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Wifes Desire

We headed to Michael's. Inez said she was in the mood to flirt & tease.
She dressed in a short black skirt & a black lace halter with a nude lining that laced partially down the front.

We sat at the bar where we usually sit & ordered our drinks. It was dead, but then it usually is before 9pm. While the people filtered in and some filed past us she was looking around intently. Around 9:30 or so the placed was relatively full. A lot of folks were up dancing. Inez
was still scanning the room & then focused her attention to the right of the dance floor. She said "Now that's something I wouldn't mind playing with."

He was about 6' 2" 220 pounds with shoulder length brown hair and a decent smile. We continued to sit & watch the people dancing and walking about. I noticed that several men were checking her out & the one she spotted was one of them. However, none of them did more than look.

It was now about 10:30 and we had gotten up to dance a couple of times already. Each time she received appreciative looks from many a man including the one she first commented about. When we went back to the
bar and we noticed a couple that we know sitting behind the bar in a booth. Inez eagerly wanted to go to them, which we did.

I ordered our drinks as Inez headed for them. Upon her reaching them and
sliding in next to James, James & Mary both commented on how hot she
looked. She said "Well, I felt in the mood to flirt with someone."
James quickly smiled and exclaimed, "Me! Me! Me!" Inez giggled as she
leaned into him saying, "Maybe later." Then she said to Mary, "Mary,
you have to check out this guy. He's so hot!!!". He was now at the end
of the bar with his back towards the booth.

I approached with our drinks and as soon as I said my hellos, Mary &
Inez got up with Mary stating, "We'll be back soon. I want to stretch
my legs."

They made there way to where the guy was standing and they danced
briefly in front of him so they could both get a better look at him.
Mary was urging Inez on as Inez looked his way the whole time the 2 of
them were dancing, but Inez isn't that bold. They returned before the
song ended.

A few minutes later Mary got up to dance with James to tell him what was
going on. While they were gone Inez was telling me what happened and
said she didn't let on that I was aware of her wanting to flirt & tease
someone tonight.

Mary & James came back after 1 song. As soon as they returned I excused
myself to the restroom again. Damn Beer!

When I returned it was only James at the table. He told me that Inez
liked the song that started as I left and Mary offered to dance with
her in my absence. Partially true! Mary dragged her up to dance
"because" I was gone. They went and danced by that same guy, this time
right in front of him. Inez was looking his way, unsure of what to say
or do. He DID seem very interested in her but was apprehensive to
intrude on the two women until Mary looked right at him and motioned
for him to dance with Inez. This all took about a full 10 seconds of
them on the dance floor. As he approached Inez, Mary stepped off the
dance floor to watch, rather than come back to the table alone,
especially since she enjoys watching things unfold. Also she would then
have to explain to me what was happening.

Mary saw that Inez was really enjoying herself dancing close to this
stranger. Mary was giggling, smiling as they both swayed & grinded into
each other. As they danced the guy untwined his hands from her's and
reached down to squeeze Inez's ass as she leaned back grinding her
pussy up & down his leg. As the song ended they parted as Inez walked
towards Mary & the guy walked to his spot at the bar.

As they approached, I got up so Mary could slide in as Inez slid in the
booth opposite us and next to James, fanning herself with her hand.

I asked "You ok?

"Oh yeah. Just a little worked up." At that she and Mary began laughing.

About 10 minutes passed when another song we liked came on, but before I
could say anything Mary said "Let's go!" & Inez quickly got up
indicating I need to let Mary out.

They again walked towards the guy, but instead of heading onto the floor
in front of him, Mary walked straight to him and only said "Go!" to him
as she motioned towards Inez.

More of the same took place and this time when the song ended Inez took
his hand and led him over to where Mary was waiting. As they arrived he
said to Inez "Well again, thanks for the dance."

Mary quickly said to him, "Hey! She wants you!" He smiled at Inez as she
leaned into him with his hand still in hers. He leaned to her and they
kissed. A moan escaped from Inez as he held her firm as their tongues

When the kiss ended Inez was definitely aroused. "Hey! Would you like to
come with us?" Mary asked.

"Where?" he asked.

Mary said, "We usually go to my house & jump in the hot tub?" He agreed,
so the 3 of them headed back to our table as Mary explained things to

As they got back Mary said, "Hey James, look who I found, Tom!"

They greeted like they knew each other (which they didn't) & then James
introduced him to me. He sat down opposite me squeezing Inez in between
him & James.

