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I began living with my sister, Caitlin, when I left the Army. Together, we bought a nice, affordable two-story duplex and each of us lived in one side, but shared the back yard. We'd done some improvements like putting in a pool and such. Now that I've been temporarily laid off from work, we rented out one side to a pilot who used it occasionally to entertain a flight attendant or two, but primarily to sleep when he was in town. I moved in with my sister on the other, using my unemployment and savings to help with the bills. I was job-hunting despite the "temporary" nature of the layoff, though, so I got up early that day to shower and dress. I had only 1 appointment and that was for 10 am. When I came downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar, Cait and her new friend from work, a girl named Amber, were sitting at the table talking.

"My, my, my! You didn't tell me you had such a hot brother, Cait!"

Sis blushed and I introduced myself. Amber was a stunning looking redhead. Her only drawback had to be her small breasts. Actually, they weren't a drawback for me but she was apologizing for them almost immediately.

"Well, Cait didn't tell me she had a sexy friend, either!"

"Cait's the sexy one. She's got the boobs and ass while I just have the ass. If I weren't so flat up front, I could wear the sexy clothes and get guys to whistle at me. Instead, I just hang out with her for the sloppy seconds."

"You look damned good to me, hon."

"Only because she's your sister and there isn't some other hot, busty babe in the room, sweetheart," she half-joked. Obviously, the woman didn't know me very well.

Other than that small trait of belittling her chest size, she had a delightfully curved frame, beautiful legs leading up to a gorgeous ass and, to top it off, had dazzling emerald-green eyes. Sis, on the other hand, was built a little different. Where Amber was a 35A, my sister, Cait was more like a 32D. She had a small frame for her breasts, making them look larger than they actually were. Her small size accentuated her wasp-waisted figure and her gentle yet alluring smile caused guys to turn in her wake.

She generally was the typical soft-spoken and polite southern debutante constantly believing in the good side of people, which sometimes lead to more problems than she could handle. I'd had to "rescue" her from overly aggressive dates on more than one occasion, one time nearly beating the snot out of some jock that thought sex with my sister was his right and not a privilege to be given. He was shown a different opinion. When his parents threatened to sue, I countered with r*pe charges. Since their boy was headed for a big-time football college, we let it all fall away.

But now, Cait was 20 and I was late. We chatted for a few more minutes and I headed out the door. About a quarter of the way there, I received a call on my cellular to reschedule my job interview. I shrugged and turned around, happy to have the rest of the day to myself. I was going to get my suits from the cleaners, but I didn't have the ticket, so I headed home to pick it up.

When I walked in the door the shower was running. Cait and I have a fairly loose relationship, so I popped into the bath to let her know I was home. I was shocked to see two bodies in the shower! I was even more shocked to see a side of my sister I'd never known!

I watched as my sis and Amber kissed for a long while and then reach up, pulling at the redheads wet tresses until she yelped with pain and sank to her knees in front of Cait.

"You want to fuck my brother, don't you, slut?" snapped my sister. Amber moaned against my sister's mound and shook her head affirmatively. Cait pulled her hair harder and the taller girl whimpered then bent forward to lick at my sister's cunt.

"You want to strip naked for him and get him all hard and then tease him for me, don't you?"

What was this? My sister wanted her friend to seduce me in front of her?

Amber whimpered against my sister's pussy, not stopping her ministrations to her cunt.

"I want to watch you fuck him, my lovely slut. You're going to let me watch you, aren't you?"

Amber moaned and Cait - my quiet, shy sister - reached down and pinched down firmly on the redhead's nipples, making the taller girl squeal and shudder. I watched as they both came hard, my sister collapsing against the shower wall and Amber almost screaming as her now-visible fingers frigged her cunt like a vibrator.

Cait noisily slid down the wall of the fiberglass stall and Amber just knelt there, kissing her way up my sister's body until she got to the two white globes that jutted out from her skinny frame. She kissed and licked at Cait's nipples for a moment as my sister lay there, almost passed out from her orgasm. Finally, Amber spoke.

"You really want me to do your brother in front of you while you watch?"

"Well, um, k- kinda," she stuttered. Now that they were just cuddling, Cait reverted to her shy, unsure self.

"Kinda? Either you do or you don't, girl!"

"I don't know! Jeez, like, he's my brother."

"So? I had a crush on my brother for years."

"Yeah, well, did you ever sleep with him?"

"No, but I got stoned with him one night when my folks were on vacation, then stripped for him, jacked him off twice and sucked him while he played with my tits and finger-fucked me. We passed out in the living room and woke up when his girlfriend was knocking on the door. He sorta freaked after that and wouldn't come near me, even to hug me, for a long time afterwards."

"Jesus, no shit? You sucked him off? What was it like?"

"Just like doing it to any other guy."

"Yeah, but, like, he's your brother and all."

I know. That's what made it all the more wicked and interesting!

Amber was now playing with Cait's pussy, the palm of her hand rubbing slow, gentle circles around the pussy. Cait slid down a little more, so Amber bent and sucked one of Cait's pink nipples into her mouth and bit down a little. Cait gasped and arched her back while Amber smiled and pulled on the nipple with her teeth. Cait then grabbed Amber's hair and twisted, making the taller girl grimace. It was as if they were both playing a game of chicken, the one tolerating the greatest amount of pain declared the winner. Cait reached under Amber and pinched her nipple with those long nails of hers, making the taller girl yelp and let go. Cait giggled and they kissed.

"So," said Amber, breaking the kiss and caressing my sister's face, "Do you ever fantasize about sleeping with him?"

"Amber! I swear! You have a one-fucking-track mind! He's my brother, for Pete's sake!"

