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My First Bisexual Couple, Part 1

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My First Double Header Ch. 01

I promised someone that I would write about my first bi experience so if that subject turns you off, stop here. If you're und*rage, why are you reading this? Also, safe sex is not illustrated in this story but in real life, it's a good idea. Do you know where it was last? Wrap that rascal!


I'm not the sort of person that you would ever think had bisexual fantasies. I fall way below the "gaydar." My friends of both sexes all consider me to be a pussy hound. So, when the opportunity arose, my predilection and my curiosity were quite aroused.

The setting was a funky watering hole in the village of East Hampton, New York, "The Blue Parrot." With good margaritas and tex-mex fare, it's a good hang. I was there with a bunch of local characters, all friends. We were loose and goofy, and we were laughing a lot. Some of the conversation was of local politics, local gossip and sex jokes. The women were as raw as the men and this was a type of banter we were all used to, as we usually met here once a week. It was in early July but the day was rainy and dreary. Most of the summer tourists were home preparing for their evening at some fine restaurant and then a tour of the clubs. The Parrot was fairly empty at that time of day.

I was 51 at the time and just coming off an ugly divorce. I look about ten years younger than my age and my body is in pretty good shape. I stand about six foot and have a trim and rugged physique. I was feeling no pain that afternoon and was in no rush to end the party but as the dinner hour was arriving, our group began to break up and drift away. I went up to Barry, the bartender and paid my tab when he pointed to a couple and said that they would like to buy me another margarita. I took the drink and walked over to their corner table to thank them. As I was outside on the deck with my gang, I was oblivious to the crowd inside and I never saw them. Now, as I walked over, I liked what I saw. They were both in their mid-thirties, tall, thin and in very good shape. They both looked like runners. As I approached the table, he stood up and offered his hand, asking me to pull up a chair.

"What did I do to deserve another drink?" I inquired, adding "Oh, by the way, my name is Rayart."

"I'm Roger and this is my wife, Patty. We heard some of your conversation with your friends and you seem to know a lot about this place. Since we are here for a month, we thought you might tell us some good things to see and do here."

"It would be my pleasure. What sort of things are you interested in?"

For the next hour, I told them of good restaurants, good beach situations, good galleries, the best sunsets, good boat charters and finally, the most romantic spots. Patty took down some notes but was mostly very quiet. As I was wrapping things up, she asked me where some the stars lived. I laughed at her "touristy" question and I told her that I would be pleased to give them a guided tour and I gave them my phone number. I excused myself and went off to the men's room to drain my snake.

Upon my return and as I was about to bid them a good evening, Patty asked if I had some time to give them a little tour now as there was still a couple of hours of sunlight. I have no idea what possessed me to agree but within a few minutes, I was driving my SUV toward Further Lane and the wealthy oceanfront estates. I pointed out the homes of all the movie stars, the rock stars, the directors, the producers, the billionaires, etc. I took them along Further, then back along Middle Lane, the Highway Behind the Pond, then Lily Pond Lane and finally into the Georgica Association. Forming a large circle, I ended up back at The Parrot parking lot.

"Listen, Ray. That was great fun. We think you're a scream, too! Are you busy tonight? Would you like to come over to our place for some more drinks? We also have some good smoke if you're into that," said Roger.

By this time, I had taken a real liking to this couple. Patty was very pretty and very sensual in the way she moved and held herself. Several times, I caught myself looking down her open blouse at her braless breasts. They were small and shapely. I saw her nipples swing away from the fabric once and I felt my dick react. Roger was also very good looking and his well-toned frame also made an impression. Plus they were bright and with an easy sense of humor making our time together very relaxing and pleasant.

I agreed to meet them and asked for directions to their place as I wanted to go home first, shower and sit on the throne. Patty wouldn't hear of it.

"Come back with us," she offered, "we have a great rental with plenty of room." Again, against my usual sense, I agreed and followed them to Sagaponack. As we pulled into their house, I was astonished. It was an oceanfront estate, the kind that rents for at least $50,000 for the month.

