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The experience in this story has resulted in expanding my considerations about bi-sexuality.

I’m a forty eight year old, divorced father and professional. I travel quite a bit in my line of work as a consultant. I like the freedom of being on my own, but it definitely cost me my marriage.

I can get quite lonely on the road, so I’ve had a few liaisons with women that were very enjoyable. In each case they were with women that I knew professionally, but had no direct business with them. It seemed convenient to them and to me, and in a couple of cases has continued off and on for about three years. It was nice for me, the single guy, and it worked for them too since being single was a requirement that each of them had dictated.

Occasionally, I also travel with a male business associate. He’s another independent consultant, and I hire him for work with a specific customer in the south.

He and I weren’t really friends, but we did enjoy professional comradery when we joined forces.

Now, in this letter, I’ll simply refer to him as Joe for the sake of his and my own anonymity. He’s six years older than me, fit, but perhaps a little overweight at five-feet eleven inches. Joe always has a perpetual tan and talks with a definite country drawl.

My customer really likes him for his wit and charm, and he’s an exceptional problem solver, which is why I hire Joe.

But away from the customer, he always jokes with me about being a nudist and bi-sexual. He has a wife and two college kids, and bears no feminine qualities that I personally don’t find attractive in gay guys. I look back now on his humor and realize he was probably trying to seduce me. Hmmm.

Last year, after a particularly important and successful meeting, I decided to take Joe out to celebrate. We had solved a significant problem, which resulted in big savings for our client, which Joe and I would receive a nice cut.

Well, at dinner Joe eased the conversation toward his two favorite subjects. He was going to take a couple months off and do some traveling to a private, clothing-optional sex resort in the Caribbean. With two empty wine bottles on the table, I found it rather easy to ask him about nudism, which is a topic I have found increasingly interesting as a single adult male. I do it all the time in my hotel suites, so had grown accustomed to the nice feeling it gives me.

I began a steady and sincere line of questions about what it was like being a nudist. Why did Joe start being a nudist? What was it like going nude the first time? Do nudists get sexually aroused? Do nudists have orgies?

Joe treated my questions humorously at first, but then suggested the two of u s go back to one of our suites and just go ahead and try some nudity.

To tell the truth, I was a bit buzzed from the wine, a bit horny about thoughts of public nudity and more than fascinated about hearing the details of Joe’s vacation, so I agreed with some conditions.

I let Joe know I wanted to do the nude-thing, but wasn’t interested in guy-guy sex. He promised that there would be no sexual pressure.

I waved to the waiter, who put the charge on my suite and asked him for another bottle of the same wine to be brought up to my room. The waiter smiled, gave a furtive glance at Joe, and completed our dinner with a receipt to sign.

As Joe and I rode the elevator together in silence, I began to have second thoughts about being nude, and possibly aroused in front of Joe. My face must have shown my concern and Joe simply said, “don’t worry about it.” Just then the elevator door opened to my floor.

My hands fumbled at the security card for the door, and I felt my heart racing. I felt like this experience was about to be a huge turn-on and was nervous about getting an erection in front of Joe.

We stepped in and the lights automatically came on.

Joe immediately spoke, “No time to think about what to do or say. Let’s just undress and then we can talk.” With that said I watched with great fascination as Joe undressed. He seemed casual and indifferent, so I started to undress myself with a little more confidence.

In no time we were both naked. He had a nice deep tan and was quit a bit hairier than me. His cock was thick and long, maybe six inches, and swayed limply as he danced out his briefs.

To my relief, my erection hadn’t happened yet, and I too was swaying with that ever-so-wonderful, semi-swollen look and feel.

“Wow, this is weird,” I exclaimed.

“Same for me my first time,” Joe said in a slow drawl, then continued, “and I loved it.”

There was a knock at the door. “The wine! I forgot. I need to put something on!” I was nervous.

“No need,” Joe said. “I’ll handle it.”

He turned and strode to the door. His tanned ass wiggled with a certain firmness that would be attractive to anyone, at least I thought it looked universally good looking for an ass.

He opened the door just enough to stick his head out. I heard a brief exchange in low tones, then to my shock, Joe fully opened the door and a bell hop pushed a car in, sporting three bottles of wine.

With consummate professionalism, the bell hop explained that the wine I enjoyed at dinner was now all gone. The chef had recommended three others as substitute recommendations.

I was totally off guard and without actually listening, gawked at the bell boy as he described each label. I heard ‘pinot noir’ as one of the selections, and agreed to that label because I knew I liked that wine and I was thinking this might speed things up. I was feeling a bit weird standing their naked in front of him, with another naked man as my guest.

Well, the young man, in his early twenties, carefully opened the bottle of pinot noir, poured a taste and presented me the glass to sample the wine. I nervously tried focus on the task and thought about the rules for tasting wine – swirl, sniff, sip and swish three times.

