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And Me Makes Three

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I have always considered myself totally straight. Always made it with the ladies, and did well. I'm not saying I slept around, for the sake of sleeping around... but I have had the pleasure of being with several women, and not one of them ever complained (at least not that I know of.) I've even had some swing experiences with 3 different couples who were friends of ours. I've watched the ladies enjoy each other, but never gave much thought to 2 guys being together. Even when one of the women once said they'd LOVE to see the 2 guys get it on together...our common response was "I don't think so!." Bi and guy just didn't really seem to go together. So explain to me why over the past year or so, I have been getting these images in my head of being with another guy?.. That's just not me. Yet when I eat a banana, I find myself musing that it was some well-endowed guy, and I see if I can take it all in without gagging. I'd find myself getting hard. But when I started getting myself off over the images, I knew it was pretty serious. I decided I needed to satisfy this curiosity.

Through a local swinger?s site on the web, I started checking out possibilities. I knew I would want to be with a couple for my first experience... it would make it easier having a hot babe there while I was letting loose. I decided on a +couple several miles away. Mary was a real looker. At 5-foot-6 and 122 pounds, her round breasts really stood out against her tight frame. Shoulder length blonde hair, a great smile and eyes that varied between blue and green completed the package. Her husband Dan really made me feel comfortable. Also good looking, the 5-foot-11 frame was solidly built and indicated his commitment to fitness. His dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, and easy-going demeanor made him a great compliment to Mary.

We decided to meet at a bar near their home, and I think I heard a collective gasp when Mary walked in. She was smiling and looking hot in a short slinky dress, that hugged every curve better than a Lamborghini. They came in and we exchanged hugs and handshakes, and sat down to have a drink, and get comfortable. After 2 or 3 drinks, and their calming effect, my nervousness was gone, and I felt like I knew Mary and Dan for years. We decided I'd followed them back to a hotel for the evening.

When we got there, Mary went to the bathroom to freshen up and I found some soft jazz on the radio to help set the mood. When Mary returned a few minutes later, my jaw dropped. All she had on was lipstick, and earrings. Her body was even hotter than I had imagined... She asked me to dance, but said I had to be naked first. So Dan and I took the hint and stripped off our clothes, letting Mary wander around us and take it all in. As she circled in front of me I noticed her nipples when hardening. As I tossed my Hanes aside, Mary came right up and put her arms around my neck and we started to dance. My hands moved quickly from her back to the roundness of her ass, as I held her close, her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock pressing against her. Then she kissed me... softly, but passionately. As I got lost in this kiss, I was suddenly reminded that we were not alone. Dan rather than cut in, fell in behind Mary and we danced with Mary in the middle. She moaned in delight, being between 2 guys. Then I felt Dan moving and suddenly it was ME in the middle, as Dan had moved behind me and slipped a hand around me to Mary?s waist. He pulled in closer to me, and our flesh touched. His erection stood nearly straight up at attention, and when he moved all the way in, snuggled lightly in the crevice between my cheeks. This was so erotic, I thought I might cum right then. As if she had felt my cock twitch, Mary moved away and pulled us to the bed, one of us on each side. With her facing Dan initially, our hands explored every inch of Mary's body. As my hand reached around to explore Mary's nicely trimmed pussy, his hand ran over mine, but rather than pull away, he let his hand run up my arm, and run across my chest and down. I thought I would lose it when he touched my cock. Now that the barriers were down, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I didn't know who to grope next!

Almost on cue we both began kissing Mary and as we explored a 3-way kiss, the guy stroked each other's cocks. I decided I wanted to taste Mary's beautiful pink pussy, which was now wet and glistening with the attention she had been getting. As I moved down, kissing a trail across her body as she and Dan kissed and stroked each other. Dan moved up and as I glanced up I saw Mary take his cock into her open mouth. I licked and sucked her pussy, making small wet circles with my tongue around her clit. She moaned over Dan's cock, and after a few quick flicks of my tongue, I sucked her clit in earnest and very soon, she took her mouth of Dan to let out one last moan and came hard pulling my head closer. The she pulled me up to her and kissed me, licking her own juices off my chin and lips. It was then that we realized that Dan had never moved. His cock still waited at attention just inches from our faces. After a few cursory licks, Mary kissed the head, and pointed to cock towards me. No longer able to make decisions other than fuck or suck something, I found my mouth open and taking a strange cock into my mouth for the first time. It was warm and stiff, and I could taste a little precum as I licked. Running my tongue along the underside, and around the head, I was suddenly starving for the taste of his cum.. I wanted to make him cum so badly. As I sucked him in deeply, I began picking up the pace. I tried to get as much of his cock inside my mouth as I could. It was big enough I knew I couldn't get it all in, and I wasn't sure I could hold of my gag reflex. I went down as far as I dared, and realized I had almost his whole cock inside. I pushed just a bit and felt his trimmed pubic hair touch my nose. She arched back and I knew he was close. Then I felt Mary?s lips on my own cock. I knew this wouldn't take long. I pulled my head back on Dan's cock and stroked with my hand. Dan started lifting his ass up to fuck my mouth, as I stroked him, and I could feel his cock getting thicker and hotter. Then it happened. I felt a twitch and I felt the jets fly in my mouth. After the second stream I swallowed what I could, and as he kept cumming, and I kept swallowing, I felt my own orgasm soar up through me and into Mary's eager lips. When all the spasms were done, we fell back and rested a few.

I began to wonder if that would be it, but before I knew it, Mary pulled me over on top of her and asked me to fuck her good. I am not sure if I ever went soft, but I know that I was hard then, so I slipped my cock into her wet cunt in one easy stroke. We started slow, enjoying the feel of strange partners. I was loving the feel of her slickness. Dan ran his hand down my back and cupped my ass cheeks as I screwed his wife. The he was pressing a little deeper... and I was suddenly unsure. I had figured on oral sex... that?s what I had been thinking of in getting with a bi-couple... but I hadn?t really thought about... well... you know... anal sex. Would he want that?... Well... I was so horny, and Mary was so hot that if he did, I would try. And at that very second I felt a finger press against my anus. Before my mind could make the decision, my hips raised and my legs opened a bit to give him access. As he worked his finger in, I slowed my pace with Mary. The reaching over the side of the bed he pulled a tube of lube from a bag, and began to work my ass. I felt more comfortable the more he worked and then it happened, I felt Dan climb behind me and nudge himself in between my legs. I lifted my ass up to allow his access, and felt his cock press against my rear. A few quick thrusts and he was in. He gave a few slow, shallow thrusts, and gradually depth followed pace, as both increased. Soon a good rhythm was going as I fucked Mary, and Dan fucked me. Mary was getting so hot seeing her man?s face over my shoulder, that before long she was cumming on my cock. That was all I needed to feel, and my orgasm was right after hers, spurting my load into that cute pussy of her. As the waves slowed, I her Dan's cock thrust and twitch in my ass, and his grunts and moans confirmed he was filling my ass as well. After that I knew we were spent, and after lying together for a while we called it a night.


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