They could see my amazement as we got out of the cars.

"I made several killings in the market over the last few years," explained Roger, "now we are enjoying the fruits."

"Well, I'm impressed," I said quietly.

Once inside, it was even more impressive. The house was completely furnished with the very best pieces. Art works by the best of the local artists lined the walls. The living Room opened onto the sand dunes and the sea and while the view was breathtaking, the room was dominated by a Steinway grand piano. Patty took my hand and led me to a guest suite.

"Here you go. Now shower and then meet us on the deck. I'll make some drinks while Roger rolls one. Don't be long."

I stood in this massive room and took it all in. Disrobing, I tossed my clothes onto a settee and entered the bathroom. There was a separate shower that could hold at least four people and a deep soaking tub alongside. Next to the toilet was a collection of "Yachting" and "The Robb Report" and I sat down to enjoy a good read.

I showered for what I thought was a long time. I think I could have stayed in there for hours but I remembered Patty request and stepped out to towel off.

I waltzed back into the bedroom to find my clothes all neatly folded and stacked on the bed. Next to the bed was a large cotton robe.

I was standing in my towel when Roger called out to me.

"Ray, put on the robe and come on out already."

So that is what I did although first I had to stop and try out that beautiful piano, tickling some New Orleans boogie. I felt somewhat uncomfortable in just a robe and I thought it a bit odd that Roger and Patty were enrobed as well. But the view stopped any thoughts in my head and overwhelmed me. Standing on this deck, with a glistening pool next to me and the endless expanse of the Atlantic in front of me, I felt blessed just to be there.

Roger and Patty were sitting at a small table. The table had about a dozen little candles all lit with a soft glow, a platter of munchies and they were ahead of me in the libations.

"Care for another margarita," cooed Patty.

"Perhaps you'd like some of this," asked Roger as he passed me the joint.

"Man, you guys have got it made. This is the life," I babbled.

"Just wait until you hit the pool," said Patty, "the pool in the moonlight is one of the great features of this house."

"Actually, that piano calls to me," I said, feeling the musical twitch again that a musician gets when he sees a fine instrument.

"I'd like to hear you play some more. Neither of us have any musical skills and it's great to hear that piano sing," said Roger but Patty cut him short,

"Later, let's just get loose now. One more hit for me," she reached for the joint and took a deep inhale.

She made a big deal of sucking on the end of the joint until Roger laughed and said, "She sucks a joint great...better than anyone else."

"Almost anyone else," she added while giving Roger a little pinch. They both saw my surprise at their interplay and smiled at me.

"Well, I'm feeling great," she said, "Now if you don't mind; I'm going to take a dip. If you two care to join me..."

She stood up and walked to the edge of the deep end of the pool. Dropping her robe, she was nude and standing with her back to us. Shaking her tiny little fanny, she dove in without a splash, surfacing with a squeal.

"Oh, this is soooooo good. Come on in, boys."

"Ray?" Roger stood and removed his robe. I was immediately struck by his hairless chest and arms. His dick was soft but looked to be a good eight inches as it hung from lightly haired pubes. I looked away quickly.

"When in Rome..." I said as I dropped my robe and dove in. The water was very warm and the mist that rose from its surface into the humid night created a fantasy effect to this scene. The pool had a black bottom which enhanced the grey reflection of the partly clouded sky. It produced an opalescent appearance to the water. I felt as though I was in an Ingmar Bergman setting or maybe a Federico Fellini film. As Patty swam alongside me, her perky breasts bobbed under the surface and my vision was complete.

"It is beautiful, isn't it?"

"I was suddenly lost in it."

"I know. I could see it. I felt the same way last week when we had our first night swim."

I felt her cling to me, her breasts framing my right arm. My cock twitched again which caused her to giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"I like how your dick said hello to me!" She reached out, took in a firm grip and shook it saying, "And hello to you."

The three of us were laughing although I sure did feel strange about that. In fact, until I heard Roger laugh, I was unaware he was there.

