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Girls Weekend Out.

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Girls Weekend Out

I never thought I could be part of an erotic story with my boring hum drum life. Let me begin by stating I am a 46 year old happily married woman. I have a fantastic husband of 25 years who has always made me feel like a queen. We have had a fantastic love life and I know my husband has been faithful during our marriage. He is very handsome very sexy man who has kept me satisfied for over 26 years. He has given me nice home and 3 wonderful kids and generally a great life.

Over the years I have tried to maintain my figure for him and even had my breasts lifted and enhanced after the birth of our third child so that my measurements are 34D 23 35. I stand 5?7? and weigh only 5lbs more now than my 117lb weight when I got married 25 years ago. I work as an executive assistant for a multi national company that lets me basically do what needs to be done on my schedule. 3 and 4 day weekends are fairly common.

It was one of these weekends that my story emanates from. Around 2-3 times a year my girlfriends and I visit a resort for a weekend and just pamper ourselves. Our last trip was the third week of October and we decided to go to Palm Springs and have some Halloween fun. Our trips usually include five or six of us, but this trip only myself and two of my friends could get away. Sue and Linda were going to join me on Friday evening. I flew in Thursday afternoon. We were staying at the Palm Springs Marriott in a very nice casita. After checking in, I decided to visit the pool and keep my Arizona tan a few weeks longer. I changed into my bikini grabbed a book and headed to the pool. At the pool I was brought a margarita by a very attentive pool boy, who I think was flirting with me. He was very cute and his attention made me feel good. But he couldn?t be more than 21 or 22 I have two kids older than that. I was deep into my romance novel when he brought my next margarita and tried flirting. I was already wet from my book and his comments hit a nerve and he had me wanting my husband. After he walked away a lady reading a book next to me leaned over and introduced herself and mentioned that what happens in Palm Springs stays in Palm Springs. I told her that not with my friends and that I was not really looking for any of that kind of excitement. She smiled and said she told me I would not have to look for it that it would find me.

After two hours of sun I went to my casita and took a nice shower before my scheduled massage. My masseuse was a very fit and attractive 30 something man. I have had a massage from men before but not as cute as this man. I had requested a Swedish massage and was pleasantly surprised when he had a European accent. I relaxed and let him work his magic. I was wet five minutes into the massage. I was dreaming as he massaged my body thru a series of very quiet and motionless climaxes. When he had me turn over on my back I noticed a very prominent bulge in his shorts. I was embarrassed that my nipples reacted to my eyes seeing his bulge and were very on rigid display as I lay on my back. He went about the massage and a couple of times my hand fell to the side of the table and he rubbed has crotch against the back of my hand. As the back of my hand rested on his shorts, he placed his fingers on the inside of my thighs and worked his magic until only centimeters from euphoria. I liked this and left my hand off the side of the table. He was now talking with his sexy accent and I was purposely leaving my hand against his crotch. The hour flew by and I was hot and wet when he finished. He asked me out for a drink as I tipped him. I told him as much as I enjoyed my massage I was a married woman and did not trust my self alone with him. I went back to my room and was masturbating for about the third time in my life when my cell phone rang it was my husband checking in. I told him about getting a massage and he teased me that I must have driven my masseuse wild with my sexy body If he only knew! He told me to have a little fun before the girls got there. He has always encouraged me to flirt and dance with other men wherever we are. He would say that I could tease any man I wanted but he would be the one that would be fucking me later. I told him I was going for a quiet dinner then an early bedtime. After I hung up on my husband I realized I was naked and my casita patio curtains were open. I wondered if my masturbating had attracted any voyeurs. This made my nipples rock hard again and I closed the curtains and brought myself to a very happy ending before throwing on a sun dress and walking to the patio restaurant. I was halfway into my chicken salad when in walked Jan the lady at the pool. She asked where my husband was and when I told her I was here alone for the night and that my friends would be joining me tomorrow night. Jan told me she was here with her mother and aunt and that she was not having the best time being with two older ladies who called it a night at 7 each night. She told me she wanted to visit a nightclub and would I like to go with her. She was in her late 30?s and very pretty. She had just gone thru a messy divorce and was set financially and wanted to have some fun before she had to go back to Ohio on Sunday. I told her that she could join us for our nighttime outings. Jan had a salad with me and afterwards we went to her room to let her mother know we were going dancing.

