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Breaking The Ice

My brain was racing with excitement. The escort was willing to participate in my
plan for surprising my wife. I contacted Angie on a website listing escorts in the
city. Almost all of the women in the listings were only interested in male
clientele. Her services were expensive, but it was the only way to get my plan
into action, without a lot of delays. My wife and I often fantasized about having
sex with one or two other people joining us. Whenever I tried to act on this and
make contact with a couple from a swingers site, she would back-pedal and
claimed that it was only a fantasy and that she had no interest in making it
actually happen.

For me, the fantasy was too tempting and I had to go for the real thing. I had
found that almost all of the people on swinger's sites are not interested in a
married man playing without his wife, and for good reason. No one wants or
needs that kind of drama in their life and no matter how you try to justify itÂ…it is
still cheating. It was my hope that Angie would be able to break the ice for Lisa,
and possibly open the door a little more for us to explore swinging as a couple.

The evening got started with me taking Lisa out for a nice, early dinner. We took
our time and enjoyed some small talk. I had the difficult task of trying to steer
our conversation clear of home or work related topics that might ruin the
atmosphere. When we finished with dinner, I told her that we would go to a club
for a few drinks and see if there was a decent band playing. She wasn't thrilled,
but played along.

We ended up in a club where the music was good, but so loud that we only
stayed for a couple of drinks. Walking across the parking lot to the car I said,
"Well the night is still young. Are you up for some adventure?" I held up a hotel
room key, and she just stared at first. "What is going on? What are you up to?",
she asked. I told her that I definitely did not want to go home, and that we
should spend the rest of the evening out. "The kids are gone for the weekend
and we don't have anyone to answer to, so lets enjoy it"

The drive to the hotel took about 15 minutes. Lisa was silent almost the whole
way, and my mind raced with thoughts about the preparations set into place
earlier and of what I hoped would happen later. Angie had the other room key.
She was to wait until I contacted her and let her know that we had checked in. I
had extra clothes and a bag full of toy surprises for my sweetie, and could not
wait to get busy. Because this was to be a surprise, Angie and I agreed that her
attention would mainly be on my wife. I would simply observe, and only join in if
Lisa requested it.

We pulled into the hotel and I grabbed the bags from the trunk. "When did you
get all this together?" Lisa asked. "I've been planning it for weeks now. I want
tonight to be something that you remember for a lifetime". We checked in and
went on to the room. It was a suite with a Jacuzzi spa in the bathroom. I
immediately started to fill the Jacuzzi tub so we could freshen up and I could get
Lisa relaxed. I popped the cork on the bottle of champagne and poured us both
a glass. We stripped and climbed into the tub and sat back to enjoy each other's
company. We then drank our champagne and played around a little.

I jumped out of the jacuzzi first and told Lisa to hang out in there and enjoy the
relaxing massage it was giving her. After refilling her glass, I dried off quickly
and quietly made the call to Angie. She was in the lobby and would be in the
room within a few minutes. I went to the bag of toys and pulled out a blindfold
and went back to the bathroom to prepare Lisa. I helped her out of the jacuzzi,
dried her off, and began massaging in her favorite after-bath lotion. The
combination of the hot jacuzzi and massage had her way relaxed. I told her that
the next phase was about to start, and produced the blindfold. She eyed me
suspiciously as I walked around her and placed it over her eyes. I then wrapped
her in a little kimono-style robe and walked her thru the short hall to the bed.

There before me stood Angie, and she looked even better in person. She was
about 5' and could not have weighed much more than 100 pounds. Angie had
straight reddish-blond hair that came down to her shoulders, and her eyes were
bright blue. She was wearing a long, fur-fringed coat with what appeared to be
high heeled leather boots.

I continued to guide Lisa to the bed as I visually drank in Angie. At the bedside I
undid the belt on Lisa's robe and slipped it off of her. Lisa sat at the edge of the
bed and I told her to lay down for her massage. Silently, Angie walked over to
the desk and turned on a cd player that she had set up while we were still in the
bathroom. Light and seductive jazz sounds filled the room. Lisa cooed, "Oooh,
you even thought of music, and a good choice at that". Angie grinned, and
without saying a word she unbuttoned the fur coat, peeled it off and layed it
across the back of a chair.