"So what? Doesn't mean you can't have fantasies about him. I mean, you obviously like him a lot. You live with the hunk! The question is,"she said, gently caressing Cait's nipples, "do you ever think about sleeping with him?"

"Fuckin' shit piss-eatin' single-minded whore!" my sister chanted, her eyes to the ceiling, "Hell Amber, I don't know. OK, so yes, I-, I've had fantasies about him, OK?"

"Oh!" she squealed, "What kind of fantasies?"

"Fantasies, you know, Just fantasies. Dreaming that he comes in to my bedroom and catches me masturbating and all that shit."

"That's it? Just masturbating?"

"Cripes, Amber. I think if he ever did see me doing anything, we'd both be so embarrassed that we would freak out too much. It would just be too weird. And I couldn't handle it if my brother freaked out the way your brother did. I need him in my life!"

"Get him drunk then!"

"I wouldn't have the nerve to go through with it!"

"Let him get you drunk and then just drop hints or wear sexy clothes or something. See what happens!"

"I couldn't!"

"If you don't, then I will!"

"Go ahead and fuck him! I know you already want him!"

"No. I mean, if you don't tell him that you want to fuck him then I will."

"I don't want to fuck him as you put it."

"I thought you said you were in lust with him."

"No, I said I had fantasies about him. That's not the same thing."

"So, you do or you don't have a crush on him?"

"I-, I-,"

"Either you do or you don't."

"OK, OK, so I've had a crush on him since forever."

"Really? What made you first realize that?"

Yeah, I wondered to myself, "When did THIS come up?

"I was a few years ago," she began. "He'd just come home from boot camp and we were all proud of him. Amber, he looked so freakin' handsome in that uniform! All my girlfriends thought he was just absolutely "it" back then.

I was at a sleepover at Marsha Bergman's house and all we did was talk about Dirk and how hot he looked in his Army uniform. Marsha and Bethany were gushing the most and we all began to tease them about it. It probably helped that Connie Marshall got hold of a couple bottles of wine. We got pretty wasted and fell into a sort of truth-or-dare kind of game and Twyla Connell picked Bethany.

"Twyla? That bitch is so fuckin' skanky!"

"Shut UP. She was my best friend!"

"Yeah, until she became a smack addict."

"She is not. OK, so she has a bit of a drug problem. She's handling it."

"She's still skanky."

"Whatever, anyway, it went like this."

Cait began the story about her sleepover.

"Twyla asked Bethany if she'd ever masturbated which got an uproariously squealing giggle from all the girls and a reprimand from Marsha's mom. When we quieted down, Twyla asked again. We giggled and laughed softly, but we were stunned when Bethany said, 'yes' because we were all too young to really know what that was - at least I was. I barely knew what a clit was, then.

Twyla egged Bethany on to show us what she did and we all sat there in amazement as she lifted one let and pulled up her nightshirt, then frigged herself to an orgasm right in front of all of us. She came quietly, but her eyelids were fluttering and her fingers were moving really fast on her clit. After she calmed down, Twyla asked her what she had been thinking about. She got this huge grin on her face and said, 'Caitlin's brother Dirk getting naked for me!'

"After that, we all had to admit whether we masturbated or not and it sort of fell into a group thing. We were all masturbating and telling each other fantasies. Thinking about it now, they were pretty lame, but back then it got us all pretty hot. When Marsha began talking about what she'd like to do to Dirk, I suddenly found my clit and strummed my thumb over it and POW! I came in shuddering climax thinking about my brother's cock!

"Of course, I couldn't admit that to the other girls, so I mentioned thinking about some boy I had a crush on and they wanted me to tell them what I'd done with him.

I hadn't done anything, but I let on like we'd made out, making shit up about him. After that, they all thought I was more experienced than I was. When Bethany came to me about her being mixed up over guys and girls, I had to continue the whole charade until I began to live it.

We went up to my room and made out, kissing and fingered each other for over two hours. She kinda freaked out about being a lesbian, even though we remained lovers for more than six weeks. I finally fixed her up with the guy that's now her husband so that I could convince her she wasn't a lesbian and that she could really get into both guys and girls and have the best of all worlds!"

"Wow, she was your first girl experience?" asked Amber.

"Yeah, but she didn't know what to do and the reason I knew some things was from reading Dirk's magazines, so I just followed what I'd read."

Amber giggled. "You learned pretty well, too!" She bent and kissed my sister passionately while I nursed a hard-on through my pants. They broke their kiss and Cait mentioned something about a double-headed dildo calling both their names.

The girls gave out a scream as the water abruptly went cold on them. I hurriedly backed out of the doorway and out of the house, heading for my car to make a show of "just coming home." so that I wouldn't surprise them doing anything else. When I walked back in, they were both in robes, sitting at the kitchen table, hair wrapped in towels.

"Hey there, hunk!" purred Amber. I grinned at her and pinched her cheek. What I wanted to do was pinch her ass, but I had to pretend I didn't know anything. Instead, I walked over and gave my sister a hug, lingering just a second longer than I normally did and complimenting her on the way she smelled. I saw a knowing look pass between the two of them as Caitlin blushed.

"How'd your interview go?"

"It didn't, sis. They guy cancelled. He called me on my cell phone just as I was getting off the highway, but rescheduled for Friday."

"Oh, that's too bad. I thought you had this job in the bag."

"I probably do, but I want more money than they're willing to pay. He's probably checking out someone that wants less."

"So, why don't you take less?" asked Amber.

"Because I'm worth what I'm asking and I can work rings around anyone that they hire straight out of college. They'll get twice their value out of me and they know it. He just wants to check on one other wonder-boy first. Probably the son or nephew of a vice president or something."

"Well, I know you'll get it, Dirk! You're smart."

"Thank you, Cait!" I hugged her again and kissed her cheek. Amber giggled and went, "Where's mine?"