As I swirled I sensed a little swaying again down below. It was the only time the bell hop stole a glance at my cock, but he never left character as a professional staff member of the hotel.

The wine did have a great bouquet so I thanked him, complimenting the chef’s recommendation. He set the bottle and two fresh glasses on the table and made to leave, then hesitated.

As he paused looking at me, I heard Joe clear his voice in just the perfect way that hinted at the customary tip that I was neglecting.

My pants were in a heap on the sofa, so I turned, grabbed some cash from y pocket, and handed him a fifty. As I moved about I became acutely conscious of my nudity again and like Joe said, I really enjoyed my exhibition.

“Really, sir, a five would be sufficient.” He seemed sincere in his humility.

“Keep the fifty for the awkward predicament we put you in.” I shoved his hand back.

“Thank you, and, ahem, I certainly appreciated the opportunity to serve. Have a nice evening and call if you need anything else.”

He stuffed the fifty in his pocket and retreated to the hallway with a smile.

With the door closed, I looked at Joe with a mix of dismay, delight and anger.

“Joe. You let him in. We were naked!”

He walked over to the table, poured the wine for both of us and handed me my glass.

“OK, you asked me about an hour ago what it was like to be naked in front of strangers. Now you know. Cheers!” He clinked my glass and took a sip.

“Good choice.” He winked at me, then continued. “Now, answer your own question. What was it like?’

Joe walked over to a chair, sitting at a ninety degree angle, next to the sofa. “Sit. Let’s talk.” His words were more of a suggestion than an order.

I took the sofa and sat in the topical, proper fashion. Joe slung one leg over the chair so that as he faced me, he was essentially spread eagle, aimed directly at me.”

“C’mon Ed. Get comfortable. For crying out loud. Show your junk. It’s OK. We’re supposed to be naked.”

And, so I did. I essentially half-reclined against the arm of the sofa and raised one leg against the back of the sofa, so effectively, I was spread eagling back at Joe. I felt a little naughty and that felt good in and of itself.

“These bell hops have seen it all. I checked with him to see if he’d mind serving us even though we were both naked.” Joe took a long sip of his glass.

It was obvious Joe was getting some conversation going to help with my nervousness.

“What’d he say?” I asked with genuine interest at his information.

“Stayed absolutely proper with me and said, “you’re comfort and pleasure during your stay is our hotel’s number one goal. Shall I present these wines now sir?” Joe mimicked the bell hop with a phony voice, trying to sound like a butler.

“I bet these guys have a million stories.” I sort of giggled and adjusted my posture on the sofa.

The air on my skin felt great. I liked this sensation and paused to consider why. I looked at Joe – his face, torso ‘junk’ and legs. I realized what I liked about my nudity. I was sharing it with someone else.

That night, Joe and I talked another hour or so until bottle number three was empty.

Our conversation was mostly analytical and for the most part, centered around the philosophy of nudism. Joe went on about equality, self-expression, natural, healthy, blah, blah. I sort of understood the overall explanation, but had my doubts about how genuine that bull shit was.

Then, I returned to our dinner conversation where Joe had mentioned the clothing-optional resort. I asked him to explain the difference of that kind of nudism.

Joe stood up, smiled and arched his back so that his cock bobbled and swayed. “I gotta pee, and we need some more drink before we proceed to that conversation.”

“More wine?” I asked as I also stood up.

“Nah. How about some hard stuff? Rum. Vodka.”

“Does the hotel deliver the hard stuff?”

“Nah. I’ll get some from my room down the hall. Let me borrow a towel.”

He grabbed a towel from my bathroom, wrapped himself and left my suite.

While he was gone I could help but look at myself in the room’s full-length mirror. I couldn’t resist fondling myself. I was naked with another man.

Joe was back pretty quick and had a bucket of ice with some coke cans, a full bottle of rum and his shaving kit.

He poured two very strong glasses of rum and coke, which I like, and handed me my glass.

Over the next several minutes he told me about a private resort that he was a member of, and that it definitely wasn’t a nudist resort. He explained that it was a place where couples and singles, straight or bi-, went to go have recreational sex, and lots of it.

Even without rushing my strong drink, the liquor had a pronounced and rapid affect on me. I got a very hard erection and noticed that Joe did too. He certainly had become interested in mine.

The fact that I was increasingly drunk and hard, made the whole experience super-erotic for me.

Joe began to softly play with himself, and on cue, so did I. This went on until Joe suggested refills.

I was extremely horny at this point and rock hard. My cock was standing straight up as we stood their chatting by the rum bottle. It was pointing straight at the ceiling.

I was emboldened. “I’[ll pour, but tell me what you think about my cock. My words were slurring.

