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Helping Hand

My name is Alex, I'm a supervisor for a large remodeling company. We
remodel condo's down by the beach a lot and the turnover on the places
is tremendous these days. Everybody wants something different these
days, and we accommodate them, new paint, wallpaper... whatever.

Well the whatevers were keeping me pretty busy, I was going fifteen,
eighteen hours a day supervising five to six crews at different
locations. I had no time to waste, and certainly no time for a love
life of any kind. I would go home each night and collapse on the couch
and sleep soundly, sometimes waking up when my alarm went off, still
in my work clothes and boots.

Well last Friday was one of those days. I climbed off the couch, threw
some water in my face, put on a tie, grabbed some plans that had to be
delivered to the boss and went to work.

At the main office I got some good news for a change. I was thanked
profusely by Mr. Maxwell, my boss, and then he said I could take the
rest of the day off after I looked in on a crew at the high rise condo
at the pier. I was gone in a flash. I could taste the rest and
relaxation I was going to get, and by the time I reached the pier, I
was having fantasies about sleeping.

Danny and Tom, the guys working on the remodeling had done a great job
and by the looks of things were almost done, I poked around the condo,
checking out their work when I heard some noises out towards the
patio. I went out to see what was going on.

They saw me and looked somewhat embarrassed. Most of these condo's
came with a hot tub, and Danny and Tom were taking advantage of the
situation. They were relaxing and for a split second I considered
getting mad, but I quickly remembered that they were darn near done
and I really couldn't see that they were doing any harm.

They relaxed when they saw me laugh, and I told them they had done
good work. They immediately asked if I wanted to join them, and I said
yes. Hell I could relax here just as well as my place. I grabbed a
beer from their cooler, and went to find a towel.

I came back and realized that I didn't have a bathing suit. Danny
spoke up, and stood up, showing off his tanned muscular body, and all
his flesh. He was naked and looked good. I assumed Tom was also and he
confirmed that fact quickly, when I asked.

So I joined them, birthday suit and all.

I have been gay for a long time, I play it straight most of the time
to avoid any hassles with stiff necked jerks, so I really enjoyed
getting in to the tub with these handsome guys.

We shot the breeze for a while, actually discussing the condo they
were working on. They told me of the work they had left and what they
thought would be best. I realized that they were very good workmen,
and told them so. I agreed with them on the job and told them they
could finish at their leisure.

The doorbell rang, and for a moment I got a bit worried, what if the
boss was coming by without telling me, but Tom got out and told me it
was OK, wrapped a towel around his waist, his strong manhood creating
a tent in the fabric and went off to get the door.

Danny and I continued to talk when Tom came back with a lovely
Hispanic girl.

He introduced her as Alicia, she was part of the staff at the condo
office. He explained that they had met her a few days before and had
told her she could come up and us the tub as long as they were there.

She seemed a bit shy around me, but Tom assured her I was cool and she
quickly stripped and joined us. Her large breasts standing out firm
and hard, her large dark nipples already stiff and stood out. She had
a large dark bush and was deep and thick. She was very much enjoying
the hot tub, sunning herself in the bright Florida sunshine while we
all chatted.

I was talking to Danny, admiring he dark, handsome features. I got the
feeling he was digging me. I made some excuse to get out and asked
Danny to show me something in the condo, he took the hint right away
and we slipped away to the bedroom. I was feeling very randy now, and
I watched Danny's large cock swinging in the daylight as he entered
the bedroom, I was sitting on the bed, waiting for him. He came right
up to me and lifted my chin and we kissed hard. His young beard rough
under my hands, his tight curly hair was so exciting and made me even

He pushed me on to my back, I was startled to see my reflection the
ceiling. There was a full length mirror on the ceiling, and I was even
more excited as I watched Danny's muscular body climb over mine, I was
torn between the actual event, and the view in the mirror. Danny made
the choice for me as he obscured my view. Kissing me and caressing my
body. He was very good at making love to another man. He knew how to
touch me, and hold me. Our cocks rubbed together hard and slick, our
rough pubic hair grinding together like tiny wire brushes.

We rolled around on the king-sized bed and dry humped for a while,
bringing each other to new levels of excitement along the way. We were
deeply engrossed in each other when I felt a new hand on my leg, I
tore myself way from the exciting Danny and saw Tom reaching up for my
exposed cock, Alicia was giving attention to Tom's dick with her
mouth, pulling him deeply inside of her, down her throat.

This just drove me up higher and higher, I reached out for something
to suck and found myself in sixty-nine with Danny. His hard, purple
headed member sliding in to my mouth easily. It had been a long time
since I had curled up with something other than remodeling blueprints,
I had forgotten how good it felt to suck a man.

Danny appreciated my efforts and in return took me in to his mouth.
Swallowing my dick with one gulp, holding my ass cheeks tightly, his
nose buried in my pubes, his tongue ravaging my dick in his mouth. Tom
and Alicia were going at it next to us, they too found the sixty-nine
to their liking, and were making loving noises next to us, Tom's
tongue lapping at her slit while she pulled his hard on down her

We four lay together for some time, side by side sucking and loving
each other. Our sexual efforts filling the room with the aroma of love
and the sound of pleasure. We moved around and changed partners , I
found myself with a woman. Alicia was very eager to try me, and though
I had not been with a woman in a long time, I had not forgotten how to
please them. I eagerly took her firm tit in to my mouth as I watched
Danny and Tom ignite each other. It was obvious they had been together
before and I wondered if I should check on them more often in the

We tried all manner of positions, and soon found one that suited us.
All of the guys put on condoms, and I mounted Danny, while Danny took
Tom, and Alicia took the front of the chain and pulled Tom inside of
her. We moved slowly at first finding the rhythm of our love, then as
we grew more confident we began to speed up our love making growing
more frantic and loud.

I was pumping furiously, Danny pushing his tight ass against my
pelvis, urging me to dive deeper into him, Tom crying out to Danny how
much he loved being fucked by his man, and Alicia was just moaning to
her self, muttering obscenities in Spanish, letting Tom take her has
hard as he wanted, he hands on her firms mounds pulling her tightly to

On and on we pumped, getting hotter and hotter, faster and faster
until we all cried out almost in unison, and I felt my hot cum fill
the tip of the rubber inside Danny. I heard Danny and Tom grunt with
pleasure and I could feel Danny's butt clamp down on my dick as he
came inside of Tom. Tom lurched forward and came inside of Alicia, who
had been rubbing her clit furiously and came with a shout.

Spent and hot we pulled out of each other, removing the used condoms
and cleaning up.

We laid on the bed for a while, gently caressing each other, murmuring
words of love and support.

I told them to call me if they ever needed a helping hand again, and
they all said they would. After that we decided to get the rest of the
work on the condo finished so we could hop back in the sack once more
before we had to go.

All in all it was a great day off.

End of Story

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