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Sex School

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Sex School

My wife and I were high school sweethearts and we persuaded our parents to send us off to The University of Texas at nineteen years of age. We married in our junior year and Dawn had our first baby while she was in her senior year, but with family help (and money) she managed to finish her degree. I went on to law school and now in our very early forties we found ourselves empty nesters. We had a big empty house in the River Oaks area of Houston and a feeling that we?d accomplished our major goals. We both realized we were entering a new phase of our lives, that time when many marriages fall apart because of lack of attention, shared activities or just plain boredom.

I still thought Dawn was one of the sexiest women I?d ever known. She was tiny, and she?d always worked hard to keep her body, but gravity can?t be entirely conquered and the month after the girls had left we?d gone to a plastic surgeon I?d known for years and Dawn had asked for a make-over. She?d insisted that I come to all of the consultations. I?d been slightly shocked when she?d taken her blouse off to show the Dr. exactly what she felt was wrong with her breasts. I?d always liked them exactly as they were, B cups with nipples that were long and pink. She showed the Dr. what she didn?t like and then he reached over and took them both in his hands and lifted them slightly. Her nipples and my dick got hard at exactly the same time. I was embarrassed but incredibly turned on. He let them go and then Dawn surprised me by saying that she?d always wanted bigger breasts and thought that a D cup would look good on her frame.

The Dr. looked at both of us. I?d crossed my legs to hide my cock. ?I?m going to give you the same lecture that I give all of my patients. I want you to understand that in our culture breasts are very symbolic and if you have this surgery done it will change the way that people, particularly men view you. You will find that you become almost a sex object to people you meet. I?ve had patients who weren?t prepared for this. In particular, Jim, you may find it disturbing that men pay much more attention to Dawn than you?re used to.?

Dawn blushed very prettily when he said this, but she laughed and said, ?Bill, I?m 43 years old and I think I?ve heard it all. I think a little bit of sex appeal would be great at our age. I married so young that I don?t think I?ve ever been looked at as a sex object.?

Again she surprised me, because I thought she was the sexiest thing I?d ever seen. Blue eyes, a natural honey blonde, small waist and a bubble butt. Anyway we went ahead and scheduled the surgery. I?d taken the day off and I jumped her when we got back home. After we?d had sex she said, ?You liked it when he touched my breasts didn?t you??

I smiled and said, ?Yeah it was pretty sexy.?

?I always knew you were a little kinky.? She snuggled closer, and her hand reached down to cup my balls. ?Me too.?

The Dr. did a great job and the scar was nearly invisible. I thought her boobs were a little outsized on her small frame, but they were soft and hung beautifully. I got hard whenever I saw them. We had fun buying new bras and clothes and it was true that I could see men?s eyes go straight to her chest when they met her. We?ve always played tennis together as well as golf, but one evening we were laying on the big double patio lounger beside the pool. We were wearing bathing suits as our neighbors lights were on and Houston had enjoyed an early cold snap so the mosquitos weren?t in evidence.

?I have an idea about a hobby for us but I?m sort of embarrassed to bring it up.?

I was intrigued and then she surprised me completely by saying, ?Jim, have you ever thought about having sex with others??

This women could always shock me. ?You mean like orgies??

?No silly, just maybe another couple or maybe one at a time??

?You mean having an ?open? relationship??

?No, I love you and I don?t want to lose any of our closeness. I always think about how aroused you got when you saw Dr. Jones touching my breasts.? She paused and said, ?Well you know how aroused I got.? We?d had another couple of meetings with the Dr. after the surgery. He?d wanted to see that the implant was seated correctly and he?d always appeared very enthusiastic when he?d touched them. In fact I think it would be more accurate to say that he fondled them, lifting them in his hands and squeezing them. He?d said that he was always concerned about loss of nipple sensitivity and he?d circled both her nipples at the edges of the areola and then he?d gently touched all over her nipple ?to see if there were any insensitive spots?. Her nipples had gotten hard both times as she assured him that if anything they were more sensitive than before. Each time after the examination she?d attacked me afterwards; once in the car. She?d been completely wet.

I said, ?I was embarrassed to say anything, but I?ve always had a fantasy about making love to you with another man.?

?I knew it.? She reached over and touched my cock through my suit. It was hard, of course. ?Do you have any idea how turned on I?d get to have you watch me get fucked??

Just at that moment the doorbell rang. My cock was making a ridiculous shape in my bathing suit. ?Can you answer the door??

