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The Best Saturday Night

My wife and I were at a sports bar not too long ago with a bunch of our friends. We were playing pool and "getting our drink on" when my wife spotted this cute black chick across the bar. She pointed her out to me and my buddy. My buddy, Pat knew the girl and her boyfreind, and offered to introduce my wife to them. I continued to play pool while they went off to make new friends.
After about 10 minutes of talking, my wife left thier table and came over to me. "Oh my god, they are such a cute couple!" she said. She told me that they wanted to come back to my friend's house after closing to party with us some more. I thought that was pretty cool, and said okay.
We get back to my friends house, and started to drink and play card games and such, when my wife and the cute chick dissapeared. After looking for them for a little bit, I found them in a spare bedroom "talking" or so they said. My wife told me to come back in 10 minutes.
After hanging in the kitchen with some people for awhile, my wife yelled at me from down the hall. As I approached, she told me to find the chick's boyfreind. After finding him, we both walked up to the bedroom door and knocked. "come in...." they said, and we opened the door.
Just a small lamp was on in the room, putting off just enough light to see to naked female bodies on top of each other, licking and touching each other everywhere. My wife was on bottom, with the cute chick going to town on her. Both of us guys stood there and watched for a minute, kinda dumbfounded, until the girls told us to join.
We both undressed and took our places on the bed. I stuffed my cock in my wife's mouth, as the chick ate her pussy. The other guy stuck his dick in his girlfriends ass from behind. My wife was getting off and yelling into my dick, which was making me climax faster than i wanted to.
My wife then turned around on her back to lay underneath the chick while her boyfriend still fucked her ass. As the girls 69'ed each other, i fucked my wife in the pussy, occasionally feeling a tongue run the length of my cock. I then pulled out and went down on my wife's pussy, eating it with the other chick. She licked my wife's juice off my mouth and sucked on her clit like a madwoman. The chick then started to climax, screaming into my wife's opening, making her gush all over our faces. I stuck my dick back in my wife and pumped her hard and fast until i blew my load into her belly. The other guy, who was having too much fun with his girlfreind's ass and pussy, grunted and blew his load in his girlfriend's ass.
We all just collapsed into a pile of naked bodies on the bed, and continued to grope and finger each other for a while. After we all caught our breathe, we got up and put our clothes back on. It was an awsome night but it had come to an end, so it was time to go home and go to bed. When my wife and I got home, we fucked for 2 hours, then fell asleep with me inside her.

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