The dance club was not very crowded on Thursdays and drink specials were plenty. We were both feeling good and commenting on each person in the bar. Jan was very frank and I found her fast becoming a good friend. We each were kept busy dancing with younger men all night and Jan was doing some heavy flirting. I noticed her letting men fondle her ass and legs on the dance floor. When I commented to her that she appeared to be teasing a few of the guys she told me she was looking for a one night stand and when she found the one for the night she would be leaving me to fend for myself. She was very blatant in telling me that her ex though rich and only a four inch cock and she wanted to feel a real man. She asked me why I was not on the hunt for some strange cock as she put it. I told her my husband has kept me satisfied for 26 years and I was content. She commented either he was well hung or he had me in his spell. With more than a few drinks in me I said both. She asked how big he was and I told her I had never measured him but if I had to guess I said 7 inches and thick. She told me she was jealous because her husband was only four inches and this as a pencil. After a few more dances she came back and told me she found her man for the night. She told me her guy had a nice cock and that she would become his whore for the night. I commented on her choice of words and she told me to lighten up and have fun. Her guy came over and introduced himself as Jim and said he had a friend for me if I was interested. I respectfully declined. Jan told me she would see me tomorrow and left with Jim. I had another drink and danced for another hour and was felt up and brushed against by a trio of cute men. Two of them even led my hand to their crotches. With the alcohol in me I was more brazen and even enjoyed touching another mans cock. My evening came to and end when I declined to leave with a man and he accused me of teasing him. My husband would have been proud. He would also be fucking me too, but he was home in Scottsdale. I went back to my room and opened my curtains turned off my lights and masturbated to an enormous orgasm as I lay naked on my bed. I fell asleep as I was and awoke around seven with a small Mexican man staring at my naked body from the patio. I kept still and as I watched him I started playing with my clit with my arms close together so my breasts were pushed up and out for him to see. He stayed thru my climax and was gone when I opened my eyes. I climbed out of bed and jumped into the shower. As I was toweling off my phone rang. It was Jan inviting me to breakfast. There she told me that Jim had fucked her three times in two hours and she even sucked him to and explosive climax as she was leaving his room at two in the morning. She said she could not wait til tonight when she could find another man to fuck her again. I told her about the Mexican and the men I fondled last night and she gave me a high five and said we were going to have a wild weekend. Jan then asked me if I would join her with her mother and aunt in there jaunt to the outlet mall 30 miles away. Since Sue and Linda weren?t due until 9pm I told her sure.

The outlet mall was a nice diversion and I spent a few dollars on new clothes and shoes. We were resting our feet and enjoying a good lunch when I received a call from Sue telling me they had to cancel because Linda?s 85 year old mother had fallen and broken her hip. I was disappointed when I hung up the phone. Jan asked what was up I told her and she got this big smile across her face and said we could still have a very good time together. I hesitated and said I think about it. I decided to send flowers to Linda?s mom and then called my husband and told him I was thinking about coming home early. He told me to stay and relax because he had made plans to go fishing for the weekend with his buddies. I told him I had made a new friend and he asked what his name was. I called him a smartass and said her name was Jan who was with her mother and aunt. He told me he would see me Sunday night and to have a good time. That sealed it and I told Jan I would stay. She was excited. After we took her mother and aunt back to the hotel to play bridge we decided to go and look for Halloween costumes. The desk clerk told us about a store in town that had really sexy costumes. It turned out to be a sex shop. Neither Jan nor I had ever been in a sex shop before. We were both embarrassed and aroused at the erotic playthings this store had. We must have been there an hour looking at everything. We decided to be Candy Stripers. The costumes were very short shorts and very tight tops which really showed a lot of cleavage (my husband would love this). The hotel bar was having a Halloween party and we were going to be twins. I bought a blond wig so I would look just like Jan. After getting to my room I took a nap and awoke in time for a very nice warm bath. I had voicemail from Jan telling me she was taking the ladies to dinner and would be ready at nine and to meet her in the bar. As I was getting dressed I put my new blond hair in pony tails to give me that young candy striper look. I then added three inch heels to my long legs. I looked in the mirror and decided I had never looked hotter. With my makeup and blond wig I did not recognize myself. My outfit was 100% cotton and my top left nothing to the imagination. My nipples were on display and even my large areolas could be seen if I lean in just right. I was thinking that with my friends not here and not knowing anyone I just might become a tease and have some clean innocent fun tonight. I had no intention of breaking my marriage vows, but I thought I could still have fun and flirt.