"Don't let her make you crazy, Ray, she has a great sense of humor," Roger said as he sensed my discomfort.

"Oh really, love," Patty reached over and shook Roger's dick, "And hello to you, too."

More laughter. But then, Roger reached out and shook my dick, too.

"It's a pleasure to have made your acquaintance, sir. You are an expert guide."

I was astonished, mouth gaping with that deer-in-the-headlights look. At this juncture, let me say that I had never had a bi experience other that some childhood group jerk-off activities. However, recently I had been thinking about it. I enjoyed the orgasm I got from reading some good bisexual and lesbian porn. The thought of having a real experience excited me but also frightened me. Not that I questioned my masculinity, I did not. At this point in my life I pretty much knew who I was and what I liked. Still, I was ready for a new experience and here it was, shaking my dick.

"It looks like he likes your greeting, honey." Patty smiled up at me. "You've been wonderful to us today and we want to reciprocate. Are you alright with this?"

"Patty, I am very alright with this. It's just that it came on so unexpectedly. I'm very excited...and willing. You two are very hot..and nice people."

"We talked about the possibility of picking you up while we were at The Parrot and here we are. We also got an expert tour thrown in. Let us thank you."

Patty leaned into my lips and we were rolling tongues and swapping spit. My hands traveled down to her perfectly round breasts, small and firm. I rolled her pencil eraser nipples between my fingers and my thumb flicked them. She was grinding her crotch into me as Roger still held me, pushing me along her slit. We were standing in waist high warm water, sheltered by the warm mist that hovered inches above the surface. I could here the ocean waves crashing on the nearby shore and I wondered aloud, almost as in a dream, "Does it get any better than this?"

"You bet it does," said Patty as she flipped her body onto me, wrapping her legs around my ass. My cock, now at its proudest, slipped right into her as she humped me.

"Don't cum, okay." She said as she squeezed her pussy around me. "I don't want to get pregnant...okay."

"Don't worry," I said, "I'm shooting blanks. I had a vasectomy some years ago after I decided I was finished making babies."

"That's awesome," she squealed, "but don't come yet. We have lots of time."

Roger got out of the pool to light a joint. Patty and I disengaged and got out, too. He tossed us our robes and beckoned us inside. We walked from the pool into their bedroom. Roger handed the joint to Patty who then handed it to me. It needed a light and as I was relighting it, the two of them peeled off my robe. Patty dropped to her knees and engulfed me. Roger stood behind me, his cock easing in and sliding between my ass cheeks. Patty was fabulous, taking a real delight in licking me. Her tongue slid along the underside of my cock and enveloped the head, and then she sucked me in slowly down to the back of her throat. She moaned and it turned me on even more.

She pulled away from me and pushed me down onto the bed. Climbing to my side, she began to lick my balls. Roger climbed onto the bed next to me and leaned in to share my cock. "This is it! I'm dead and in heaven!" I thought to myself. But as two tongues worked my throbbing organ, I was soon lost in ecstasy. They took turns licking me and sucking on me. One of them licked down to the base of my sac and then around to my butt. I was getting rimmed for the first time and it felt amazing.

Patty skittered over and let Roger do his oral magic. Evidently, he was an expert. Patty positioned herself to squat over my face and slowly lowered her crotch to my open and waiting mouth. First, her scent filled my head and made it swim, and then the sight of her wet and shaved slash coming toward me made me push my dick further into Roger's lips. Her warm, wet pussy rubbed around my mouth as she wiggled her ass. My tongue ran from her clit to her ass to her clit to her ass as she rocked on me. She breathing picked up rhythm until it became panting, she moaned and then shook as her orgasm erupted. As she came, she pushed down onto my tongue which now surrounded her clit, tapping on it. At the moment she broke, I began to shoot. Roger took the first squirt and backed off as stream after stream hit his face. Patty quickly swallowed me and took in the last spray. Then she leaned to her husband and began to lick his face clean. They shared a deep kiss. It was very quiet and their sound only enhanced the desire.

