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A Winter Weekend

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It was Friday again, mid winter, a day after our recent snow had covered the woods around our hideaway chalet, turning our woods into a pristine shimmering white wonderland. I had cleared our driveway this morning and brought firewood in, planning for a cosy hibernating weekend indoors by the fireplace.

Evening now and darkness had fallen earlier. I had lit the fireplace and was relaxing on the living room sofa, snuggled in with my wife Liz, watching TV. This was our monthly weekend with Harry, our bi buddy partner, whose arrival we were expecting shortly.

Liz was sprawled lying on the sofa with her head on my lap, looking casually comfortable, dressed for receiving Harry's company with us, in only her loose shorts and T-shirt, and otherwise naked under those. Her face, in the flickering firelight, reflected that dreamy faraway look, occasional lusty expressions flitting over it, telling me that her thoughts were on the night ahead. "I bet I'll like them, so wanna share the daydreams?" I grinned down at her.

Liz looked up at me smiling, that smile reserved for sharing private confidences only between us. She took my hand from it's resting spot on her rib cage, and pulled it up under her T-shirt, to reveal her aroused nipples.

"Well, my beloved man, you know our monthly weekends sharing fun and sex together with Harry are the high points of our month for both of us, better than any vacation we could plan, and they get better every time for us. With Harry widowed and the 3 way monogamous arrangement we have between us, that makes us his sex outlet, and why we both get so much fun and satisfaction from servicing him together, both his man and woman needs. No other woman will ever replace his wife and he won't ever take another, so that puts him in the forever 'confirmed bachelor status', but it doesn't mean he still doesn't have his woman needs too, and he knows that. Since you and Harry are both bi guys, he fills our void and we both fill his. So our relationship is very safely intimately sexual, and very close, even very affectionate friendship, but will never get beyond that. Even better for us, he and his lady enjoyed their own bi guy partners same as us, so that makes him such a perfect fit for us.

Liz continued with a naughty giggle. "It also makes our matings with him just pure fun delicious naughty sex and uninhibited sloppy jiz filled hot orgasmic fucking, in any combination we all enjoy. Since you and I both naturally understand and share with each other, the exciting stimulation of his maleness, that is the biggest part of what makes our sex play with him such erotically shared fun between us and so satisfying to both of us. It pleases you as much as it pleases me when I supply him the woman's touch, attentions and pleasures. That is a special element to me, adding to why I so enjoy, and am so in tune with you in lavishing attention to him. It is so wonderful for me, that I can be so free to let his sexuality excite me and enjoy him and his male needs, same as you're doing, and us sharing that together between us. That makes for no jealousy issues at all ever between us.

Knowing I have your full approval, and encouragement I might add, is so special to me, and makes it so deliciously naughty giving him all the pussy he wants while he's here. Knowing I am always in for a pounding, pussy starved fucking from Harry first night, makes his arrival always so exciting to look forward to. As pussy starved as he always is when he gets here, you know how wonderfully exciting, erotically charged sexy time it is for me servicing him....what a turn on for you and me both, how much fun he's having when he gets that big cock in me...damn what a horny fucking I get!!...and oh my god when he goes off in me!!...well you know how much I love getting jiz loaded, and as you know with him saving up a whole month, boy do I ever get a pussy full from him to share with you, his first night here. Liz continued on with another little chuckle "all that is almost as much fun for me as you're having, enjoying all the steamy sex fun I'm having, fucking him to satisfaction. Just watching you having such a great time indulging me my naughtiness with Harry, and with you both together also, is almost orgasmic by itself and I do so love showing, sharing, and pleasing you with that.

Those thoughts always have me aroused in anticipation, knowing the evening Harry arrives I'm gonna get very horny fucked and cum filled twice, once from him and then with you so horny watching that, those even more fantastic pleasures of us fucking in my sloppy seconds pussy.

Of course, being on the receiving end and seeing the fun you guys have in pleasuring me in so many ways, is a woman's dream and pure heaven to experience. To have that in store for us every month just makes me so dreamy with such superbly erotic fantasies, while waiting through our week of abstinence, that I end up so primed and horny by Friday night for our sex adventures together with Harry, I can hardly wait for him to get here. My special fun challenges till then, are how we can make all those delicious fantasies come true for us".

Still another giggle from Liz. "Then the other really great result we get with our arrangement, is how horny hot our sex is those couple weeks after our Harry weekend. All I need to do to get you raging hard is verbally paint the picture of horny Harry sucking my titties as his big cock head makes pussy entry, me moaning on it as it goes in, my pussy lips stretched wide and tight around it, sloppy wet, and me primed and panting hot to fuck".

Liz paused then, feeling the tent that had arisen in my shorts beside her head. She reached up wrapping her hand around my just erected cock and jacked it slowly. Her eyes still on my face, she shot me her delighted lascivious smile. "Damn, that works longer then a couple weeks looks like" she teased.

