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Fantasy For My Man

At an unsuspecting moment I am grabbed from behind, a blindfold is thrown over my face and my arms are bound to my sides. I'm taken to a warm room and laid upon a pile of soft furs, blindfold still in place but now my arms, as well as my feet are tied to posts of some sort, leaving me helpless in a spreadeagled position. All my clothing is removed and I begin to feel hands rubbing my entire body, gently fingering all my crevices and curves. Soft lips brush my nipples, I feel long hair dancing against my breasts. As the lips become more insistent on my nipples I feel also a new set of lips begin to explore my pussy, with a tongue pushing into my depths. Fingers search my body for entrance, thrusting into my pussy and anus. I am not sure but feel that these are women using me in thismanner. I become aware of rocking rhythms associated with all three zones; then the blindfold is removed and I see the explanation for the rhythmic movements - indeed there are three women kneeling around me, addressing my nipples and pussy, and each of them have a man slowly, deeply thrusting his cock into their uplifted bottoms, supplying the rhythms that translated through the womens' mouths and fingers into my own body. Despite the confusion and fear of having been taken against my will I find myself responding to the erotic setting and feel the orgasms begin to well up in my body. The others involve sense my arousal and increase their activities, building all to a fevered pitch. At this point there is a pause as out of the shadows a man emerges, naked and stroking his big, thick cock. He moves aside the woman crouched at my crotch and lowers himself to thrust his cock into my throbbing pussy. As he thrusts into me deeper and harder the woman that had been mouthing my pussy now began to lick his anus while the man in her pussy resumed his steady thrusting as did the others involved. By now I was completely given over to the experience and let myself go to the waves of orgasmic pleasure that rocked my body, vaguely aware that the others were all coming as well -------------

End of Story