As we sat and drank our drinks, I noticed subtle movements of first his
& then Inez's hand under the table. This kept up for a couple of
minutes & then James's hand started to move trying to maintain some

Once our drinks were down James said "Who wants to get out of here?" The
3 of them agreed in unison for us to leave. Tom rode with James & Mary
since he was their "friend" as Inez & I followed close behind.

On the ride there Inez said how excited she was at the thought of what
may happen.

She began to tell me about Tom. "When he came over to dance with me, he
put his hand on my hip so I moved closer to him. I put one hand on his
shoulder & I put the other on his hip and pulled him close. He smiled a
bit so I moved so that his right leg was pressing up against my crotch.
As he held me close I felt his breath on my neck. Oh that gave me goose
bumps. He pulled his head back to say something, but as he did I pulled
my body away from him so to push my pussy harder against him. When I
did that, he just moaned."

Excited I asked her what happened next.

"Well I moved my head towards him. As he did the same to kiss me I just
gave him a peck on the lips & kept on giving him light kisses and
nibbled his lip." Giggling she added, "I guess he liked that judging
from the lump in his pants."

"So???" I pleaded.

"So nothing."

"Nothing else happened?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well no, just more of the same."

Then she looked at me saying, "Oh no! There is something I didn't tell

"As we were kissing each others lips, he moved his hand on my hips and
then slowly moved them up and down. Each time he went a bit higher and
caressed me a bit firmer until he was rubbing the side of my tits. Then
his thumbs grazed across my stiffened nipples. It felt so good, a moan
escaped from my mouth before I could stop it. God it was so hot having
him rub my tits where any one could've seen. I guess it took him like 5
times moving his hands up & down. Guess he was testing the waters, so
to say."

"When he saw I wasn't trying to stop him he stepped back just a bit and
then allowed his hand to graze my pussy right between my legs. Oh I
just wanted to hump his hand right then so I could cum."

"That's when the song ended and we came back to the table with him."

"Wow! So do you think anyone knows this is what we wanted to happen?"

"No. I don't think so. But I know Mary wants me to fuck him. I know he
wants to but he's unsure if it'll happen. After all, I'm a married
woman and we DON'T swing!"

"Hmm. Too bad he didn't ride with us. You could've flirted more
aggressively & he would've been able to tell I was ok with things?"

"Yeah but I guess it's better this way. You know, having them wonder if
I'll do anything. I guess it's more fun for us too. Isn't it exciting
not knowing what they're talking about but knowing all 3 of them would
love to see me fuck him?"

"Yeah I guess." Mike said, "I'm just looking forward to how they'll get
it too happen.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, will they try to arrange for you and Tom to be alone? Will James
try to distract me somehow so you and Tom can play with Mary there? Or
will Mary be the one to distract me and if so, will James start it,
watch or join in?"

"Now that'll be interesting." Inez agreed as we pulled up to the house.

As we entered James asked if we wanted anything to drink, I declined but
Inez & Tom accepted.

Mary said, "Why don't you guys go to the hot tub & I'll get the drinks?"

"So," I said to myself, "Mary is not going to be involved physically, at
least not at first." James said "Ok", as he grabbed Inez's hand "Come
with me babe!" She eagerly followed with Tom behind her followed by me.

As soon as I got to the back door, Inez already had her skirt off, and
was almost out of her pantyhose. By the time I began to undress she was
already in the tub quickly followed by Tom. She positioned herself so
Tom was to her right. As I climbed in she was leaning forward & her
right hand was rubbing his leg from mid thigh down. I settled next to
her on her left. I noticed that James only stripped to his briefs and
was standing so he could see into the house, so I asked "Aren't you
getting in?"

"Yeah in a bit. I'm waiting for my wife."

Mary came out and handed out the drinks. We chatted a while. Inez was
flirting a lot with Tom. Inez would lean towards him and would lightly
touch his arm and leg each time he spoke. All the while I was keeping
tabs on Inez's hands & trying to determine if Tom was keeping his hands
to himself or not. It seemed as they were, but I couldn't be sure.

I guess Mary noticed me watching them & thought that I was either
uncomfortable or getting upset. Either way she knew this was probably
why nothing seemed to be happening between Inez & Tom.

Although Tom, Inez & James all still had over half their drinks left,
Mary asked "Who needs another drink?"

I took the hint and wanted to see where this would go. "I guess I'll
have one." I said.