"Uh huh" I teased her back, obviously completely entranced, enthralled and thoroughly delighted with her intimately honest revealing commentary, "and where did I ever find a woman who can tantalize and mesmerize a man in such ways as you do?"

Liz grinned back secretly pleased, but pretending to ignore the compliment.

"So, my Sweetheart, does all that explain why my nipples are so hard already? And if you reached under my shorts your fingers might come out very wet too".

We were interrupted with Harry's knock at the door. Liz and I arose and went to greet him. Harry stepped in with his overnight bag, set it down and brushed the snow off his clothes. Liz approached to greet him, the low cut V of her very thin nearly transparent T-shirt showing gorgeous cleavage of her heavy tits, clear down almost to her very erect nipples, both of those unmistakably excited, protruding prominently, and very visible through the translucent fabric, along with her wide dark aureolas surrounding them. She smiled, indulgently waiting, as Harry stepped back for a better look, allowing him time to sate his vision in her welcoming appearance. His upward sweeping gaze, took her all in, passing momentarily over the very revealing, intentionally inviting vision, of her full voluptuous bosom, then jerked back there, and came to rest on her aroused, protruding nipples, hard erect, tilting slightly upwards. "Wow, does this mean you guys are happy to see me?" Liz stepped up crushing them against his chest in warm greeting hug with accompanying smooch and flirting wink at him as she ground them temptingly there a moment. " It means we're VERY happy to see you again Harry" Liz responded. Harry looked to me with pleasured grin, and stepped forward with warm hug to me also. "Liz said it all for both of us, I chuckled, and as you can see, we've been looking forward all week". I told him. "Your room is waiting as always Harry. Then come on back and warm up with us".

Liz and I returned to sofa, with me first piling the fire with logs and Liz turning lights low, casting the room into intimate soft atmosphere with firelight reflections dancing over the walls. Liz sprawled again on the sofa on her back, her head back on my lap again, flashing an excited anticipating smile and teasing wink up at me. She lifted her legs when Harry returned and when he slid in under them to sit with us on the sofa, rested them back on his lap again, sensually gliding her feet over Harry's lap, legs and crotch in welcome.

Harry reached down running his hands over her legs, up one leg to her shorts, then down the other to ankle and over the arches of her feet. Her eyes closed in pleasure and legs parted, her pussy showing one side through her loose shorts, as Harry's hand came back up her leg stroking softly. When his hand reached her crotch again, she raised it slightly in invitation for him to explore her there. She reached up pulling my hand down through the deep V opening of her T-shirt, to her one breast for attention there also. Harry's hand went under her shorts and Liz raised her pussy to meet it, watching Harry's face. He paused a moment there, slight surprise showing, as he discovered a very soaked pussy, when his finger slid easily between her lips. Liz grinned at him, unloading another flirting wink, and grinding her wet slit into his hand. "As John said, we've been looking forward all week to our 'man' company" she purred, stroking her foot over the rising bulge in his crotch. "You're invited from both of us to help yourself Harry".

" Now that's an invitation impossible to turn down" from Harry. A gasp from Liz as his middle finger went easily into her pussy, knuckle deep. She raised her pussy grinding it on his hand, reaching up to grasp both my arms and locking her eyes on mine as she writhed in pleasure on his finger.

Harry stopped after a few moments pulling finger out of Liz, and reached for her shorts, slipping those easily off her. She leaned forward for me to pull off her T-shirt. Leaning down sideways on the sofa, Harry spread her legs in front of him, and his finger dipped back into her again. Liz lifted both legs, and draping them over his shoulders, pulled him to her with them, in eager accommodation, her pussy with his finger still in her, now intimately close to his face, clit hard erect, and her lips open and glistening so excitedly wet, it shown even in the firelight. She gave a him minute to feast his vision and her odors to waft to him, then raised her pussy slightly again and with her legs pulled him into it, in invitation to taste and smell her nectar's. Liz eyes on mine showed her excitement, as Harry's tongue dipped into her, glided around his finger, between her lip folds, and over her clit hood, pausing to suck and tongue her clit, she gently grinding her pussy onto his probing tongue. She reached to my one hand on her nipple and pushed it down to cup that breast, then my other hand, pressing it in circular rotation over the nipple on her other breast. Then she reached for Harry's hands placing them the opposite way, one to each breast, cleverly, wordlessly and very sensually conveying her pleasures in, and wish to be shared and enjoyed between us.

Harry and I were each holding one breast for the other to attend to her nipple. I cupped one breast massaging it, as Harry rolled her nipple between his fingers, and he cupped and massaged the other as I tweaked that nipple. Liz's eyes on mine from below, I watched as intense pleasures rippled over her face, she tilting her head back then, lips parting and eyes closing as those possessed her, her soft moans filling the air. Long minutes passed and she began to stiffen into impending orgasm. Then she stopped us, wanting to keep her passions high and herself lusty long through the evening.

