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Bed And Breakfast, Chapter 2 The Interview

Mary and I decided to buy the old place. Six beautiful bedrooms, four with their
own bath, and a loft overlooking a huge main room with a magnificent stone
fireplace. It was just the right thing, very secluded, lots of land and what a
magnificent view. After wandering around the grounds on the first day,
gloriously naked in the great outdoors, we made love next to a waterfall. We
didn't wear any clothes at all the first week we were there, making love where
ever and when ever we wanted.
Then we started going through the papers on the place. The electric bill alone
was atrocious. We talked it over and decided to turn it into a bed and
breakfast, with a twist. We so enjoyed our nudity and sexual freedom over the
first week that we decided it would be a clothing optional, sexually open bed
and breakfast. But she and I couldn't run the place on our own, we'd have to
hire staff. So, we placed the ad:
'Help wanted - two openings - one single, bi-female; one single, bi-male, needed
for general housekeeping/maintenance at new B&B. Minimal experience needed.
Start immediately. Fair wage plus room and board. Contact Mary and/or Siobhan
We received several applications, mostly from women. We screened them very
thoroughly over the telephone. I didn't want to waste any one's time if they
weren't open to such a working environment. Not many people can work in a place
where most everybody is nude and many are having sex openly. That is also why
they each had to be bi, just like Mary and I. No hang ups over free,
uninhibited, loving sexuality, no matter the participants. They would also have
to be open to sharing a room.
Mary and I pondered over the finalists and even called a couple of them back. I
couldn't believe there were so many women wanting a job at our bed and
breakfast. I also couldn't believe we only got three male callers. I thought
they'd jump at the chance for such a job. I guess the part about being bi scared
many off. But I wasn't going to compromise, I wanted staff that would be
completely uninhibited about sex.
We finally decided to interview.
Josh, the only qualifying male, was a 23 year old California boy, six foot tall,
in shape but not too muscle-bound, very pleasant on the phone. Mary and I had a
difficult time narrowing the field of women down to one. They all sounded
qualified for the job, and for our special requirements. But it was Cindy who
got the call. A young brunette with a very nice figure, 22, hair cut in a bob,
neatly trimmed pubes and a bright smile, also very pleasant over the phone.
We arranged for them both to interview at the same time. Cindy even offered to
pick Josh up at the airport. I knew if these two could pass the interview, we'd
have a very good staff. Mary and I made sure we were both looking for the same
things - bright, sexy, uninhibited, and willing to work.
The day arrived. I was so nervous, one would think I was the one being
interviewed. Mary did everything she could think of to get me to relax, short of
medication. We both had to shower twice because we made each other cum so much
(but that is another story). We decided to be dressed when Josh and Cindy
arrived. 'Dressed' should really read 'covered', since all either of us had on
was a long t-shirt. Mary's nipples were so hard, she looked as though she would
burst through the cotton t-shirt any second. This wonderful sight (I just LOVE
Mary's breasts) was not helping my arousal one bit. But I was doing my best to
contain myself until Josh and Cindy arrived.
Josh's plane was due to arrive at 12:30, so we figured they would arrive for the
interview around 2:00, giving them driving time and a chance to get lunch. When
2:00 became 2:30 and they were not there, I was beginning to worry, but Mary
suggested that they might be having a difficult time finding the place and for
me to relax. I knew she was right, I was just anxious about getting everything
At 2:45, my anxiety was quelled when in walk Josh and Cindy, hand in hand and
smiling. He's wearing only a pair of shorts and she's completely nude. This was
what I was looking for in our employees!
"Sorry we're late," giggled Cindy. "But we just hit it off so well at the
airport, I couldn't wait to have him. The road up here was so secluded, it made
for a perfect place to have sex."
All Josh could do was smile a beaming smile and blush a little. "Hello" finally
made it out of his mouth after clearing his throat.
At this point, it was pretty much assured that they both had the job. I looked
at Mary, winked and took off my t-shirt. Hers was off before mine hit the floor.
Josh removed his shorts to reveal his flaccid, yet beautiful, penis. We all sat
down on the couches in front of the fireplace to discuss the work end of the
interview, to get the boring business side of this out of the way as soon as
possible. Both Josh and Cindy were qualified for the job and were very relaxed
being nude with us. I did notice both were eyeing us over. Cindy seemed very
interested in my red pubes and Mary's clean shaven paradise caught Josh's eye
more than once. And though Josh just came twice thanks to Cindy, he was showing
signs of an erection while looking Mary and me over. Good.
With that out of the way, Mary asked "So, Cindy, did you get to suck Josh off,
or did you just fuck him?"
"Both, that's what kept us," Cindy replied with a smile. "He's quite well
