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Mary Does Miami I

1. Mary Does Miami - An Introduction

A resident of suburban Miami, Mary was quick to show a
girl-next-door demeanor to her casual acquaintances. But in
reality, the 23-year-old bombshell had a ferocious sexual
appetite which extended toward both men AND women. As a
result, Mary was quite a popular person in her hometown.
Mary posessed lavish, showgirl-type legs and large, firm
breasts which were accentuated even more by her otherwise
slender, athletic figure. She had long-flowing blonde hair,
big brown eyes and a very pretty, elegant face. Some people
who knew her thought she was so beautiful, that Mary could
be easily known as a living version of the Barbie-Doll.
But at the same time, those same people realized Mary was
not a gorgeous blonde with a head full of air. She was a
gorgeous blonde, yes. On the other hand, however, she was
NOT your stereotypical dumb blonde. In fact, Mary was a
college graduate who had a degree in Science. The young
woman was currently employed at a prestigious lab in South
Florida, and lived a very comfortable lifestyle.
Of course, Mary's lifestyle was enhanced all the much
more with a wide selection of sexual partners - both male
and female. The 23-year-old had four regular boyfriends and
a girlfriend, and would sometimes go to bed with people whom
she had just met. One time, Mary was involved in an
all-night orgy where she had sex with more than 20 people.
To the casual observer, Mary was a quiet, soft-spoken
sort of person who always had room in her life for more
friends. This assumption was true. There were times,
however, when the blonde would get loud and raucous during
a sexual encounter. She would start shouting profanities
when someone (or a group of people) REALLY turned her on.
This side of Mary, the casual observer did not know about.
Nor could they even speculate she was this way - Mary did
not have the appearance of an insatiable super-slut.

As a sophomore in college some four years ago, Mary went
to a night club one evening for some fun and dancing. It
did not take too long before two guys made their way up to
the sultry blonde in the sexy blue dress. Mary found an
instant liking for both of them, but did not want to choose
between either of them. Her problem was compounded because
both of these guys were good friends with each other.
The guys must have sensed this, because they did the most
logical thing. They SHARED her for the evening. Each guy
took turns dancing with Mary at the club. A short time
later, both guys were stealing quick kisses and cheap feels
from Mary. Such double-ended attention really turned her on.
By the time she was set to leave the club, Mary was in
the greatest mood of her life. She was feeling so bubbly
and energized, thanks to these two guys. So much, in fact,
that the blonde agreed (without hesitation) to go to the
hotel restaurant across the street, for a night-cap.
The pair of guys continued to charm and sweet-talk her,
which only caused Mary to fall further into their abyss of
seduction. Finally, when they knew she was theirs, both
guys asked her if she would like them to get a room there,
at the hotel. Mary agreed, without hesitation again.
When they got up to the room, the guys were ALL OVER
Mary. They took her stylish dress off in a hurry, and all
four hands explored her exposed body with wanton abandon.
Their lips and mouths sucked and nibbled on various parts
of her anatomy - especially her breasts and pussy.
Mary was more sexually fired-up than ever before. This
was her first time taking part in anything which could be
considered "taboo". In the past, she had only had sex with
one guy - and he was nothing to brag about. But these two
guys, they WERE something to brag about.
The guys - Kevin and Eric, introduced Mary to the art of
double-penetration that evening. Not only did the blonde
get a cock stuffed in both her pussy and mouth at the same
time, but she also got a pair in her pussy and ass, too!
Kevin and Eric spent the entire evening and most of the next
day with Mary, pounding and fucking her from every direction.
The young woman started an immediate relationship with
Kevin and Eric, and often spent the night in bed with both
of them. A couple of years older than her, the guys would
often call Mary, who was 19, their "girl whore". Such nasty
talk and degradation had an odd, positive effect on her.
Now four years later, Mary is STILL with Kevin and Eric.
She has also found two more boyfriends - Steve and Cliff,
who are not afraid to share her in a group sex setting.

