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Fire Training

Fire Training

If you read Night Time Fires you know how I make a living. I wasn't always a fire mechanic, because of budget cutbacks; I was a trainer of new recruits that were just hired on. We needed more firefighters than mechanics back then. If you noticed I used the term firefighters instead of the old term firemen because we have females in the service now. I don't have any problems with that as long as everyone can perform the job. A few years back we hired Claudia, a beautiful Latina female that is full of spit and fire. When she first started she had just finished the academy but still green from lack of experience and not familiar with our equipment. I would always give each probie an orientation of our rules and regs along with just getting to know them. I talked with Claudia about the service along with her personal ambitions and personal life. She was living with her boyfriend in an apartment, had moved here from California some years ago and missed her family that was still there. She seemed well adjusted and eager to learn the trade. Being married to a very sexy wife and trying to be professional, I couldn't help but to notice how beautiful Claudia was. She is about 5'5... tall with that sexy Latina brown skin, sultry brown eyes with pouty lips and medium length dark brown hair. She has perky full B cup tits along with shapely full hips that mold around to a beautiful firm round ass. I knew that I would have problems keeping the crews focused, if you've ever been around a bunch of firefighters you'll understand. They will risk everything to help somebody and work very hard but they will play harder when the opportunity presents itself. Anyway I was going to have a hard time myself in more ways than one because I would be spending a lot of one on one time with her until she was ready to ride the truck. It started the second day as I was in the gear room trying to find what would fit her. Without thinking and looking through the gear, I said strip down, what I should have said was take off your coat and shoes. When I turned around there she was with only a sports bra, thong panties and a weird look on her face. First thing I thought of was, shit I'm going to get fired, Second thought was, damn what a body. I guess she could tell I was speechless because with a slight grin, she said what do you think? I couldn't say what I was thinking but I did finally look away and said you can't wear your gear while naked because you'll get your ass burned. She laughed and I knew she would fit in with the crew although I had to hide my hard on for quite awhile after that. While only a brief peak at her body, OK maybe a little longer, I did see her dark brown nipples through the thin bra and could tell she was sporting a Brazilian under her thong. That image stayed with me for a long time and I knew my wife would enjoy hearing all the details. During the first week that I spent time with Claudia, I could tell she was very sexual by the way she talked and carried herself but as she grew more comfortable around me, things changed. She became friendlier; joking about things that she and her boyfriend did together, some of it was quite sexual at times. I cautioned her about being so open about her private life around others. The second week we were working on advancing hose lines and ground support. During a break she made a wise crack about hose size. I couldn't resist the temptation and asked her what size she preferred. She started telling me about how large her boyfriend was and how he joked about putting her fire out all the time. She held up a booster line and said this thick and this long. A booster line is roughly 2... diameter and she held about 9... in length. Yet another image I didn't need to carry around all day. While telling me this, her tits were sticking through her sports bra and sweat soaked T-Shirt. I'm sure she could see how hard I had gotten because she also remarked that she was sore from last night. I knew then that she enjoyed messing with me but I didn't know how far she would go. That night I told my wife (Sina) about the conversation, she didn't seem too interested until I got to the part about the boyfriends endowment. Sina loves big cocks and can ride one all night and loves playing with other women. As I was telling her about the conversation, she unzipped my pants and started sucking my hard cock. Telling me to describe Claudia in her wet T-Shirt and then in detail about her boyfriends cock. She asked what his name was and to describe him to her, all I knew was that his name was Jeff. As she deep throated my cock, she said I needed to find out. Sina stripped off her cloths and lay on the bed with her legs spread wide and said, tell me again as you make me cum. I started to lick her pussy but she pulled me up instead and said I want you to make me cum with your big cock. I started to describe Claudia's beautiful body as I brushed the head of my cock against her clit. As I told her how Claudia's wet T-Shirt was clinging to her hard nipples, I slid my head in just enough to part her wet swollen pussy where I held it there. She grabbed my ass trying to push me in further but I pinned her down so she couldn't move. I slowly