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Martini Night

we met that cpl at our hang out place, seemed from the bigning it's the ladies night...the 2 ladies start to sip that chocolate martini, like they where realy thursty, and they needed more and more, the bar tender our friend Jhon was out of it too he had a few wines himself, start to pour that non stop strong martinis, and after 3 martinis each they felt about time, we where lucky we live less than 1/4 of a mile, soon we got home those girls they wasted no time
my gal dragged that women to the bath room on the floor, don't ask me why?..... and took her cloth off, got down on her start to eat her alive, both women where screeming, moaning like crazy, was late at night, our 76 years old lady naghober knocked on the door, worried what had happened and who screaming...! told her that my gal had a night mare ..lol ..that's why she was screeming, at the same time i told her to cum down cause she was make a very big noise, and finaly 1/2 hour later they came out they looked wet, totaly missed up on the bathroom floor...and then my gal felt deazy took her to the our bedroom and came back that cpl where gone, left a kind note that they had a great time they had to leave to work early next day, went back to my gal and start play n foreplay she was totaly wormed up from that bathroom love and we had the best sex ever we decided to call it the martini night ...lol
since that time we always invite our new cpls when we mmet to try that magical martini what causes that unbelivable sex. so why don't you come over one time and try our martini's night ...M&M

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