I moved over to Amber and reached around to hug her. She shifted just as my hand came into contact with her body and I ended up cupping her breast instead of holding onto her ribcage. I'd also bent to kiss her cheek, but she made sure I planted one right on her lips. I felt her tongue snake quickly into my mouth and then she broke it off.

"Whew! He's a good kisser!" she told my sister. I pinched Amber's nipple before removing my hand and she squeaked, causing Cait to laugh.

"So, what will you two be doing today?" I asked.

"Amber has to go to work at 2 and I have to be there by 4. We're both working the swing shift this week, so you won't be seeing much of us until Friday."

"Oh? What happens then?"

"That's when you'll take us out for dinner and dancing to celebrate you getting your new job!" Cait told me.

I looked at my watch. 11:30.

"Well, I'm going out to swim some laps. I'll make you lunch when I come back in and then you can both get ready for work."

"We're going to make a quick run over to the store," said Cait. "Do you need anything?"

I told her yes and gave her a short list I had up on the refrigerator. I then got into my trunks and then went out to the swimming pool.

I was really concentrating on my laps as I thought about what I'd witnessed that afternoon. I'd done about five when I felt rather than heard someone dive into the pool. By the time I stopped, there was a female body in front of me. I came up and Amber immediately put her arms around my neck.

"Come here!" she said, planting her mouth on mine.

We kissed like that for several minutes. Her lips were soft and her tongue was flavored with honey and spices. I'd never tasted a girl so desirable in all my life. She snaked her body hungrily against mine and pressed herself against my groin. If I hadn't been hard already, I'd have quickly gotten there.

Amber growled when she felt my hard-on grinding against her clit. Not wasting any time, she pulled my trunks down over my cock and pulled aside the material of her suit bottom.

"Kind of impatient, aren't we? I chided.

"Fuck you," she said, good-naturedly, "I'm horny and you're available!"

With that, she impaled herself on me. Wordlessly, we began to fuck. Amber weightlessly bucked up and down on my cock, pushing the head deeper and deeper into her tight little cunt until it suddenly sunk in to the hilt. She let out a little squeal and let her head fall back as she wrapped her legs around me and began to wiggle, humping my cock hard, sliding up and down against me.

"Oh fuck does that cock feel good!" she finally groaned. "Nice, thick, hot, juicy cock meat for my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me! Feed that cock to my cunt!"

"MMM... you like talking dirty, don't you, you little slut?"

"Oh fuckin' A, YES! Ram it into me. Take me hard, Dirk! Fuck me like the slut I am!"

"Hush! Keep it down! I don't want the entire neighborhood to hear!"

"Fuck the neighbors!" she said, but with a lowered voice.

I managed to walk over to the shallow end and deposit her tight little ass on the ledge so that I could thrust into her hard.

"Your cock feels so good! Fuck me harder! Ram it into me!" As I did, I pulled down the straps of her one-piece to expose her breasts.

"No, don't take that down," she whispered. "You don't want to see those little things! Just fuck me!"

"But I do want to see your breasts babe! I love small breasts like yours!"

"Yeah, right," she said, huffing as she met me, thrust for thrust.

"I mean it!" I told her as I piston in and out of her tight little cunt, "I've always had this thing for girls with small tits and sensitive breasts."

"Well," she gasped, "you... definitely... have... that... here!"

I grabbed her hair and bent her head back, pushing her breasts out toward me. I leaned over, sucked her left nipple into my mouth, and then clamped my teeth down on it.

"OOOHHHFUCK! I'm cumminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!" she screamed as I pulled back a little. Her fingers went to my hair and tried to pull my head away, but I bit down harder on her nipple and she screamed again and reversed herself, pulling my head into her, shuddering in an orgasm that lasted the better part of a minute. Then she let go and I raised my head to kiss her hard while I worked on my orgasm.

We kissed again and she bit my lower lip as I pounded her pussy, grunting with my exertion. Amber began to bite and nibble at my neck, both of us grunting and growling like the rutting animals that we were. She moved her hungry mouth downward, her lips and teeth touching all my sensitive spots, especially just where my neck and shoulder meet. She licked and then bit there, which pushed me over the edge and I yelled that I was cumming. Groaning, I pulled out and spurted it all over her tits.

Both of us watched as the creamy goo splashed out of my rock-hard cock and onto the small swells and hard, tender nipples of her breasts. Amber arched her back for the second spurt and pressed forward for the third, moving her chest back and forth across the head of my cock and catching all my cum onto her nipples as it flowed from my cock.

I huffed a couple more times and then collapsed towards her. We embraced, holding on to one another as we caught our breath. Finally, she slid down into the water to wash herself off.

"I don't know why you wanted to see these," she apologized, splashing water over her chest. "They're so small."

"They're perfect."

Amber stopped and looked at me to see if I was handing her a line.

"I'm not kidding. They're perfect."

They were, too. They were two round swells, just a hint of shape to them - probably the B cup I thought they were.

"Amber, I'm one of those guys that actually prefers small breasts over big ones! I love exactly what I see right there!" I told her, running my palms across her nipples. She sighed and smiled.

"Guys always kid me about being flat-chested, so I'm a bit sensitive about them." she told me.

"I used to get teased a lot in high school about being 'flat as a board and twice as hard' so I'm always wary when a guy that I think is the hottest thing I've ever seen says my breasts are 'perfect.' I mean, what do you think about your sister's breasts?"
My sisters?" I said, trying to act like a 'normal' brother. "They're my sister's breasts. I guess they look good on her. They're small too, but she's a small girl."

"If she weren't your sister, would you want to fuck her?"

"Hey," I laughed, "I'm a horny male. I'd want to fuck both of you if I could!"