She got up and in a minute she came back into the yard followed by Richard, the kid who?d been looking after our pool for the past five years. I crossed my legs to hide the bulge that was quickly deflating. He was there to tell me that our pump needed replacing and he?d like to do it tomorrow morning. Richard lived a couple of streets over and we?d watched him turn from a gawky adolescent into a good-looking young man. He?d always had a crush on our youngest daughter, but now he had girlfriend of his own. He told me they were going off to college in the fall. A plan was hatching in my mind as I spoke to him.

?Sure come over tomorrow morning. I may be gone, but Dawn will be here.?

I felt my cock reflating as I thought about my plan, but I willed it soft before I went to the back yard. ?What do you think about younger men?? I asked Dawn as I sat down. She smiled at me. ?As long as they?re legal, bring ?em on.?

I had to laugh. This was definitely a side that I hadn?t seen before. ?Well this is what we?re going to do??

Next morning Richard arrived on time at nine and I let him in saying I was going to be playing golf. In fact I went around the block and parked inside the garage and let myself into the pool house. Half an hour later Richard had the old pump out and was putting the new one in place when Dawn came out of the house. She was wearing a thin pool wrap. She saw Richard and I heard her say, ?I forgot you were going to be here. Do you mind if I lay out for a while. I like to get a little sun before it gets too hot.?

He assured her that it was fine and went back to work. When I saw him look over next Dawn was laying on her stomach, a tiny thong covering her butt and she?d taken off her top. I saw Richard do a double-take. I felt myself get hard. He finished a few minutes later and asked if he could wash his hands. Dawn turned over and said sure. I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head. Her nipples were standing like bullets. ?Just go into the kitchen. When you come back you can put some lotion on my back for me.?

He reappeared and looked down at her. ?Where do you want the lotion??

I could see his cock tenting his trousers. Dawn turned around and handed his the lotion. ?On my back here, please, and don?t forget my butt.?

In his nervousness he squirted a big gloop on her back and I could see him trying to rub it in. When he got down to the bottom of her back she said, ?I don?t want to get it on my suit. She snapped the latch at the side and I saw her lift a little. Now she was completely naked laying on the lounger in front of this hunk. I saw her part her legs a little and watched him rub the lotion into her butt. When he pulled her cheek apart I knew he was staring at her asshole. After a few minutes she flipped over and looked at him. ?Thanks, Richard. I hope I don?t make you uncomfortable.?

He stammered something and then I saw her reach for the cock that was tenting his trousers. ?That looks very uncomfortable.?

He stood up and I saw her unzip him. In a second a very nice cock was waving in front of her face and she had it into her mouth. A few seconds later she had his trousers down to his knees. That was my cue. I went back into the house and walked into the back yard. I saw the shock on Richard?s face. I said, ?Dawn I thought Richard was servicing our pump. I didn?t know you were servicing his pump.?

She had to laugh. Richard didn?t know where to look and he made an effort to grab his trousers. She stood up I said, ?I think we?d better talk about this inside.?

She left her suit on the lounger and he didn?t say a word as her followed her little butt inside. She led us into a room we called the pillow room, because the carpeted floor was covered in about fifty large and small pillows. She sat cross-legged on a pillow and he stood nervously.

?Richard I saw your cock in my wife?s mouth.?

He was nervous now, ?Yes sir, I?m sorry.?

He was watching as I unbuttoned my shirt and then my trousers. I stepped out of my loafers and let my trousers fall. My cock sprang into view. ?Well, if you?re interested I suggest we both fuck her.?

She rolled onto her knees and moved towards him and then unbuttoned his trousers again. His cock was at half mast and she pulled it into her mouth. She?s always told me she loves sucking a half hard cock to full attention. When she pulled his cock out of her mouth she said, ?Come on, let?s play.?

I fully undressed and lay on a few pillows, hard as a rock and watched. Richard had relaxed as soon as he saw me naked. Dawn kissed his dick some more, but I could tell she wanted him between her legs and he obliged. Her chest heaved up and she uttered a big sigh as she felt his cock enter her. I wanted to watch it part her lips, but I didn?t know if that would seem too weird, so I just stroked myself slowly. I was so excited that my dick was covered in pre-cum. I could see that Dawn was setting in for a good long fucking, but after only a minute I heard Richard moan that he was coming and then I saw his butt clench and could see that he was emptying himself into her. Dawn looked over at me and rolled her eyes. Richard rolled off and lay beside her, his dick fat and soft on his leg. I could see it covered in her juices. Dawn motioned me over. ?Your turn. Kiss my pussy first.?

