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My fantasy is one that I have never shared with anyone in my life. It starts with me, my husband, and a swing.

My husband ties me into the swing and blindfolds me. Then he lowers my ass onto a cock and doesn't stop until the cock is fully inside of me. I then feel another cock enter my pussy and the two cocks start pumping rhythmically into me. I feel hair start to caress my face and wonder what is going on. The hair moves down my face and starts kissing me, it is then that I can tell a woman is now involved. She moves down my body and takes my small breasts into her mouth and hands. I hear my husband tell me if I don't respond in kind to her, then the fucking stops, so I start sucking her big, full breasts into my mouth and squeezing them with my hands. As we moan together, she continues her journey down my body, kissing and licking everything she can touch. She finally gets to me pussy mound and starts to lick my clit and the dick that is pumping in and out of my hole. My husband kindly, but firmly, reminds me that if I don't reciprocate, then it all stops. I want the fucking to continue, so I tentively stick my tongue out and lick her pussy lips. The only pussy I have ever tasted was my own and her taste is different from mine, so as I continue to lick, I get braver and braver with my hands and with my mouth. My hands are all over her ass and back while my tongue continues on her pussy. She starts to moan and I realize that there is a dick entering her pussy and hands urging me to fuck her ass with my fingers. I am getting extremely close to cumming when I hear a female's voice in my ear, telling me what she is going to do to me and what everybody else is going to do to me. As her words get dirtier and dirtier, I get closer and closer to cumming. The man fucking the woman on me takes his dick out of her pussy and starts fucking her ass. All of a sudden, my back arches and my hands tighten their grip on the woman's ass and I start screaming, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME....HARDER, HARDER, HARDER, HARDER.....DON'T STOP....I'M CUMMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!" As I cum, I realize that everyone else is cumming too. I have a dick in my ass squirting his load, while the dick in my pussy squirts his, and the woman on top of me starts shaking and her muscles contract until she sucks my tongue into her pulsating hole. As I continue to probe the inside of her pussy, I begin to taste the cum coming from the dick in her ass and I cum again and again and again, until I pass out.

When I wake up, the only person I can find is my husband, sleeping soundly beside me and I begin to realize that it was only a dream.....or was it?

End of Story