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Bi Curious Afternoon

I was very much a bi-curious teen when I was growing up. A friend and I used to get naked together and explore each others bodies. I used to enjoy fondling my friends erect cock, and feeling his balls as they moved around in my hand. I never went totally gay, I just like to ocassionally do intimate things with another guy.

So, I jumped at the chance when a guy sent me an email and had the patience to make me feel comfortable meeting him. We did and I soon was naked and laying down on his bed, watching, and geting aroused by a gay video, which was a real suprise to me. He was naked too and spent a while getting to know my cock and balls before giving me the best oral sex I have ever had.

Doing this did not make me gay, just satisfied something in me. At first it was somewhat scarey, but after a while i was more and more comfortable with the idea and soon afterwards, we met again. I played with his cock and balls for a long time, then I put a condom on him and sucked his cock.

After several more visits, he felt comfortable enough and trusted me enough to invite me into a threesome with his girl friend. What an afternon. I was fucking her, while sucking on his cock. Wow! Never thought I had it in me.

I learned, there is a difference between being comfortable enough with your own sexuality to share yoruself with another man and being totally gay. They are two different things entirely. What is important to me is knowing that I can trust someone to be healthy and clean as well as to apprecaite the meaning of privacy.

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