I didn?t know that was part of the deal, but the thought didn?t bother me. I moved between her legs and looked at her pussy. She?d shaved for the occasion and her lips were thick with desire and her hole looked red and a little swollen. I put my lips on her and gently sucked in one of hers. She moaned and I put a finger in upside down, so I could feel her ridge and she moved her hips. Gobs of cum were oozing out her hole. I licked up and down her slit around my finger and then I stuck my tongue in, moving my finger out. ?Oh yes, eat me out.?

I felt her squeeze a little and felt cum running out her pussy. It didn?t taste bad, but apparently the thought that I was eating another man?s cum from her pussy did something for her because she started a very noisy orgasm. When she finished, she moved up to straddle my cock. ?Did you like to se Richard?s cock in me. In your good little wife??

I could see Richard watching this by-play and noticed he was hard again. She was moving up and down on me and I moved into a cross legged position and put my hands back so I could feel her very wet pussy grinding on me. Five minutes and I flipped her back and drove into her missionary for another ten minutes. She orgasmed again and then I rolled her doggy and pounded her for ten more minutes. Richard was underneath her sucking her tits and I felt his finger around her clit and was surprised to feel him exploring her lips, touching my cock as it pistoned in and out. I was close to coming now and made my strokes more shallow. I rolled her over and put her on top so I could enjoy her tits in my hands as she came again and then I felt those wonderful pussy muscles contract as she milked me to orgasm. I felt completely drained and sweat was running down the valley between Dawn?s tits.

She rolled off me and lay between Richard and I. I looked over. Richard was completely hard. She moved a little and I saw her mouth on him and then she said, ?Richard, eat me.?

He did and I was right beside her watching his technique. He was a little hurried and once he?d found her clit I could tell he was spending too much time on it. Dawn gets numb if you don?t vary your licks. She moved his head and said, ?Fuck me.? He moved straight up and this time I could see his bulbous head part her lips. She was so full of cum and her own juice that he made a squishy sound as he bottomed out. He started bucking into her and within only a minute I heard him groaning that he was going to cum. Dawn said, ?Whoa big boy. You?ve got to slow down and make it last. Jim grab his balls.?

I knew what she wanted because we?d practiced this technique often. I reached down between his legs and grabbed his nutsack just below his cock and squeezed. A minute later I felt him relax. His balls had been huge, and now he was moving inside her again. He had a great ass, rounded and very muscular and I saw Dawn?s hands gripping it, fondling it as he pillaged her cunt. She shifted and presented her butt to him. I could see that the sides of her legs were covered in cum and juice; by now the whole room smelled of sex.

Two minutes later and I could tell he was close to cumming again, so I reached behind and squeezed his balls again. This time he didn?t stop fucking her again, so I felt my knuckle pressed into her soft little cunt whenever he moved forward. A few minutes later he gave her an orgasm and that excited him so much that despite my hand around his nuts I could feel him filling her with jets of cum. This time I went to the bathroom and came back with three washcloths. Dawn pressed down and the biggest gloop of cum I?d ever seen filled the washcloth. ?You guys filled me up.?

Richard laughed, ?You guys are a trip. I don?t think I?ve ever seen anyone enjoy sex that much.? He was looking at Dawn with admiration. ?And you,? he said to me ?could give fucking lessons.?

He left and Dawn and I snuggled together. ?That was great.? She said, ?I think we?ve found a new sport to enjoy together.? She looked at my cock, which was still a little thick and took it into her mouth and proceeded to give me the softest, slowest blowjob I?d ever had.

The next day we were relaxing with a couple of good books. We weren?t exactly tired by our experience, and in fact I?d been looking at Dawn?s tits all morning in the little half-t-shirt she?d been wearing around the house. The door bell rang. I looked out the door and was a little disturbed to see Richard there along with a girl. She looked to be almost as tall as he was, close to six feet. She had dark brown hair, worn long and a pretty face that was almost beautiful. I buzzed open the gate and held open the door.

?Can we talk for just a minute??

I said, ?Sure? and led them into the living room. They sat together like a couple of sparrows perched on a telephone wire in the cold.

Richard seemed nervous. Dawn came and sat on the arm of my chair and I said, ?What?s up.?

Richard blushed and said, ?I told Becky about what happened.?

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I hadn?t figured out what kind of a lawsuit was coming but I had a bad feeling.

