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All Alone

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There I was, all alone in a motel room in a strange town. I had a night off from my work and was wishing I had some one to share my cock with! I had pretty much exhausted all the usual options, you know, Craigslist, a couple of dating sites that always promise to get you some sexy company right away, and even a gay site or two. Not even a gay guy had responded to my ad about needing my cock relieved.

So there I was looking at porn on the laptop when it made a sound that let me know I had a new email. I went to my email and saw a message from someone named Justin. Curious, I opened it and found he was a slim black man who claimed to be a nurse and very discrete. Now when I advertised on the gay site I told the truth, I'm an older white guy with a little bit of a belly, but clean and still able to get a nice boner. I ignored the message as I had been looking at some really hot porn with two chicks and a big cocked guy fucking and eating them both! He would slide his dong into one and eat the other. After getting them all wet and letting some of his precum into one he would switch to the other and eat that one. It was hot and my cock was hard and in my hand. So I ignored the message and went back to the porn.

As I stroked my hard cock it was leaking precum and I would taste it now and then. I enjoyed the taste and sometimes even tasted my own cum. But I was near cumming now and wasn't really that interested in some strange black guy I had never heard of.

Before I could cum another message popped into my inbox. It was from Justin again. He wanted me to see his cock. It was a nice hard uncut cock about 7 inches. I liked the looks of it and messaged him back telling him so. Soon he replied that he would be happy to let me play with it if I wanted to. I told him that I was really looking for some pussy. Not that cock didn't interest me, but I was horny for pussy. After a few minutes he replied with pictures of his cock in a perfectly shaved white cunt! One of the pics showed his cock covered in cum and her cunt overflowing. The last pic showed him eating her overflowing pussy! I was instantly interested and told him he could cum over if her brought her. He asked where I was and said he would be right over in about 20 minutes--with the gal!

Now I had stopped jerking off and was eagerly awaiting him and his lady for some fucking!

Soon there was a knock on my hotel room door. I peeked out to see if he was there. He was and he had a pretty blonde white gal with him. I opened the door and they came in. She went to the bathroom while he and I chatted. He let me know her name, that she was married to a guy with a tiny cock. He had met her at work at the hospital and they had hooked up. His cock was all she wanted. But tonight she had agreed to be fucked by two of us. She had seen the picture of my cock in the ad and they both asked to see it in person. I obliged him by pulling it out and showing it to him. He reached out and pulled it a couple times then bent down and took it in his mouth. I almost came with the suddeness of his mouth on my hard cock! I pushed his head back and he smiled.