Liz pulled my head down, and with a glint of lusty mischief showing in her eyes, she kissed me, probing my mouth deeply with her tongue, then a very quiet whisper in my ear. "Wanna watch me take care of Harry solo tonight Sweety? I'll make sure you enjoy the show, and he'll be well fucked I promise". I grinned at her, captivated again by her imaginative inventiveness. "Absolutely" I responded back, "I'd be fascinated". Then me to Harry "Liz is all yours this evening Harry. Enjoy her". Harry didn't know what was coming, but I had a pretty good idea, and I relaxed back fully intending to enjoy it all.

Liz smiled provocatively at Harry's surprise, as she rose off the sofa, and pushed him back to sitting, then proceeded to slowly undress him head to toe. Harry relaxed back leaving Liz have her way with him. She ran her hands over him each area as she uncovered it, bypassing balls and now hard cock for the moment. Meantime I slipped off my skimpy coverings also and we were all now luxuriously naked in the firelight. Harry now undressed, Liz dropped to her knees between his legs, and starting at his ankles ran her hands up his legs, stroking softly and caressing flesh as she went. Now she brushed her lips, followed by her fingertips, up the insides of each of his inner thighs. Stopping then at his hanging balls, she stroked his ball sac lightly then lifted it with one hand and lowered her lips and nose to it, while stroking his inner thigh with her other hand.

Looking up to me now she inhaled the musky odors of his manhood then tasted him, licking up his ball sack to cock base, as she stroked the underside of his ball sac with all fingers, exhibiting to me, her rising arousal as she allowed it to begin exciting her. Now she circled fingers of her one hand behind his erect cock, pulling it to her lips as she licked up it, stopping at the corona ridge of his cock head and running her tongue around the ridge, then over his sensitive spot at the base of his cock head there.

When that brought Harry hips upward, and a moan from him, she licked hard there over and around on his sensitive spot, while stroking her other fingers repeatedly in light fingertip action upwards both sides of his cum vein, coaxing his jiz load up from his balls. Loud moans from Harry now, Liz unloaded a wink at me as she felt his vein filling with cum. Fully aroused herself now, and eying me, her lips went down over Harry's cock head sucking him hungrily, and jacking his cock with fingers tight now around his shaft. When Harry started jerking his cock upwards into her mouth, Liz knew he was fully loaded and time to move on.

Leaning forward some she pressed both full titties around his hard cock, slowly caressing his cock up and down between them. A few moments of that, then she leaned forward further and rising, slid both hard nipples lightly up his chest and torso producing twin paths of light stimulation on his skin. Noting how much he was enjoying the skin contact, she moved up and straddled him, her knees each side of his legs. She pulled his cheek against hers, and her hand behind his head holding it there, crushed her bare full titties to him pressing them hard against his chest. She ground them sensually over him a few moments, then stopped and reached down between her and Harry, and brought his cock head up against her belly. With fingers of her free hand, she spread her pussy lips, and pressing his hard shaft between them, lowered herself back down on him holding it there, his shaft tight against the slick wet velvety softness of her pink inner folds and sandwiched it there between her pussy lips. Now she pressed herself hard to him, skin to skin, neck to pussy, and still holding his cheek to hers, undulated her whole upper body slowly, sensually, gently, long minutes tight against him, allowing him his fill of time to luxuriate and sate himself in the pleasures of feeling an aroused woman's body, soft and hot all over him. Her full soft breasts, nipples hard erect rolled against his chest, and her soft belly gyrated up, down and around on his, as her wet pussy folds and erect clit rose and fell, rubbing hard against his cock shaft. Liz gaze held mine, her own eyes glazed in heated lust, as she gyrated for minutes on Harry, smiling wide to me when a barely audible incredulous "Jesus Christ!!!" exhaled from Harry into her ear.

That stopped her, knowing he had enough and she rose higher and off him now, and leaning her heavy tits over his mouth, brushed both erect nipples over his lips, pausing for him to nuzzle them each a moment, her wide aureola's crinkling in reaction, as he did. Second pass over, she pulled his head between both breasts allowing him to nuzzle there also between them a few moments. Now leaning back, she pulled his mouth to one nipple. A gasp from her as his mouth closed on it and he sucked hard, she then reached down bringing both his hands up around that tittie, for him to massage it as he sucked.

Still keeping Harry's head drawn to her nipple, moaning softly as he sucked, her soft belly back now away from his, she reached to his hard cock erect between their bellies. With her fingers vertically around it, she drew them up and down, stroking his length down to his balls and back again. Stopping with fingertips in the groove of his corona ridge, she swirled them around it full circle and back, then fingertips down to stroke the sensitive spot at base of his cock head. When that brought more moans from Harry, she threw me another quick smile, stroking there a while longer. Spreading wide now, she dropped her pussy slit down onto Harry's cock again and holding it tight to her there ground her slit and hard clit over it again, moaning loud in escalating pleasured abandon. Harry's wide cock slipped back and forth easily there, her pussy lips surrounding it nicely, as she humped on it, her pussy sloppy wet still, from her nonstop fantasies and stimulations of this evening.

