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Out Of Gas

i walked in the store and knew that I was broke and needed some gas. the tall man behind the counter seemed nice. I told him I was out of gas and what could I do for a full tank of it. he told me to walk behind the counter and he put his hand on my tit. Then he unzipped my shirt to revel my small but firm tits. It felt really good. I started to un zip his pants then he told me to get down on my knees. I pulled out his hard dick and started to lick the head. then I went and put his cock all the way into my mouth. I could feel it at the back of my throat. He told me to get on the counter top as I moved to the counter I was taking off my pants. i got them off as I reached him. He turned me around so that he was facing my ass he put his hands all over my breasts he then moved to my ass . he siad i am going to fuck you where I want to He then proceeded to pull down my panties and put his finger up my pussy and started moving it in and out. I got really wet he then put his finger in my hole. you talk about fantastic. He put his hard long dick in my tight asshole I thought I would scream with pleasure. after he came he told me I could fill up my car and get a meal after i licked his dick clean. I then went down on my knees again and licked his dick clean as can be.

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