A couple of months ago, Mary was ready for yet another
four-on-one encounter with her group of studs when one of
them, Steve, asked her if his primary girlfriend could join
in. Steve explained to Mary that Tanya - his girlfriend -
wanted to experience the pleasure of gang-bang sex, too.
Mary could not deny another person that feeling, so she
told Steve that yes, Tanya could join them that evening.
A tall and slender brunette with incredibly long legs and
firm breasts, Tanya jumped right into the slut parade with
Mary. The pair of beauties got their orifices stuffed to
the max that evening. These HOLEsome ladies sucked and
devoured their men's cocks like it was their final meal.
After several hours, the pair of ladies had simply worn
out their group of studs. Kevin, Eric, Steve and Cliff
were strewn about on the floor, their energy nearly sapped.
They had been fucked so long and hard by Tanya and Mary,
that they could barely move.
Mary noticed this, and teased the guys. "Aww... come on,"
she said with a smile. "You guys need some endurance. Who
am I going to have sex with, since you guys are worn out?"
"You can have sex with me," came Tanya's voice from
behind, which caused Mary to immediately turn around.
Tanya went onto explain that she was bi-sexual, and had
wanted Mary since her boyfriend, Steve, first spoke of her.
Tanya pointed toward the men, who were almost lifeless on
the floor. "Who else are you going to fuck tonight?"
Mary did not have much interest in other women at the
time, but knew that Tanya was right. Mary was still feeling
pretty hot and excited inside, and needed an outlet. Tanya
could be that outlet, even if they shared the same gender...
"Who knows?" Tanya said, while Mary was still in thought.
"You may like it... Won't know, unless you give it a try.
No harm in trying, is there?"
After a few seconds of thought, Mary nodded her head in a
confident manner and said, "You're right. There is no harm
in trying. But... I want you to lead us."
Tanya did just that, leading the action as Mary embarked
on her first girl/girl encounter. She started out soft and
slow - warming Mary up even more. Soft kisses and touches,
combined with sweet whispers had their effect on the blonde.
Eventually, however, her true passion came out. Tanya gave
everything she had as she fucked Mary like never before.
The bi-sexual brunette even whipped out a dildo and vibrator
set, and screwed her senseless with those, too.
Such hot (and unexpected - except to Steve) action got
the juices flowing in the four guys again, too. Soon, they
joined the action and it turned into a full-blown orgy.
Tanya and Mary were wrapped up in their own passion, while
the guys took shots at their exposed orifices from behind.

Now, Mary will go to bed with a man, just as quickly as
she will with a woman. That particular night, she took to
pussy as a duck takes to water. The blonde was hooked.

2. Mary Does Miami - Slut Parade

After a long and stressful week at work, one which seemed
like 80 hours instead of 40, Mary welcomed the knowledge
that Friday night was here. She had plans to get together
with her five lovers and spend the weekend with them. The
mere thought of what was to come made the young woman tingle
with excitement. It would be a chance for her to forget her
worries at work, and get down to some hot, raunchy sex.
Since everyone was going to meet at Kevin's house in
downtown Miami, Mary knew there was no reason for her to
dress up. They would not be going anywhere - the weekend
would be spent in Kevin's house. Besides, it would be a
waste for Mary to dress up. The blonde knew full well that
a few minutes after she arrived, her clothes would come off.
And most likely, they would STAY off until Sunday evening.
Nevertheless, Mary still wanted to look nice. She put on
a pair of white jeans and a sweater which was a light shade
of blue. In addition, she wore white sneakers and styled
her long-flowing blonde hair in a nice, lavish pony-tail.
She finished her appearance off with a touch of make-up, as
well as a few dashes of perfume.

At 7:00pm, the 23-year-old locked up her condo and jumped
into her car. She was supposed to be at Kevin's house by
7:30. Since the traffic in and around Miami was pretty bad
tonight, it would take her close to 30 minutes to drive the
relatively short distance to Kevin's place.
When Mary arrived at 7:24pm, a smile came to her face as
she saw a collection of vehicles parked outside of Kevin's
house. The blonde quickly counted five cars, and knew that
all of her lovers were already here. She was the final
piece to what would most definitely be an orgy-puzzle.
After Mary parked her sporty white vehicle on the lawn,
she saw Tanya emerge from the house. Another smile came to
the blonde's face as her bi-sexual partner approached.
"Hi there!" Mary greeted, the tension from work already
starting to leave. "How are you tonight?"
Tanya opened the driver's side door and helped Mary get
out of her car. With a goofy grin, the brunette placed a
hand upon Mary's shoulder and giggled. "I'm glad you're
here! Those guys were getting a little antsy in there...
wondering whether or not you'd show up on time."
Mary looked at her wristwatch. "I'm five minutes early."
"I know," Tanya grinned. "But last time, you were late.
The guys were hoping that wouldn't happen again, tonight."
Mary giggled and shook her head. "You should HOPE that I
am late, Tanya. That would probably mean more cock for you,
at least until I got here."
"That's what happened last time," the 20-year-old smirked.
"Those guys can get a little impatient."
Mary closed her car door and locked it. "But impatience
can be a good thing... ESPECIALLY if you're the recipient of
it. At least, in this case."
"Good point," Tanya said, motioning with her head for
Mary to follow. "Come on... let's go inside."
As the two ladies strolled up to the front porch, Mary
took a good glance at her bi-sexual lover. Tanya was
looking very scrumptious tonight - as usual. Dressed in a
dark sweater and hip-hugging jeans, the 20-year-old looked
as though she was set for another day of college. Her long
brown hair was styled in beautiful little curls, her mascara
applied to absolute perfection.