"But would you pick her over me?"

"I don't know how to answer that, Amber. She's my sister. Like I said, I've always liked small breasts. To me, you're perfect!"

"What about Cait's breasts. You don't think that they're perfect?"

"I guess they would be if you liked bigger boobs. I just like my ladies small, that's all. And speaking of Caitlin, where is she?"

"Oh, she went shopping for the groceries."

"Oh? And why didn't you go with her? I thought you two were inseparable."

"Hey, we work together at the same hospital. Doesn't mean we're Siamese twins!"

"You could have fooled me!" I laughed. "So, what did you have to tell her to get this opportunity?"

"Oh, I told her I wanted to catch a nap before going to work."

"And this is how you nap?"

Amber laughed. "No, I wanted to cool off first. Now I'm going to take my nap." Then, as she climbed out of the pool and I gazed at her naked, perfect, pear-shaped ass, she asked over her shoulder, "Want to join me?"

"Will we sleep?"

"Only if you want to!" she grinned.

Amber was snoring quietly as I closed the door to my sister's room. We'd fucked gently for about 30 minutes before she came again and she fell asleep as we cuddled. I got up and took a quick shower.

When I emerged, Cait had returned. I helped her put groceries away.

"Did you and Amber have a good swim?" she asked.

"Yeah. We swam a couple laps."

"Is she a good fuck?"


"Don't give me that bullshit, big brother," said my sister, blushing furiously, but not backing down. "My room reeks of sex, and both your bathing suits were floating in the pool, so I know you two went at it. Is she any good as a fuck?"

"Well, yeah. She's pretty good."

"Do you... Do you like her?"

"Yeah, I guess I could say that I like her."

"I suppose you could," chided my sister, "especially since you just got through fucking her brains out!" She laughed at my open-mouthed stance and told me she had to wake Amber up, reminding me that I was going to fix a lunch for all of us.

I threw together a salad with some grilled chicken breasts from the night before and we all sat in silence as we ate. Amber and Cait would look at me, then look at each other and laugh. I'd just roll my eyes.

When Amber left, Cait told me she was going to take a nap.

"Want to join me?" she chided.

"I would, but I might fuck your brains out too!" I replied, giving her an opening.

"EWWW!! You're my brother, Dirk!"

"Yeah, yeah. I might give you cooties or something."

"Or something. Wake me up at 3:15, OK?"

I gave her 10 minutes and then I snuck up and stood outside her door. It was open a little and the sight that greeted me had me hard once more. My little sister lay back on the bed, naked from the waist down and was plunging a dildo into her tight little cunt. She was holding something as she fucked herself, but I couldn't see what it was, so I pushed on the door a bit, hoping it wouldn't squeak. It moved about a half-inch and I could see that she was holding a picture frame. She was kissing it and talking to it softly.

"Yes, fuck me, baby!" she whispered. "Fuck my tight little cunt and make me cum over and over again, you bastard! Fuck your little slut!"

She began to ram the dildo into her pussy harder and faster, her words becoming incoherent as she did so. Her back began to arch and she dropped the picture onto the bed as her hand pushed her blouse up and she pinched her nipple hard and choked on an orgasm. I watched in fascination as she bent like a bow and shuddered and was suddenly jealous of the guy - oh, wait, there was Amber to think of - the person that could make her feel like that. So I looked down to see whose picture it might be. I was very startled to see the picture of me from boot camp in that frame!

"Dirk, I want you to fuck me so bad!" she cried out softly. Cait then turned onto her side and I could see her sobbing a bit before her breathing became more regular. She hugged the photo to her breast and fell asleep.

Shaking with need, I went to my room and masturbated until I had to wake Cait up for work.

As I'd been warned, I didn't see them the rest of the week. But one night when I got up to piss, I could hear them in my sister's room. I saw a flickering light and looked in. The room was awash in candles and Caitlin had Amber tied to the bed. She was riding a double-headed dildo as she straddled the taller girl.

"That's it, you horny little slut," hissed Amber as my sister rode the plastic dildo between their legs, "Fuck me hard, you cunt. Make your big brother spurt a baby deep into your pussy, you little clit sucker!"

My cock swelled at the sight of the two of them going at it. I stood as far back in the shadows as I could while watching both girls fuck each other silly. They both exchanged dirty talk, but the subject was mainly about me. Caitlin came hard as she rammed herself down onto that monster, pushing it deep into Amber's cunt as well.

I saw Amber's back arch and then watched her shudder, indicating that she was cumming. Cait reached down to Amber's nipples, pinched down hard, twisting them back and forth as Amber screamed in ecstasy. Finally Cait squealed and collapsed atop Amber in exhaustion. There was lots of giggling and kissing that followed before they were at it once again.

I stroked my cock hard as I watched my sister's hot little ass bouncing atop the other girl's pussy and I began to spurt as Cait bent over, the glistening folds of her cunt exposed around the hot pink dildo that was stabbed into her core. Cait's pussy, inner thighs and the dildo glistened with her juices as the two girls made out in front of me. I stifled a groan and shot a load into my underpants, slumping against the wall as I came. Finally, they stopped and Cait began to talk to Amber.

"What was it like, fucking him?"

"Who, your brother?"

"No, my grandfather!" chided Cait.

"Oh, Cait!" she gushed, "He's got such a wonderful cock! It splits you wide open at first and then tapers inward so that you feel he'll never want to come out of your pussy! It's so hard, yet so soft at the same time."

Cait began to untie the girl while she spoke. With her hands free, Amber began to caress my sister's taut little body, playing with her ass and making me hard once more.

"He's so gentle, but damn, when he gets going, he's a fuckin' animal. He rammed me so hard I thought his cock would come out of my mouth!"

