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Siobhan And Marys Bed And Breakfast Chapter 8 ...

by Melanie

I had heard from my best friend about a sexy new Inn. Linda told me that she and
her husband had gone for a weekend, and now he just can't keep his hands off
her. She said that the room rate is cheap for the service and location. And said
she would've paid twice that even if she would've had to keep her clothes on or
only had sex with her husband, Karl.
I got the phone number and made the call. I was so excited from Linda's story, I
was practically masturbating while I was talking to a very sexy sounding Irish
woman on the phone. She asked a few questions that I answered without really
thinking. It was almost like her sing-songy voice had me in some beautiful
trance. I almost came when she confirmed our reservations for the following
weekend. I hung up the phone and masturbated in earnest right there in the
kitchen, thinking of making love with her. After I came I got myself together
and called Jerry, my husband, to tell him the good news.

The week came and went so quickly. I was counting the days to our mini vacation
at the Inn. I had our things packed and in the car Friday morning when Jerry
went to work. He was to leave work at noon so we could drive to the Inn while it
was still daylight. I was so horny! To make our weekend even more special, I
didn't have any sex with Jerry all week. I even abstained from masturbating.
When we arrived at the Inn Friday evening, the sun was just setting behind the
mountains. There were several people sitting on the deck holding hands or arm in
arm watching the sunset. It reminded me of our vacation in Key West. With one
exception. Everyone on the deck was nude. It was one of the few times in my life
I was a bit self conscious about what I was wearing - clothes.

A gorgeous little brunette named Cindy checked us in and showed us to our room.
A king sized, four poster waterbed was in the center of the room, raised up high
enough to be just below my behind when I tried to get in. Jerry commented on how
useful the bed was at such a height. Cindy giggled and invited us down to the
bar to meet the staff and four other guests.
"It's been a bit of a drive," smiled Jerry. He couldn't take his eyes off this
beautiful, young, nude girl in front of him.
"We'll be there in a few minutes, if that's okay," I smiled. "We just need to
freshen up some. Are the owners here?"
"Yes, Mary and Siobhan live here and are always happy to meet our guests. We'll
see you in a few minutes then." Cindy hugged and kissed me and Jerry on the
cheek and then turned and left the room. I didn't expect that. This child had us
both turned on.
Jerry complained a little that he wasn't ready to get in front of a room full of
strangers without his clothes on. I, meanwhile, was aching to get out of my
clothes. "I'm going to the bar," I said, stepping out of my skirt. "And I'm not
getting dressed until Sunday night." I pulled my blouse over my head. "You keep
telling me I'm the sexiest 36 year old you've ever known. Don't you want to show
me off?" I was already very horny from a week with no sex and fantasies about
this weekend. Nothing was going to spoil it now. I bargained Jerry into
stripping out of his clothes and joining us at the bar with a promise of a
blowjob a day for the next week after we got back home. A promise I'd enjoy just
as much as he would.
Jerry held me close and kissed me deeply. I could feel his erection straining at
his trousers. His hands caressed my back and behind. "You don't want to go to
the bar with an erection," I giggled and kissed him again. I felt him undo my
bra and the wetness between my legs increased. I grabbed the back of Jerry's
head and pulled him closer, our tongues exploring each other's tonsils. Jerry
released my tits from their constraint and began to fondle them. One of his
hands had gotten under the waistband of my incredibly soaked panties and his
finger was tickling what little pubic hair I have.

A knock on the door brought me back to my senses. Cindy didn't close the door
when she left, so Jerry and I were making out for anyone passing to see.
It was her, the Irish woman who'd taken our reservation, standing there
completely, unashamedly, beautifully nude. "I just wanted to make sure
everything was to your liking." A beautiful red head with that lilting,
sing-songy voice. I couldn't help but stare. I've had a few fantasies over the
years about being with a woman but had never gone through with it. I knew before
the weekend ended, I'd make love with this goddess.
Jerry cleared his throat, blushed a bit and smiled. "So far, everything is just
tits… er, top rate. Sorry, I couldn't help…"
"That's quite alright, your wife's breasts are certainly something to stammer
about." Jerry's left hand was still inserted into my panties. I'm sure he
thought the sudden flow of wetness was due to his deft fingers. And Jerry's
right hand was still firmly planted on my tit. My nipples were so hard they
almost hurt. "My name is Siobhan. I'm one of the owners. Please feel free to
join us in the bar. The rest of the guests, our staff and my dear Mary will be
there most of the evening. Welcome…" Siobhan put her arms around our shoulders
and her tit rubbed against mine and she kissed us. Not on the cheek like Cindy
had. She kissed Jerry first and I could feel his erection jump. She turned to
kiss me and I felt her arm slide down my back to my waist. I couldn't help but
do the same. Her skin was so soft. Her kiss was definitely an invitation. Her
tongue tickled mine as she held me closer. If the kiss had lasted any longer I
would've orgasmed right there. As it was, her kiss left me breathless and more
than just a little turned on to the idea of making love with another woman, with
or without Jerry.