I could tell from the look of sheer naked unsated lust showing on her face that Liz was done with play now, and needed cock in her pronto. She raised high to position Harry's cock under her, and drawing his big mushroom head to her vag opening she sopped it in her juices there, so liberally sloppy now that a stream of it ran down Harry's cock. Locking her eyes to mine again, deep sparkling anticipating excitement showing in them, she slowly lowered onto Harry's wide cock head. When it went into her, her head went back, eyes closing and mouth opening with a very deep loud "AAAAHHH" from her, as she sank the whole way down onto his full wide length, not stopping till her pussy lips rested on Harry's belly. Harry's head came away from Liz's tits, going back onto the couch, his face skyward and mouth opening also. A very loud ecstatic moan from him also and then "Oh Jesus John, that's so good, damn her pussy is so tight" from Harry. Liz's head straightened again, and she smiled her delight to me.

But he hadn't felt anything yet. Liz's hands on his shoulders now, her eyes switched to Harry's face, monitoring his pleasures as she ground down and around on his cock, her belly moving inward, then back again as she pussy massaged him, his cock tight inside her grasping vagina and lubed pussy walls. Liz was inflicting sensations to all points on Harry's cock, moving her frictioning inner walls back and forth, then around on it some, then side to side, then up and down, and rotating then again on him. She would impale herself the whole way down on his cock, encasing it in her tighter deeper walls, squeezing Harry's cock and head as she writhed on it, her soaked pussy lips wetting his belly and ball sac as she rotated on his cock base. Then she would move herself up on his cock bringing it to almost out, just inside her opening, till the bottom outline of his big mushroom head showed there, tightly grasped by her inner lips, the sensitive spot under his cock head stopped carefully just inside her grasping lips there, where she rotated her pussy lips tightly around on it, then back and forth over it, then letting it slide inward, slightly easing sensations, then contrasting that with intense friction on his sensitive spot again as she pulled it repeatedly back through the tight pressure ring of her lips grasping around it, to almost out again.

Harry was a moaner and Liz had him just going nuts with sharp intakes of breath, and near constant sounding of his pleasures to us loud and clear, as she skillfully fucked him.

And boy was she having a good time at it. She would alternately monitor Harry's face, her eyes bright in excited satisfaction of pleasuring him, then lock her eyes on mine smiling delightedly to me as Harry moaned under her, his eyes closed, completely absorbed with the sensations of Liz working her pussy magic on his cock. Sometimes as she watched me, her eyes would close involuntarily and head tilt back, allowing the intense pleasure pulses of his cock in her, to course through and possess her. With a cock like Harry's in her, what woman would not be so pleasured with it?

Changing rhythms now, Liz began pussy stroking Harry's cock, long strokes, rising high off him and slowly back down again. His eyes stayed closed, he totally concentrating on the pleasures of Liz's pussy tight around his cock fucking him now slowly, sensuously. Liz sometimes still looking back to me, displayed her pleasures, as the sensations of Harry's cock stretching her tight, pleasuring her as she fucked on it, showed on her face. She took care to share it all with me, her eyes closing and head lifting back still sometimes, as she enjoyed her riding pleasures.

Liz stroked Harry for many minutes, gradually building her speed, pleasuring him for as long she could make him last. She watched his face closely now as she brought him expertly ever closer towards orgasm. Sensing him begin to tense and his balls starting to draw and tighten, she finally slowed and stopped, her pussy fully down on his cock.

Harry had shared many of our bi pleasures before, but this was the first time he got to enjoy some of those other pleasures from Liz's repertoire of experienced female expertise. Suffice it to say that he was overwhelmed, and supremely pleasured.

She smiled down to him when he opened his eyes, wondering at her stopping as he drew near to final pleasure. "God you're so fun to fuck Harry, and if you reach down and get your hand around John's cock, you'll see I'm not the only one who enjoys you getting your big dick in me".

Harry couldn't resist doing just that, his hand going down and fingers closing around my very hard erect cock. "Oh wow, that's nice, I see what you mean" from him, jacking me as Liz watched intently, obviously pleased. Harry looked over at me then, meeting a very wide grin and wink. "Isn't she just the most lovely fun gal to share with you Harry? You would have to be blind, and we all know you are a long way from that, not to see that Liz enjoys you every bit as much as I do, and how much we both want to keep you around. A bigger grin from me. "Sorry though, to unleash her on you so unexpectedly, since I know so well how shocking her enthusiasms can be, but she wanted her fun tonight demonstrating how much she enjoys you too. Did that come through?" ( A light punch to my shoulder from Liz then, her pretense of dismay hardly believable in view of her surprised grin of delight ).

Liz pulled Harry's face back towards her. "My pussy isn't done with you yet though, our sexy man. Your jiz load is mine tonight, and I want it bad. I want my pussy drenched with it and running out. But I want John holding me, while you're fucking it into me", she explained to him.