I got to the bar about 15 minutes before nine. I went up to the bar and I could feel the eyes all over me. The bartender was a very handsome young man in a tank top and Speedo. He had enormous arm and after looking at me I noticed his Speedo was stretching its fabric. He might have been around 25 or so and he was clearly impressed with my costume. He told me my first drink was on the house. As he brought my margarita over I purposely lean in to show my areola?s and breasts to him. I said thank you while leaning towards him. He replied with ?no thank you? with a smile. As he went to help a waitress dressed as Cleopatra he pulled a bar towel over his crotch. I smiled to myself knowing I had teased my first man tonight. My drink was strong and after the first one I knew I should slow down or it would be an early night. Mark (the bartender) would not let my glass get close to empty before he brought me a new one. I danced my first dance with a cowboy who was so cute that I thought I would melt in his arms on the dance floor. He was about 25-30 like every other man in the place. I danced two country songs with him then returned to my spot at the bar. Mark had already replaced my half drink with a full one this one much stronger than the last. The bar was rapidly filling up. The costumes were entirely the same theme? Sexy Sexy? and Sexier. Both the men and women were in all forms of revealing costumes. There was a female police officer with two sheriff badges over her nipples. There was the waitress who had a small keg on each leg with hoses that lead up to her huge breasts and spigots from each nipple. Men were walking up to her and it looked as if they were openly sucking her breasts when they were really drinking beer from her nipples. There were two Batman?s, A Superman, and Spiderman all with revealing crotches. Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy were there. Three very hot wrestlers showed up with three lady wrestlers. I as a candy striper was not the only nurse, but I think I actually pulled it off as well as the other two much younger girls. I was dancing with Batman when he pulled his cape over my head so we were secluded and lowered his face into my chest. His warm breath on my erect nipples had me breathless and naughty thoughts were running thru my mind as he unwound the cape and pulled me backwards into his crotch. His cock split my cheeks and felt wonderful against my ass as he whispered into my ear if I would like to see his Bat cave. The dance floor was crowded and more than a few hands found there way to my breasts and ass. I had had enough alcohol that I actually did not mind. A very sexy blond surfer broke between Batman and me. He told me he had an accident on his board and needed a nurse to care for him. I danced two dances with him before making my way back to the bar and another stiff drink. I took a big drink and it hit me that Jan was still not here. I did not want to call her room because her mom and aunt would be sleeping by now. I was not to long in thought because Mark was back with another drink. He told me he was getting jealous of all the attention I was getting from the men tonight. I reminded him as if he was my husband that I always returned to him. I was getting lost in my thoughts when a huge black police officer asked me if I had I had paid for drinks or was I freeloading on the hotel. With subtle force he grabbed my arm and led me to the backroom of the bar. I had my first climax as he grabbed me and pulled me with him. I was drunk and thinking Mark had put him up to it to get me in the back room alone. I found out soon enough when Mark came back and was surprised to see me with him. When he asked Mark to come in and close the door I was convinced Mark had set this up and was about to get up and remind them both I was happily married, when I saw the look of disgust on Marks face. This guy wasn?t kidding. I spoke up and said my drinks were charged to my room and he quickly put his massive hand up and said he had been watching my interaction with Mark and he had not once rang any of the six margarita?s I had consumed in the past two hours. I started to get up and was dizzy from the drinks and fell back into the chair. Mark came to my aid and helped me settle into the chair. He whispered into my ear that everything would be ok. Mark then told the guy that he was only parking lot security and had no idea what he kind of trouble he would be in as soon as I was out of this room. I was still very aroused from all this and decided to take matters into my own hands. I asked Officer Bob if I could pay a fine and get back to the party. He looked at me funny and it occurred to me that this huge man was not altogether here. I stood up and pulled my top off revealing my massive hard breasts. That did it and then I walked up to as he started stammering I unzipped his police pants and found his rapidly growing erection. I pulled it from his pants and saw for the first time in my life a black cock. It was very big and very hard. I am not attracted to black cock as all the stories would have you believe every white woman is. I had a job to do and I was going to do it. I grabbed his cock and slowly started stroking it. To my surprise it got even bigger. It was a fat as a beer bottle and bigger than my husband. Mark watched as I gave Officer Bob a hand job. Officer Bob told Mark to turn around and not watch. Mark did and with in seconds he erupted and shot his load all over the desk. He quickly cleaned up and left. The whole episode took less than five minutes. As I stood up to put my shirt back on Mark kept saying he was sorry and hoped I would not call the police on Bob and explained his situation.

