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Massage A Troi

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Massage A Troi

We were at Borders Book store and wanted to see if they had a book on sensual massages. We found the "sexual self help" section. Somehow, that title seems to lead one to thinking about something other than a massage. We were reviewing one particular book, full of how to pictures, when a professional looking gentleman showed up in the isle. He could easily see what we were looking at and inquired if we were just looking at the pictures or reading the articles. Of course, I replied, "yes" and she was a little embarrassed at being caught pointing the man's dick in the picture while saying "mmm". "My wife and I are always interested in new things".

"Well, if your wife happens to be interested, I am a massage therapist and could show you how to give her a proper massage. I actually have the afternoon off so if you want we can do her now if that is OK with the two of you".

Clearly, he was just trying to get my wife naked. I looked at her and she looked at me with a why not kind of look. "Well, I think your just trying to get my wife naked, but she seems intrigued. Unless you have a home around here, we will have to get a room so we can 'do her'".

"I would ask that she mostly disrobes, but she need to remove her panties. I do have a room at the hotel just around the corner". Turning to her, "Have you ever had a massage before?

"Yes, but he has never watched a man massage me before, well, there was Dave, but that really wasn't a massage at all".

With that, we all agree to proceed to the hotel. Upon entering, we clearly see the massage table and some oils giving some credence to his 'I'm a massage therapist' line. He ask my wife to disrobe, but lets her know she can leave her panties on. She obeys, disrobes and is standing there wearing only her pretty white see through Victoria's Secret thong.

"Well, I don't intend to be the only one naked in this room, so the two of you need to get naked".

We both step back and disrobe. Clearly, both of us are already enjoying this. We both have throbbing cocks, working their way to full erection. She is clearly pleased with what she sees and squirms a little revealing just how much likes being naked with two men. He asked her to jump onto the table, face down and begins to massage her. He started at her feet as I sat down on the bed and observed.

He was very courteous, letting her know exactly what he was going to do before doing it. "I am going to start with your feet; you've been on them a lot so it is always a good starting point. I will be gentle, but I will also press firmly on the souls of your feet. If I ever cause you pain, let me know. Right now, just relax and enjoy my hands". As he worked his was from her feet up along her beautiful legs he began to spread them apart some. Again, telling her what he was doing before doing it. "I am going to spread you legs some to allow me easier access" He continued massaging her legs, and I could tell he was enjoying looking at her barely covered pussy. I was imagining his view of my wife's pussy and was becoming very obviously aroused as I sat there on the side of the bed just watching.

He continued his exploration of my wife's body and she melted away as he kneaded and prodded her . He massaged her tanned thronged ass and I could tell his fingers were exploring somewhat deeper than a normal massage would be. But here again, he always let her know first, telling her that his fingers were going to massage her ass a little deeper and if it hurts the just let him know. She wasn't feeling any pain from what I could tell. It was an unusual scene, this naked man with a hard cock massaging my wife's thronged ass as I sat, with my hard cock, on the side of the motel room bed.

He worked his was over her ass, then to her lower back. As he began to massage her arms, I could tell she was "allowing" her hands to rub against his cock. She kept this up and he let her know she should relax and feel free to rest her hand wherever she wants, with that, her fingers wrapped around his cock. He looked over at me and I smile a little and let him know that she can have anything she wants. After he massaged both of her arms, he placed himself by her head and began massaging her neck and upper back, his stiff dick rubbing on her face. At one point, the head of his penis rubbed across her lips and his pre-cum lubricated her lips. I knew something was going on, but I couldn't see as I was opposite of them. When his dick did poke around where I could see it, I could tell it was wet.

"OK, it is time to turn over now and allow me to massage your front side. The front gets massaged much differently than the back". She turns over, exposing her beautiful tits, her nipples are erect and her panties show signs of wetness which makes them even more see through. "Tell me about this Dave that 'massaged' you in some unusual way".

She first looks over to me and demands a kiss from me. I get up, approach her, lean over and kiss her lips gently. That was when I discovered an unfamiliar taste on my wife's lush lips. Obviously, I know knew my wife had wrapped her lips around his cock when they were out of sight. As I sat back down, she began to tell about how Dave massaged her with his 8+ inch dick.. She told of how she enjoyed the "deep tissue" massage.

"I'm going to massage your tits now and I will work your nipples some, they are so erect, like your husband's and my cocks". He poured some coca butter oil on her breast. The oil really brought out her tan and her breast really glowed as he massaged them, or rather, felt her up. "OK, I am going back to your legs now, spread them apart so I can come between your legs better". She eagerly spread her legs as he positioned himself between them and began massaging her thighs. He lifted one leg in the air as he worked her hip. Her pussy lips were nicely exposed as he spread her legs even further apart. "As I massage your thighs, you may feel my fingers pressing against your pussy, will that be OK?. Of course she replies with a "Oh yes, do what you want" and he checked with me and I showed agreement. He worked his hands along her inner thighs, then massaged her pussy lips, inside and out with his fingers. He then lifted both legs. "I am going to flex and stretch your glutes and as I press your legs forward, you will feel some pressure against your pussy, if it bothers you, let me know".