I heard a voice and turned to see the blonde, naked, standing in the doorway of the bathroom. "Will you push me away like that?" she asked. I assured her that I would welcome her pussy, her mouth or her ass on my cock! She smiled and stepped close enough to feel my cock. Then she took his head and pushed back onto my cock. "Cum in his mouth if you want. I wont mind and we can always make you cum again--and again!" I told her it may take a lot of work to get a second or third load from my cock. Both of them at the same time said "We wont mind at all! We love sucking cock together!" So I let him slide his mouth over my hard cock again and he continued sucking it! Soon I was ready to cum and it showed I guess, because she told him to stop sucking and "let me finish him off!" He reluctantly pulled his mouth off my cock and she quickly replaced his mouth with hers! He was a good cocksucker but she was a GREAT cocksucker! I soon was filling her sweet soft mouth with my first load of cum! It felt wonderful. I had laid back and was letting her finish up when I looked down and saw them both sharing my cock and cum! One was on each side of my cock sliding their mouths up and down it and kissing as my cum oozed out of her mouth and into her! I closed my eyes and laid back again. After awhile I felt her lips on mine kissing me. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and tasted cum! Mine, I assumed, and kept kissing her. She stopped kissing me and smiled, telling me she had sucked his cock while he was playing with mine as I relaxed. It was his cum in her mouth I was tasting! I was mildly surprised but had certainly expected that sometime during the night I would have his hard black cock down my throat! So it was ok with me that he had shot his first load into her pretty mouth along with mine! We all giggled and laughed as we relaxed together and talked about what some of the things we had done to make the other horny. I told them of watching porn in a movie theater one night and had soon gotten a blowjob by a guy next to me! He told me he often used glory holes in this town. And maybe I would like to use one too next time I was in town. The blonde interrupted us by saying "boys boys boys! Dont you know dicks are for chicks? In fact I want YOUR dicks right now! Both of them!" I moved to get behind her and take her from the rear as he started to slide up under her to eat her cunt. But she was having none of that. "I said I want BOTH cocks, not one at a time! Now Justin, stay under me and turn around so I can ride you. And you!" she said indicating my hard cock, "push that hard thing inside my pussy while Justin is fucking me too!" He and I quickly got into position to fuck her hole together. He slid in first as she raised then lowered her hot hole onto his shaft. I waited till she had him all the way in then started to gently push my cock into her. She moaned and pushed back into me hard, taking my cock into her cunt all at once! Justin moaned and I could feel his cock rubbing mine inside her! Once in all the way we both set up a rythm to double fuck her hot cunt! Soon she was moaning, I was sweating and Justin was groaning in pleasure! She screamed as I and he both started to cum! I felt his cock on mine pulsing as he unloaded a big shot of sperm inside her! That triggered my cum and I unloaded more cum than I thought possible! Her pussy was overflowing with our cum! And she was rocking on our cocks as fast and hard as she could while impaled by double cock! Too soon we were spent and lay on the bed, Justin was on bottom, I was on top and she was still stuck in the middle with our dwindling cocks inside her cunt. I could feel cum oozing onto Justins balls. I felt wonderful and decided to make them feel as good as I did! I pulled out to her objections and quickly bent to my work. I pulled her ass cheeks open and licked her asshole. Then worked my way down to her sopping cunt. I licked and sucked on it for a few minutes and soon Justin's cock was sliding out of it all soft and spent. But it was still cum covered, so I started to suck it clean! He moaned and she moaned as she saw what I was doing. It was no secret she enjoyed seeing guys sucking cock and eating cum. She moved off Justin and watched as I licked him clean. She sat up on the bed fingering her ass and pussy at the same time! Then she sudenly moved over and sat on Justin's face. Cum still oozed out of her into his sucking licking mouth! I felt jealous, but not for long because his cock was coming alive again! I sucked and licked and jacked him till he was hard one more time! She smiled as he finished eating our mutual cumload from he hole! Then she moved off his face, leaving it shiny with cum and cunt juice. Smiling she watched as I sucked him some more. Then she said "I see you are alive again also!" I had not noticed, but I was indeed hard! How could a man not get a boner while sucking a cock and watching his cum being licked from a beauty like her! The best of both worlds!

Soon she moved behind me and I felt her hands on my ass and balls as she fondled me. Then a finger was up inside me! It felt good so I moved backwards to take more of her finger into my ass. She was reaching down with her other hand and stroking my cock, milking it. Justin groaned and warned he was about to cum. I stopped sucking his cock and asked him if he wanted to fuck a hot asshole! He nodded yes. "My God YES I want to fuck that hot ass!" he cried! I moved away and bent over to give him access. I waited for his cock to slide up into my spread cheeks but it didnt come! Looking back I saw she had bent over also and he had his hard cock up her beautiful ass! She smiled and asked if I would 69 with her while he fucked her ass. I agreed and moved to eat her cunt and she took my cock into her mouth. Soon Justin was grunting and unloading up her butt. It was amazing but he unloaded a big load of cum in her. His third of the evening! He pulled part way out of her ass and I had a great view of her open ass and his cock oozing cum into her cunt and my mouth! I greedily ate it up. I licked his shaft as he continued slowly pumping her butthole. She was wiggling and pushed her cunt into my face. I was almost smothered by cunt! She ground her cunt into my face so hard I couldn't breathe. Soon she flooded my mouth and face with her squirting. She was really wetting me down! Finally she finished and relaxed. I pulled her soaked twat away from my face and found Justins cock sliding into my mouth. Straight from her ass and into my mouth! She had been very clean so it wasnt bad at all. I sucked him clean of her juice and his cum. She had sucked my cock but had not let me cum. Now she smiled and kissed me and went down on my cock with her pretty face. I unloaded in her mouth almost immediately. She smiled as my cum leaked from the corner of her mouth. Justin leaned over and kissed her, taking my cum. After a bit they sat with me and chatted about how much fun they had. I told them next time I cum to town I want to meet with them both again. Justin told me where to find a good Glory Hole at the local bookstore and she said she would enjoy being there with me helping me suck and be sucked. I made it a date!

The next day on the way home I reflected on my evening. I made myself a promise to find those two next time around.

I'll let you all know if it works out!

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