Siobhan let us go and stepped towards the door with a smile. "Welcome to our Bed
and Breakfast." She slipped out the door, again leaving it open.
Jerry held me close and whispered in my ear "I gotta cum, Mel. I don't care how,
I just gotta cum." I could tell from the look in his eye he was truly in need.
I dislodged Jerry's hand from my panties and took a step back. "Will you get
undressed and come down to the bar?" Jerry just nodded his head an emphatic
'yes'. I smiled. "Get out of your clothes."
In our 15 years together, I don't think I'd ever seen Jerry get undressed
faster. His cock was proudly standing it's entire 7 ½ inches straight out in
front of him. His eyes were pleading and I involuntarily licked my lips. I
dropped to my knees and took his cock into my hungry mouth. Instead of taking my
time like I like to do, I was immediately bobbing up and down on his cock like a
mad woman. I massaged his balls with one hand and alternately pinching my
nipples with the other. I tasted his pre-cum and I was really beginning to lose
it. I think we both started to moan at about the same time. The hand on my
nipples fell between my legs and was rubbing my stiff clit through my panties.
Jerry's hands were at either side of my head, not forceful, but lightly. He was
getting very close and so was I. His first shot exploded to the back of my
throat and I immediately swallowed. I let go of my clit and wrapped my hand
around Jerry's shaft just in time to jerk another shot of his cum into my mouth.
I smelled my juices on my hand and felt Jerry's third shot explode in my mouth
and I came hard. I let go of his shaft and grabbed his behind and inserted my
little finger just inside his anus, pulling him even deeper into my throat. I
felt one more shot in my throat and I tried to swallow what was in my mouth, but
a lot of it had dribbled onto my chin and neck. I breathed in through my nose
and pulled back some. Jerry pulled his still shooting cock out of my mouth, his
cum landing from three or four spurts on my tits. I came as I rubbed his cum
into my tits.
Thinking Jerry was done, I laid back on the floor under him. He stood above me,
stroking his cock. I quickly - finally - removed my drenched panties. "It's
still hard, Baby," I said, looking at Jerry's beautiful cock. I spread my legs
and held my arms up to him. "Put it in me. Please. I can't wait any more…"
Jerry sunk his cock into me to the hilt. He was rock hard. I screamed. Jerry
fucked me with long, deep, deliberate strokes. I wrapped my legs around his
waist and once again grabbed his ass, pulling him even deeper into me. We found
our rhythm and pushed and pulled and fucked ourselves into animalistic oblivion.
I squeezed my legs around him as my spasms took hold of me and I felt even more
of his hot cum drenching my insides like a firehose. Jerry grunted his last shot
and rolled onto the floor on his back. My pussy was now overflowing with our
combined secretions, and Jerry's cum was still smeared over my tits and face. I
felt so good.
As we lay next to each other on the floor panting, we heard the sound of
applause. Once again, the door was left open and we didn't give it a second
thought. This time there were three very nude people, one man and two women,
standing in our doorway. We'd put on a fairly decent show from the looks on
their faces, and the man's erection.
I stood up, still covered in perspiration and Jerry's cum and introduced myself.
The man smiled and introduced himself as Josh, one of the staff at the inn. The
woman to his right, an incredibly beautiful blond with a smoothly shaved pussy,
introduced herself as Mary, the other owner. She, in turn, introduced the other
woman there, also blond but with some neatly trimmed dark pubic hair, as Lee,
one of the guests.
"We heard your screams all the way down in the bar," smiled Mary as she reached
out for my hand. I felt myself blush. Before I could turn away, she kissed me on
my cum covered mouth. She broke the kiss and smiled, "We didn't want to disturb
you, but we just had to watch. I hope you don't mind." She turned her attention
to Jerry. "Your wife's mouth tastes delicious. I hope there's more of that for
the rest of us." She licked my chin and then kissed me deeply. I suddenly felt
both of my nipples being lightly sucked. Josh and Lee were both licking Jerry's
cum off my tits. The feeling was indescribably wonderful. I'd never had sex with
more than one person and here were three magnificent people getting me so
erotically high I thought I was going to just die.
"It's not just her mouth that tastes good." I heard Jerry's voice next to me. I
felt his fingers enter me from behind. I melted. Three lovely people licking and
sucking me in front and my Jerry finger fucking me - he had to have had at least
three fingers in me - from behind was just too much. I felt myself cum on
Jerry's fingers as he pumped me with purpose. I think I screamed into Mary's
kiss, I'm not truly sure.
I felt my hand stroking a cock - not Jerry's. It wasn't quite as long, but it
was a bit thicker. I couldn't stop. In fact, I sped up. I was giving this new
cock the best hand job I could, under the circumstances. I felt Josh suck a
little harder on my nipple. I sped up. Josh released my nipple to let out a
moan. I sped up. Jerry's fingers were still pumping in and out of my spasming
pussy. I felt Josh's cock getting harder and I knew he was close. I sped up.
Josh came all over my thigh and Jerry's fingers hit just the right spot at the
same time and I came.
Mary had released her kiss and both Lee and Josh had also released my nipples.
Josh's cum was thick and clingy on my thigh. I felt Jerry's arm gently holding
me around my waist from behind, his fingers slipping out of my satisfied pussy.
I opened my eyes and noticed we were not in our room. We were at the top of the
stairs next to the balcony that overlooked the main room and lobby. Jerry kissed
the back of my neck, causing me to slightly arch my back. Again I heard
applause. This time it was from the rest of the staff and guests in the main
room. I kissed Mary first, then Lee, Josh and then my Jerry. "I guess we're
going to the bar" he whispered in my ear. I smiled and took his hand and we
started down the stairs.

