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Decadent Delights by Sondra

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Sandy had never been what you honestly could call wild or easy. She had, in the past, had a one night stand or two and a few threesomes but she was by no means a Slut. She had never been a Slut and never would be a Slut. She was what you could call “fun” though, if the mood struck her to be so. Her heart belonged only to Rick.

She had been in a loving relationship with Rick for only a short time when he had brought up the issue of wanting to have a threesome with another woman. Sandy hadn’t exactly jumped at the idea, as in the past it had destroyed an otherwise loving relationship, but over the course of a few more months Rick had kept bringing it up until Sandy decided that it might be fun. They had agreed that if she allowed another woman into their bed, he would allow another man in.

They had played with a neighbor, Susan, and Sandy hadn’t exactly had fun with her. Susan was very dull and not very well versed in the ways of sexual delights, plus Sandy didn’t really find her at all attractive. Rick had said that Susan would make a nice little long term plaything but Sandy was not up to agreeing to that but would never play behind his back either. They had agreed to play only together and she had always kept her word on that. That would always be a lot more fun for Sandy and Rick both.

Sandy and Rick had also had a few nights with another female friend, Gail, and Sandy had actually enjoyed this friend. Gail had been a lot of fun to party with and just to hang out with as well as fun to play with. Gail was nearer to their ages so had more in common with them, plus she had a little bit more sexual experience and knowledge than Susan had. She was also physically attractive to Sandy which only helped the two women have fun playing together. Now though, Gail had a new guy in her life and was scarce to the couple. They never saw her at all as she was always busy with her new guy.

Sandy was not at all bored with Rick but did feel that Rick should keep up his end of their agreement, as that would be the diplomatic and honorable thing to do. Plus she wanted the experience of having a second man to play with the two of them. She was very excited by the thought of seeing Rick with another man as well as being with two men at once. She loved Rick with all her heart but she sometimes got a little annoyed that he hadn’t yet kept his word to her. While it was true that most of the men around town would not be what Sandy could honestly call attractive, there were one or two she would be willing to allow into their bed and have fun doing so. Rick had no need to be at all anxious with the idea of sharing Sandy with another man as it was Rick she loved and wanted her life with. They were, after all, Soul Mates.

One of the few men around town whom Sandy found to be attractive, Ron, had been at their favorite bar the previous Friday night. He had seen Sandy and gave a big grin when she waved at him, his dark eyes twinkling. He waved back but looked a bit worried that the woman he was with would make waves over it; the sheepish look on his face had told Sandy that. She was very good at reading people, even though she didn’t always let on to what she saw. Sometimes she enjoyed pushing other people’s buttons and fucking with their heads a bit. The psychological aspect was what turned her on about doing so.

She was a bit of a flirt and it didn’t bother her in the least to openly flirt with a man or woman in front of other people. Rick was a big flirt too, and many times had overtly flirted with other women in front of Sandy. She usually took it all with a grain of salt; rarely did she get upset over it, as she was one to put on a show every time the two of them were in public. She enjoyed the spotlight and the attention she got from others, both men and women. Rick seemed to actually enjoy her behavior when she was so very flirty and over the top in her showiness. He was always watching her dance, watching her flirt, smiling at her with a look of lust in his eyes and it turned her on like he could never know, as she couldn’t properly put it into words…

This weekend was different though. Sandy hadn’t been in a very sociable mood lately, not talkative or humorous, just not feeling herself. She didn’t want Rick to take it personally as it was not him causing her quietness. She was simply in an introverted mood as she had told him. What was eating at her was that she was in need of some sexual variety of the kind she had already had with Rick and other women. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Only this time she wanted some more of her own fantasies to be had. Not that Gail hadn’t been part of one of her biggest fantasies, but now she needed some other flight of the imagination fulfilled. It was time to spread her wings a bit and she intended that she would do so soon.

Friday night Sandy had dressed with her usual care when getting ready to go to the bar. She had put on her favorite outfit-a black leather and lace mini dress, thigh high pantyhose, knee high black leather spike heeled boots and a g-string. The dress fit snuggly and outlined her shape just as she wanted. It also showed her bare ass cheeks when she bent over while dancing…

She was looking forward to dancing all night and throwing back a few Green Apple beers, maybe some Tequila as well. She and Rick had smoked a fat joint before heading out and both were feeling pretty good. She was in a mellow but happy mood, and Rick seemed to be feeling the same. She hadn’t talked a lot on the way to the bar, other than to say that she had hoped Karla and some other friends would show up. It was always a lot of fun for her to go to the bar but if friends showed up it would be a blast for everyone.