Harry's cock fully impaling her, Liz leaned down, running both hands over his chest, up his neck and around and through his hair. She leaned further down pressing her cheek affectionately to his, then holding his face in both hands, kissed him there on both cheeks one at a time. Her brief affectionate intimacy artfully expressed her appreciation of the pleasures she had enjoyed with him, and eased his pressures momentarily as he absorbed it, his eyes softening in responsive appreciation.

She leaned back again, a soft smile passing fleetingly over her face, noting the effect of her feminine magic on him. She gazed a moment waiting for his reaction and response.

"Damn, you guys are both so unbelievably erotic, and never fail to surprise me with just how much. You both make our weekend together so wonderful for me, you can't possibly know much I look forward to them. The things you both like couldn't appeal more to me".

A simple man he was not, which of course made him so fun for us.

"Does that mean you'll finish fucking me like I want it tonight?" Liz queried, that glint of tempting kidding mischief again in her eyes and voice.

"That means you can get everything you damn well want Liz". Harry grinned back at her.

Liz took his face between both hands once more, and looking into his eyes, smiling softly to him, responded in low intentionally tempting provocative undertone "What I want, is your big dick in me, taking all the fun you can handle in my pussy, fucking that big ol' jiz load into me that you saved up all month for us, with John holding me to share with him all the fun I have taking it. Then come back horny and full next month and fuck me full of it, just like that again". Then even more softly. "How's THAT appeal to you, our special man?"

( "Poor Harry" I was thinking, as Liz worked her brazenly sultry feminine mystique on him. "Luscious hot wet lusty woman impaled on him, voluptuous full tits replete with gorgeous aroused nipples in his face, asking so seducingly for satisfaction!! Can't speak for other guys, but for me, I know for sure that trying to exorcize induced visions of fucking the hell out of her, would not have even entered my mind, let alone attempting to be successful at it".)

"Would someone pinch me so I know I'm still in earthly realms!!! It sounds like nothing I can imagine liking better" his response came back.

( Guess Harry's perspectives on the subject were about identical to mine ).

That put that hungry gleam back in Liz's eyes again. She leaned forward planting another two kisses, one on each of his cheeks again.

"Then put me to bed tonight, with my pussy full of those two cum loads I have coming from my sexy guys".

Lifting off him, she went down on her knees in front of him, wrapped her hand around his cock, and jacked him, bringing him full hard again. Her lips went down over it again, and she sucked hungrily, lifting and feeling the fullness of his balls again a few moments, allowing her anticipation of emptying them to excite her towards fever pitch.

She pulled Harry to his feet and turned to straddle me, coming to rest with her knees outside mine, on the sofa in front of me. Her one arm went up under mine, embracing me close and tight, and the other hand left go Harry's, and went around my hard cock, jacking me slowly. Her lips went to my ear, and her full titties with nipples excitedly erect, pressed against my chest. Her ass was high and sloppy wet pussy open toward Harry, in ramming invitation.

Harry moved in close behind her, cock hard erect and dripping precum, his shaft still wet with Liz's juices.

Wanna slip him in me Sweety?" Liz whispered in my ear.

A hoard of Huns couldn't have stopped me!!

I reached back under her to Harry's hard cock, pulling it gently to Liz's awaiting pussy. Feeling it there she pressed back on it, taking it only partly into her. Another gasp from Liz as his big head opened her wide between my fingers as it went in, and her inner lips closed snugly around his cock ridge. Then looking back to him, "I'm all yours Harry. Have all the fun you want, as long as you have me sloppy full when we're done" she prompted softly, seductively.

I reached down hefting his full balls and massaged them. Liz's wet slit rubbed my forearm as she rocked shallow strokes on Harry's cock, initiating her own buildup to orgasm, her intentionally seductive pussy actions tempting Harry towards giving her his whole long cock. "She's needed fucked all week Harry, but she nicely waited as always, through our week before you arrive. First load is always hers and she's been looking forward to it. Go ahead and empty these big guys into her. You need the relief and she's hot to make sure you get it. Make her moan to us" I winked to him grinning, with another squeeze on his full balls. Then I left them go and leaned back again giving him some room.

Liz was holding to me waiting, impatiently lusty hot now for the intense fucking she knew was coming. She got her wish in spades, and so did I. She barely had time to whisper into my ear, "this is gonna be fun Sweety, enjoy it with me".

One long smooth stroke and Liz was stretched tight and completely filled. Harry's cock tip bottomed against her cervix, and balls slapped her pussy lips. Liz slammed against me with his thrust, and a very loud gasp and that "AAAAHHH" again now into my ear, almost screamed this time. It was her turn to moan pleasures, and I got them almost non stop right into my ear, as Harry stroked her continuously, long smooth strokes, the whole way into her and back to almost out, slowly building speed as pleasures mounted higher in both of them. Liz's hand tightened some involuntarily around my cock as she jacked me while moaning her pleasures into my ear, speed and tempo of both increasing along with that of Harry's cock pounding into her. Hard to describe how totally erotic that was to experience. My cock went rock hard with Liz's ecstasies saturating every one of our senses. Elements of sounds, sight, touch and even smell filled the air, with odors of steamy sex, man and woman, wafting to us. Harry's stroking lasted many minutes and Liz was loving every one of them.