In the bar we were introduced to the other three guests. Sylvia, a pretty
brunette reached over and immediately hugged and kissed Lee after saying a
bright 'hello' to Jerry and me; and Laurie and her husband, Kyle. They were
sitting on a leather couch, Laurie's hand was slowly stroking Kyle's stiffening
cock as they both grinned and said 'hello'. I suddenly felt and remembered
Josh's cum clinging thickly to my thigh. I excused myself to go wash up but
Cindy smiled and said "Here, let me get that." She opened her mouth and licked
up Josh's cum from my thigh, getting very close to my pussy. Needless to say,
that felt really good.
"Don't worry," smiled Laurie as she licked her husband's cock, "We'll all be
covered in somebody's cum by the morning, anyway." She then swallowed Kyle's
cock whole and slowly bobbed up and down a couple of times. Cindy's tongue
brushed against my very swollen labia. It felt very good, but I needed a chance
to rest and breathe.
"Not just yet," I smiled and lifted Cindy from her knees and kissed her cheek.
I sat down at the bar between Jerry and Siobhan. The rest of the people were
engaged in conversation in two's and three's while Laurie blew Kyle on the
couch. I asked Mary, who was playing bartender, for something to drink. She
offered with or without alcohol, I chose without. I didn't want anything to dull
my already charged senses. And my inhibitions were already out the window.
Sylvia and Lee went and sat on either side of Laurie and Kyle and started
rubbing each of them. I sipped my orange juice. I turned back and Sylvia had her
face buried between Laurie's legs, while Lee was kissing Kyle and pinching his
nipples. Laurie was still licking and sucking Kyle's cock.
"That looks so good, doesn't it?" Siobhan's voice spoke softly next to me. I
turned to face her. I just knew she knew the effect she was having on me. I'd
never, ever, wanted to make love with another woman like I wanted to make love
with her.
"They certainly look like they're enjoying themselves," I said. At least that's
what I think I said. Siobhan had me mesmerized. I was trying to keep myself
together, but this evening's sexcapades had only heightened my awareness to my
lesbian fantasies.
"Sylvia has an expert tongue and she just adores eating pussy." Siobhan said
this as a matter of fact, a statement of experience. I felt a tingling deep in
my belly. Did I blush? "You'll have to let her eat you at least once while
you're here, love."
The moans from the couch grew a bit louder. I turned to see Laurie and Lee both
stroking Kyle's somewhat deflated cock, their faces covered in his cum, with
Sylvia still eating Laurie's pussy and Laurie looked as though she were in
heaven. That tingling in my belly grew. I adjusted myself in my seat.
"Do you like the taste of pussy, Melanie?" Siobhan asked.
"I've only tasted my own, Siobhan." I offered without hesitation, lost in the
thrill of being there with her. "On my fingers when I masturbate, or on Jerry's
face after he's been down on me, or on his cock if I want to suck him instead of
having him cum inside me."
She leaned over and kissed me. Our nipples met in time with our lips. I gave
myself to her, right then and there. I crossed the line from curiosity to need
in that split-second. We broke our kiss and I stared into those lovely green
eyes. "Will you be my first?" I whispered.
"You might want to say 'good-night' to your husband, then." She stroked my hip
with her tender hand. "I'll make sure he's taken care of tonight, as well.
I gulped down the last of my orange juice and turned to talk to Jerry. I
explained to him what was happening and that if I didn't do it now, I may never
get another chance or chicken out if I do. He kissed me and wished me a
wonderful time. I told him to sleep with whoever he wanted, as long as I got to
hear about it tomorrow. We kissed again and promised to meet for brunch.

