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The Inquisitor (Chapter 10)

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The princess regarded the new visitor, only to find it was her own master. Her tongue hastened to moisten her lips as her approached.

"Good morrow, my dear. Making new friends, are we?" He asked.

Though his tone was not harsh, the princess could not help but feel he was angered.

"Nay, my Lord. Only doing as you commanded me." said She.

Though his eyes smiled, his mouth remained firm, "I believe you might be forgetting yourself." He said.

:Oh no, my Lord. I have not forgotten my oaths." she insisted.

"We shall see." he said. "Raise your skirts, and show yourself to me." The princess looked about to see if anyone might be watching. This seemed to perturb him.

"Look not about to see what eyes are upon you! Do as you are commanded!" his voice angry and powerful.

The princess grasped her skirt hems, and lifted it high, showing her thighs and her sex. Her cheeks burned with shame. Her master merely stood, looking upon her.

At last he said, "Should I desire, I could have you stroll about the castle naked. I could put you in the stocks, have your ass buttered and offered to any cock of the walk, would you like that?"

Her cheeks aflame. "No my Lord."

"Very well. When you are given a command, do not make me repeat it."

"Yes, my Lord," she said, her skirtings still raised high.

"I can see you are aroused, my dear." He said, the angry tone in his voice diminishing.

He pulled a large book from the shelf, bound in a soft cloth cover which was thick with padding. This he tossed upon the floor in front of him.

"On you knees then." said the Inquisitor. The princess obeyed, sinking down before him.

From his robes he drew his hardened cock. It's thick purple head bobbed before her mouth.

"Open your lips, and take it into your mouth." He said.

There amongst the stacks of books and shelves, the princess slowly took his cock into her mouth. She opened her throat wide, and let its girth slide down into it. Though she tried not to gag on it, it proved very big within her mouth. She began to slowly suck it, sliding her mouth along its rigid shaft.

She sucked and licked. She swallowed his huge cock, and let it slide in and out of her mouth. Her tongue flicked at its end, it's point seeking his gasping opening.

All at once, he stopped her. "Enough!" he cried. "Do not seek to taste my seed. Your willfulness has been punished." He returned his swollen member into his robes and composed himself and turned to go.

"There is much I must attend to this day." He drew her close to him, so much that she felt his hardened cock against her legs and felt his breath upon her.

"As for your new friend..." he hissed. "He is not for you. Do not let your heart be deceived by his charm."

He reached down and grasped her buttocks, giving them a squeeze. "You are for me, do you hear? Do not let your eye be snared by the likes of him."

"Yes, my Lord." said She. Though her cheeks stilled flamed, her body cried out for satisfaction after being so aroused by his big cock before her. His hands remained on her ass, spreading her cheeks but a little. He smiled as he saw her desire, and released her.

"I shall leave you to your discoveries then." said he, and with that, he turned and left.

- - -

Alone in the great library, the princess sank down into a low divan. A sorceress? The castle in which she dwelt was governed by a dark witch?

Her mind swam with the knowledge. At last one thing about her captivity made sense.

The hour was indeed late, and shadows had grown very long. She too hastened from the gathering dusk, and hurried through many passageways, until she discovered she had become quite lost. Looking round, she noticed she had entered a part of the castle she had never been to before.

Though the grey, stone walls remained, the furnishings had become more outlandish, and the tapestries hung here showed more vulgar settings. Trying the retrace her steps only compounded her confusion. Glancing out a nearby window, she noticed she had somehow entered one of the towers.

Looking across, her heart sank as she saw the dark clock tower opposite her. She was in the Queen's golden tower.

Anxiety clutched at her, but she soon steadied herself, resolving to find a path back to the courtyard. Back she hurried, through passage and door, but still found no familiar surroundings.

At some length, a new sound reached her ear. It was muffled and distant, as if coming from a room further down. She started towards the sounds, hoping to come across someone from whom she could ask directions.