"Oh fuck John, that feels so good I can hardly stand it", Liz could barely manage to get out between moans. A few strokes more after that, and then from her "oh god, I can't stop it, I'm gonna go off". And boy did she!!

She straightened suddenly, and looking into my eyes, I watched as the pleasure torture of impending orgasm trying to release, shown in her eyes and contorted her face into ecstatic beauty. Both her hands now gripping my shoulders, her head went back and eyes closed, and she went stiff, then low repeated screams from her, as she exploded into orgasmic shudders, her whole body tensing, rippling and shaking with them, then another low scream and rippling and shaking again, and then same thing a third time. Slamming back against Harry forcing his cock the whole way into her, Liz's pussy clamped vise like multiple times around his cock in time with her low screams, from her ongoing repeating orgasms.

Harry was already close, but Liz's pussy suddenly clamping repeatedly around his cock, that together with the sounds of her screaming orgasmic ecstasies, tipped him completely over the edge too. Grabbing Liz's hips, his cock went the whole way in her, and Harry went off, and with very loud moans from him then too, began spraying Liz deep inside with repeated jiz spurts. Harry was really loaded full, from a month of abstaining and he unloaded it all into Liz, with many thrusts and spurts.

And damn did she love taking it!!! Well, correct that to "we", since with the passionate way Liz is insistent ( no objection at all from me ) to share that part of our play with me, there is no way for me not to be part of it.

Feeling Harry begin to unload in her, Liz, still shaking some from those intense orgasms, thrust her ass back on Harry's cock and kept it there to get his cum as deep in her as she could. She grabbed my head with both hands, clamping her mouth on mine, and looking directly into my eyes, she kept hers locked there until he was done and she was loaded full.

Liz's tongue actions matched each of Harry's ramming's as he unloaded into her. With his first orgasmic thrust, a deep moan from Liz and she shoved her tongue way into my mouth, along with a muffled, though unmistakably excited receptive "MMMMM" from her, her eyes, bright with excitement, looking into mine, vividly conveyed her joyed satisfaction as Harry's semen began pouring into her, her hands pressing my head very slightly tighter, she tightened her pussy around his cock, milking his jiz spurts into her with shallow back and forward pelvic thrusts a few seconds, as long as his initial spurts lasted. Then her hands relaxed slightly, followed by her tongue darting way in again with another "MMMMMM" as she was rammed again with his next one, lustily milking his cock again, hands tightening, eyes showing excited pleasure again, as that spurting load was poured into her.

A good half dozen times like that, Harry poured cum into her eagerly receptive pussy, Liz absolutely loving every second of taking it, feeling her pussy filling fuller and sloppier with each spurted load she milked out of him. She held my mouth tightly to hers, never taking her pleasure filled eyes off mine the whole time.

The totally erotic way Liz shared that with me, anyone with any imagination at all, got a very vivid visual of milky sperm flooding pussy walls with each spurt, and could almost feel the sensations that she was enjoying of each

spurt spilling into her as she milked it.

Harry was finally empty, and we all went still, holding in place, Harry's cock still way in Liz, jiz oozing down and out around it, she intentionally letting it soak her pussy walls and lip folds and drip down her belly and leg. The deep satisfaction of her just consummated servicing, and the resulting unmistakably obvious, pleasing sensations to her, of her extremely flooded, jiz filled oozing pussy, shone absolutely glowingly on her face.

Liz unlocked from my mouth, and drew back, taking in my pleasure of her pleasure. A kiss to my forehead, then both cheeks and then she laid her cheek softly against mine. I reached down between us, my arm brushing between and against both her full hanging titties, as I slowly massaged her belly, soaked clit, wide stretched pussy lips, and Harry's cock base and balls. Harry followed suit, running his hands over her back, both breasts and nipples, and down her sides, ass, and legs, and then again repeatedly many times from both of us. Caresses continuing, we all held there long minutes, all of us intimately together, basking our senses in the spellbinding hold of the raw erotic intimate sexuality of the moment.

Finally, some many minutes later, I pulled my now wetly sticky massaging hand from them, and Liz leaned back, face flushed in deep quiet pleasure, as the hypnotic trance like hold possessing her from those long minutes of intimately caressing attentions, eased away. "Oh wow and wow again, heaven can't possibly be any better than that" she sighed.

She intently regarded me a few moments, her eyes briefly reflecting deeply touched appreciative affection. Then, words unneeded, she leaned forward again and kissed me passionately and deeply, so long I was beginning to think she had forgotten about Harry's big dick still in her.

She hadn't. She disengaged from my mouth, and that impish tempting provocative grin of hers spread again over her face.