"Did it hurt?"

"FUCK no!" she laughed, "It felt better than any cock I've ever had in me. And shit if he didn't love my breasts too!"

"I love your breasts," whimpered Cait.

"Yeah, but you're a girl," admonished Amber. "I've never had a guy I was attracted to tell me I had 'perfect breasts.' I thought he was handing me a line at first. I mean, most guys want my ass or a blowjob from me. Your brother genuinely likes my tits!"

"Oh." Cait sounded dejected.

"Oh, hon, what? What's the matter?"

"If he likes your small tits," my sister sobbed, "Then he probably won't like these udders!"

"They are not udders!" scolded Amber, "They are beautiful and you're perfectly shaped! I'm sure Dirk loves them!"

"No," she cried, "no, I'm just his sister. You're the one he wants."

I wanted to walk in and tell Cait that she was just as perfect as Amber, but I was so afraid that I'd freak her out. Damn it! I loved them both. I just loved them... differently... or did I?

"Stop that right now!" demanded Amber and I jumped, wondering if I'd spoken out loud. No, she was talking to my sister.

They began to cuddle and whisper between them. Soon they were kissing again, their hands roaming across their bodies. I watched for a long while, stroking my cock, but I knew that it would be awhile before I could cum again and sleep was hitting me hard. I went back to my bed and slept fitfully with a woody that wouldn't subside.

I didn't see them again until Friday afternoon when I returned home after my interview. Not only had I gotten the job, I'd been offered the supervisory position and more money than I'd originally asked for! The reason he'd cancelled my previous appointment was to tell the VP in charge of my department that I was too qualified to pass up. I was elated.

Caitlin jumped for joy and kissed me on the lips at the news. I gave her ass a squeeze and kissed her right back, causing her eyes to go wide and then give me a quizzical look. I spanked her ass to move her out of the way and then Amber sidled up to me like a cat, rubbing against me and purring, "I knew you could do it, Dirk!"

Her kiss was longer and more drawn out. I could feel my cock getting hard against her and I nearly jumped when I felt her hand reach down and cup me through my pants.

"My, but he's got a big one!" said Amber, turning to look at my sister while fondling my cock. Cait was beet red, but her eyes were glued to the spot where the redhead was touching me. I finally pulled her hand away.

"You're embarrassing my sister," I said softly. "Besides," I continued louder, "We have a night of food, drinking and dancing to attend to!"

The two of them cheered and we all took turns in the shower and got ready. I wore slacks, a dress shirt and a blue blazer I'd liked. The two girls came out of Cait's room and my jaw literally dropped to the ground.

Amber wore a tight, black evening gown with something gauzy and black dr*ped around her. Caitlin wore a clingy burgundy number that hugged all her curves. It also had a plunging neckline in the front that showed off the curve of her breasts and the back went low enough to where I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing underwear. I swear, if Amber hadn't been there at that moment, my sister would probably have found out just how much her brother wanted her.

"Roll your tongue back into your mouth, boy! Cait, find a drool-cup for him!" She jingled the keys, "I'm driving because you'll be too distracted, big boy. Besides, my pickup has a bench seat in front. You're in the middle, hunk."

We had a wonderful dinner of filet mignon, oysters, lobster and crab, followed by cocktails and a delightful dessert. We hit three bars before we found one that played music we enjoyed.

At first, Amber and Cait danced by themselves, then I danced with each of them. Just after that, guys started coming up and asking one girl or the other if she wanted to dance. They refused and after the fourth one, Cait simply got up and joined Amber and I on the dance floor.

The music ended and the DJ put on a slow tune.

"You two dance," called out Amber, "I have to go pee."

"Too much information!" called out Cait. Amber stuck her tongue out at my sister and then walked briskly to the ladies room. I took Caitlin into my arms and we danced, looking at one another and talking as best we could over the sound.

"You like her?" asked my sister. I nodded.

"She's beautiful," I said, adding quickly, "Just like you!"

"Thanks, Dirk. You've always been a wonderful brother. You really think I'm beautiful?"

"Cait, if you weren't my sister, my hands would be all over you right now!"

Cait grinned. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that you are the hottest little babe on the dance floor and every guy eyes are on your tight little ass, wishing their hands were where mine are."

"But your hands aren't on my ass," she said with just a little slur in her words. I grinned, lowering my hand from her waist to her ass, and grabbed it. She squeaked and her mouth opened, but she didn't move my hand. In fact, she pressed herself closer against me and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arms protectively around her and kissed the top of her head. I felt her sigh and wrap herself around me just that much tighter.

When the music stopped, she didn't want to quit and swayed against me for a few more seconds. The DJ announced he was taking a break and reminded us to tip our waitresses. Cait and I broke apart, but kept one arm around each other as I led her off the dance floor.

Some guy was trying to chat Amber up and she kept brushing him off while giving Cait the thumbs-up. The guy persisted a bit more and she turned around fiercely and yelled, "NO!" at him. He looked like he was about to do something stupid when I walked up. He looked at me, grumbled, "bitch" under his breath and walked away.

"I ordered us more drinks," she told us as Cait and I sat down. The waitress arrived a moment later and put them on the table. We chatted for a bit and then the two girls decided they had to go to the restroom again. Both of them planted showy kisses on me before they left, with me grabbing their asses and groping them for good measure.

"See you later, honey! We'll be back in a moment after we freshen up!" they both chimed.

"Don't fall in!" I chided back. They stuck their tongues out at me and put their arms around each other as they walked to the restroom. I rolled my eyes and watched them as they created a wake of craning necks while working their way to the ladies room, stopping at one point to kiss each other passionately amid the hoots and hollers of guys - and girls - around them.