Becky spoke for the first time, ?And then we made love and it was the best ever and he told me about how you made love to your wife and I said I wanted you to teach us.?

Dawn laughed. ?That?s great. Are you serious??

Becky looked at her and said, ?Completely. Can I speak to you for a minute privately??

Richard and I sat there for a few minutes making small talk. I uncorked a bottle of wine and poured four glasses. Later Dawn told me that Becky had said that they had a terrible sex life and that Richard had never made her cum. ?He has a lot of hang-ups about what is proper. He won?t go down on me and he comes so quick?? She hung her head and said, ?I love him but my last boyfriend was better at sex. I just want it to be better.?

When they came back in Dawn and Becky had flushed faces. Richard spoke: ?We love each other, but I can tell that our sex isn?t satisfying for either of us, but we don?t know how to make it better. I tried that trick you showed me, you know, having her grab my balls, but I guess I got it wrong and it hurt.?

Becky spoke up: ?I just know we?d have a better relationship because you know sometimes I?m not satisfied and I?m, well,? she looked down, ?a little bitchy.? I saw a tear form at the corner of her eye.

Dawn went to sit beside her, ?That?s OK honey, it really is something you get better at as you get older.?

?But why can?t you teach us??

Dawn looked at me and I winked. She grinned back. ?OK. When do you want your first lesson??

Becky stood up. ?How about right now??

Dawn stood beside her. She was nearly a foot smaller. She took Becky by the hand. ?Now would be fine.?

I followed the troop into the pillow room. We?d gone out and gotten some cotton blankets, and a few new pillows to repair the damage from yesterday. Dawn lit a few candles and drew the curtains. Becky was the first to get undressed. She was a Vargas girl. Her breasts were surprisingly full, tipped with small rosy nipples, and she had a tiny waist with full hips below. Her dark pubic hair was just a whisp between her legs. I?ve always been quick to get aroused and I felt my cock fill just looking at her. We all disrobed silently, and Dawn put on some soft music.

?First,? Dawn said, ?We?re going to explore Becky?s body.? She patted some pillows and lay down a blanket. ?It?s very important that a woman be completely aroused before you even approach her sex.?

I was completely impressed by Dawn?s professorial manner and in fact, it sounded as if she?d given this lecture before.

She looked at Richard,?That was one of the reasons I had you put lotion on me. I wanted the feeling of your hands on my body. But actually I was completely wet already, just because we were being so naughty.?

?Have you done that much before?? Richard asked, ?You know had two guys at once??

I smiled, ?No, that was a first. We?d talked about it and planned it, but you were the first.?

Becky said, ?That?s nice.? She was laying back and those firm young breasts were jutting off her chest, now hard nipples pointing at the ceiling. I wondered if I?d have them in my mouth soon or whether this was just a show and tell.

Dawn said, ?An erogenous zone is pretty much where we make it though everyone is different.? She took one of Becky?s feet in her hands. ?Some women love their feet stroked or their toes sucked.? She took one of Becky?s toes in her mouth. Becky arched back.

?Mmm.? Dawn continued, sucking each toe and then moving to her calf and lifting her leg to kiss behind her knee. Her legs were apart and I could see that Becky had very large lips. They were parted slightly and I could see a big clit poking out her folds at the top. ?Men often go right for the goal, but that?s usually a disaster for a woman, unless she?s in the middle of some fantasy. In fact, the most important arousal area is the mouth.? Dawn moved up Becky?s body, and I saw her hard nipples drag across Becky?s stomach and then her breasts. Dawn reached Becky?s mouth and touched her lips. Their tongues came out and they kissed each other. They didn?t break for five minutes. Dawn sat back. ?You?re a great kisser.? She turned to Richard. ?You should never stop kissing her until you feel her mouth actually change temperature and get warmer. Come see.?

Richard leaned over Becky and kissed Dawn on the mouth. I realized that in our love making yesterday there had been no kissing. The sight of them kissing over Becky?s body was an amazing turn on. I felt a hand tug at mine. Becky said, ?Me too.? I leaned over and touched her lips, biting the lower one gently and then I felt her tongue. It was bigger than Dawn?s, but very pointed and strong. We all broke at the same time. I leaned down to Becky?s neck and nuzzled the downy dark hairs. She smelled young and sweet.

I heard Dawn say: ?Watch what he?s doing. Never ever get into a pattern or a habit. Always approach her body as if it?s the first time and you?re exploring her all over again. I kissed Becky?s face and found her mouth open and waiting and kissed her mouth. I sat back.