Once in Siobhan's room, I started to feel a bit apprehensive, but I was
determined to go through with this and truly enjoy it. I wanted her so much. So
very much.
"Do you mind if I shower first?" I asked. "I'm covered with sweat and cum. I
want to be fresh."
"Do you mind if I join you?" Siobhan replied with a smile. "I want to make this
experience very, very special for you." She lead me to her bathroom.
The warm water in the shower only fueled my need. Siobhan's soft hands caressed
my body, sending thrilling, chilling sensations all through me. I was totally
lost in my need for her. Her kisses and touches teased my senses, strengthening
my desire, keeping me at the very edge. It made no difference if she was
touching me or I was touching her. I needed this night with her. I needed this
night. I needed her.
The steam from the shower grew around us in our passion. Our mouths finally met
in a lover's kiss. Two people equally in need of each other. Two women, one
experienced, one not. One having known the pleasure of other women, one only
dreaming of such wonders.
She turned off the shower and broke our kiss. "I need to lie down before me
knees give out entirely," Siobhan smiled and handed me a towel.
We dried ourselves quickly and left the bathroom. While we were showering, some
one came into the room and lit all of the candles. There had to be at least two
dozen. The entire room wash awash in candlelight, incense was burning and the
covers had been turned down. And the door was closed.
I stood next to the bed, looking at Siobhan. I had never been so turned on by
the sight of another woman's body. I didn't know where to begin. Her sweet,
tender lips? Her gorgeous, full breasts? Her exotic patch of red pubic hair? I
wanted to kiss her everywhere. She walked over to me and took my hand. I felt
like a virgin again, nervous and expectant. We sat on the bed. "Don't think
about what you want to do, just let your body take you where you want to go."
She kissed me gently and we laid back on the bed.
Touches became caresses became fondles became kneading. Kisses began gentle
became longing became needy became hungry. We rolled together on her bed, hands
everywhere, mouths everywhere. I ended up on my back as she sensuously kissed
her way down my body. I was immediately responsive to her every touch. She
sucked my nipples as she moved herself on top of me. I instinctively opened my
legs for her. Her gorgeous red hair, accentuated by the glow of the candles, hid
her lovely face but tickled my skin as she kissed her way farther down my body.
Her tongue touched my inner thigh and I thought I was beyond dying. She moved
her hair from her face as she kissed my labia. I, again, opened my legs, this
time wider, for Siobhan. She gently kissed my pussy again, spreading my lips
with her gentle fingers. I felt her breath across my clit and I shuddered. Once
again, her soft lips kissed mine, her tongue traced my inner lips and up to my
hard clit. I breathed in through my teeth, making a hissing noise and arched my
back. Her lips surrounded my clit and gently started to suck.
My hips started bucking and I was moaning and she was licking and sucking on my
clit and my hands grabbed the back of her head and I rode her face and she drove
two fingers into me while she sucked on my clit to an orgasm like never before.
I screamed her name with every contraction of my pussy. Tears poured from my
eyes as she licked my spasming pussy clean.
She crawled up to me and held me to her breast while my body trembled in it's
delight. I reached up and caressed her face, her lovely eyes glowing in the
candlelight. I tried to speak, but found myself completely mute. So I just held
her close and cried into her breast.
She reached down and kissed me. I tasted my own juices on her mouth. I'd tasted
myself before, but never in such a truly sensuous way. I wanted to do for her
what she'd just done for me. I'd just had the orgasm of a lifetime. I wanted to
show this woman love like never before.
"I want to please you, Siobhan."
"I know, love. I know…" she kissed me again and I felt the burning desire deep
within me grow.
I caressed her beautiful breasts and licked around one nipple and then the
other. I didn't try to think of what to do, I just did. It felt as wonderful to
do for her as it felt when she was doing for me. I tried to take my time, to be
patient and please her totally.
When I got to her pussy, I was amazed. I'd never been this close to another
woman's sex. I was lost in awe at it's beauty. The folded lips gently parting to
reveal the flower within. The inner lips parting to reveal the slick silky pink
entrance and the secret little nub peaking out from under it's hood. Then I
caught a nostril full of her aroma and my need for her increased by leaps and
bounds. I started with gentle kisses that were rewarded with increased wetness
from inside her. I knew the taste, I wanted more. I used my tongue to probe as
far as it could go inside her and was rewarded with her contractions around my
tongue. I felt her hands at the back of my head, guiding me to where she wanted
me, so it was there that I went. I kissed her clit, using my tongue to pull back
the hood and expose her most tender button to me. Her body tensed, I licked
again. Her hands held me steady, pulling me closer. I licked again. And again.
And again. And again. And again. I wrapped my lips around her clit and gently
sucked. She screamed and her wetness was flowing more. I continued to suck with
a little more force, she bucked against me. I held on with all I could, sucking
her clit and gently probing her entrance with two fingers. She wrapped her legs
around my back and held my head with her hands. She screamed something I
couldn't understand and suddenly my face was flooded with her juices. I licked
and sucked and licked and sucked, trying to get it all. But the more I tried,
the more there was.
Siobhan let go with her legs and again said something I couldn't understand, her
breathing was hard and labored. I sat up on the bed and saw such an angelic
smile on her face.
"I'm sorry," she panted, "You don't speak Irish, do you?" She smiled, slowly
shaking her head. She raised her arms to me. "Please hold me…"
I crawled up next to her, face to face. We kissed as satisfied lovers. We gazed
into each other's eyes, stroked each other's hair, gently caressed each other's
bodies. I don't know which of us fell asleep first, but neither one of us moved the
rest of the night.