Sometimes Rick got bored with her, or at least that is what she thought, so extra people around could be a good thing to make the evening more fun for them both.

They arrived at the bar early, just after 7 P.M. and they got their favorite booth along the wall, near the entrance. This was right on the dance floor and both liked that spot much better than the booths and tables in the back of the bar. They ordered a couple drinks and Rick lit a candle while they waited. Someone had put some songs on the jukebox and Rick asked Sandy to dance to a slow, sexy number which she gladly accepted. Rick held her close as they swayed around the dance floor, whispering “I love you” into her ear and rubbing her back. She smiled up at him, “I love you too, baby with all my heart” squeezing him tight and allowing him to dip her very close to the floor.

She always loved dancing with him, it was bliss to her and he always seemed to have the same feeling from dancing with her.

After their dance, they had drinks and chatted softly, both enjoying people watching. Both were often amused with the psychology of people. By the time they were on their second drinks, karaoke began and the locals had filled the bar from end to end. Many regulars they both recognized had come in and Sandy had gone around saying hello and giving out hugs to them. Some had approached Sandy and Rick as they had came in, giving hugs and asking them to dance. Rick usually declined the faster dances but Sandy would usually jump at the chance. She knew she wasn’t the best dancer on the floor but she had a great lot of fun with it anyhow.

Tonight was no different, she had already had first karaoke dance with the man she loves and then had jumped up to dance with some female friends on other dances till Rick was ready to dance again.

Karla and some others had shown up and sat with the couple at their booth. It made the evening go faster if there were several people to dance, flirt and converse with. Sandy generally had no problem with a slower evening but she didn’t want Rick to get bored with her.

An hour or so into the evening, Sandy was up dancing with Karla, bending over to shake her well shaped ass at Rick and others when she looked up to see Ron standing behind her staring at her bare ass cheeks. He blushed and she smiled. She was already having fun but this was making it even more exciting for her. She saw Rick watching her, and got turned on by it-she knew he was turned on by her actions, and that was very pleasing to her.

After the song ended, Sandy had approached Ron and told him “Come sit with the rest of us at our booth” Ron was alone tonight and agreed to do so. Sandy made introductions all around and slid in next to Rick. There was nowhere for Ron to sit except next to Sandy. His thigh brushed against her as he slid into the seat next to her. She instinctively reached over under the table to rub Ricks bulging cock through his tight leather pants. Rick had wriggled ever so slightly in his seat but the small smile on his face had told Sandy that he was pleased by the measures she used to turn him on and tease him.

Dancing and drinks filled the night, along with a lot of laughter and chat between the friends in the booth. Ron had asked Rick if it was ok to dance with Sandy and he said it was, so Ron had spun her around the dance floor. While dancing Sandy had told Ron that she found him to be deliciously attractive, saying “I bet you are a LOT of fun” Ron had blushed and had simply said “I can be”

Back at the table, Sandy had mentioned to Rick in private that she thought Ron would make a nice little plaything. Rick had first looked a bit uneasy at what his woman had said but she teased him about it and he had then given in and said that Ron “just might be” but how were they to get him to join them? He wasn’t sure how to approach another man, but Sandy thought that her blunt ways had always been best in the past and would be best now. Ron was up dancing with Karla while the couple discussed their next move.

When the dance was over, Ron had headed off to the rest room and Sandy had followed him. Catching up to him she had said bluntly “Hey Ron, Rick and I were just talking about you...well about us actually. We both think you would be fun to play with. Care to join us??” Ron seemed a bit taken aback but smiled, “The two of you and me?” Sandy smile “Yes, the three of us together for the night. It will be fun, that much I can say” Ron had agreed that he “would like to try that” with the two of them, and back at the table Sandy had told Rick “It’s on, Ron has agreed to follow us home”

At closing time, Sandy and Rick said goodbye to their friends and walked to the parking lot with Ron. Sandy was a bit nervous about the night but Rick seemed to be very sure of things. He wore a smile all the way home and only spoke to say that he thought this would be “very sexy” and that he would love to film it. Sandy had said that she would like that a lot and if Ron was up for it, then Rick was more than welcome to film it.