I told Mark my buzz was wearing off and he had better get me another drink. After we were back in the bar and my drink was refreshed I asked for a shot to go along with my margarita. The tequila went down fast and my happy buzz was back. I went to the restroom and found my panties were soaking wet. I took them off and stuffed them in my shirt. Returning to the bar Mark made the comment that they are beautiful. I said ?they? and he nodded towards my breasts. I smiled and pulled my panties from my top and gave them to him. Mark pulled them to his face and smelled my juices and I saw the bulge grow in his Speedo and the smile creep across his face. I decided I had already given one man a hand job so why not give a few more. I had no intention to fuck any one other than my husband but a few strokes here and there won?t hurt. The surfer was first he and I were dirty dancing when I reached out and put my hand on his cock. It was nice and soon hard. I led him to the back of the bar and he had his hand all over my tits and I gave him a quick hand job while he feasted on my tits. He was begging to fuck me. I told him I was married and would not do that to my husband. After he came in my hand I brought my cum covered hand out and quickly realized I needed to do something with this. I found a curtain and wiped myself clean. I made my way back to the bar and when Batman asked for a dance I had his cape wrapped around while I fondled his cock thru his costume. The bat belt proved very hard to open and I used my mouth and tongue against his uniform. His cock was almost bursting as his hands removed my top and exposed my breasts to the crowd when his cape was pulled back. I was now drunk and possessed by the thought of making as many men as I could cum. Here I was a 46 year old housewife in total amenity having this effect on men half my age. I took Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy both at once. They had very nice cocks and both call me a whore and told me what they would do to me later if I would go back to their apartment with them. I led them to think I could not wait. It was after 2am when I finished and was at the bar with Mark. I told him I had jacked off 7 young men. Mark told me he would walk me back to my room as soon as he finished his cleaning duties. I was still very drunk when he emerged with a bottle of tequila and we started walking to my casita. Mark said again he was sorry for what happened earlier. I told him to forget about it. I then told him my favorite number was 8. He smiled as I opened the door. I invited him and we shared shots of tequila before I told him to get comfortable while I took a quick shower. When I came out of the shower I put on a nite shirt and walked to my new beau. He was still in his Speedo but had taken off his shirt. He was beautiful and his bulge that I had seen all night in his suit was soon going to be exposed and have my hand all over it. I walked over to the bed and he had he tequila and beer from my room fridge along with lime and salt. He said he did not want the same as all of the other guys. I reminded him that I was happily married and that not much more would happen. He said he understood but still wanted it different. He took the tequila and poured a shot in a glass and squeezed a lime on his nipple and poured salt on top of the lime juice. He told me to drink the tequila then lick his nipple. I did and found it very erotic. He then had me walk to the table he poured his shot and had me lean over his shot so that my erect nipple was setting in tequila. My nipple was suddenly very warm. When I stood up he put the lime on my chest and then salt then drank the tequila and quickly put his mouth on my tit and the heat returned to not only my breast but between my legs. I loved it and we each repeated this two more times before he led me to the bed and laid me down. I reminded him that I was married. At the same time I was very dunk and horny and the site of his bulge had me weak and wet. He was still in his suit as he got over me and had his knees on both sides of my body as his suit with his hard cock teased my nipples I felt a climax coming on. I whimpered and surrendered to his exploring hands. His hands left a trail of heat as they caressed my body again bringing whimpers from my mouth. I was so lost in his sensuous touching that My mind was not occupied by the of the object of my desire, his very hard cock. As his hands fanned over my tender flesh I found myself quickly losing all thought of just stroking his magnificent cock. I was his completely to do as he chose. As he tenderly used his hand and