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An interesting thing happened the other morning

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An interesting thing happened the other morning

The wife and I have an open relationship which she takes advantage of much more than I do. She seem to need/want it a lot more than I do. She works nights and I work days so we do see each other every morning for about half an hour and most evenings. With kids in the house the evening time is mostly family time. Thus we have about half an hour in the morning for play time. Like many couples it is mostly the same rutine. In our case she comes home and rides me tell she cums. Sometimes she will cuff my hands to the brass headboard, this does insure I can not 'get away' tell she has her fun. Now do not get me wrong I love my cowgirl it is fun for me and being half asleep most mornings it is the best alarm clock I have ever had.

Getting to the interesting thing that happened the other morning. It started out like most mornings my hands cuffed to the brass head board and my beautiful cowgirl riding me tell she cums. As is often the case after she cums she will just stay on top of me, holding me, with me inside her as we recover and relax. Now most mornings she will dismount and head to the bathroom before she goes to sleep. I should point out that I do not recover very fast and I am mostly only good for one round before I must get up and ready for bed. On this morning I did not have to work and the kids were at a sleepover we had all the time we wanted. Thus instead of heading to the bathroom she sat on my face for me to clean her up and I was enjoying it. I wish she would sit on my face more often. Far to soon for me she started to get up, but instead of taking off the cuffs she turns around and sits back on my face, something she almost never does? I do not like it as much when she sits this way. My nose is often closed off between her cheeks making it much harder to get a breath, I can not see her wonderful breasts or beautiful face, I can mostly only see her ass (which is a nice ass) but is not my first choice to look at from this close of a view.

I do not care much for 69 as I would rather not be distracted and just concentrate and enjoy what I am doing. Which is where I thought she was headed but she started to grab my legs pulling them up off the bed putting them behind her and bending me in half. I was not sure if I liked this but it did give her access to my ass which she started to play with. She must of had some lube as I felt something wet and cold which made it easier for her to insert her finger. This was great I did not mind at all being bend in half, I did not mind not being able to see anything, I did not mind not being able to breath very well, as the pleasure she was giving me was worth it.

She dose like anyone playing with her ass but she knows I like it, she does not do it very often but she does it for me now and then. Before this morning she has only done it when she is giving me a BJ. She has never done it with me in this position and she really suprised me when she said "Lets see if I can get another finger in here!" and she starts to insert a second finger, and was even getting her thumb into the act. I was wondering just how fare she was going to take this but as I was starting to get hard again she could see how much I was enjoying what she was doing. Then it happened if felt like she was trying to stuff a baseball bat in there or something. No, it was no where near that large but she did catch me off guard. She had me well lubed and had opened me up nicely with her fingers so it did not really hurt and after the first big push, she stopped to give me a chance to adjust. Whatever she had incerted was in maybe 2 inches or so and was not as big around as a fifty cent piece. As I relaxed I push back a little letting her know I was ready for more. Seeing this she took the hint and pulled it out a little and pushed in deeper. Out a little and in deeper, out and in a deeper, as she did this a bit more I began to realize something was not quite right. Yes, I was enjoying it and getting harder with pleasure. However, I began to realized hands were holding my legs, and it was not her hands doing the holding. When she had said "Lets see if I can get another finger in here!" it must have been a signal to her boy toy to join us. Like I said I could not see anything but the wifes ass and he was able to not only enter the room but me as well before I even knew he was there. He was slowly working out a little and in deeper and when he was balls deep he stoped, giving us both time to relax and adjust.

Then the wife says "You have been trying to get in my ass for most of the year we have been playing, what do you think?"

"This is great your ass is so tight!"

"My ass?"

"Yah, with you sitting as you are all I can see is you. So, yes, it is your ass. Thank you for at long last letting me use your ass! Are you sure you do not mind my using it?"

With that the wife gives my now rock hard cock a playfull slap. "Does it look like I mind?" They both laugh a bit and give each other a kiss. "How does my ass feel?"

"It feels so great. Your ass is squeezing and holding my entire length. This feels better than any toy I have ever used!"

It is as if I am not even there. He has let go of my legs and I am sure he is playing with the wifes wonderful breasts. I can hear them kissing now and then. The wife is rocking and grinding herself on my face. He is pounding away pulling all but all the way out and back in as deep as he can go. They both seemed to be having a very good time.

As for me. I had never been used by the real thing, and I had to admit to myself that it was so much better than fingers or plugs. I have often wondered with it would be like to have my ass used by someone but had never really wanted to try it. But now that it was happening I was enjoying it. Then without anyone touching or even paying any attention to me I came on myself. That was interesting - I had never cum with having my cock in some way touched before. "See that?" the wife exclames "it looks as if he does not mind what we are do to him at all."

Seeing that he seems to really pound away and after quite few more strokes he again stops ball deep, pushes into to me, and cums as well. He relaxes, leans in and kisses the wife and they hold each other as he comes down, slowly begins to soften and gets pushed out of me.

As he gets up off the bed perhaps to leave? The wife says "Where you going! We are not done with you yet." I am think to myself 'we'? I am finished I do not know what more 'we' can do. "I'm not going anywhere. Thank you again for letting me use your ass. It was great." As he gets back on the bed the wife gets of my face gives him a big kiss and as they hold each other they look down at me and I was about to find out what more 'we' were going to do. . .

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