?Now, her breasts. Of course every one is different but I think most women like their whole breast touched. Men sometimes just go for the starter buttons.? I stroked up her rib cage and gathered her breasts in my hands. Her skin was marvelously thick and when I closed my hands her nipples swelled. I?d never seen that happen before and I just had to feel it in my mouth. Her nipple skin was the softest thing I?d ever felt on my tongue and I sucked gently, feeling her nipple lengthen in my mouth. She moaned loudly. I watched Richard to the same to the other breast and I renewed my kisses, so we were both sucking on her nipples at the same time. When we both sat back her nipples were a dusky rose. Dawn said, ?My turn.?

I was a little surprised at that, but I could understand. I saw Becky?s hand reaching up to cup Dawn?s breast and then Dawn leaned forward offering her nipples. Becky suckled while I traced my hand down her tummy. Dawn said, ?Now we?ll move to the center. Jim, assume the position.?

I shifted so that my face was between her legs. The fine whispy hair was now coated in her juice and I could see a little drop between her lips. I moved my tongue forward to capture it and then let the tip of my tongue separate her lips. Becky groaned.

Dawn said, ?See how ready she is? Oral sex is the most important skill you have to develop as a lover. Always start with the lips and never, ever go straight for the clit. In fact tease her by avoiding her clit until you?ve played with her lips and tongued her hole.? I followed Dawn?s instructions. This was a very wet young lady, but she tasted delicious. I licked her from bottom to top and then moved my arm to put a finger inside her.

?Jim is feeling her pussy to find her g-spot. It?s a roughened area just inside her opening, though its position varies for each woman. She?ll tell us when he finds it.?

Becky groaned again and her hips bucked. I played with it and then pulled my finger out and licked her hole again. I then moved up to what I?d been curious about since seeing her. Her clit was very large, and now the hood had pulled back with her arousal. I closed my mouth around it, pulling softly with my lips. It was wonderful. I tugged it and licked it and then left it and went back to her hole. Now I started licking her all over, seeing if she had any spots that were particularly sensitive. Her right lip was special, every time I licked it she?d start tensing, but then I discovered that she really loved the area between her pussy and her asshole being licked. When I went a little further south she bucked up, inviting my tongue and I thrust it in as deep as I could go. When I withdrew my tongue I substituted my finger in her ass and went back to that wonderful clit, working my finger in and out of her butt. She came a few seconds later, a huge orgasm, her feet drumming on the floor, saying ?Oh yes, fuck my ass.? Her pussy became incredibly wet. I buried my face in it and said to Dawn, ?God she?s so wet it?s wonderful.?

Dawn said, ?Me too.? She turned to Richard. ?Now you?re going to practice on me. I hope you were watching the expert.?

Richard looked a little nervous as he got between her legs. Dawn?s lips are hidden and I got a kick out of watching him discover them. He licked up and down and then deep in her hole. She was right she was wet. She led him to her g-spot and we watched as she tensed her stomach. She taught him how to stroke it, and then she pushed his face into her. I don?t think she expected his finger up her ass, but then she seemed to enjoy it. Her orgasm was noisy. I felt so happy to see Richard?s smile. Becky said, ?You?re multi-orgasmic aren?t you??

Dawn nodded. ?Then can I try??

She put her face between Dawn?s legs. ?This is the first time I?ve kissed a pussy.? Dawn didn?t tell her it was the first time she?d ever had her pussy kissed by a girl. Becky was a great improviser. She seemed to particularly like putting her fingers inside Dawn and didn?t stop until she was turning most of her hand inside Dawn?s cunt. Dawn obliged with another noisy orgasm. When they?d both calmed down Becky said, ?Now for the main course.? She looked at my cock, which was long and hard and then at Dawn and Richard. ?Can he fuck me??

They nodded yes, and Dawn resumed her instruction. ?Jim has been delaying his orgasms for a long time so we?ll get him to talk about it while he?s inside you.?

I was wondering whether I was going to be able to hold back at all. I raised Becky?s pussy with a couple of pillows and then stayed on my knees, holding her legs up with my hands under her knees. I ran my cock up and down her slit a few times, but when I pushed it in it seemed to grip me in a way that I remembered from many years ago. It was like a tight soft wet glove. I sat down on my knees a little so that my cock would bang up against her g-spot. Richard and Dawn were watching closely. After about fifty strokes I could feel the beginning of an orgasm. ?I just started to feel like cumming, Richard, so I?m going to squeeze down and create the same feeling that you get when you wrap your hands around your nuts. Sometimes when I make that transition it helps to change position. You have to discipline yourself and tell yourself it would be unacceptable to cum before she?s ready.?

