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Fun with new friends

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We were getting ready to go out for an afternoon drink. We usually showered together but I was running behind and he was already out and drying off when I was just starting to get ready. I took my shower alone and as I lathered slowly taking my time on my breasts, running my hands over my nipples I started thinking about Chris?s rock hard cock and couldn?t wait until we got home tonight to feel it deep inside of me . I took my time washing my nipples and when the massage shower hit them I knew I had to cum before we went out. I never take cold showers but the thought of cold water running down my body turned me on, so I turned the water cold and let the cold water run over my nipples and down my body. It felt great I took the shower head and let it spray my clitoris. The water hitting my clit felt so good and when I put my fingers in my pussy I came quickly.

I didn?t tell my boyfriend Chris what I did in the shower, thought that might be a good story for him later. I dressed in tight jeans and a loose fitting top. I wore his favorite thong and decided not to wear a bra. He didn?t notice until we were sitting at a table behind the bar. It was a beautiful day but there was a cool breeze (which reminded me of my cold shower), and the feeling of my shirt brushing against my nipples made them really stand out. I have small breasts but large sensitive nipples. He told me he really liked the way the shirt looked on me especially without a bra and smiled. We finished our drinks and I went to the bar to get us another round.

I had ordered our drinks and when the bartender went to make our drinks I noticed him staring at me. He was a very dark black man about 6? tall and very muscular. He was talking to a woman who was equally good looking. I looked at him and smiled and he dropped his gaze to my perky nipples. She saw him smile and turned to see who he was looking at. She had shoulder length brown hair and beautiful brown skin. She smiled and looked me up and down stopping at my breasts. She licked her lips and turned back to him, I could not hear what they were saying but they seemed very happy and sensual. They were certainly a good looking couple. The bartender returned with our drinks and I returned to Chris and sat beside him. I told him about the couple at the bar how they seemed to be checking me out. Chris obviously noticed that this brief meeting did something to me. He put his arm around me and let his hand brush up against me breasts. I felt my back arch under his hand and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the couple came to sit at a table across from us.

I told Chris that they were the couple from the bar. He started to move his hand off my breast but I took his hand and placed it on my skin just above the neckline of my blouse. He looked at me as he slid his hand down my shirt and teased my nipple. The couple was watching us and the next time I looked over he had his hand up her skirt teasing her pussy. I put my hand in Chris?s lap and rubbed his already stiff cock. He squeezed my nipples a little harder and put his other hand on my belly and slid it down my pants and into my panties. I rubbed at his cock even harder and he slid his fingers into my pussy. I let out a moan when I came and was thankful that they were the only couple near us and were enjoying the show.

They came over to our table and introduced themselves as Jeff and Jenna. They told us they were happy to meet us but they were just on their way home to take a long soak in their hot tub. They asked us if we wanted to join them, which we readily agreed. We followed them to a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood. In back were a large deck and a hot tub which seated 8. Jenna asked me to come with her to get us some towels and drinks for us. I followed her into the house where she asked me if we were into group sex. I told her we had fantasized about it but that we had not experienced it yet. She told me that they thought we were both sexy and they wanted us. She told me we could go slow and only do what we were comfortable with. Feeling the way I was right now, I think I would be comfortable with almost anything they wanted to do. She asked me if I wanted to put on a show for the men and I agreed. She told me to follow her lead and just let things happen.

We met them out at the hot tub. They were both in the hot tub waiting for us. We undressed and joined them. I know Chris was impressed at how easily I undressed in front of Jeff and Jenna. I stepped into the hot tub and sat between Chris and Jenna. We talked for a little while when Jenna reached across me and grabbed her glass of wine. As she moved it over my body she purposely spilled a few drops on my chest. She apologized to me and bent her head over my body and began to lick it up. The men just watched, I knew their cocks were already hard watching her licking my body. I was really enjoying this. My breathing grew more rapid and I arched my back so that my nipples were sticking out of the water making it easier for Jenna to suck my nipples. She tasted each one teasing them with her tongue and feeling the other one with her fingers. She sucked on them gently and twisted the other between her fingers alternating between gentle strokes and tight squeezes. The cool breeze blew gently on my wet nipples making it even more erogenous. It was always hot when Chris played with my nipples but having Jenna do it in front of Chris and Jeff was incredible.

Jenna worked her way up my neck and when she reached my lips I slid mine down her neck to her chest and to her hard nipples. I sucked the first one into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. She was delicious. I worked on each nipple just as she had done to me. I was so hot now, I guess we all were. I slid my hand down between Jenna?s legs and touched her pussy. She moaned instantly and began to grind her pussy against my fingers. That?s when I felt the soft dryness of a towel on my back. Chris and Jeff were standing outside the hot tub with their cocks as hard as I imagine they had ever been. They were urging us to come out of the hot tub and into the house. We had to use all our will power to stop and get out of the hot tub and dry off.