endowed and knows what to do with it."
"Don't let her kid you," added Josh, his erection getting more apparent as we
spoke, "she really knows what to do with it. She had her face in my lap before
we even left the airport lot."
"Initiative," Mary giggled at me. "Very good. Mind if I have a taste?" she said
as she moved next to Josh on the couch. They arranged themselves and Mary took
Josh's hardening penis into her mouth exclaiming "Oooo, you are a big boy,
aren't you?" I love to watch her do that. She just enjoys herself so much.
Meanwhile, I had Cindy move next to me and was stroking her upper arm while we
chatted. She was very receptive to my touch and set her hand on my thigh. We
talked about how and when she lost her virginity, her first experience with
another woman, how Josh was, you know, girl talk.
In the corner of my eye, I could see Mary's head bobbing slowly up and down on
Josh's stiff penis. Cindy had a better view, and I noticed every once in a while
her licking her lips. I moved my hand from stroking her arm to cupping a breast.
So soft and firm. Her reply was to cup one of my breasts. We sat there, staring
into each other's eyes, the conversation stopped. The only noise in the room was
the slurping sound coming from Mary's expert blowjob to Josh.
Cindy and I kissed and fondled on our couch while Mary was working her oral
magic on Josh. Cindy did her best to stifle a giggle and whispered in my ear
"He's really going to like that."
I turned in my seat just in time to see Mary kneeling in front of Josh wrapping
her beautiful 35Cs around Josh's hard cock while giving it's sensitive tip a
quick lick from her hot tongue. I knew from the smile on her face she was
enjoying it just as much as he was.
My attention snapped back to Cindy because she was inserting a slender finger
into my very wet pussy. I responded by lying back on my elbows and opening my
legs for her. She commented on my pretty red pubes as she slowly inserted her
finger deeper into my hot, wet hole. She was slowly stroking me, carefully
probing inside and watching my reaction to each move. I had to lie back on the
couch, my elbows couldn't support me any longer. She increased her speed and I
felt myself pushing to meet her thrusts as I cupped my own breasts, fingering my
rock hard nipples with my thumbs. I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips,
low, almost animalistic. I turned my head to see my sweet love Mary's head
bobbing up and down on Josh's cock while he stroked her hair and moaned his
pleasure. She pulled off of him and beamed that smile I know too well. She was
ready to suck him dry and there was nothing he could, or would want, to do to
stop her.
I felt another stimulation between my legs. Cindy's thumb found my clit. That
sent me into overdrive. She added another finger. I lifted my left breast to my
mouth and sucked my own nipple as my moans of pleasure grew and escaped my
throat. I released my nipple and threw back my head as the sensation I knew was
eminent was drawing closer. Cindy was working my pussy with both hands now, two
fingers deep inside and the thumb of the other hand rubbing against my aching,
throbbing clit. Just as I was ready to cum, ready to explode, just as I reached
the point of no return - she stopped! I stared at her in wide-eyed disbelief. My
breathing so laboured, I couldn't ask why she would do such a thing! Cindy
grinned a devilish grin and said "I've never eaten a red-haired pussy before.
Now's as good a time as any to start." She then lifted my arse to her plunging
mouth and attacked my screaming pussy. My stars, I came! I screamed, I cried and
I came some more! The instant Cindy's tongue touched my clit she was bathed in
my juices. She lapped them up and went in for more - much more. She sucked in
all I could give her, licking and sucking at my cuming pussy, licking and
sucking my clit, tongue fucking me until I thought I was going to pass out.
After an orgasmic eternity, she eased me back down to the couch and held me
close as the convulsions of my orgasms slowed. She kissed me with her soaking
wet face, beaming a smile of satisfaction. I stroked her dark hair and smiled a
quivering smile, unable to speak in my rapture.
"Oh, Mary! Oh, God! Here! HERE!!!" Josh shouted as he squirted his spunk all
over Mary's face and neck and breasts. He seemed to cum forever, shot after hot,
creamy shot of spunk coating Mary's breasts.
"Don't stop, Baby! Give it all to me! Cum all over me! Yes - YES!!!" Mary was
cuming, as well. She so loves having a man cum on her. She grabbed his squirting
mast and swallowed it, Josh's sperm running down her chin. Josh's hands held her
head as he screamed out one last shot deep into Mary's throat. Mary, loving
every last drop, received all he gave her and smiled as he collapsed back onto
the couch. She then crawled over to me.
With a Cheshire grin and Josh's think cum on her face, she leaned over me and I
knew what she was going to do. I reached up, stroked her hair and looked into
those eyes that love me. I opened my mouth and she met my tongue with hers,
coated in Josh's fertile seed. Our tongues danced together as we shared Josh's
creamy cum. As we kissed, I felt her spunk coated breasts rub against mine and I
instinctively held her closer. Our passion burned hotter and hotter as our kiss
Suddenly, Mary broke the kiss. We both smiled and panted "Hired."

End of Story

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