rocked my head back and forth as I started telling her about Jeff's cock. Since I really didn't know that much, I improvised some. I described his big round head that was perched on top of his massive thick shaft and the thick veins that wrapped around his cock. I told her how good it would feel as he filled her pussy up and how she would feel his big balls slapping her ass. By this time, she was sinking her finger nails into my back and ordering meet to ram it in. I knew she was close but I held my ground no matter how deep her nails dug in. I told her that Jeff could fuck her for hours and how he could bend her over doggy style while I could feed my cock to her mouth. After a few minutes of building her fantasy up to a boiling point, I slammed my cock into her wet pussy. She screamed out loud as she squirted cum around my cock and onto the bed. Feeling her cum so forcefully, I added to her cum as we collapsed together on the cum soaked bed. As we lay there, she said we need to get together with them. I told her that this would have to stay a fantasy for a while because I couldn't risk my position with the department. She was disappointed but understood. As the weeks turned into months, Claudia still would seek me out away from the crew and their prying ears. We became good friends so I told her of my wife's fantasy about Jeff and a little about our lifestyle. She asked if Sina was bi because she would like to try another woman but only if Jeff agreed to it. We both understood that we couldn't mix business with pleasure especially being at the same department, so I thought. I finally got to meet Jeff and he was everything that Claudia said he was. Jeff was about 5'11... around 185lbs with a dark complexion and jet black hair, he was very friendly as we became acquainted. He said Claudia had told him all about me and Sina. I showed him a picture of Sina and he said she was very sexy, he said we should all get together some time. Since it was now summertime, Jeff was wearing shorts and I noticed a very nice outline of a long thick cock. We went into my office where I had him and Claudia stand together so I could take a picture of them for Sina. I snapped the picture and told them I would show Sina what Claudia was always bragging about. Claudia said I should take a special one for my wife, so I asked what she had in mind. With that, she closed the door and reached over to pull Jeff's shorts down to reveal a nice semi hard cock. Being in my office with no one else around, I started taking pictures. Claudia said she wanted Sina to see how big Jeff really was and started stroking him right there. As she stroked him, he grew bigger and bigger. When he was fully hard, I could tell he was bigger than 9... and I asked him if he had ever measured his cock. It turns out that he was really almost 12... and thicker than 2.... I got hard myself looking at this massive monster and knew Sina would enjoy the photos for a long time to cum. After a few pics, Claudia said she really wanted us to enjoy the pics as she kneeled down to lick his precum off and then proceed to suck most of his cock down her throat. Jeff could see that I was hard and said I should let Claudia service me also. Contrary to my better judgment, I put the camera down and pulled my hard cock out. Claudia commented that she had always wanted two big cocks at once as she took turns sucking us both. Jeff said he would love to swap wives and how he was curious about having a bi experience. As we were starting to really enjoy ourselves, a call came out. We were falling over one another trying to get our pants up and get to the trucks. When we returned to the station Jeff had left and I told Claudia that I would talk to Sina about a get together. When I got home I downloaded the pics and told Sina I had a surprise for her later. After dinner I lead her to the bedroom where I had started a slideshow of the pics. Soon I was licking and sucking her wet pussy as she watched the show and was fantasizing about Jeff's big cock. She was so wet that I slid two fingers into her pussy and then slid them into her ass. She really started to moan and shift her hips as I finger fucked her ass while licking her clit. It wasn't long before she was bucking wildly and had a powerful orgasm that covered my face. She got up and ran her tongue across my face and told me to stay there as she went to the bathroom. When she came back, she was wearing a big grin and a bigger strapon that she was lubing up. She told me to get on all fours as she was going to give me a big surprise. She got behind me and reached between my legs and started stoking my cock. She said she knew that I wanted to feel Jeff's cock as much as she did and so it was my turn to fantasize about that cock fucking me. I felt the head of the dildo enter my ass as I felt her hands grip my hips. The big dildo hurt at first but as she eased it in I relaxed to take it in. As she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, she was telling me how turned on she got thinking of me taking that a big cock up my ass while she would take care of Claudia. She pushed my head down into a pillow as she thrust harder with long forceful strokes. I was grunting from the fullness and thinking of the pleasure I would have from