I flipped her over and saw those big lips dripping with wet and then I filled her again. My hands went around her waist and filled with firm breast. I started stroking in and out slowly. Seven shallow, seven deep. Fifteen minutes passed and I shifted her onto her side. I held up one leg and entered her pussy sideways. This put my hand on her clit and I started playing with it, enjoying its weight when I slipped it around. Now I was rewarded by her orgasm, and that nearly finished me. I slipped out to take another position. Becky said, ?Fuck my ass, please.?

I looked at Dawn and she grinned at me . Anal sex was not something we?d ever gotten into. Becky?s butt was already wet with moisture, so I slipped the head in. To my surprise she relaxed completely and there was no resistance. I put one finger on her clit and touched her g-spot with the other. She erupted into an orgasm and then she shouted , ?Oh fill my ass, fill my ass.? I started pounding in and out of her butt and the sight of her little brown butthole stretching against my cock undid me and I poured into her. She tightened it just as I was coming and milked me completely. I withdrew and Dawn handed us both a wash cloth.

?Richard it?s your turn.? Dawn lay on her side with him behind her. Becky and I watched as his cock nuzzled between her lips and then she shifted and he was balls deep in her pussy. She said, ?Mmm your cock feels so good. It?s a wonderful cock, strong and so good. I can?t wait to blow you and taste your cum.? I watched his balls start to contract.

Dawn reached down and said, ?Watch Becky. She circled above his nuts and then tightened her fingers until his balls looked like as thought they might explode. ?Concentrate on the feeling Richard. That?s the feeling you want to be able to conjure up even if there?s not actually fingers there.?

He started moving again and she said, ?Change positions. I?m going to give you a book with ten different positions I want you to master. You should be able to move between them without losing the mood.? We watched them shift. Finally Dawn was on top, reversed away from him, lifting herself up with her hands. Becky moved so she could hold Dawn?s breasts and I had my finger inside Becky. Richard grabbed Dawn?s hips and started fucking her with a vengance. I saw her eyes glass over and then she was there, shouting ?Oh my god his cock is hitting me in exactly the right place.? She exploded and a few seconds later he did too.

We all lay back. Becky said, ?That was great. I learned so much.? She looked at Dawn. ?So you don?t like anal??

Dawn said, ?We?ve never really gotten into it.?

Becky responded. ?When I first started having sex I was terrified about becoming pregnant so I would only let him have sex with my ass. I learned to cum that way. She reached over and grabbed one of Dawn?s cheeks. ?Maybe I can teach you how to enjoy a good ass-fucking.?

Dawn was laying back on the pillows. I hadn?t gotten a washcloth and I could see Richards cum leaking onto her leg. Becky leaned over and I saw her lap up Richard?s cum and then saw her tongue tracing Dawn?s lips. She put her tongue deep inside and then I saw her hand come underneath Dawn?s butt. A finger was inserted and more licking commenced. I watched a two fingers were inserted and then I watched Becky proceed to fuck Dawn?s ass with most of her hand without ever taking her mouth from Dawn?s pussy, but then when she?d gotten Dawn close she pulled her mouth away and made her cum only from the sensations of her fingers in her ass. It didn?t take long.

Dawn looked at me and said, ?Fuck my ass now that she?s gotten it ready.?

I said, ?Richard you do her ass and I?ll do her pussy.? We positioned ourselves and both entered her at around the same time.

Dawn said ?Oh my god? and I was afraid we?d hurt her, but then she started moving. I could feel Richard?s cock sliding in and out of her ass. It didn?t take her long to pick up a rhythm. Soon she was having us keep still while she rode us. The feeling of Richard?s cock moving close to mine was incredible. We kept pace with each other and it was fifteen minutes before we decided to unload.

We all cleaned up and sat down over a glass of wine. Dawn retrieved a book on Tantric sex and told them it was assigned reading. After they left we looked at each other and burst out laughing. ?What a great hobby? Dawn said.

They came for a second lesson the following Saturday and both women experienced a double vaginal penetration. They told us that their sex life was now incredible. College started the following week and a few days after they?d left we got a card in the mail asking if it would be OK if Becky sent some teaching referrals our way. Dawn has now decided that sex education is her new passion. Next month we?re going for a Tantric retreat and then Dawn wants to start advertising for pupils. What a life.

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