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Weekend to Remember Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

When she woke this time, He wasn’t there. She could hear Him down the hall, so she got up and made her way to the bathroom. When she came out, He was waiting for her.

“I brought you something to eat. Thought you might be hungry before our next play session.” He had ordered in and handed her the take out box from the Chinese place down the street. She nodded and turned to head to the kitchen, but He steered her back to the playroom. She seated herself on the spanking bench and He rolled the table over to give her something to put her food on, then walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed her a can of pop.

As she ate, He played with her hair and caressed her body. He told her what parts He liked and what He’d like to do to her. He was making her wet and horny and squirmy, almost to the point she couldn’t eat. It was really almost too much to bear. His fingers played over her exposed skin like a musician on an instrument and her body was humming in response.

When she had all she wanted of the food, she pushed the table away and turned to respond more fully to His touch. She touched Him in all the places she knew He like to be touched as she kissed and licked her way over His upper body.

He took her by the hand and led her over to one of the cabinets. He fitted her with the wrist and ankle cuffs again so He could suspend her back on the lift. Once she was roped in, He blindfolded her and turned on some music just loud enough to mask other sounds in the room. Then He let her stand there for about 10 minutes, waiting for Him to do something.

The waiting made her almost as antsy as the erotic touching. She wondered what He was doing and why He wasn’t doing it to her. She wondered if He had just left the room and left her just to hang there. The suspense was killing her, when she finally felt a touch on her tit. The hand teased, pinched and pulled on the nipple, before a tongue began to lick and tease the other nipple. Mmmm, that felt good.

The next sensation shocked her fully and got her attention. A second tongue was teasing down her belly, headed south. A second tongue?! Who was there? Who was touching her? What was going on? When she opened her mouth to protest, a soft gag was placed there and her protests were lost against it.

Hands began to touch and play with her tits, pussy and ass. When she tried to focus on all of the individual touches, she counted at least 3 sets of hands. The hands and tongues stayed busy, teasing and stimulating her in all the places she loved to be touched. Nothing but hands and tongues were touching her, so she couldn’t be certain how many people were there or anything else about them. She only knew that she was getting wetter and hornier by the second.

Teeth grazed a nipple. A mouth suckled hard on the other tit; seeming to hunt for milk no longer present. A tongue flicked across her pubes and dove in to flick her clit. Hands parted her ass and a tongue teased her ass. The first orgasm took her by surprise and her whimpers and moans were muffled by the gag.

The restraints on her wrists and ankles were released and hands led her across the room to the bench. A body was already on the bench, cock hard and waving. She was helped to mount the cock and then pushed forward to that the man on the bench captured her nipple and began to suck it rhythmically while his cock began it’s own rhythmic motion in her pussy. A hand attached itself to the other tit and began to knead and play.

Hands parted her ass cheeks and cool liquid dribbled in. Fingers pushed the liquid into her ass and then began to a fucking motion, quickly making her squirm and buck between the twin sensations of ass and pussy. When the fingers had stretched her, they were quickly replaced by a cock that slid in and began fucking her in long, deep, and body slamming strokes. She could hear the slap of flesh on flesh. The room was full of moans and slapping flesh and music.

Hands removed the gag and a cock played a light tap on her lips, so she opened her mouth and took the cock in. Hands took control of her head to set the rhythm and depth of penetration. The cock plunged in and out of her mouth, deep enough to make her gag and fast enough to keep her from choking. She had control over nothing being done to her.

The cock in her ass slid out and a new set of hands grasped her ass. A larger cock invaded her ass in one long, fast slam. The pace it set was harder and deeper than the last one. The hands that gripped her began to slap her ass and she responded with a cry of surprise. Her hand was placed on a cock and she began to stroke it. She now knew at least 4 men were there, expecting her to service their needs.

The cock in her pussy erupted and splashed her pussy with cum. When the spasms finally stopped, the body underneath her began to push her up. The cocks in her mouth and hand pulled away when the man in her ass pulled her up enough to let the man underneath her slide off the bench and let another slide in. She found herself impaled on another cock and the multiple fucking began again with a cock in each hole.

This continued for some time. When one of the cocks would shoot its load, another would take its place. The room was filled with the sounds of fucking, music, and the verbal evidence of full sexual enjoyment. She lost track of how many times the cocks changed and how many times she came. She only knew that once she neared exhaustion, the rotation of cocks slowed until she finally collapsed on top of the last man under her.

She was gently lifted up and placed on the bed. Hands patted, soothed and stroked her. Several gentle kisses and murmurs of thanks were offered, and the music was muted. A body crawled onto the bed and wrapped around her; and the blindfold was finally removed. She was one exiting ass before she rolled over and faced Him on the bed.

He caressed her and whispered how proud He was of her. He told her how hot it was to watch her fuck and suck and respond to His guests. His ministering hands wiped her down with a warm cloth, soothing the sore and fully used tissues of her ass and pussy.

“Did your fantasy of a gang bang get fulfilled,” He whispered. She nodded and curled closer to Him.

“I’m tired, though. I need a nap.”

He chuckled, pulled her close and whispered, “Sweet dreams, my pet,” and they dropped off to sleep with visions of hot fucking running amuck in their heads.

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