feeling a real cock. She pulled out and told me to roll over onto my back. Once on my back, she spread my legs out wide and shoved that big rubber cock into me so hard it took my breath. She took my cock with a firm grip and started to jack me off with the same pace as her hips. The harder she thrust into me, the harder her grip was on my cock. As she was pounding my ass, she described all the fun that we could have if we invited Jeff and Claudia over for a night. I agreed as I shot a huge load onto my chest and her hand. That night we decided on a weekend to invite them over for a sex filled night. The next day I talked with Claudia and set up a night that would occur a few weeks later. After a long two weeks had passed, Jeff and Claudia was knocking on our door to start a night that none of us would ever forget. We had decided to have a cook out to start the night, so Sina and Claudia went to the kitchen as Jeff and I were grilling outside. The ladies brought us some drinks then disappeared back into the house. Jeff talked about how much he was looking forward to playing with us and that they both looked forward to their first bi experience. I told him we had all night and hopefully many more opportunities later to play together. Jeff said he was going into the house to get us some more drinks but stopped at the back door and motioned me over. I looked into the kitchen to see Claudia with her shorts off sitting on the table with her legs spread wide as Sina was buried between her legs. We watched as Sina was running her tongue up and down Claudia's clit as she massaged her brown tits. Claudia was panting as the firm tongue strokes turned into teasing soft kisses to her pussy lips. Sina then grasp her legs and proceeded to dart her tongue in and out as Claudia moaned louder and louder as she gripped the sides of the table. Just as Claudia was about to have an orgasm, Sina stopped and ran her tongue up from her pussy to give her a long wet kiss leaving Claudia begging her to finish. I watched my wife masterfully build Claudia up to a boiling point for the next few minutes. As we watched the scene unfold, I knew I couldn't contain my raging hard-on much longer and I could see that Jeff was about to bust out of his shorts. He had never seen Claudia so worked up to the point of begging for relief. Luckily for us, after Sina had her trembling from the teasing, she brought her to a screaming orgasm that the neighbors probably could hear. Jeff and I went back outside, excited about the women bonding in such a short time and forgetting about our drinks. After dinner we all sat around talking until I suggested that we watch a new porn movie that we had just purchased. The movie was about a bi couple sharing themselves with others in different settings. While watching the movie, Sina motioned at me to look at Jeff as she noticed how his semi hard cock was filling the leg of his shorts. I winked at her as she went over and licked the head of his cock that was inching out from under his shorts. She kneeled in front of him as she slowly sucked his large head making him grow even harder. Claudia crawled over to me and pulled my shorts down as she started sucking me while watching Jeff. Sina pulled his shorts off to free his hard twelve inch cock that sprang up to meet her lips. The excitement on her face is hard to describe as she licked every inch as if his cock were a piece of hard candy. I asked Claudia to sit beside Jeff as I pulled her shorts off, then I moved to her wet pussy and started to lick her swollen lips. I had waited a long time to taste her pussy and was going to savor every second of it. I buried my head into her mound as I pushed my tongue up her pussy as far as I could; she was so wet that her juices ran all over my face. She held my head as she humped my face as her clit ground against my tongue. As I was pleasuring Claudia, Sina and Jeff had moved to the floor and were now stripped of their cloths. I could hear Sina moan loudly and knew that she had finally crawled on top of his hard cock. Since I had to see my wife ride this massive cock, we stripped and moved to the floor to watch. Jeff's cock was standing straight up as Sina lowered her tight pussy down. She had his huge mushroomed head started into her parted lips and was slowly taking him in. She arched her back so that her firm tits were at full attention giving Jeff a full view of his cock sinking deep into her. She moaned loudly as she worked his cock deeper and deeper until she had all twelve inches of his huge cock in her pussy. Her eyes were rolled back and her legs were trembling, feeling herself completely filled. As she sat there, Jeff was licking and sucking her erect nipples to add to her state of euphonium. After what seemed like minutes, she slowly started to work her stretched pussy up and down his huge shaft moaning with each long stroke. Claudia had gotten so wet and I was so hard that I mounted her from behind. My nine inches effortlessly slid into her until my balls slapped her firm round ass. She was matching my thrusts as I held her hips tight. The room was filled with sounds of pent up lust that had built up for months. Sina was wildly riding Jeff's cock, asking me if I liked seeing her pussy stretched out with his glistening