I got up to walk outside and get some fresh air for a moment. I chatted with the girl collecting the cover from everyone and she complimented me on how beautiful Cait and Amber looked.

"Which one is yours?" she asked. I was about to say that Cait was my sister when I noticed the asshole that Amber had blown off was standing just a few feet away. For some reason, I decided to be just a little cocky.

"Both of them," I said.

She laughed and said, "Lucky them!" The asshole turned and, recognizing me, gave me a glare as he tossed the butt of his cigarette into the street.

"No," I told the girl as I watched the guy head back inside, "Lucky me!"

She laughed. I thanked her and then saw my girls coming out of the restroom, so I headed back in. The music started again and it was a song about butts and two girls "doin' it." Seeing the table empty, Amber grabbed Cait and pulled her up to the dance floor.

They began shaking and shimmying at each other, getting closer and closer as the space became more crowded. I sat at the table, giving Amber a little wave to let her know I was back. I watched as she winked at me and then began to rub up against my sister. Her hands snaked around Cait's waist and grabbed her ass as they dry-humped against one another. They kissed and then Cait turned around, grinding her butt back into Amber. Amber put her arms around Cait's waist as they gyrated, her hands moving up and down my sister's sides and belly. Then Cait dipped just as Amber's hands were going up and she grabbed Cait's breasts, obviously pinching the nipples. I gasped, but noticed that they were positioned so that the only people they were visible to were the DJ and I. I looked up and he was smiling, watching them.

Glancing over at me, he gave me a toothy smile and a thumbs-up. I laughed and just sat back, watching. The girls were all over one another, dancing as dirty as they thought they could get away with. The only place I'd ever seen them do more was on that TV show on the Entertainment channel where they show clubs around the world

The music segued into another tune and both girls ran over to me, holding out their hands. They pulled me up onto the dance floor and then proceeded to rub up against me as they each straddled one of my legs, gyrating obscenely as we danced. I put my arm around the small of their backs and let them undulate against me.

This got more hoots and catcalls from the crowd, so I turned and kissed Cait on the mouth. She returned it passionately, but kept her lips closed. I then turned to Amber and she practically rammed her tongue down my throat. I felt a hand cup my crotch and then rub up and down my cock. I expected it to be Amber's, but hers was caressing my cheek as we kissed. I broke off and looked down to see my sister's hand playing with my cock through my pants. Her gaze was glued to the obvious hard-on she'd created. Amber laughed, turned my head back to her and kissed me hard again.

The music changed once more and the DJ came on, announcing it was time for an "oldie but goodie" as the strains of a familiar Beach Boys tune cut through the techno beat incongruously...

"This one is for our hotshot out on the dance floor with two of the finest ladies in the house! EEEOOOWWW!"


I laughed and the ladies slipped off my leg as I began to do "the monkey." Cait squealed and clapped while Amber went "Oh, my WOW!" Everyone began to dance frantically around us like a scene from a bad 60's beach party movie. Before I could embarrass them more, Amber grabbed both my hand and Caits and led us over to our table. The DJ gave me a wave and waggled his tongue at the girls.

"Drink up, shriners," cried Amber, "I think it's time to take this party home!"

I sipped at the drinks she'd ordered (there was yet another round on the table) and shook my head. The second round had been strong!

"Are you trying to get us killed?" I joked. Amber laughed.

"What do you mean, Dirk?"

"That last drink," I explained, "Had enough alcohol to kill a horse. Are you sure you can drive?"

She handed me her drink.

"What's this?" I asked, looking at the amber colored liquid, "Scotch and soda?"

"Try it," she said. I sipped. A puzzled look worked across my face. Soda water, definitely! But what else? I sipped again.

"What the fuck is it?" I finally asked.

"Soda and bitters," she said. "I'm the designated driver, remember?"

"It looks like a scotch and soda."

"That's the idea. I look like I'm drinking, but I'm not."

"Good idea!" I shouted over the music. "Now, let's blow this joint."

As we walked outside, the asshole was again out there smoking a cigarette. He looked up as we walked past him and he said something to Amber.

"Fuck off, limp dick," she hissed, ignoring him.

"Fucking lezzies and a homo," he told his friends. They hissed at him to shut up and I stopped.

"Let it go, Dirk," whispered Amber.

I couldn't, though. I turned and started to say something back to the asshole. Instead, one of his friends pointed to the pin in my lapel.

"You're SF?"

I stopped short. "Yes, I am. How'd you know?"

He pointed to the same pin on his hat and told me what unit he'd served in. It was the same as mine. We talked a little and I discovered his CO had been someone I'd served with a few years back. Mike had gone on to OCS while I decided to get out before a real shooting war developed and because I had to take care of Cait. We swapped stories for a few, then shook hands and, as I walked away, he turned to his buddy, the asshole, and said, "It's a good thing you didn't fuck with him, Toby. He'd have snapped your fuckin' loud-mouth neck before you even touched him."

I smiled and shook my head, allowing the girls to link their arms in mine as we walked to the truck. While Amber unlocked our door, Cait asked, "Is what he said true? Would you have killed that guy?"

"Yes it's true, but no, I wouldn't have killed him. I would have just roughed him up a bit to teach him a lesson, hon."

"Did-, did you ever have to kill anyone?" she asked with wide-eyed innocence.

I evaded the question. "I did what I was trained to do and no more, Caity"

"Dirk?" "Yes Cait?" "Promise me something?"

"Sure Cait. What?"

"Promise me you'll always protect me? Just like you did when I was younger?"
"Of course I will, Caity! I love you!"

Cait looked at my eyes as Amber went around to her side, got in and started the engine.

