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Watching her take a big one "anal"

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Last time that I met this couple I thought that it could get no better but before I left the motel room that night after she sucked all of cum out of my balls of my 9"er she told her husband I want to try that in my assnext time and he agreed and wanted it on film. Now I stand about 5' 11" about 195 lbs and don't think of myself as hung but couples I met have told me at the 9" mark. Anyways just over a week went by when the same couple contacted me for another meet and I knew what was expected " lights camera and action and some serious ass fuckin ". Now this hot lookin mid age lady enjoyed anal already but has never had anything over the so called average length in her backdoor which was about to change. Now me met after a different motel this time so not to be seen to much and since we were so-called friends they had already gotten a room again and were there waiting. Now when I walked in I thought and seen what looked to be a movie studio the husband had a couple light stands a couple of movie cameras on stands and even some hand held cameras. ( I was thinking maybe I should be gettin paid for this) anyways there she was laying on the bed in a hot lookin matching white thongs and bra even with stockings and heels as he walked around snapping pictures. She sat up quickly when she noticed me and just came out and said "pull the big cock out I want to suck on it" so being one not to turn down a blow job I unzipped my pants and pulled my half hard dick out as she layed on her belly and licked and sucked my balls and shaft. You know it took a second to get completely hard with a wet mouth on it !!

The whole time her husband is snapping pictures and checking the cameras. I think that really excitied him more than sex with his wife was to look thru the lens and film his wife being happy and suckin and fuckin cock. Now I really enjoyed the blow job but mentioned the anal sex just to see where I stood. She said I was hoping you ask. With that she slipped out of her panties and reach in a bag for a little dildo and said she needed to get alittle loose before I split her with my big 9"er. Watching her work that dildo in and out of her ass was hot if you know what I am talking about and seen it before. She rubbed her clit and just moaned as I stroked on my cock just being horny. Now the whole time again her husband is checking cameras moving lights and snapping some pics. So after a few minutes and not being able to wait I yelled " I AM READY" so i climbed onto the bed as she was on her back and I lifted her legs up and as far back as she could move them since her ass was a wet from the dildo and had lube in it I put none on mine and went bareback into her ass not wanting to hurt her or make her upset I eased in inch by inch it took a good 10 minutes about for me to squeeze every inch into slowly but after my balls hit against her ass that was it I started going to town banging on that ass as the hubby cheered me on and said fuck that dirty slut wife of mine in her ass fuck her good and hard. After awhile of fucking her that way I wanted to try it from behind just so she get more cock into her ass a different way. So she got up on all fours and said fuck me with your pony size cock. So after pulling on her hair for awhile and squeezing on the big D cup tits she has I didn't notice so much time had past, I had got to the room at 8pm and it was already after 10pm not that the time mattered but we must of been ass fucking for along time. Being the one to sometimes to be able to hold back cumming I was doing pretty good so far. Now after fucking her from behind and being distracted from the husband changing film I pulled out of her ass and she pushed me down onto my back and started suckin on my hard cock which was mind blowing not to many women out there love to get ass-fucked and then suck you right out the ass but she did. Her hubby said she loves sucking dick and thats why they swung as swingers she loved cock and he couldn't keep up. So after a long filmed blow job from differnet angles and positions I want more of that tight asshole. I told the husband I was going to fuck her and pull out and cum in her ass while it was wide open he said great they have not had that on film and would love for his collection. So again I laid her on her back and made sure hubby was ready with camera I lubed up my cock some and pour some onto her ass and watched it run down her cheeks then I pushed my cock head in hard and fast and began thrusting in hard and often she was screaming in pleasure and I could sense her hubby moving around with the camera wispering let me know when your ready to cum. I knew I wasn't going to last long because of the deep hard thrusting into her tight back hole. So after what seemed to her to last a lifetime I gave him a signal that I was about ready, so I slipped out and as I watched her ass pulse I started stroking my cock and within minutes said her cums the load. Usually not a real big shooter I blew the biggest load of my life so far he counted almost 10 spurts of cum shooting out of my dick into her open asshole and all over her ass cheeks. Since he said she looks to suck I said keep the cameras rolling and moved my half hard cock down toward her waiting mouth just forcing all the cock down her throat she could take. I knew she couldn't deep throat but she got my half hard soft 6" down there until I started growing and then she started having trouble, after a while I just laid back down and let her suck me as long as she could. A good 45 minutes went by and I just told her I ain't cumming again but your husband did get almost a whole movie of you sucking on a big 9" dick and when I said that the hubby just smiled. After a little small chat I told them anymore ideas they had I am open and as I was leaving he whispered to me next time want 3 or 4 nine inch cocks so if you know any let him know.. Only problem I thought is that I didn't know anyone that had a bigger cock than mine. (I know there out there bigger than me I just didn't know any) so hope they contact me again and that he can find some other hung guys that want to be porn stars on film fuckin all his wives holes while he watches...... look for updates soon i hope

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