At home, they welcomed Ron in and Rick rolled a fat joint while Sandy got drinks for the three of them. Rick had turned the lights down and lit oil lamps. The ambiance was relaxing and sensual for them all.

Passing the joint around the three talked and laughed a bit before Sandy began to take off her boots. Rick had bent down to help her remove them, something he did quite often and which she found to be very romantic and sexy. Sandy leaned over to kiss Rick softly on his lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth, caressing his neck and cheek as she did so, while letting out a small moan. He groaned deep in his chest and gently broke free of her embrace. Ron was watching the exchange between the two and couldn’t help but have a raging hard on from what he was seeing and what he knew was coming.

Sandy sat back between the two men, listening intently to the music Rick had put on, swaying slightly to the sounds. Ron had removed his boots as Rick had and both men seemed to be very comfortable leaning back on the bed between this sexy woman.

Sandy had reached over and began to gently stroke Rick’s cock outside his pants. He was already hard and excited before she had touched him. His own anticipations of the night had him excited and ready for the fun to begin. Rick took Sandy’s hand and placed it on Ron’s cock outside his pants and she began to gently rub both men’s cocks at the same time.

Rick reached behind Sandy with one hand and unhooked her dress, pulling it up over her head, Ron helping him from the other side. Sandy in turn removed Rick’s shirt and stroked his nipples before removing Ron’s and gently pinching his nipples. Rick spoke first, quietly “I am very excited to be able to see you suck another mans cock, but I wanted to ask Ron if I could film tonight’s adventure?” Ron seemed a bit surprised at the question but said that if nne else would see it except the three of them, then it was fine by him. Rick had agreed that it was only between the three of them and would even make a copy for Ron if he liked. Ron said that he would love to have a copy, so Rick set up the camera to film and then gently pushed his woman down onto her back saying “This has me very turned on Baby!” She had smiled “I’m glad because I’m very turned on too”

Ron had leaned over Sandy and kissed her passionately, sliding hi tongue deep into her mouth, gently stroking her thighs as he did so. Rick slid Sandy’s g-string off and leaned over to kiss her pussy lips, groaning a bit and sliding his tongue into her wet, hot hole. She moaned in pleasure and began to again stroke both men’s cocks, her breathing picking up pace from her excitement.

Ron slipped his hand behind her and unhooked her bra, freeing her beautiful tits, before tweaking her nipple with one hand and squeezing the other with his other hand. All the while, Rick was gently licking her pussy inside and out, tongue fucking her hole a bit now an then just to tease her a bit, before tonguing her asshole a bit.

It didn’t take long until Sandy was shoving Ron down onto his back to take his fat cock into her mouth, licking all around the head and shaft before going down deep on him, licking his balls as she sucked his cock deeply into her throat. Rick had gotten behind her to continue eating her pussy. She felt like she was going to explode and flood Rick’s face with her cum before long so she asked Rick to put his big, fat cock deep inside her. He was more than happy to do so, sliding inside her till his big balls were against her beautiful ass. Ron wanted to taste her pussy juices for himself so he slid under her and began to lick her wetness as she sucked his cock. Ron was good at eating pussy, and he was taking much pleasure in doing so. His groans told both Sandy and Rick that he was enjoying it a great deal. Rick began to slowly slid his fat cock in and out of Sandy’s tight pussy but couldn’t go slow for long, his excitement was far too great for that; so he began to pound her pussy deeply as Ron sucked her clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue all around it. Sandy took Ron’s cock deeply into her throat and sucked as she licked, swallowing all of him to the balls, licking his balls every time she went down on him. Ron was pinching gently on her nipples, which turned her on a great deal as she always felt it all the way to her pussy when her nipples were manipulated, whether by hand or by mouth or any other means. She was even able to cum from just tit manipulation that way.

Rick was growling out as he fucked his woman deeply, grinding his big cock into her tight, hot, wet hole. Ron was groaning aloud as he licked her pussy and Sandy was moaning as she felt her orgasm coming on. She came very hard and long, screaming out around Ron’s big cock, as Ron shot his hot load deep into her throat and Rick squirted hard and deep inside her sweet pussy, all three of them cumming hard and long.

