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Fishing Trip Part3

Donna and i woke up the next morning and looked into each others eyes and the feeling of love took us over. we started to hug and kiss and didn't stop from there. I took her legs and put them over her head, shoveing my cock in her ass so deep and start pumping her. She moaned and begged for more. I gave her all i could and we didn't stop for 25 mins. All of a sudden she let out bjg moan and shoved her ass up and i went deep inside her. This was all i could take and i cummed so hard inside her. MMM this was so great and i told her, she said the same thing to me. Even though she had cumed i had to make her feel that it wasn't all about me. I got betwwen her legs and started to suck her cock. Yes donna is a cross dresser and looked so wonderful. It got hard and with that i keep sucking her whilem i was playing with her nipples. It did take only anout 5 min before she was cumming in my mouth and tasted so good.
After this we went to the bath room and started to take a shower. The water was nice and warm and we soaped each other up. With our body together and kissing, it was nice. Donna then bent over and looked bad and smiled. Thats all it took and again i was inside her. Pumping her so deep. We were so excited with joy that both us love this so much. The water hitting us didn't take to long for me to drive my cock deep inside her and again i cummed . This was going to be a wonderful trip having 3 more days to make love to each other. More to come

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