"Like it all Sweety?" came her affectionately teasing whisper, at how captivated she had kept me through the whole evening, and knowing very well already, how rock hard she had kept my cock with it all. Then from her, "there's more waiting, and just for you. Damn, I'm full, but I haven't had enough yet. Wanna give me some more?"

Holy shit, what a vixen was my lady!! "Now how did you know that?" I teased her back. She was well aware that sloppy seconds along with the velvety feel of her jiz coated pussy walls is a special treat to me. I took her hand, bringing it down to feel my hardness again.

She leaned down planting a quick warm smooch on my lips. "Your face tells the story" was her comeback as she caressed my cock "and shows me opportunity afforded to enjoy you still further. Besides...this we must attend to, and right now" her hand tightening around my hard cock.

Liz looked back to Harry who hearing all in smiling appreciation, and understanding perfectly, had afforded us our intimate sharing in silence.

"Damn was that great Harry!! You are so wonderful for us!! You don't know how bad I wanted that. Pleasuring you is so very special to both of us, and boy do you make it fun!!". Then that ever so cute flirtatious teasing wink to him again, with just the slightest wiggle of her very sloppy pussy back against him. "And how are YOU feeling by now?"

A delighted chuckle back from Harry "I just love your jests Liz. You know damn well that was out of this world for me. As always you guys have made me feel like a million bucks!!"

"Well, in that case, wanna watch while John gets his turn? If you'd like, and I know that you most always want to, you are welcome from both of us and we would love for you to lick my pussy clean, and oh yeah, all the rest of us too, if it takes your fancy" she kidded him again.

"Oh hell yes, my fancy is taken already," he eagerly came back. "That would be almost as much fun as we just had" Liz pushed my already sticky hand down to her pussy, and I felt her folds again, hot and wet, smeared full of Harry's oozing cum. Harry's cock, like a dam, held the rest of his massive load up in her pussy. "Wanna hold it in me a minute Sweety?" Liz requested me, planned mischief evident in her grin at me. Feeling my fingers going around Harry's embedded cock, she lifted off him and his cock slid out of her, my hand closing over her opening. She eased forward till her belly was pressing firmly against mine, and her vag opening poised just above my erect cock head. She reached down and pulling my hand away, dropped her pussy quickly down on my cock shaft, watching my face as released hot cum gushed and poured down all over my cock, belly and ball sac. Locking her eyes on mine again, erotic lusty anticipation showing in hers yet once more tonight, she slid down, encasing my nearly submerged cock between her pussy lips, grinding it there over her already cum soaked clit and repeatedly sliding her pussy and belly up and down over it, working it into her crevices and folds until they were saturated, sloppy full and slick with warm milky cum. "Oh wow, that feels so damn sexy nice!!" Liz softly purred, "and so ungodly, deliciously, sinfully, erotic", as she luxuriated in the sensations, completely entranced with the feel of hot cum greasing our bellies, our sex and her pussy folds. "Is this as erotic to you as it is to me??" she queried in thick husky voice, lost in dreamy reverie with the feel of it, cum still oozing out of her, onto my cock as she slid now more sensuously slowly over it, gliding our bellies together on the deposits of it, sloppy wet liquid sucking noises emanating from our nether regions to us.

"I have never known anyone except me who likes it as much as you do Sweety!!" I gently teased her, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure she took in it. "The only thing better is my cock soaking in it, inside you" I added. "Well we must have that then too" from her. She pushed my cock down to her very slick sloppy opening, sliding easily onto it and full length into her, both our bellies, soaked in cum, sliding slickly between us. She watched my face as I absorbed the sensations of my cock against her slick velvety jiz soaked walls, she intentionally clamping her pussy tight around it. "How are you liking it now Sweety", indulging me, as she watched my face ascend into pure pleasured lust, her own still dreamily pleasured expression telling me she liked it every bit as much as I did. "I'm waiting for more of it. I need your refill. Can't I please get some more?" she pleaded in such endearingly cute, demurely innocent, playfull tones.

One thing about that gal, she always knew, for sure, how to tip me over the edge to please her. Looking into her intentionally sensually tempting eyes, I lifted her high on my cock and brought her down hard, she locking her lips on mine, tongue thrust again into my mouth. I left her take over then, treating me to the same delightfully pleasuring expertise she had surprised Harry with earlier. There were many differences this time though. She fucked me hard and unrelenting, well aware of how long she had kept me hard all evening. She worked her cum coated pussy clenched hard and tight, up and down over my cock to get me off and my cum into her. Didn't take long with as much stimulation as she had treated me to tonight. When I came in her she kept her mouth locked on mine, tongue thrusting into it, urging me on, eyes open and watching my orgasmic pleasures with deep excited pleasured satisfaction showing in them. She milked me hard to get it all and drain me totally. Then she held me closely and tight, long moments as I came down, showering kisses over my lips, cheeks, and face. "God, after all these years, I can still never get enough of your attentions" came her soft whisper into my ear.