"I love you too, Dirk!" said Cait softly, finishing with, "More than you know." She then hugged me tight for a moment before pulling my head down for a kiss. Once more, it was the prim and proper closed-mouth kiss, but oh so sexy and seductive. Her lips were soft and felt so good against mine. Knowing that she was my sister made it even more erotic. Just as she began to open her mouth and poke her tongue against my lips, Amber honked the horn and rolled down the window.

"OK, you two lovebirds," she hollered, "break it up and get inside!"

I climbed into the cab and then helped Cait up. She put her arm around my back and laid her head against my shoulder while her other hand pulled my arm around her, placing my palm onto her right breast. Amber looked over at me, winked and then kissed me. She took my other hand and put it on her knee, just below the hem of her dress. She then put the truck in gear and pulled out of the parking spot. When she was on the road, she reached down, pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist and reached down to hold Cait's hand behind me.

"You can touch me too, big guy," purred Amber softly.

I let my left hand slide slowly up her leg until I reached her moist pussy lips. She parted her thighs and scrunched forward, pressing my fingers into her warm wetness. Both she and Cait moaned at the same time because my right hand reflexively closed around my sister's nipple and pinched lightly.

Blissful was the only way to describe the ride home. After two minor adjustments next to me, Cait managed to move around until my hand was inside her dress and fondling her bare breast. Amber only ran one stop sign during the drive and that was when my pinky pressed into her back hole as two other fingers slowly pushed in and out of her pussy.

When we stopped in the driveway, both Cait and Amber turned and kissed me before moving in front of me and kissing each other. Both their free hands went for my crotch. I was too stone drunk to do anything more than watch and feel my cock get hard under two groping hands.

"I want him tonight," murmured Cait while kissing her lover, "You've had him once. Tonight, I want Dirk!"

Even as drunk as I was, I displayed some shock at my sister's words. It went unnoticed though as I felt her hand tighten around my shaft when Amber told her to "go for it, baby! Fuck his brains out!"

We necked all the way into the house. Amber kissed me hard and again excused herself to go pee. When I let go of her, Cait practically leapt into my arms and gave me a long, passionate kiss as she wrapped her legs around my waist. At first, it was just lips and nibbles. Then her tongue poked tentatively at my teeth as I bit her lower lip, leading me to passionately French-kiss her as my hands roamed over her body.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful, Dirk?"

I gazed into my sister's eyes and saw that she was searching mine just as hard.

"Do you think I'm as beautiful as Amber?"

"Cait," I began, gently kissing her lips and then moving my head back to look into her eyes, "I think you are every bit as beautiful as Amber. You are both very, very lovely ladies and, quite honestly, I love you both equally."

"But you like small tits better?"

"Amber, I prefer small tits. You have small tits. They just look large on your frame."

"Do you want to make love to me?"

"I've wanted to make love to you for a very long time, Cait I guess I was just too busy raising you."

She pulled herself forward and laid her head on my shoulder, sighing as she did so.

"I think I've loved you forever, Dirk. I went out with other boys, but they never measured up. They were always impatient to get into my pants. They weren't gentlemen like you!"

I carried my sister up the stairs to my room. As I kicked the door shut, she lifted her head from my shoulder and then really began to kiss me. Her tongue poked into my mouth tentatively and then our tongues began to battle back and forth.

When we broke, I laid her on the bed and she began to undress me, taking off my jacket and then unbuttoning my shirt. As each inch of my chest was revealed, she covered it in soft little kisses. Next came my pants and underpants.

"My God, Amber wasn't kidding!" she breathed. Not waiting for a comment, she gently kissed the head. I'd never had a lady do that before. Usually, they would just engulf it in their mouths. This was totally different. Cait covered the head with little pecks that made my cock even harder. Her fingers lightly brushed down the shaft before she gave it one last kiss, then let it go.

Cait slowly stood and pulled the dress over her head, revealing she wore absolutely nothing beneath it. She stood there, blushing, in classic repose, her hands covering her sex and one leg bent forward.

"You're gorgeous!" I gasped. Cait blushed more and lowered her eyes. I grinned and wondered where the hellcat was that I saw the other day dominating Amber. Maybe it was just with girls that she could be that way.

I gently brushed a strand of hair out of her face and looked down at her. Amber was fair-skinned so she didn't tan darkly, but she did have beautiful tan lines. Two triangles of white on her breasts were topped with a light pink nipple that stood out like a little cone. Her body tapered inward and then flared out gently around the swell of her hips. A little tuft of hair marked the top of her pussy.

"My, my" I said softly, "I am so going to eat you up!"

Cait smiled and giggled as we kissed, really kissed, for the first time. Her mouth was soft and willing, her lips gentle against mine. Cait's tongue danced with mine as we held each other's naked body close. I could feel the twin pillows of her breasts pressing against the hairs on my stomach and my cock, hard against hers. Her hair smelled of a light, flowery perfume and her skin was silky-smooth to my touch. Our kiss broke like the single ring of a small bell.

"Dirk, I've wanted this for so long!" she said, pressing her cheek against my chest. I combed my fingers through her hair and kissed the top of my head. "I really tried to like other guys. Really I did. But none of them ever came close to you!"

Her arms wrapped around me and squeezed me tight. I enjoyed the feeling.

"I know this is wrong, Dirk. I know it's so wrong, but yet, it feels so right!" I groaned softly in approval and moved my hands down to her ass, cupping each soft cheek in my palms and squeezing them gently.

"I need you to take me, Dirk. I need you to take me hard. You don't have to be gentle! I want it! I want you to make me yours! Please! Do it, please, right now, before I lose my nerve!"

I didn't need to be told again. Giving a growl, I lifted her up by her ass cheeks and had her wrap her legs around me. Cait leaned back and watched as I positioned my cock between her legs. I teased her clit with the head a couple times and felt her shiver, then ran it between the glistening lips of her pussy. The third time I did it, she leaned forward and kissed my shoulder, then bit it.