“Stiff.” Joe said. “Looks stiff and hard.” Joe was slurring his words too.

“For that correct answer, here’s your glass – full again. Ahem, mostly with rum.”

Joe’s cock was standing straight up at the ceiling too, and he had a look of mischief on his face.

“We should watch one of those nice adult movies the hotel has.” Joe was going in the same direction I was.

I thought for a second. It would certainly feel good to jerk off. “I’m up for that,” I quipped.

“Ill drink to that,” Joe continued without skipping a beat. We clinked glasses again and gulped down nearly straight rum.

“To the bed?” Joe asked with a devilish grin.

“Joe,” I laughed like a school boy. “I need to jack off. Just a warning.”

My suite had a king-size bed and before I knew it we were both leaning on the backboard, polishing off our last swigs of rum, and started to channel surf the hotel’s adult movie titles.

As always, all the titles interested me, but Joe said to slow down for the bi- channels. It was obvious Joe had a keen desire to watch one of these. He suggested a title, and before I knew what I had done, he and I were watching a bi-sexual movie get started.

This particular show promised two horny women and four bi-sexual guys; “money shots” were promised.

Now I’m always fascinated to watch guy s and galls getting it one with each other. This movie started in such a manner, but quickly moved into some guy-guy action.

In no time, Joe and I both got down to business fondling our own cocks. To be truthful, I knew an hour ago that this is where things were headed, so I decided to enjoy myself, and started to really get into my masturbation technique.

I also noticed that Joe had no inhibitions as he cupped his balls, fingered his ass hole and stroked his meat all at the same time.

I turned the volume of the movie down pretty low and decided it would be fun to talk about our jerk-offs. As much as I wanted to cum, I also wanted to savor the experience.

“What you thinking about Joe?” I asked, now really buzzed and very drunk.

“Hmmm, since you ask, I’m thinking about how nice it would be to jerk another guy’s cock for him.”

I could take a hint. “Have at it Joe.” I couldn’t believe what I had said, but I also believed I could blame it on the rum in the morning.

I laid myself down flat on the bed and spread my legs wide. I was looking forward to this.

Joe stood without saying a word grabbed his shaving kit and walked over to my side of the bed. His cock was rigid, thick and pointed straight up as he positioned himself beside me.

“Nice meat Ed.” Joe staggered a little as he put some K-Y onto the palm of his right hand.

Without another word he wrapped his lubricated hand around my cock and slickered it up, full length.

“Fast or slow?” He asked me as he started to stroke me.

The sensation was incredible. I closed my eyes at first, but opened them again and said, “make me cum when that guy on TV cums in his buddy’s mouth.

“That would be slow,” Joe remarked. “I’ve seen this flick a few times.

With that said, Joe did a masterful job of getting me off, as he talked dirty talk and I watched two gay guys do each other on TV.

I got pretty noisy just before I came, and pulled my own legs apart as wide as I could. I was crazy in lust for my own pleasure.

It shot a huge geyser; a true fountain that lasted for several spasms. I never had such an intense orgasm in my life.

Joe, being a southern gentleman, took his time easing me down from my climax, then took some tissues and cleaned me up as I lay there heaving, still accepting his attention.

But, the movie wasn’t over, and Joe inspired me to make the decision to return the favor. At this point I had no hang-up whatsoever to give him a hand job so that he could have the same release that I had.

“Your turn Joe.”

“Thought you’d never ask. Strokin’ that sweet rod of yours got me really anxious.”

He laid in the same spot, closed his eyes and I returned the favor except that I was now laying next to him. I found it very fascinating and even very fulfilling to handle his cock, trying to enhance his pleasure based on my own experience. I had a fun time jerking him off, then cleaning his ample puddle of cum off his belly.

Well, the movie was over now and I scooted across the bed away from him I laid on my back.

The rum was wearing off, but I was still mentally and physically horny. After nearly another half-hour of talking about bi-sexuality and my first experience with a guy giving me a hand job, Joe asked if I was ready for another round.

“How’d you guess?” I asked as I stroked my cock. I knew I was undergoing quite the metamorphosis. Sexual recreation with another guy didn’t seem to require oral or anal sex, which don’t really appeal to me.

But, Joe threw me a curve ball. “Tell you what, hand-jobs are nice, but they can make a guys cock sore.” He looked me in the eyes. “You ready for something a little more advanced?”

“Hey, now Joe, I’m not interested in giving you a blow job. Sorry. Nice cock, but not in my mouth.”

He smiled, “Not a blow job. I promise no pressure about BJs or ass-fucking, which I wont do either.

I was suspicious. “What is it then?” I had no clue where he was going with his suggestion.

Well, I call it ‘gliding’, but it probably has another name.