( silent thoughts..."I'm a tough guy, don't be unloading all that mushy stuff on me. What am I supposed to say back and especially after the way she exhausted me from an evening like this? Oh hell, I'll just kiss her instead". So I did. Then from the heart of hearts, after observing the delight in her eyes. "Well OK, guess she can tell me all that. Might be kind of nice to know. Ain't like I don't feel the same way towards her". )

Liz rolled out from over me, onto her back beside me, her one hand over her pussy holding herself full. I sat back to rest and watch again. She grinned to Harry, taking his hand and pulling him down in front of her, "Come and get it Harry....before John does" she invited him, spreading her legs wide on sofa edge, and draping her legs over his shoulders pulling his face to her with them. She reached her free hand behind his head and holding it to her pussy, eased her covering hand away. Her pussy, gaping open in front of Harry, ran jiz streams out now, both his and mine.

"Don't want to be selfish, but that does look irresistible" from Harry. "Same as my pussy and John's cock, it's all yours for the taking, like we promised, while you're here" from Liz. I watched as Harry dived his tongue into her, raptured expressions showing on her face, her head back on the sofa, eyes open in erotic dreamy pleasure, her one hand pressing softly, firmly into mine, the other holding and pressing Harry's head to her, as his tongue cleaned her pussy lips, folds, soft crevices, dripping hole, her belly, and even down her leg to get it all.

All of us exhausted, Harry intimately ushered Liz and I into our bedroom before retiring to his. A warm hug from me and sweet kisses on both cheeks again from Liz, "Thank you Harry for giving us another wonderful evening". Then unable to refrain that cute flirting wink of hers to him, "And my pussy thanks you too for keeping your promise to put me to bed full of both my guys".

"Can't possibly be as wonderful as the evening you guys handed to me. Sleep sweet, and I'll see you both in the morning" from Harry, as he departed to his room for the night.

In our bed, Liz nestled her head onto my chest, into that position that women seem to have a special talent physically adjusting into. Her heavy titties rested on my ribcage, her nipples finally down ( I am sure to their relief finally, after the workout she put them through tonight ), as blissfully happy and contented a woman as I could ever recall seeing. "Sweet dreams my Sweetheart" she murmured to me as she drifted off. Yep, those would come in the nights ahead for me I knew, after this special evening.

The rest of our weekend was nearly as superb. Though never just quite as exciting as the pressing sexual urgencies of our first nights back together, still we filled it with the sensuality of sharing between the three of us, our other variations of pleasure taking. The warm cosiness of our private snowbound little world that weekend, with just the three of us, cast a fairy tale like quality, inviting us to indulge ourselves with each other, in whatever ways and as often and long as the spirit of it moved us. One of the effects that our special weekends, with it's aura of permissive promiscuous freedom over it, always produced in Liz, was an almost nymph like insatiable frame of mind. She luxuriated in her man company, and fucked us both, eagerly and often throughout our weekends, whenever we wanted her, she sometimes also initiating, because she wanted that herself again. Of course Harry and I divided the funsies of cleaning her after, which, oddly enough, never brought any objections from her.

Sometimes we found ourselves all entwined together in shared bi fun, and other times one of us would watch, fascinated, the other two lustily pleasuring each other, though always only with all of us there to share it together, and never delving outside our agreed upon 'rules of engagement'.

The times between, we played together in the snow like kids, watched TV, indulged ourselves in sinfully unhealthy scrumptious meals, and the like. We even had fun with some role play, when while playing in the snow, the idea popped into Liz's fertile inventive imagination, to assume the insatiable woods nymph role, seducing the horny woodsmen in the snow ( being not all that far removed herself from understanding well the lusty aspirations of that fantasy figure ). That one got her enthusiastically double fucked against the trees in no time, leaving puddles of cum staining the snow between her booted feet. Didn't detect any signs at all, of regret from her afterward either, as regarded initiating that idea of hers. After enthusiasms enjoyed, I wouldn't be surprised it comes up unexpectedly, out of nowhere, next winter again.

Then too, we often found ourselves, all three nestled together, Liz resting her head on one or the other of our chests, all three of us treating both the other two, to the gentle sensations of skin against skin, and hands gliding softly over us, leading sometimes again into lusty hot wet sex sessions.

It was all so magically sweet, and oh so very, very deliciously naughty for all of us.

Sunday evening finally, and the spell was broken. It was time for temporary farewells to our friend.

"You come back to us, our sweetest man". Liz murmured softly to him with her parting hug and kisses. "We so love your company and the privilege of our time with you. We would be so sad without you".

"You'll see me here one month from now, count on it" from Harry. We both left him, in parting, with warm hugs and wishes for safe traveling.

When the door closed behind him, Liz turned to me and smiled, looking long and deep into my eyes. "What a wonderfully perfect guy we have. Our mid life years are so blessed. And the best of all, oh my god do I love you!!"

I got a very long warm hot loving embrace from my gal, accompanied with even more ardent long deep passionate kisses.

Can't say it was a bad weekend all told ( sorry, but you have to imagine here how wide is my smile ).

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