Jerry and I met for brunch as promised. We had both showered and met in the
dining room completely nude. Jerry spent the night with Cindy. He gave me a weak
tale of the night's events and ended it with "She's a good kid." I knew that
meant he missed me. I hoped his experience with Cindy was as wonderful as mine
was with Siobhan. I just said that we had a good time.
Cindy appeared with a coffee pot in her hand. "Hello Melanie," she beamed and
kissed me on the cheek. "And hello, Jerry!" she looked him in the eye and gave
him a big kiss right on the mouth. "Thank you for letting me spend last night
with your husband, Melanie," her attention once again to me. "You already know
how wonderful he is. I really do mean it - thank you."
Cindy kissed me again, this time on the mouth.
I patted her bare behind. When she broke our kiss, I said, "Thank you for
keeping him company. He seems to think you're pretty wonderful, too." They both
blushed some, my hand still comfortably resting on her bare hip.
Cindy cleared her throat. "Would you like some coffee?" To which we both replied
She poured our coffees. "I'll be right back with breakfast menus. I'm sure
you're starved, Jerry." She giggled and walked away.
"'She's a good kid', eh?" I smiled. "I'm glad you had a good night. I'm also
glad you missed me, but I'm very glad it was good."
We both ate a big breakfast and then strolled around the beautiful grounds,
gloriously nude outside. We shared the truer accounts of the previous evening.
We returned to our room, the bed had fresh linens. Jerry and I made beautiful,
sensual, erotic love the rest of the afternoon. We even left the door open.

End of Story

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