I think that I gasped out loud when I saw her. She was dressed in a black lace
corset that looked like it was molded to her skin. Her matching thong, garter and
nylons were perfect. She had pert little "B" cup breasts, tiny waist, and beautiful
round hips and ass that gave her a great hourglass shape.

Angie produced a bottle of massage oil from her own bag of goodies and walked
over to the side of the bed. I moved away and took a seat in an armchair on the
other side of the bed and settled in to watch. Lisa jumped slightly as Angie
poured a trail of oil down the center of her back. Now the big moment had
arrived as this would be the first time in many years that someone other than me
touched my wife's body. Angie trailed her finger tips in the line of oil from the
small of Lisa's back and up to her shoulders, then she leaned in and put her
weight into her hands. She began to rub the shoulders and there was a short
period where you could see the expression on Lisa's still blind-folded face change
from relaxed enjoyment, to a quizzical look, to dawning realization that these
were not the hands that she expected. Lisa started to raise up and I quickly told
her to relax, lay back down, and enjoy her massage. She stayed half-raised for a
few seconds facing towards my voice. Angie gently pushed down on her
shoulders and pressed her back down onto the bed, and then continued her

Lisa relaxed again after several minutes of neck, shoulder and back massaging.
Angie worked her way down to the small of Lisa's back and on to her ass and
thighs. I was mesmerized watching the two interact. As Angie's hands reached
the lower legs, she reversed and worked her way along the inner leg and thigh.
Lisa reacted by parting her legs, as if to invite her in. When Angie go to the top
of the inner thigh she stopped, and then lightly trailed her fingertips and nails
across Lisa's labia and up her ass crack. Lisa was definitely getting turned on as
she raised her ass up trying to keep the contact.

Angie looked over at me and nodded. "Okay babe" I said, "you need to turn over
now". As she turned, Angie reached back into her bag and pulled out two strap
type restraints with Velcro cuffs. She tied the end of one to the post of the
headboard, and tossed the second to me. After I had my side tied down Angie
strapped in Lisa's wrists. Soon Angie was dribbling the massage oil between my
wife's breasts and down to the lower abdomen and stopped right at the top of
her lips. She started the massage just above Lisa's bush and moved her hands
up between her breasts to the neck, then circled back down and cupped her
breasts. Lisa's breathing was becoming more ragged from her growing
excitement and anticipation. Angie used the thumb and forefinger of both hands
to lightly pinch and roll Lisa's nipples, making them stand out at attention and
forcing a low moan from my wife. Angie then continued the massage working
down to the bikini line and curving over to the front of the thighs. Her hands
kneaded deeply into Lisa's thighs, and then lifted and she trailed her nails lightly
back up towards the pussy. Lisa's legs parted and through her bush I could see
that her lips were already full and swollen. A hint of wetness glistened on the
lower edge of her lips.

Angie splayed her fingers out and set her fully open hands on Lisa's belly. They
slid down towards the crotch and she ran her thumbs up and down along the
outside of Lisa's labia. Lisa opened her legs wide which then pulled her lips open
more revealing the growing clit. She pleaded, "Please do me. You're driving me
crazy". Angie took her forefinger and using her long nail, lightly traced the inner
lips of Lisa's pussy. Lisa squirmed but Angie carefully avoided the clit, allowing
only contact with the lips. Lisa's pussy was now slick with her wetness, to the
point that a thin trail ran down from her pussy to the slit of her ass cheeks.

Lisa's squirming was now constant, and her moaning punctuated with heavy
ragged breathing. Angie, bent down and brought her mouth close to Lisa's clit.
She blew lightly across the clit and driving Lisa wild with desire. Finally she took
her tongue and traced a couple of circles around the inner lips, then lightly
began flicking Lisa's clit. The effect was instant. Lisa cried out telling her not to
stop. Angie's tongue flicks turned to long slows laps across the clit. Lisa bucked
and grunted as she came in wave after wave of release. She would later tell me
that it was one of the most explosive climaxes of her life.

Angie undid the restraints and returned to massaging Lisa's thighs, belly and
breasts allowing Lisa a chance to cool down and catch her breath. Lisa pulled off
her blindfold and looked Angie over. She reached up and pulled Angie down to
her, kissed her and then thanked her for the fun. Angie told her that she was
just getting started. Lisa looked over at me and I nodded my approval. Lisa
asked Angie to climb onto the bed and then they locked in a full body embrace
kissing passionately. After a few minutes Lisa rolled Angie onto her back and
flipped around to the 69 position. She eagerly dove her mouth into Angie's
smooth-shave pussy, sucking and licking her lips.