The thought of "Yummy!" now crossed Mary's mind.

"Look at what I got," Tanya said in a playful voice as
she opened the front door, with Mary following closely
behind. "I should say... let the party commense."
Mary could do nothing but smile as she exchanged verbal
greetings with her four boyfriends. After a horrible week
at work, these guys were a welcome sight for the blonde.
Her smile dissapeared, however, when she saw a video
camera mounted on a tripod in the corner. A strange look
came to her face as she pointed toward it. "Hey... What
is that thing doing here?"
Cliff stepped forward and replied, "I thought it would be
a good idea to get some of the weekend on tape." Sensing
the discouragement on Mary's face, he quickly added, "Tanya
does not seem to have a problem with it."
After a few seconds, the blonde stopped staring at the
camera and looked up at Cliff. "Who is this video for?"
"All of us," Kevin replied. He began walking toward Mary
and added, "Don't worry, we won't let the wrong hands get a
hold of it. It will just be something to tide us over,
until our next orgy... next weekend."
"I don't know about this..." Mary said, apprehensive.
"Tell you what," Cliff offered. "How about you let us
run the tape this weekend? We'll watch it on Sunday night.
If you're still uncomfortable with it, you can have the tape
and destroy it as you please. If you like the idea, I'll
make copies on Monday for everyone. Deal?"
Mary shrugged her shoulders. She was the type of person
who was willing to give anything a chance. In this case,
why not? "Okay, deal. You can run the tape."
"Great!" Cliff exclaimed, running over to the camera and
turning it on. "I'll stand here and tape for awhile... how
about you and Tanya get started, doing something?"
"You want Mary and I to fuck each other, first?" Tanya
asked, with Cliff's video camera trained on her face.
"Not so fast..." Steve said, stepping into the forefront.
"I've been waiting to get my hands on Mary all week, and I
can't wait any longer. She's MINE first."
Tanya shrugged her shoulders and grinned. "That's fine.
I'm sure Kevin and Eric here are more than eager to get
their hands on ME." She grinned at them and said, "Am I
right, boys? Or am I wrong?"
"Right," both of them replied, in unison.

Mary nearly melted in Steve's arms as he crushed her to
him in a powerful embrace. His mouth went directly for hers
and found its mark. He then jammed his tongue deep into her
mouth and began french-kissing her with great passion.
Out of the corner of her eye, Mary watched as Kevin put
his arm around Tanya's waist, before moving it down to her
shapely ass. He gave it a hard squeeze before guiding her
that way way over to the sofa, where Eric was seated, a
lustful grin upon his face.
Steve increased the passion of the kiss, which caused
Mary to lose her attention on Tanya and the other two guys.
In fact, she decided to focus all of her attention on
Steve - at least, for now.
Heavy gasps and moans escaped their throats as Mary and
Steve almost devoured one another with the intensity of
their kiss. Steve wanted to drive his tongue down deep
into that heavenly mouth, and never leave. But then, the
thought of jamming his cock into that velvety mouth and never
leaving... that was even a better thought.
Steve was able to hold off that idea, at least for the
time being. Instead, he roughly cupped Mary's ass with his
hands and gave it a tight squeeze. The young woman squealed
in delight, but continued forth with the kiss.
Over on the sofa, Tanya was seated between Kevin and Eric
as they pawed at her body, while taking her clothes off at
the same time. The 20-year-old giggled with erotic glee at
their touch, while watching Mary and Steve do their thing no
more than 15 feet away.
Mary snaked one of her hands between their pressed bodies
and found a bulging erection within Steve's trousers. She
gave it a series of hard pumps, which only seemed to make
him kiss her even harder. At the same time, Steve's hands
were gripping her ass so fiercely, that they almost became
embedded in the heavenly flesh.

Meanwhile, the smile on Cliff's face reminded one of a
child on Christmas morning. With the video camera, he went
back and forth between Mary and Tanya... getting an equal
sampling of both. He considered the ladies to be a pair of
princesses... now, they would be princesses of porn, too!