We followed Jenna and Jeff into the house and upstairs to their bedroom. It was beautiful. It was mirrored on all walls and the ceiling. There was a king size bed in the center and two chairs against the wall separated by a gas fireplace. Jeff lit the fireplace and Jenna lit candles which were all over the room. Jenna then told the men to have a seat we were going to finish our show for them, which had me so excited I was almost ready to cum. Jenna approached me and laid me down on the bed. She started at my tits which were already so hard I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute. She finally reached down and stroked my clit, I came instantly. Jenna made her way down my stomach and between my legs. She licked the juices which were dripping down my thighs. She licked fast and hard until I was all cleaned up. She made her way to my clit and spread my lips and licked my pussy like she was eating an ice cream cone. She made long hard strokes up and down with her tongue. She took her fingers opened my pussy and put two fingers in while she licked me. I wriggled with pleasure grinding my pussy on her tongue and pressing her fingers to go deeper and deeper. Jenna now put two more fingers in my pussy and it still wasn?t enough. My pussy was on fire now as Jenna stuck her thumb and then her fist was inside me. She pressed her fingers upward toward my belly and rubbed my g-spot. She rubbed it hard and fast and I exploded in pleasure. My cum dripped down her wrist and she started to lick it up as fast as it dripped out.

She was licking her fingers as she made her way back up to my mouth. We kissed long and hard with her fingers in both our mouths. I liked the way she tasted with my cum all over her fingers. I had to taste her now. I rolled onto my side and laid Jenna down on the bed as I sucked her tits again. I sucked them into my mouth the way I suck Chris?s cock. In and out like I was blowing her tits. She moaned and began rubbing her pussy against my thigh. I worked my way down her belly all the while playing with her nipples with my right hand, taking turns between each nipple. I got down between her legs and Chris appeared at the bed and held her left thigh close to the bed. Jeff came over and held her right leg down the same way. She was already dripping with cum. Chris opened her lips to reveal her beautiful pink clitoris which I began to lick immediately. She was absolutely delicious. I put all of my fingers into her welcoming wet pussy, my whole hand followed. I reached her g-spot as easily as she had reached mine. The guys went to work licking up all the cum from my hand and arm.

Jenna instructed Jeff that we were not quite finished yet. She thought we still needed a little more before our show would be over. Jeff knew exactly what she was thinking. He opened the closet and took out a large case. Jeff appeared at the bed and Jenna told me to get on my hands and knees because we were going to do it doggystyle. I understood when I saw Jeff with a huge double dildo in his hands. Jenna got on her hands and knees so that our asses were about two feet or so away from each other. Chris grabbed one end in his hand and began rubbing it on Jenna?s pussy as Jeff began on mine. It was so big and fat that as soon as it began penetrating my pussy I was already cumming. Now that we each had about 8? buried in our pussy Chris and Jeff took their seats stroking their throbbing cocks. I was watching them as Jenna grabbed my hands and pulled them behind us pulling our asses closer and closer together driving the dildo deeper and deeper into our pussies. I was cumming so much and so often I couldn?t tell when one started and one ended. Jenna slid one leg under my body and one over my body pulling me down on my back so that we looked like scissors. The dildo was buried deep in our pussies and there were still a few inches between us. Jenna and I pulled each other?s arms and we wiggled our asses until our pussies sucked in the last of that huge dildo. I don?t know how we made it fit but I have never been penetrated that deeply. We grinded our wet pussies together stimulating our clitoris?s against each others. The orgasm was mind blowing.

By now our men were so hot they were lying on the side of us in a 69 position sucking each other?s cocks deep into their mouths. I never thought of Chris with another man but he looked so hot sucking big black cock in his mouth that I was turned on all over again. Jenna asked if we could join in and I felt a little guilty taking so long satisfying each other that I had not even noticed the guys jump into bed with us. But obviously they were not bothered by our long show.

I moved down the bed close to Chris?s face and helped him suck the big black cock. I couldn?t believe how big and beautiful it was. It had to be 12? long and 2? around with a beautiful pink head. Jenna was down the other end helping Jeff suck Chris. We finally stopped just short of the guys blowing their loads there was lots more we could do now that we were all part of the show and we had to have a grand finale. I wanted to feel that big black cock in my pussy now that I was all wet again. I got on all fours and Jeff stuck his big black cock deep into my pussy. Chris got behind him on his knees and stuck his beautiful cock in Jeff?s ass. Jenna got busy lying under my body and licked my clit as Jeff fucked my pussy. She made her way behind us and licked Chris?s balls up and down reaching her tongue into his asshole. It was so hot it was crazy. Jenna finished and came over with a big dildo and as she lay in front of me she stuck it deep in her pussy. I bent my arms and buried my face between her legs licking her beautiful pink and brown clit as she fucked herself harder and harder with the dildo. I could see Jenna stiffen up and start to shake, I could feel Jeff?s cock starting to explode inside me, and I could hear Chris moaning just as he blew his load of hot cum into Jeff?s ass. I came as hard as I have ever cum.

When it was over we all just laid there touching and massaging each other. Jenna told us we could use her shower if we wanted before we left but we declined. We exchanged numbers and planned to get together soon. Jenna said she was hosting a swing party next month and promised she would invite us. I have to admit, after all that sex when we got home and ready to shower the aroma of everyone?s cum got me aroused once again. We got our stuff together and got into the shower together. I started to tell Chris about my experience in the shower this afternoon. Even though it didn?t compare to the rest of our day. Chris was rock hard again and we made hot love in the shower, but that story I will leave for another day.

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