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Fabulous Fmf

A long time happily married couple enters the swing lifestyle and attends their favorite club where they have only played with one other couple so far. The couple, Joe and Denise, enter the playroom area to play with each other. They choose the large bed to play among other playing couples. A sexy single female who is playing with a male friend, begins talking to her male friend about Denise. How pretty she is and how lovely her breasts are. The sexy single female, Joyce, askes Denise if she can touch her breasts. Denise acquiesces and it is pleasurable. Denise then invites Joyce to assist her in giving Joe a blow job. The two lovely ladies proceed to give Joe a blow job, licking and sucking his balls and thick hard cock and french kissing each other periodically during the process. A few days later, Denise and Joe receive an email from Joyce inviting them to attend the club again and play with her a bit more. Unfortunately this meeting doesn't work out but Joe and Denise set up another playdate with Joyce. this playdate rocked.

First Denise spends some alone time with Joyce. They run their hands all over each other's bodies. They kiss deeply and passionately. Joyce gives Denise a nice massage. Then the ladies invite Joe to join them. Once again they jointly pleasure Joe orally and kissing in the process. Then Denise straddles Joe's face for some unbelievable oral pleasure while Joyce climbs on top of Joe and rides his cock. The two ladies kiss and suck each other's nipples and kiss each other passionately while fucking Joe and receiving his oral talents. All three parties orgasm almost simultaneously. It was a huge orgasm for all concerned. Then the three lay there basking in the glow and talked about all kinds of things.

This was the most comfortable I have ever been with another woman and I enjoyed her immensely. Not to mention all the joy we both gave to Joe. :-)


End of Story