"OH YEAH... SUCK THAT COCK!" Kevin's loud, throaty moan
caused Mary and Steve to break their kiss, and look over at
the sofa. Tanya was completely nude - already, and was on
her knees in front of Kevin, her head bobbing up-and-down
over his erection. Next to him on the sofa was Eric, whose
shaft was pointing straight upward... much like a flagpole.
He was obviously waiting for Tanya to service him with her
mouth, too.
Steve pecked Mary's lips with a kiss and said, "Looks
like they got ahead of us, a little bit. Want to catch up?"
Mary did not say anything. She just looked up at Steve
with a girlish grin, before nodding her head in approval.
Steve grabbed two handfuls of Mary's breasts and massaged
them through the blue sweater she wore. At the same time,
the blonde reached down and began unbuttoning his trousers.
With her right hand, she reached inside and found the hot
flesh of his cock. Both individuals groaned with lust as
she began whacking him off.
With her other hand, Mary managed to pull down Steve's
trousers and briefs. With both garments around his ankles,
the 29-year-old man eventually stepped out of them, and
kicked them off to the side. Meanwhile, Mary pulled her
sweater up and over her head. Now, the only thing which was
keeping her from being topless was a tiny white bra.
Other things were on her mind, however. Mary dropped to
her knees in front of Steve and re-grasped his monster cock
with her right hand. She then hefted his shaft up toward
her mouth and gave its head a long, sweeping lick with her
tongue. A passionate grin came to the blonde's face just
before she opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and took
Steve's cock inside.
Mary began by using long, slow strokes as her head bobbed
back-and-forth over her man's erection. On her knees, she
looked up at Steve and offered a cock-filled grin. Mary
wanted this blowjob to last just as long as Steve did.

With his video camera, Cliff was in heaven right now. He
had a wide-angle shot of the room now, and watched intently
as Mary worked Steve's cock over with her mouth. Meanwhile,
Tanya was still furiously sucking on Kevin's cock. But at
the same time, her left hand had a grip upon Eric's cock as
he sat just to the side of her, on the sofa.

Mary increased the bobbing action of her head as she
continued to worship Steve's prick with her lips and mouth.
Her moist, rep lips were stretched to their absolute limits
as her man's juicy cock slid back-and-forth between them.
Sensing that Steve may be close to climax, Mary stuffed
his cock right down her throat and tried to swallow it. She
looked up at him with wide, glazed-over eyes, the expression
on her face one of pure passion. Steve thrusted his hips
forward - as fas as they would go - wanting to see if he
could possibly jam his prick any further down her throat.
"I'M GONNA CUM!" he screamed. "GET READY! HERE WE GO!"
Mary immediately slipped his cock out from within her
mouth, but kept her lips open wide and then placed its
tip upon her outstretched tongue. The young woman squealed
with lust as a squirt of cum blasted out from the tip of
Steve's cock, directly into her mouth and down her throat.
A short instant later, another spurt erupted and it too,
dissapeared down her hungry throat. Mary continued to
swallow as Steve kept depositing load after load of sperm
into her.
Some of his juice, however, dribbled out of her mouth
and dripped down onto her chin and neck. When the flow had
finally reached an end, Mary sweeped his cock with her
tongue until it was completely dry. Then, she wiped her
chin and neck with her fingertips, and sucked them dry.
Needless to say, this young woman LOVED the taste of cum.
Gasping for breath, Steve dropped to his knees in front
of Mary and kissed her forehead. "Baby, you are incredible.
I needed a good cocksucking like that... I've needed one all
week long. Thank you."
Mary grinned and said, "I'm sure I'll be giving you a few
more before the weekend is over."
Meanwhile, Tanya was finally giving Eric what he had been
anxiously awaiting for - a good and thorough blow-job. She
had sucked Kevin's cock until he too, exploded in her mouth.
Now, Kevin was on his knees behind Tanya, leaning over with
his lips and mouth sampling her pussy from behind. On her
knees too, Tanya's ass was jutting outward, giving Kevin the
best possible access to her pussy.
Mary and Steve were content to watch this action unfold
before them, while resting at the same time. But those
plans came to a screeching halt when Cliff, who had taped
the action thus far with his video camera, pulled Mary up so
she was standing before him. "It's my turn!" he exclaimed.
Mary giggled with new-found lust as Cliff, who had
already stripped himself nude, pushed her over toward a
cushioned chair. He made the blonde get on the chair, on
her knees with her back to him. Then, Cliff nearly ripped
Mary's jeans and panties right from her hips and legs.