He lifts both legs over her head and pushes them forward eliciting a slight moan from my wife. As he pushes her legs forward, he presses his body against her. "Oh, I feel the pressure you were speaking about, it feels good, real good". She began to reach down and tug on her panties and he had her put her arms back to her side. He asked her what she was trying to do and she explained that she wanted her panties pulled aside so she could feel that pressure better. He reached down and pulled her panties to the side while her legs were still in the air. She was very wet and without trying, his hard throbbing cock slipped right into her. I could easily tell what had happened. My wife just moaned with pleasure and rolled her hips so her pussy could take advantage of his full length. He closed his eyes and I could see his ass tighten as he penetrated my beautiful wife. She lay there with her legs in the air and his penis deeply penetrating her. He just thrust himself into her and stayed there for a few seconds. He then realized he was fucking my wife and looked over at me with a little surprise. I let him know it was OK. He turned to her and asked "is this how Dave massaged you". She let him know just how much she was enjoying this particular massage.

My wife was already turned on. I think she was going a little crazy being in a hotel room with two naked men anyway, or maybe it was the almost hour of massage foreplay. He pulled out after just a few strokes and to my surprise; my wife begged for this guy she just met to fuck her. He leaned down and began to eat her through her panties first, and then he pulled her panties aside and began to lap up her juices. My wife's pussy is very sweet and I could tell he was enjoying her like I always do. He lifted up, my wife's juices were on his face and he looked over at me and let me know how sweet she is. "I'm going to fuck you some more, nice and hard this time". With a whimper, she nodded OK.

I watch as he mounts my wife, pulling her panties aside and penetrating her over and over again. I watch as he brings my wife to orgasm several times and can see her cum dripping on his shaft and down his balls.

"Damn, look at all of your cum on my cock".

That is when she decided it was her turn. "Lay down on the bed by my husband, and I will sit on your face". She removed her panties as he came over and laid next to me, she came over and straddled his face. "I know my husband is dying to stick his tongue into my pussy that you fucked so well and taste my cum, but he will have to wait a little before he gets to enjoy my pussy". She began riding his face and feeling her breast. She looked over to me and asked if I wanted to taste her cum and of course I said I did. She smiled at me and pointed to her new lovers cock. "I enjoyed his penis so much that I cam all over his cock, see, I cam so much, it is running down his balls. Suck my cum off his cock and lick his balls while I ride his face".

I kneeled down on the floor, looking up, with his cock and balls in my face; I took a long lick from the base of his balls all the way to the head of his penis, all the while watching my wife ride his face. He was sticking his tongue into my wife as he was sticking his penis into my mouth. I licked and sucked all of my wife's sweet cum off his balls and penis. My wife was getting very turned watching and kept telling me to suck her lovers cock, to lick it clean then suck him so he can enjoy my mouth on his penis.

"Watching all this cock sucking is making me want to suck cock too.". She motioned for me to lay down next to him. As I was laying there, she straddled my face. Oh, maybe it was finally my turn. "No, No, you can smell, but not lick, it isn't time yet. I want to help him suck you". With that, he began to suck my cock and she got into a 69 position with me, well I guess it would be a 6 as I wasn't allowed to 9. I laid there enjoying her wet pussy, with cum from it staring me in the face as they both began to suck my cock and lick me. I was sticking my tongue out as far as I could trying to get a taste of my wife's pussy, when she pulled pussy off my face and turned herself around. As she put her pussy by my cock, she demanded to be fucked. I raised my hips and she looked at me and said "Not yes, it's still his turn".

He stood up behind her and plowed himself into my wife. She was laying on top of me while he fucked her, I could fee l every thrust of his penis into her. "I want you to feel him fuck me. Lift your legs so you can feel his balls slap your balls and ass as he fucks me". He was overly horny at this point and so was my wife, hell, so was I. She came several times and I could feel her juices drip down unto me. He took nice long strokes and when his dick slipped out of her, it would rub and slide around on me. It didn't take long before he was becoming tense all over and I was looking into the face of my wife while she came with another man fucking her. What a sight. He finished filling my wife with his cum and pulled out. I felt a large amount his cum drip out unto my cock.

"So, now it is your turn, stick that tongue out and I will ride your face so you can enjoy this fucked cum filled pussy of your wife's". As she sat on my face, I stroked my cum lubricated cock as he quietly gathered his stuff and left us alone to enjoy each other.

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