked him if I could stroke his meat. He didn't speak, but moved to their carpeted floor and laid on his back, and said, "do anything you want with me."

I moved to his side, and then rubbed my cock against his hip, and said, "let me jerk you off."

He looked in my eyes and smiled, and he let me do just that.

As I fondled his cock, the initial sensations were that he was hard and velvety - so hot and meaty. It was great.

I played with his cock, and rubbed mine against his hip some more and said, "I am so turned on by our friendship. Your wife is so sexy, and I am really enjoying our own private time."

He replied, "your cock looks so awesome, and your cum in my wife is like an aphrodisiac."

We talked like that for a few more minutes, as I stroked him until he said, "get between my legs and rub your cock on mine."

I did so, and my stiffy waggled in the cool cabin air as I changed positions and straddled him. He spread his legs as wide as he could, and I couldn't help but notice the crack of his ass, and the little secret place that made a slightly wider, darker crack just below his balls. His hairlessness was another real turn on just then and I told him, "your smooth skin looks so fuckable."

"Rub your meat on my cock. I want to feel your hot meat rolling and pressing against mine."

I wasted no time and began to rub my cock on his. He took his arms behind my head and pulled me close to his face, and we locked eyes as I slowly began to dry hump him, and he thrust back at me.

"I wish she was here to watch us. She would enjoy seeing us together you know." He whispered to me.

He continued, "she'd rub your ass, and finger you too."

"Hmmm, that would be nice."

In a quick moment, the next thing I knew he had his hands back there, pulling my ass apart. I could feel the cool air on my puckered hole, and then I felt his finger there, at first just touching, then pressing ever so slightly.

"Oh, that feels so naughty." I blurt out my thoughts as we continued to hump each other.

I looked down to see that both our cocks were rolling across each other, side to side, in a stiff, haphazard way, then thrusting against each other.

His pre-cum cooled on my own belly, and I could tell that mine was making a slippery spot on his belly.

I couldn't resist and put my thumb in it and then smeared it on his lips and kissed him. It was all I could stand, and I came in a thunderous explosion, and so did he.

It was one of many such spontaneous encounters that we had. I wasn't interested in sucking cock, though he did suck mine several times, but I was very fond of dry humping his body - his ass cheeks, his tits, his cock. I really couldn't get enough of the thrill of touching his body intimately. And . . . he enjoyed it too.

It turned out to be both of ours first such man-on-man rendezvous. We shared every detail with his wife, who seemed to be thoroughly aroused by our tales. We have since enjoyed our threesomes several times, with much more openness. I feel like I have been liberated - but I don't feel gay.

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