We lay together for a while; my head nestled in Patty's tits. Finally, I turned and took one of her nipples between my lips, kissing it softly as she emitted small guttural sounds. She lay back and Roger took the other breast. We took an uninhibited delight in kneading and squeezing them, lightly pulling on them. I traced her breast with my fingers as she ran her fingers through our hair. I felt her shudder and I smelled her sweat. I slowly traveled down to her navel, Roger did the same. Two tongues in unison traveled down her flat stomach. Her scent was powerful. Her pubes, hairless and soft, parted as her legs spread. Two tongues in unison down her mons, slipped into her slit and slid down to her sopping canal.

"Fuck me, Roger. Fuck me now."

I backed off to watch as Roger took his large, long and very stiff cock and slipped in to her. She drew her knees up and pulled him deeper. In almost no time, she began to thrust up, arching her back and cumming hard. Roger pulled out and whipped his cock over her stomach and started to shoot, spraying her tits and up to her chin. He collapsed next to her, causing the bed to bounce. I fell forward, one hand on the bed and one on her stomach. My hand was covered with his milky and very sticky fluid. Patty reached down, took my hand, pulled to her mouth and began sucking my fingers and licking my palm off. Then she took my hand and rubbed it into a large pool of cum on her breast. Then she turned my hand and pushed it up to my face. I knew that another threshold was about to be crossed.

All sorts of things ran through my brain. Was I going to lick his cum off her hand? "In for a penny, in for a pound," I uttered these words, stuck out my tongue and licked her palm dry. I thought that his cum was not as salty as my own, kind of creamy, very gooey but not at all bad. Now that I was feeling so daring, I decided to go for it and so I leaned across Patty and put my lips over the head of Roger's cock. It was strange but not alarming. The spongy meatus slid over my tongue and I sucked on it. Some residual dribbles added lubrication as I rolled this dick around.

Patty was right next to me, whispering in my ear, " like it, don't you." I had to admit to myself that, indeed, I did.

Patty then pushed me onto my back and pulled Roger to my head. As he began to feed me his semi-soft penis, Patty drew herself over my groin and with one hand, she fed my dick into her sweet pussy. I was motionless with a pussy sliding up and down my dick and a dick sliding in and out of my lips. My mind ran around the scene. I seemed to be a spectator more than a participant. How did I get into this? But I was digging it. Go with the flow, all the flows, I decided. I centered myself and turned my attention back into the moment.

As she rode down on me, I arched up pushing myself deeper. This elicited a satisfied grown from Patty. Reaching over my head, I played with Roger's balls while the other hand stroked his stiffening cock. I felt it grow in my mouth. As he pushed it further, I swallowed more, surprised that the gag reflex had not kicked in. Patty pace was becoming quicker and she pushed further down on me. I felt that singular feeling when an orgasm approaches. She could feel it too. I pulled Roger's cock away and gasped, "I'm cumming...I'm going to cum...uh...uh...oooooo." Patty vagina began to squeeze as I exploded into her. Roger leaned over and began to lick her clit and my root and she began to shake with a vibrating sort of effect.

"Oh, oh...yes,yes,yes,yes...don't stop, lick it, lick it....oh, oh...uhhhhh." She began to cum and cum hard. I felt my cock suddenly swimming in her orgasmic fluid and my own semen. She fell forward onto me and I held her as she panted and groaned. I felt utterly limp but very, very satisfied. I had some kind of very deep orgasm. Roger lay down alongside us and for a little while, we slumbered.

I have no idea what the time was when I roused myself. Roger was lightly snoring next to me but Patty was no where to be seen. I got up and hit the john. I was woozy as I stood in front of the bowl and emptied my bladder. I gazed around the bathroom was quite impressed. The room was clearly larger than my bedroom, which is not small as it hosts a king-size bed. There was a large glassed-in shower stall, big enough for a few hearty souls. There were multiple shower heads on three walls. The bath was a large round Jacuzzi, also large enough for multiples. His and her sinks lined one wall, a bidet and a sit-down vanity completed the dark blue tiled room.