Since she enjoyed a good, physical round of sex, Mary had
no problems with the harshness Cliff was treating her with.

With Mary completely nude now (except for the white bra),
Cliff had what we wanted. With the blonde on her knees on
the chair in front of him, he grabbed her hips and told her
to lean forward. She did so, and then he fisted his cock
and pressed it upon her pussy.
Cliff wasted no time as he first grunted, then jammed his
throbbing erection hard and deep into her pussy. As usual,
Mary's pussy felt like an unforgiving vice - hotly squeezing
and contracting upon his shaft.
Cliff groaned with passion as he began to pump himself
in-and-out of her velvety slit. His rythym increased rather
rapidly and soon, he was fucking the blonde at warp-speed.
"Get over there and tape this!" Cliff yelled at Steve,
who quickly scurried toward the video camera.
Mary roared with passion as Cliff's balls slapped hard
against her ass with each forward stroke, creating a loud
noise in the process. The man arched his neck and stared at
the ceiling, as his hips continued pumping. He too, had
been through a long week at work. This was his outlet.
Mary's blonde pony-tail flailed and bounced about wildly
as Cliff kept fucking her, as hard as he possibly could.
His hips were like a machine; bucking and pumping away at
her, at warp-speed. Meanwhile, Steve could do nothing but
grin from ear-to-ear as he captured the encounter on tape.
"AAAHHHH FUCK!" Cliff screamed, as he buried his cock to
the hilt. It was obvious to everyone in the room that the
excited young man was about to blow his load.
That is what he did, while screaming in the process.
Mary yelled outloud in passion too, as her pussy was filled
with a nice, fresh helping of sperm. Cliff began using a
series of ultra-quick, short strokes, as he continued to
pump his seed into her. Soon, however, his cock deflated
and he had no other choice but to pull out of her.
"Ooooooh... that felt good," Mary moaned as she slipped
out of the chair, and onto the floor.
"I didn't know Cliff could fuck that hard," Tanya teased,
as she sat between Kevin and Eric. The 20-year-old had taken
care of BOTH their cocks with her mouth. Kevin returned the
favor by bringing her to orgasm with his own mouth. "Hey
Cliff, why don't you fuck me that hard?" The brunette ran a
hand through her long hair and said, "Or do you prefer
dicking pretty little blondes... like Mary?"
Cliff shook his head and laughed at Tanya, who was his
primary girlfriend. He knew she was just teasing him. In
fact, Tanya would pester him like this quite often when Mary
was around. It was all for fun.
"I've fucked you harder," he told her. "Much harder."
"Did you get all of that on tape?" Kevin asked, looking
at Steve as he stood behind the video camera.
"Sure did," he replied. "I got a close-up of Tanya as
she sucked down a load from Eric's cock. Then I got most
of Cliff ramming himself in-and-out of Mary. Good shots."
"Should make for some interesting viewing," Tanya grinned.
"I know I'LL be glued to the TV screen when it's on."
"You're glued to the TV screen anytime anything remotely
associated with porn is on," Cliff teased. For good effect,
he added, "You little slut."
"You're the same way!" Tanya teased in return. "You have
one hand gripping a drink, and the other your cock!"
Mary had finally recovered from the furious fucking Cliff
had given her. She sat up on the floor and surveyed the
collection of nude bodies around her. Mary decided to join
the mix - she whisked her bra off and threw it elsewhere.
Now she too, was completely nude.
"Pretty little blonde?" Mary asked in a strange tone,
repeating what Tanya had said earlier.
Tanya shrugged her shoulders. "What other way is there
to describe you?"
She was right, Mary thought. There were things she had
been called which were much worse than that in her lifetime.
"I got an idea," Cliff said. "How about the 'pretty
little blonde' and the 'slutty little brunette' go to the
center of the room? I'd LOVE to get the two of them on
videotape... fucking and screwing their pussies off."

It should come as no great surprise that the other three
guys all agreed with Cliff on his idea.

"Ready to fuck yet?" Tanya said, looking over at her
girlfriend. "Or do you need a little more rest? Cliff
did drop the hammer on you, pretty hard."
Mary shook her head and replied, "No, I'm fine. I'm
ready. If the guys want to see us have sex together, then
let's give 'em what they want!"
"YEAH!" Kevin screamed, as if he were at a football game.
The other guys soon joined in his cheers for the two ladies
to take center stage, in the middle of the room.
Mary had been looking forward to stuffing her lovely face
between Tanya's scrumptious thighs all week long. Now, the
time was almost at hand. Mary was going to enjoy this...

End of Story

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