“Go on.” I was still suspicious, but willing to hear him out.

“Well, we’ll turn on another movie and lay on our bellies, watching it, and when you’re suitably inspired, you squirt some K-Y right here.” Je turned and ran his fingers through the valley between his ass-cheeks – the muscled part of his ass. “No anal penetration required or desired by me., but it gives quite a nice illusion, especially if you’re watching somebody on the flick take it in the ass – girl or guy.”

“Wow Joe. Then I’d probably cum all over your backside. You’d let me do that to you – pretend to fuck you in the ass.”

“Well . . . yeah. That’s sort-a the idea. I like the way it works me up too. You can take your time. Get on. Get off. Lay on me. Grunt. Groan. The works.”

My cock was raging again.

“And when I’m done?” I had visions of pay backs.

“Your choice. Try it underneath or pass. Do what you want when you’re ready.”

“It sounds hot Joe. Very hot. I’d like to try it, on you I mean. Let me think about giving you a ride, or glide, as I try this out.”

“Sure. No prob.”

Joe stood again to shift so that he was on his belly looking at the TV.

I turned into another bi-sexual flick, grabbed the K-Y jelly and lay down next to him.

We exchanged glances. This time I detected a clear signal of lust from Joe.

My cock was hard and ground stiffly into the quilt on the bed. I reached my hand over to Joe’s ass while we looked into each other’s faces. Joe spread his legs ever so slightly to invite more attention and I slowly and firmly played his hole with the tips of my fingers for a couple of minutes. His reaction told me he enjoyed the delicate touch down there.

Again, the movie had plenty of straight and bi-activity, but when two guys started taking turns on one of their buddies, I felt duly inspired for a glide on Joe’s ass.

I slickered him up between the ass cheeks and said in a wanton, husky voice, “I want to do this.” I even surprised myself. “I’m on fire Joe.”

“Take your time. Let me feel your thick meat.” Joe was ready too, grinding his own cock into the bed, writhing his ass in slow thrusting motions.

I toyed my rigid cock back and forth, letting it bounce off one cheek then the next. His ass muscles were hard as rocks. I was surprised at how firm he was.

Joe groaned slightly as I dipped my cock into the jelly and began to pleasure myself in long, slow thrusts.

My hands were planted along the sides of his ribs. I felt the cool air on my balls and ass. I nudged his legs further apart with my knees. which he obligingly pulled way apart, and began to moan about how turned on I was making him.

“Hmm, Joe, I feel the cool air on my ass. Your ass feels good to me. My cock is ready to explode.”

I could see the two guys trading turns on some guys ass on the TV so I started to mimic their motions and gyrations.

Joe didn’t seem to be watching the TV any longer, but I could see he was intently breathing and reacting to my faux fucking.

“Such a nice ass Joe.” I couldn’t believe myself. I increased my tempo because my climax was beyond the point of no return.

“I’m gonna . . . cum . . . on . . . your . . . ugggghh! Uggghhh! Uggghhh!”

I lost control as I listened to my own banter.

After I was done I collapsed onto his back, which also surprised me. It was very strange indeed to be in a half-embrace with this naked guy, but under the circumstances, it seemed OK. I lay there feeling my cum on my belly and on his back. My cock remained hard and slipped inside the crack of his ass. I could feel his heart beating and his still heavy breathing. I had no idea things would go this far.

After a minute or two I rolled off of him onto my back and I was surprised yet again, by my new friend.

“Ed, I want to jerk off if that’s OK. No gliding right now. I can’t wait. I want to jerk onto you. Is that OK?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Onto your cock?”

“Jerk onto my cock? Yes. Do it.” I owed him something back, but I didn’t expect this. I was a little worried about STDs, and such, but in my lusty haze, I gave in almost immediately.

I then watched with a mix of fascination as he got on his knees, between my legs and started to masturbate. Judging by the speed of things, he was in a hurry and in less than a minute he sprayed me down. He sent a large spurt right along the shaft of my cock and got a second spurt onto my balls, and well, he milked the rest out close to the tip of my penis. He grunted and groaned, and I sort of cheered him on.

Again, he cleaned both of us up, this time with a warm wash cloth from the bathroom, and that ended the over sexual activity for the evening, but we did lounge around the suite for another couple of hours – totally nude. I asked him a thousand more questions about the bi-sexual lifestyle.

In particular, I wanted to know if I was bi-sexual.

Joe remarked, “Well, tonight you can’t claim your bi-sexual. But, if you ask me to do this again, and you still like women, it’ll be official.”

We parted ways the next day. We made enough money in the last contract to take several weeks off between clients. But, we’ve e-mailed to set up another job together.

I have an idea I’m bi-sexual because I have every intent of practicing same-room nudity with him again, and giving him a nice glide in the crack of my ass.

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