Soon they had four fingers thrusting in each others cunts and were furiously
licking their clits. I watched as they brought each other to orgasm, and was
hoping that they would soon have pity on me and invite me in. Angie slid off the
bed and pulled a harness out of her bag. After stepping into it and cinching it
closed she pulled out a dildo that had to have been 8" long. She got back on the
bed and began licking Lisa's pussy again. After a few minutes of this she told
Lisa to get on all fours. As Lisa got into position, Angie ran a little lube onto the
dildo and then brought the head to the entrance of Lisa's pussy. Slowly she
pushed just the head in, and pulled back out. She continued this slow tease and
then began to go a little deeper with each stroke. Lisa looked over at me and
watched as I stroked my cock, which by this time was rock hard and ready to
explode. "Come here", she commanded, and I jumped up and got onto the bed.
Lisa turned and grabbed my dick and began to tongue around the fringe of my
cockhead. Then she began to take it into her mouth until she had all she could
handle without gagging. Lisa has never been one who enjoyed giving blowjobs,
and she refused to let me cum in her mouth, so I knew she was really turned on
and I was now going to enjoy it too.

Angie kept up her steady stroking from behind as she watched Lisa suck me off.
It didn't take more than two minutes of this and I was ready to blow. I warned
Lisa that I was going to cum any second now, but to my surprise she kept right
on going. I grunted loudly as I began to shoot my load into Lisa's mouth. After
the first couple of squirts she pulled back and my cock popped out of her mouth.
The sensation of her mouth sliding off seemed to intensify the feeling and I
squirted two more huge jets of cum that across Lisa's face onto her back. Angie
slid her hand from Lisa's hips up to the string of my cum and ran her fingers
through it. Then she rubbed it into her tits and licked off her fingers.

Lisa was now begging Angie to fuck her hard and she responded by pounding
the dildo into Lisa's cunt with forceful thrusts. Lisa came hard for the third time
with a loud, whining moan. Angie pulled out of her and stripped off the harness.
She then laid before me and told me to 69 her. I got into position and started
lapping her juices as she began to suck my now limp cock back to attention. Lisa
came around the end of the bed and began to insert one of her vibrators into
Angie's pussy while I licked her clit. After a few minutes of this action, Lisa told
me to take the vibrator and keep Angie going. She then walked back and got
onto the bed behind me where I could not see her.

The next thing I know, I feel lube being dripped down the crack of my ass. I
looked back and Lisa had strapped on Angie's harness and dildo. I was not sure
exactly what to think as she ran some lube onto the dildo and made her way
behind me. Angie reached up and rubbed the tip of her forefinger around my
asshole lubing it up, then she inserted her finger slowly. I tensed up when I felt
it press into my ass, and she said to relax and go with it. I tried to relax and slow
my breathing. Angie grabbed the shaft of the dildo and guided Lisa to my ass.
Lisa tried to push the head in, but I clinched up. She gave my ass cheek a sharp
swat with her hand and said to let up.

The feeling of the pressure of the dildo pushing into my ass was almost
unbearable at first. Angie continued to lick and suck my cock and balls as Lisa
would pull out a little, and then go back in a little more. Soon the dildo had
completely filled my ass and Lisa began thrusting in and out with a slow even
rhythm. I returned to licking Angies clit and began inserting fingers into her. First
one, then two, and finally I had three fingers in her pussy. I then took my little
finger and began to slowly insert it into Angie's ass.

I slid my fingers in and out of her as I licked her clit. The combination brought
her to the edge quickly, and she moaned she was going to come. Her pussy and
ass began to spasm with the waves of her orgasm and her juices flooded my
hand. As her orgasm subsided she returned to sucking me off as Lisa continued
her pumping. Then I came a second time sending my cum down Angie's throat.

We all laid there on the bed for a while to come down. Angie got up and took a
quick shower leaving Lisa and I in each other's arms. Lisa whispered a thank you
to me. We drifted off and I woke what seemed like a short time later. I looked
about the room and there was no sign of Angie. I got up and checked the
bathroom and she was gone.

Now the ice has been broken and Lisa and I are setting up our next adventure.
We will be going to a local on-premise club to check it out. We will update you
with that later.

End of Story

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