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Unexpected Surprise

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Hey Gang, I love to cruse the interstate near here. I-85 between Commerce Georgia and the South Carolina state line and sometimes over into SC. I like to ride at night and pull out my toy and get next to a trucker and turn on the dome light. Sometimes I get a good resopnse and sometimes not. Anyway, I was riding a few nights ago and nothing had worked. Stopped at truck stop and nothing. Went to the rest area and the County cops were there so I went in used the pisser and left. I went over into South Carolina and still no takers. I decided to stop at a convience store that is over into SC a few miles and go in to get a drink and use the can. There was a middle eastern guy at the register and he was good looking and built really well. I said hi as I enter and he said hello back. I went to the drinks and he had stepped out to watch me, it was late so I figured no big deal. Anyway, I took a while getting a drink and he kept looking after me. ONe time I turned around and he ducked back to the register. I figured, maybe we have something here. He had a lot of hair out the top of his button up shirt and as I said was really good looking. His jeans were really tight fitting. I got a drink and chips and went to the register and he took the stuff to ring it up..I smiled at him, So how are you I asked. Good he told me. Slow tonight I asked. Yes very slow. But I am closing soon he told me. As he took my money I slowly touched his hand, he did not seem to withdraw it and I smiled again. So what have you been doing just waiting to close I asked. Yes, Iwas very nervous because I do not trust some people that come in. Is that why you were watching me I asked. Well, sort of, yes it was. What do you mean sort of I asked. Well, I was just not sure. Okay, well, I am a good guy I told him. Then I took a chance and said, So what are ya doing after you close? He looked at me and was nervous. Why do you ask he said. Well, I was hoping that maybe we could hang out a while. What do you mean hang out he asked me. Well, I could show you if you like, can I use the rest room? He had stepped from the register now and was by the door so he could lock up. I was going to lock the door he told me. I told him to go ahead...He just stared at me as I walked back to the rest room. I was determined to have his cock in my mouth and everywhere else I could get it. I heard the door lock and then no sound....I went to the back and there was a rest room and a small break room that had a table and chairs and a couch...I stripped and sat on the couch and waitied. Finally he came in and he had an obvious bulge in his pants. It was really a good size and I guessed maybe 8 inches or so. He stood there looking at me and trying to decide what to do...So what are you wanting to do he asked me. I got on my knees in front of him and rubbed his bulge thru his pants...I want this I told him and I unzipped his pants. My surprise was wonderful. It came out and was more like 9 inches than 8. It was dark and thick and had pre cum leaking from the head. I took him in my moith and he shivered all over, moaning as it slid into my throat. I began licking the shaft and sucking the head slowly, teasing it with my tongue. He was shaking so I sat him on the couch and get between his legs and took him in my mouth again. He laid back with his eyes closed and let me have my way with his cock and as I massage his balls he really relaxed. I was working his shaft in and out slowly as I could because I wanted to enjoy it and he was moaning and moving his hips in time with my mouth...His hips began humping faster and he told me he was going to cum soon. I told him that I was hoping he would soon. Fianlly I was rewarded by his cock unloading into my throat a nice hot load of hot cum. He shook all over as his cock grew soft. He just laid there and I sucked his half soft cock...That was really good he told me. It is just the beginning if you have the time I told him. I will make the time he said. He stood up and went to the phone and called his wife. I am having to stock the shelves he told her, I will be late. Okay. Bye. He told her then came back over to the couch. He had taken off all his clothes as he spoke and he was really hot. He was hairy and really well built as I had guessed. What do we do now he asked me. Well, there is another place I would like that as I took his cock in my hands...and I sat him down again. I sucked him till he was fully hard and then made sure it was very wet as my mouth made it wet as I could. Then I got up and straddled his cock and lowered myself down on top of it. He moaned as it penetrated my ass and got past the ring...then it slid in and made me hotter than I had been. I leaned down and kissed his neck as I squeezed my ass around his cock. I rode up and down on it massaging it with my ass muscles and making sure he felt every inch of his cock in me. He moaned and began really humping up to get all in me and finally I felt his cock load my ass with his cum. I felt so hot and was dripping from my ass. His cock fell out and he laid there limp all over. You have given me the best sex I have ever had he said. My wife does not get excited about sex at all. Well, that is really a shame I told him. He reached for his pants and I stoped him. I think that we can do it again I told him. His cock was limp but he dropped his pants. Okay, that is good with me. I asked him to bend over the couch and his wonderful hairy ass was pointed towards me. I got on my knees and began rimming his hole. He jumped at first then settled down. I reached under and began massaging his balls and cock...stroking his cock back to life. Soon it was at full erection and I told him to lay me on my back and fuck me..he spread my legs over his shoulders and drove his rod into my ass again. It felt so good that my cock unloaded on our chests. He humped my ass for a long time until he finally tensed and again filled my ass with his cum. He stood up and I cleaned him up with my mouth...we got dressed and I gave him my phone number...he has called twice since then and I will be going back regularly to take care of his bulging cock.

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