Stepping into the shower, the multiple heads caught every cranny on my body. The warm spray soothed and relaxed me and I felt wonderful. My bliss was interrupted by Patty's voice, "You're not leaving, are you?"

"No...not yet. I just couldn't resist this shower."

"I know what you mean. Roger and I are going to convert our shower at home to a setup like this." She was standing in front of me offering me a glass of deep maroon wine. I stepped out of the spray and placed it to my lips. Patty was nude and I could take her body in. I had to bless my luck because she was so fine. Her long legs perfectly curved in a flat hairless belly, her vertical smile beckoned me. Her breasts are small, perhaps a 32B cup and perfectly round. My cock twitched and she giggled.

"I love that." She reached out and rubbed it. Getting to her knees, she held it and dipped it into her wine glass.

"Mmmm," she moaned as she licked the tip off. "It's a very good vintage." We laughed.

Taking the glasses and setting them down, she then joined me in the shower. We soaped and played with each other. My fingers probed her sugar walls and as she rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks. I got down on my knees and, as the water sprinkled down on me, I began to run my tongue up and down her crack. Reaching down to her sphincter, I pushed my tongue in and began little jabbing strokes. She pushed back against me.

"Ahem.!" Roger cleared his throat alerting us to his presence. "If you two don't mind, I'd like to shower, too. Would you make some room, please?"

We began to soap him down, missing nothing. "Well, we're hard again!" he smiled.

"And I'm soaked again!" added Patty. We laughed.

Stepping out, we played with each other as we dried off. Patty handed me my glass and said, "OK boys, follow me."

We followed her into the bedroom where she handed Roger a glass. Grabbing an ashtray, she sat down on the bed and lit a joint. Roger and I sat around the ashtray and we passed the weed back and forth. It was very good with a rich perfume and a tickle in the throat. As the buzz crept up, I was enjoying the view of three nudes sitting Indian-style around an ashtray.

We giggled and joked around for a while. Roger and I was soft and our little penises looked done for the night. "Ok. It's time for Round Two. I'm not done yet," announced Patty. With that, she propped up the pillows and sat back spreading her legs wide so her long wet lips revealed her red gash. Pulling her lips apart, she pulled at her clit and shuddered with each pull. Roger and I lay in front of her in rapt attention.

"Let me see you two jerk off while you watch me," she said as we rearranged ourselves.

Roger has hard and slowly pulling at himself. I was not hard and it kept flopping around my hand.

"Here, let me help you, Ray." Roger leaned over and began inhaling my soft little thing into his mouth. Within a few moments, I began to stiffen and grow to my full six.

"Oh, that is soooo good...sooo good." I leaned into Patty and we began to French each other.

"Suck him," she whispered to me, "I want to see you suck him. Do it for me. It's's all good."

I rolled onto my side and Roger and I began to suck each other in a sixty-nine. My mind wasn't racing, it was speeding. I recall thinking, "Will this make me a bad person? Why am I doing this?" I also recall the direction in which my thoughts traveled. I remember a lesbian who also once told me, "It's all good." I remember thinking that I wanted this, I really did. I would think about the ramifications later. I stopped thinking, centered myself again and got right into it.

I was amazed by the sensations of having my lips around his hard, throbbing penis but his glans was different, it was soft and spongy. His scent was freshly-bathed clean and masculine. I licked around the crown and then sucked him in. The tip of my tongue stabbed at the opening and then sucked him in again. I wanted him deeper and I began to slide up and back, up and back. His precum dribbled around my tongue adding a little lube. With one hand jiggling his sac and feeling his large oval balls roll around, my other hand was on his butt alternating between pulling him deeper and dancing around his anus.

I had forgotten about my own cock getting a workout. When I felt his nose buried in my pubes, I remembered it. My ass arched and then ground my pubes back into his nose. He was softly humming causing my whole groin to vibrate. I began to hum, too and was rewarded by a groan.