She asked what kind I wanted but before I could answer she said "Oh,
just come inside with me and see if you like what we got."

To be a bit coy I replied, "Nah, whatever you got is fine."

She got a bit flustered then said forcefully, "Hey! I said c'mon in and
pick which one you want." as she turned and went inside.

James laughed, "Ohhh! I guess she wants to be sure she doesn't get you
the wrong type." I thought "Yeah right." But said "I guess so" as I got
out & toweled off enough not to drip all over their floor."

As I went to head inside Inez said "Don't take too long." Her cue to me
that she was ready to be a bit more forward, as she once again lean
forward and rubbed Tom's leg.

I got to the fridge & pulled out the first beer I saw. Before I could
move, Mary was right behind me, so I couldn't turn to walk out with out
knocking her down. "You sure you want that one?" she asked. James went
and bought you some Molson. Sure you don't want that?"

"Nah! It's okay. Maybe the next one."

Smiling, Mary pulled the one from my hand "What next one? I'll get you
one now. It's down stairs."

So she went downstairs leaving me in the dining room DYING to get back
outside to see what was going on.

During this time, Inez was now rubbing Tom's cock while James was
talking. "So Tom, what do you think?"

"About what?"

"About Inez? I just think she's hot. What do you think?"

Looking at her he said, "Oh yeah." And then he leaned into her as he
said "She definitely is!" and kissed her.

Looking on James smiled and said "Oh you shouldn't waste time kissing
her." As Tom turned and asked James why, James was already lowering his
brief's and began to slowly stroke himself."

"She gives a great blow job!" Smiling at her he asked, "Don'tcha Inez."

A bit embarrassed and with a big grin she said, "Well that's what I've
been told."

"Yeah! You know you're good. And you like it too, right?"

With a big grin and a slight giggle, "Oh yeah! I LOVE it!"

"Well show him?" James said referring to Tom.

Inez turned to her right smiling at Tom. His cock just about out of the
water, she bent over taking the head into her mouth.

Tom moaned as he lifted his ass off the seat allowing Inez to take him
down to his balls.

"Oh my God. That feels so good." Tom exclaimed.

Inez only chuckled as she slowly bobbed her head.

At this time Mary handed me my beer & I quickly headed to the tub.

Knowing that "something" was happening it was easy to see that James saw
us heading to the door.

"Uh oh!" James said to Inez, "Here they come." Good Sentry!

Tom abruptly sat down while Inez slowly returned to her spot.

"Sorry it took so long. I had had to go downstairs to get his beer."
Mary said aloud. Then to James, "Miss me?" as she stood on hers toes to
kiss his check.

James picked up the conversation talking about sex as he usually does.
Inez turned to her right leaning her back against my right arm to face
James & Tom, then began slowly stroking Tom's cock with her right hand.
Tom in turn was playing with her tits & rubbing her clit. Every once in
a while he would put his finger at her pussy lips teasing her. James &
Inez were flirting and each time he would make a sexual reference, Tom
would slowly push his finger into her as she would reply to James "Oh
that would be fun" or "Oh I like that."

She said it so you'd be unaware if her moans were from the soft gently
fingering or just a coy & teasing reply to James's comments.

After a few moments of this Inez turned her head towards me & gave me a
kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Oh no reason. I just love you."

That told me she was having fun.

"Hmmm" I thought o myself, "how can I get away to get things started?"

"Mary" I called, "can I get another Molson please?"

In typical Mary fashion "Hey! You know where they are. Get one

"Perfect!" I thought to myself.

I got out and again toweled off. As I walked in Mary called "Wait, I'll
come downstairs with you," as she turned and winked to Inez & James. I
guess indicating she'd try to take longer this time.

"Damn!" I thought. I was going to grab a beer from the fried and look
out the bedroom window for a few minutes. If asked what took so long I
was going to say I couldn't find the Molsen downstairs so settled on
the Miller Light from the upstairs fridge. I wondered know about how
can I ensure the timing be right to come back out?

As I got to her fridge, I turned to open it saying, "You know, I think
I'll have a lite beer."

"Why?" she asked very nervously.

"Because I want to see what happens out side?"

"What? What do you mean? Nothing's going to happen."

"Mary, I know! We were hoping for some fun, but you & James showing up
just made it MORE fun. Especially since Inez was checking out Tom
before you guys ever showed up."

Before she could respond I leaned over & kissed her on the lips to
ensure her I was looking forward to this as much as every one else was.