Afterwards they all collapsed together, snuggling on the bed for a rest and a smoke before the fun began again. This time, Rick had placed the camera a bit closer and once he was back in bed, Sandy had taken his hand and gently placed it on Ron’s cock. Both men had looked surprised at her action but didn’t protest. She gripped Rick’s hand and helped him slowly jack off Ron. Ron looked a bit uncomfortable at first, but Sandy told him to close his eyes and just enjoy. He did so, relaxing and getting very hard very fast.

Sandy then moved down beside him, gently licking the head of his cock as Rick stroked him. Ron groaned at these new-to-him pleasures. Sandy sucked the head of Ron’s cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it before moving over to take Rick’s gorgeous cock into her mouth. She told both men to get onto their knees and they did so-she then took both cocks into her mouth at the same time, stretching her mouth wide to hold both.

It was a very tight fit but she liked the feeling of the cocks filling her and the way they rubbed against each other as both men gently stroked her mouth. She caressed both sets of balls as she sucked and licked the men’s cocks and before long both began to cum very hard, shooting their jizz deep into her throat, so much she started to gag on it. She giggled at this, and pulled the two men down and shared a wet kiss with the two of them, making both of them eat their own and each others cum. All three found that to be very sexy and kissed a bit more before laying back for another joint and a short rest.

Sandy’s next stunt was to get Rick into a position that she had wanted to have him in for many months now. She leaned over Ron and licked his cockheads and he immediately became erect-he found Sandy to be the sexiest woman he had ever known and to be with her was very gratifying for him. Little did he know just how kinky she really was, nor how kinky Rick was. Either way, he thought it was fun to try new experiences and was not going to protest anything Sandy wanted to do.

Sandy instinctively knew this and took things a step further. She gently pushed Rick’s head down toward Ron’s cock, giving him that look he knew to mean, “Come help me with this,” not that she needed help but it was stimulating for her to finally get to see this thing happen. Rick was up for pleasing his woman and did as she wanted. He leaned over and began to gently lick Ron’s balls while Sandy sucked the head of Ron’s cock. Ron had looked down to see the couple giving him head and looked a bit startled but did not protest what was happening. Instead, he began to moan and groan with pleasure as Rick and Sandy switched actions, Rick sucking and licking Ron’s cock and shaft as Sandy sucked and licked his fat balls. Then both began to lick his cock and suck it together, as Sandy stroked his balls. Rick then joined in on stroking Ron’s balls, and before long Ron began to cum very hard, the couple catching his hot cum in their mouths and sharing it in a kiss.

Rick was very worked up as he found these kinds of sex to be very exhilarating. Sandy felt the same way, a little bit of the unique was always entertaining for the two of them, and now it was Ron’s turn to help her suck Rick’s big cock. She was very much looking forward to this. She loved suckling Rick as often as possible and found him to enjoy it just as much as she did. Her blow job skills were fantastic and she knew it. The fact that Rick thought so made it even more enjoyable for her to do.

She gently shoved Rick back onto the bed and climbed atop his waist, kissing him passionately, deeply, probing his mouth with her tongue and gently biting his lips. He reached up to play with her nipples, shooting waves of electricity through her body to her vagina. He moaned out and pushed his pelvis upwards; wanting his cock to get pleased by her in any way she was willing to please him. She giggled and slid down his body to take his cock deeply into her mouth before coming back up to kiss the head and gently lick it a few times. She took Ron’s hand and placed it on Rick’s cock, helping him to gently jack off Rick’s cock while she sucked and licked at Rick’s balls. She first took one, then the other, before taking both in and swirling her tongue all around them. She then gently raised his ass up a bit and licked that tender spot between his balls and anus before tongue fucking his ass a bit. This was something Rick really liked a lot and she knew it, so she gave him that anal pleasure by mouth a bit before gently sliding a finger in and finger fucking him a bit while she helped Ron please Rick orally. She and Ron took turns sucking and licking Rick’s 8 inch cock before both treated him to the two mouths together. In the meanwhile, Ron had lay on his side and slid his cock into Sandy, slowly pumping in and out of her tight, wet hole, fingering her clit all the while, till all three came very hard, and Sandy had Ron share Rick’s cum with her and Rick in a passionate kiss.

All three were getting exhausted after so much fun and laid back on the bed, snuggling up in each others arms before falling deep asleep, each having sexy dreams of what tomorrow might bring…..

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