Patty, oh yes, I remember her. I opened my eyes and looked toward the pillows. Patty was strumming her clit. Her eyes were on me and she was smiling.

"Will you let Rog cum in your mouth? Yes...Yes...Feel his cum. Make him cum..." Her fingers picked up speed.

I picked up my speed, too. I began to stroke him on the upstroke as I sucked him deeply on the downstroke. It hit my gullet and I thought I'd choke so I backed off and continued but not as deep.

"You're making me cum, Ray...cum...ah, ah, ah."

His cock seemed to add another inch as it began to throb and shoot spurts of warm, salty fluid.

"Don't swallow...hold it it...taste it," Patty was now by my head and fondling Roger's balls.

His cock didn't stop. Three or four bursts shot into me, then a pause and then a massive blast. Roger groaned and bucked his ass several times. He was done. I was not. I wanted this. I wanted this to last. I liked this. However, Roger could take no more and slowly withdrew. Patty face replaced it and we began to share his spew.

My dick was still hard and pulsing. It needed a happy ending. Roger rolled onto his hands and knees. "Come on, Ray, fuck me." My mind spoke up, "Hmmm...another crossing ahead.." Patty took my dick and rolled down a lubed condom. Positioning myself behind him, I fed it into his hole and it slid in easily. It certainly was a snug fit.

"Oh sure are a natural, Ray...yeah, fuck me sure can suck, man...fucking good..oh yeah, you're a natural...fuck, fuck me."

Patty wiggled her fingers into her pussy and then fed them to me. I was rocking back and forth and I knew my orgasm was nearing. Patty wiggled her fingers into her pussy again and then rubbed them around my nostrils. The strong scent sent me way over the edge and I began to grunt and buck and about to shoot.

"Pull out. I want to see you cum. Now." I pulled out and whipped off the rubber as two blasts of cum shot ropes onto his back. Patty grabbed it and milked it as cum dribbled around her hand. She rubbed her dripping palm over my nose, around my lips, all over my face. I just fell over and, very satisfied, collapsed.

"That was great, man...just great."

"Yes, that was fun, too. Did you like it, Ray?" I kissed Patty's pussy and smiled. " more."

Roger and I began to lick and suck her again and she came quickly indicated by her short pants, groans and squeals. We all then cuddled up and fell into a very good sleep.

It was some time deep into the night when I awoke. They were sleeping coiled together. I slipped out of bed and ever so quietly got dressed. I reeked of sex and just loved the smell, wallowing in it.

I crept out of the room and made my way out. I stopped in the kitchen and wrote a short note thanking them. I made sure I added my phone number.

My ride home was not unusual except for the exhilaration I was feeling. I wasn't a bad person and I liked it. I was okay. Nobody knew. I liked the playing, uninhibited sensation of making love without a script, without a net and without a care. I felt different. I drove slowly trying to concentrate on the road and all the frisky deer. I got home and crashed on my bed. I fell asleep deep into the next day.

I saw Roger and Patty three more times during their stay. One night, they invited me over for cocktail party with about twenty guests. It was quite boring with most of the conversation centering around investments and money. As the party was concluding, Patty asked me to stick around. When the last guests made their way out, a lovely young woman came over to me and asked if I, too, was leaving. "No, I'm going to hang for a little while...and you?"

"Me too!" She told me that she met Patty and Roger while jogging along the morning surf. "We just hit it off, if you know what I mean." Soon, we were all smoking joints and skinny-dipping. That's another story.

Another time, they invited me for dinner and I turned out to be part appetizer, part entrée and part dessert. That's another story.

Our last time together was with another couple, Stan and Rhoda, and the five of us developed all sorts of interesting combinations. I recall that Stanley had a massive cock that I could hardly wrap my lips around. It was also uncut, a distinctly new sensation. That, too, is another story.

One Sunday, they were gone, back home to their business world. I never saw them again but they rocked my world and took me to a whole new place. I often jerk-off to the memories of our time together, rubbing my dripping palm around my face.

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