As she drew closer, the sounds became clearer and more distinct. What she had first taken for voices in conversation, she now could tell had a different tone. Indeed, the sounds of passion reached her ears. From somewhere up ahead came the sounds of lust.

Her first instinct told her to turn and run back the way she'd come. But somehow, her feet did not turn. Instead, they continued on, towards the noises. She felt drawn to them, even it seemed, against her own better judgement.

Ahead lay an arched doorway, covered by an enormous thick curtain. Light spilled out from underneath, and a small sliver of light leaked from one side. Ever so cautiously, she drew closer and closer, till her eye could see through the narrow opening. The sight before her caused her jaw to drop.

Inside the room behind the curtain was the Queen, but she was not alone. She lay on a waterfall of pillows, candlelight flickering on her naked skin. With her were three other men, all naked as well.

One lay on his back, his huge cock buried deep in the Queen's ass. Another lay atop the Queen, his own staff ramming into her slathering crescent, The third man stood beside the Queen, his own cock deep in the Queen's mouth. As the princess watched through the curtain, the three of them pounded the Queen's openings, each grinding deeper and deeper into her.

The princess could hear their ballocks slapping against her flesh, and watched as the Queen swallowed the third man's cock even further, The scene was awash with thrustings and moanings, as the Queen took each of them, her hand grasping the cock in her mouth tightly. She stroked him with her white hand as his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

Though the princess was terribly shocked by what was happening before her, she was astonished to find herself growing aroused as she watched them pound away at the Queen. As if guided by its own will, her hand found her nipple hard and erect, pinching and pulling at it through her gown. From between her thighs came the familiar warmth as she grew wetter watching the Queen take the men.

From within, the Queen's moans grew deeper as at last, the third man's cock shot his essence deep into the Queen's mouth, which she swallowed greedily, not releasing him till she had drained every droplet. He fell back spent as the other two continued on. Soon the man on top also gave his last, leaving only the one below. The princess discovered her own hand had found its way between her legs as she watched them.

As the second man also fell back, the Queen sat up higher, grinding down hard on the huge cock buried inside her from behind. Up and down she rode him, her cries growing as at long last he too stiffened, as he released inside her tight ass. As he came inside her, the princess could feel her own wetness.

Suddenly she saw something had caught the Queen's attention, even as she continued to drive down onto the man below her.

The Queen was staring directly at her!

Her eyes locked on the princess hiding behind the curtain, yet still she continued to ride the man, who now cried out. But the Queen would not release him, and continued to slide him deep into her ass, all the while watching the narrow gap in the curtains.

The man below her had passed through pleasure, and now the Queen's grindings were clearly causing pain. At long last, a great howl of frustration escaped from the Queen's lips, and she released her subject. With a low moan, he rolled onto his side and curled up into a ball.

The princess was frozen with fear as the Queen rose. From before and behind, the leavings of her subjects slipped down between her smooth thighs, Breathing hard, the Queen shot angry looks at each of the men.

"Weaklings!" she shouted at them, her eyes blazing. "I should give you all to the executioners! Is there not one of you who can last long enough to fulfill me?"

Her eyes and skin took on a strange glow as she glowered at them, and the air crackled with energy. Then, just as suddenly, it was gone.

"Go, you fools!" She commanded. "Be gone from my sight, lest I cast you all down!"

Two of the men quickly helped the third to his feet, and half dragged him through a doorway at the back of the room. The princess's mind screamed at her to run away, but her feet were rooted to the stones. She was certain the Queen would rush at her, whipping aside the curtain to find her standing there, nipples ablaze, hand still clutched between her thighs.

But instead, a strange smile crossed the Queen's face, and casting a last sly glance at the curtain, the Queen turned without a word.

The candles cast their light against her smooth skin as she casually strolled to the door through which her lovers had escaped. The great clock outside tolled again as the Queen stepped through the portal and was gone.

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