hard cock. I told her to fuck him good as I slapped Claudia's ass and told her I was going to fill her pussy up with my cum. I felt myself losing control as I thrust deep into her and flooded her with cum, feeling my hot cum pour deep into her, her pussy tightened around my twitching cock as she bucked hard to an orgasm. Sina rotated around on Jeff's cock so her back was lying on his chest. He held onto her as he thrust hard and fast. She started screaming as his huge head hit her G spot and drove her to squirt cum from her gaping pussy. She collapsed and rolled off beside him as I moved in to finish the job. I took hold of his big cock and licked my wife's cum off, then proceeded to enjoy his cock myself. Claudia seeing her chance to taste pussy for the first time, pushed Sina's legs open and started lapping her husbands cum up as it oozed from Sina's stretched out pussy. Sina rested her legs on Claudia's shoulders as she took the licking and sucking to her sensitive clit. Jeff was soon lifting his hips as I took most of his twelve inches past my lips, switching from sucking his head to thrusting down his shaft. I enjoyed tasting his pre-cum as I swirled my tongue across his sensitive head and feeling the head swell with each lick. I lightly griped his ball sack as I flicked my tongue around each testicle before sucking each one gently into my mouth. I knew he was getting close to an orgasm as I felt his testicles pull up so I licked his shaft up until I was at his head and sucked him in hard. He thrust up hard into my mouth as he lost control. I sucked his throbbing cock deep to feel his cum hitting the back of my throat. I couldn't contain all the hot cum as it flowed out onto my face. I sucked him until he became semi-hard and that was still a mouth full. As I wiped his cum off, Claudia had Sina begging for another orgasm as she tongued her pussy to submission. Sina finally pushed Claudia down on her back, straddled her face and proceeded to face fuck her. Claudia licked her clit hard as Sina ground her pussy down until she exploded cum down Claudia's throat. We decided to take a break and cool off some, as the night was still young. I took Claudia to the shower with me so we could clean up by soaping each other up and sliding our bodies together. I rubbed her tits as we shared deep long kisses with the cool water running down our bodies. After some time had passed Jeff asked if he could join us. Claudia grinned and said she was through as she got out of the shower and Jeff came in. I could tell that Sina had planned something because she had been at the door getting Jeff nice and hard. Jeff immediately got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked very strongly and tried to take me in completely, I could tell this was his first time. He finally settled down to slow strokes using his lips to tease my head. I swayed my hips and slowly pushed more into his mouth. I had been wanting to fuck his big cock for awhile now and knew Sina was at the door waiting to join in. I told Jeff to fuck my ass as I turned around to offer him my tight hole. I opened the door so Sina could watch as Jeff got behind me and placed his cock between my cheeks. Sina poured some baby oil on his cock and down my ass cheeks. As he pushed the huge head of his cock into my ass, my legs started to get weak. I felt myself stretching wide as he slowly started pushing his thick shaft in, I thought I might pass out as more and more of his hard cock filled me up. After a few minutes and a lot of relaxing, I was able to take him all in. I started to slowly push my ass back and forth feeling the huge head work through me. My legs had become so weak that I suggested we go the bed room to finish. Once I was on the bed, I got to feel his big cock enter me again and it was just as good as the first time. I was on my back with my legs spread out wide to give him plenty of access to my ass. As he started working my ass good, Sina leaned in and started sucking my semi-hard cock. It didn't take long for me to have a raging hard-on as my ass was filled up by the biggest cock I have ever had. Claudia lay on the bed and started French kissing me, so I had my wife sucking my cock, Claudia running her tongue down my throat as Jeff was fucking my ass. I knew I wouldn't last long with every nerve ending in my body screaming for an orgasm. Jeff was really pounding me now, shoving his huge cock in and out while his balls were slapping against me making a sloshing sound. Sina wanted him to cum in my ass and I could feel his head swell in me as he started dumping a large amount of hot cum in me. When I felt his cum, I exploded into Sina's mouth with so much force that she pulled her head back to let me empty on myself. As I lay there exhausted with a sore ass, Sina and Claudia shared my cum by licking it off my chest and flicking their cum covered tongues together as they kissed. Afterwards when everyone had cleaned up again plus the fact that Sina and I were exhausted, we decided to call it a night. Lying in bed later while talking about our new adventure, sharing a monster cock, we agreed to have them over again. Of course not too soon as it takes awhile for a sore pussy and a sore ass to heal.

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