"OW!" I cried and jerked, which sent my cock sliding deep into her pussy.

"Talk dirty to me, Dirk! Call me your whore, your slut! Your bitch! Tell me how you're going to fuck me!

I took three steps over to the door of the room and slammed her against it, making her groan. I thrust my hips once more and elicited a "Yessssss!" from her. She bit my shoulder again and then covered it with light little kisses when I growled another "Ouch!" and slammed my cock into her again.

"So, my bitch little sister wants a cock instead of a dildo, does she?"

"Oh, fuck yes!"

"You're going to get the real thing, slut! No pussy-licking tongue. You're gonna get a real man, you whore!"

"Oh yes! Fuck your whore of a sister! Slam that cock into me! Oh fuck but Amber was right! You have such a such a suuuuuuuuuuccccchhhhhh ooooooooooOOOOOOHHHHHHH!"

I was now pummeling her into the door with my thrusts and she alternated between laying her head on my shoulder and turning it to kiss, lick and bite my neck.

"YESSSSSS! I'm a BROTHER FUCKING SLUT! Yes, big brother, fuck this bitch and fill her pussy with your seed! Bang me hard! Make my tits shake! Fill me!! DO ME!!!"

I reached and grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth away from where she was biting into me. I turned around and she cried out, squeezing against me to keep my cock moving in her pussy. I walked quickly over to the bed and flopped her down upon it, then pulled her arms above her head as I began to thrust again.

"No! NOOO! Let me hold you! Let me keep my arms around you!"

"Be quiet, slut!" I spat at her and thrust into her once again. "I want to watch how a whore's tits wiggle when I fuck her!"

"Oh YES!" she cried as I built up a rhythm, "Watch how these babies shake for my man! I want you to watch them, Dirk! Fuck me hard. Make them wobble, you bastard!"

I continued to fuck her beautiful, tight pussy hard and bent down to take one nipple into my mouth. I was kind at first, sucking on it and letting my tongue strum against the nipple. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and her legs bucking her hips up faster and faster. Then I bit down on the hard little nub.

"OOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCKYESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed. Then she gave one last jerk with her hips and shook as a long, keening note was emitted from her throat. I could feel her orgasm washing over my cock as she held me in the vise-like grip of her gymnast's thighs

The keening ended in a long low growl and then she went utterly limp, laying there panting and out of breath.

"Wow, I've never seen her cum like that!"

I looked over and saw Amber, standing there naked, rubbing her pussy and looking lovingly upon the both of us.

"Did you cum in her?"

"No, haven't cum yet. I'm usually good for a couple hours."

"No shit? Wow, we are going to be two fucked-out broads."

I pulled my cock from my sister's cunt and Amber looked at it hungrily.

"I'm guessing you will. But this is Caitlin's moment."

"Oh, I'm not here to detract from it! Please continue!"

"OK. Sit on her face!"


"You heard me. Sit on her face. I want to make love to both the ladies I adore."

Amber looked like the Cheshire Cat as she crawled up on the bed. I tossed a pillow over to her and she put it under Caits head, but with my sisters arms still pinned above her head and under the pillow. I ran my hands up my sister's thighs, over her belly and to her breasts. Slowly, I began playing with each of the hard, pink tips.

"Lick her pussy, slut!"

Caitlin looked at me and then up at Amber's gash that was right above her mouth.

"Lick it so I can see it, baby! I want to watch how you two whores please each other!"

Caitlin and Amber both grinned as I slowly slid my cock back into my sister's pussy. I saw Cait's tongue move up and wiggle back and forth against Amber's clit before slipping between the folds and delving into that sweet pussy. I began a gentle rhythm in and out of my sister's cunt as I leaned forward and kissed Amber. She lovingly kissed me back as I let one hand slowly roam over my sister's breasts and the other play with Amber's smaller ones.

"I love you both so much," I said when Amber and I broke our kiss. She gave a couple pants as Cait found a hot spot and then said, "We love you as well, Dirk. Now fuck your sister hard while I ride her face!"

Amber and I settled into a rhythm and she enjoyed it as I bend down to bite and lick at Caits lovely tits. We fucked like that for about 10 minutes.

"Fuck, I have GOT to get my nut!"

"I thought you said you could last for hours!"

"Bite me!" I said, grinning, "With two sexy ladies trying to fuck me to death?"

I began slamming hard into my sister and she started licking Amber for all she was worth. Amber, to her credit, reached down and began pinching Cait's nipples while bucking my sister's face like a bronco rider. Cait began to groan and tried to wrap her legs around me again. I captured each ankle and pushed them back. Amber held them while her eyelids began to flutter and she said softly, "I'm cu cu cummmmmminggggg!"

That, of course, set me off and I called out, "I'm CUMMING TOOOOOOO!"

I pulled out of my sister (not knowing what sort of birth control she might be on) and yanked on my cock maybe four times before I shot a spurt all over her belly and tits. I then leaned forward and shot the last two ropes of cum onto Amber's breasts.

We each collapsed onto either side of Caitlin, who reached out and put one hand on Amber's pussy and another on my cock, pumping it slowly and trying to keep it hard. Finally, she got up and bent over me, taking my cock into her mouth and cleaning it until it simply wilted. I vaguely remember Amber pushing Caitlin down and then lapping at my cum splattered across her belly. Cait, grabbed her hair and said, "Clean it all, bitch!" Amber snuck a look over to me and smiled. I smiled and winked back before everything gradually faded.

I must have fallen asleep because, when I awoke, I was under the covers and had a girl under each arm. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was only 7 am.

I smiled and thought about how this was going to be a long and wonderful weekend.


A long and wonderful life!

End of Story

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