As soon as the door shut behind me Inez turned to Tom and grasped his
cock in her right hand as she began stroking him as she asked "Do you
want some more?"

James moved toward the tub "Hey wait, I want some." as he dropped his
briefs to the floor. Inez leaned over the edge of the tub and gladly
swallowed James's cock while still stroking Tom's cock

"Oh yeah! I love that mouth on my cock." To that she only moaned
indicating she loved her mouth on his cock too.

"Oh God. Look at that ass." James said as Inez was bent over and began
to really work his cock in & out of her throat.

"Oh that looks so nice. Hey Tom, don't let that go to waste." Inez knew
what James meant, but as Tom began to get up Inez turned to him smiling
& said "Not yet!" as she placed her left hand onto James's cock &
guided Tom's cock into her mouth. She began alternating between sucking
on one then the other's cock while stroking them both the whole time.

"Oh that's it Inez. You look so good handling two cocks."

"Mmmm. This is fun." Inez stated.

About this time Mary looked at me asking "Are you sure?"

"Mary, she probably playing with one, if not both cocks right now."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Mary agreed.

"And I want to watch before they get too involved."

Mary gave me a big smile as she quietly moved us to the window to peer

As we got to the window we saw Tom move away from Inez and move to her
ass. Inez stood & bent over the hot tub, taking James deeper into her
throat. He just leaned back and sighed.

Tom placed himself at her pussy and slowly entered her, sliding all the
way in one, slow stroke.

Inez moaned loudly indicating her pleasure. Tom then placed both hands
on her hips and slowly started to pick up speed.

She met each thrust with enthusiasm, pushing her pussy onto his cock as
he slid in. As he slid out she moved forward to swallow James's cock.

"Oh yeah!" James said. "I wanted so much to see you with a cock at each

Inez stopped sucking for a moment to reply, "I wanted so much to feel a
cock in my mouth and have another fucking my pussy at the same time."

This went on for a few minutes until she took James from her mouth and
moved so Tom would withdraw. As she did so she looked up at James and
said, "James, I want you to fuck me now."

He smiled and said ok as he entered the hot tub. Once in, Inez placed he
hands on his hips, her mouth on his cock as she slowly pushed on his
hips. James took the hint that she wanted him to sit.

Once he was seated Inez got up to straddle him. She guided his cock to
her pussy and then impaled herself on him. Mary & I heard both of them
moan & sigh in delight of the feeling as the full length of his cock
entered her.

Tom positioned himself to Inez's right and placed a hand on her head,
turning her to him. She readily opened her mouth to take his cock as
her right hand grabbed him at the base. She began rocking her hips back
& forth while she worked on Tom's cock with her mouth and right hand.
She came hard in only moments from riding James's cock while it stayed
buried inside her as she ground her clit against him and bobbed on
Tom's cock.

I looked over at Mary and said, "That's it. I gotta go."

Mary, smiling, said "Me too. She looks so hot taking both of them."

As we appeared, Tom noticed us first since he was facing that way. Just
as he froze, James noticed us also and just gave a surprised look at
us. He smiled at us and motioned both hands. Palms up, towards Inez as
if to say, "Hey look! She's doing it not us."

Inez felt Tom freeze & saw James's expression. While continuing to fuck
James, she removed Tom's cock from her mouth and turned towards us.

With a look of lust she said "Ooooo! This feels so good.", as she came
again. As it subsided she turned her back to continue sucking on Tom.

With that, James & Tom returned their attention to Inez. Mary got behind
James and leaning into the hot tub, kissed him on the mouth. James then
held up Inez's left tit and Mary greedily engulfed it in her mouth. I
got in the tub and Inez reached out with her left hand and grabbed my
cock. She pulled me to her and then took me into her mouth. She sucked
for a few moments and then began alternating between Tom and I.

She began having multiple orgasms & in the midst of it she looked me in
the eyes and pleaded

"Fuck my ass! Please?"

James's eyes opened wide and exclaimed "Oh yeah! That's what I want to

I got behind her as she stopped rocking on James's cock to allow me
access to her ass. I easily popped in due to how hot she was.

As I slid in all you could hear her say was, "Yeah, yeah, yeah" and as I hit bottom on the first stroke, "Oh YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" as she came again.

After a few moments of this Mary said, "I think we need to take this to
dry land."

Without a word being said, we all got up and headed for the bedroom.
What a night!!!

End of Story

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