tongue to make my skin tingle, he made his way to my wet panties. He used his tender fingers to massage my outer lips and then his tongue was licking and tenderly kissing my clit thru my panties. My body convulsed and slowly rose from my midsection as he continued his tender assault on my soaking wet panty clad cunt. As my hips rose thru my orgasm I found myself pulling my panties off and pulling his head right where his hands, fingers and tongue left off. His tongue resumed his soft attack on my clit quickly building me to another glorious climax. I was lost and soon I was trying to free his cock from his Speedo. I pulled him off my sex and was soon mesmerized by his engorged cock. I tenderly kissed the tip as I fed his full hard length into my warm wanting mouth. His taste brought me to yet another climax. I could feel him growing ever larger as I wrapped my lips around his cock taking him deeper then even deeper, slowly withdrawing to swirl my tongue around his plum shaped cockhead.. I felt him grow harder as I took him deep in my throat. The head of his cock was getting bigger the farther down my throat it went as I greedily engulfed it. He was using his tender fingers on my erect nipples and I started to bob up and down on his huge cock. I had another orgasm from licking and swallowing this fantastic piece of meat. I had a shuddering orgasm as I was making love to his cock. Mark warned me he was ready to explode and I greedily stuffed his cock back down my throat and was rewarded with shot after shot of his hot cum. I wanted to taste this god and pulled my throat off his cock and was rewarded with shot after shot of his delicious seed. I had another mind blowing climax as I swallowed all of him. I was surprised that he was still rock hard when he withdrew and stuck his tender tongue in my mouth. I did not believe my own words when I was begging him to fuck me. He brought his hard cock to my clit and used his cockhead to bring me to another thundering climax. I was begging him to feed me his cock and when he inserted his cock in in my flesh I had yet another climax. he fed me his cock slowly until the whole cock was buried in my body. My body had never felt so full, so warm, so excited, so satisfied, so everything. He stayed in me doing nothing but making me climax for about five minutes until I could not stand it and was yelling for him to fuck me hard. Just as he had been so tender and soft he became a man possessed and started slowly to build up speed and soon the bed was bouncing off the floor and I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to never stop. Then all of the sudden he stopped and his still hard cock was awash in my cum as I came all over his magnificent cock. I begged him to continue and fuck me, He stood up and turned me over and entered me doggie style (my favorite with my hubby) His cock was so big that every thrust he hit my g spot and I was again screaming for him to fuck me harder. I wa so loud that the hotel phone went off. Mark reached over never missing a beat and put a pillow over my mouth to stifle my screams. My body was in a constant orgasm and I was begging him to never stop. He fucked me for about 45 minutes when he again told me he was ready to cum. I begged him to fill my body with his seed, He did not disappoint and filled my flesh to overflowing. We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. I awoke to his hard cock probing my ass. I quickly told him I did not do that and he being the gentleman he was soon had his hard cock buried in my cunt. The man could fuck and fuck and fuck he fucked me for about an hour before he emptied another load of his juice into me. We drifted back to sleep only for me to wake up before him and wrap my lips around his cock for another mind blowing sheet wetting orgasm. I ordered room service for breakfast and covered his cock in syrup and whipped cream. He stuffed my body with strawberries and used his tongue to bring me to another climax while nibbling on strawberries. He called in sick and we did not leave the room until 11 pm when he reserved a private Jacuzzi and he fucked me in water until 3am. I hated to say good bye and asked him to make the trip to Scottsdale soon. I never met up with Jan again and vowed to call her when I got home. I did not tell my husband about Mark but I did tell him I teased a few men in my candy striper uniform. He had me wear it for him and we had mind-blowing sex with it and my husband commenting about all the men I teased.I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did living it.

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