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The Complete Story Cabo Strip Club

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My name is Rachel, every year my husband John and I spend the New Year holiday in Cabo and every year John tries to get me to go to a strip club. This year I finally agreed and was so glad I did. I guess I should describe my self. I?m 44 years old with long flowing flaming red hair 5?4? weigh 115 and have very real 38d breasts. I guess you could say when it comes to sex I never seem to be able to get enough unless I have more than 1 cock to fuck. That?s why we got into swinging, we have had some great mfm 3somes but my favorite is to have 2 guys join us. Three cocks seems to be the magic number for me one for each hole although I do find it hard to concentrate on giving a good blow job when I have a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time. I love men and consider myself completely straight but the right girl can really turn me on.

We went into one of the many clubs in Cabo and ordered a drink. The dancers were all very thin with small tits not my type at all and I was soon extremely bored with the experience. John convinced me to try one more club before calling it a night and going back to our condo.

When we walked in there was an absolutely gorgeous girl dancing. She was dressed in a school girl outfit (one of my favorites to wear on theme nights) and had amazing tits and legs, I was immediately turned on by the sight if her. When we sat at a table next to the stage John asked if she was my type and I just guided his hand up my skirt so he could feel the wet spot on my panties. John placed a generous tip on the stage and for the rest of her number it seemed as if she was dancing for just us. When she finished she came over to thank us and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I nearly came when I felt her lips touch me. So john made arrangements for her to give me a private lap dance while he watched. We went to small cubical off to the side of the club and I sat down while she danced for me. It only lasted for about ten minutes but by the time we were done I had sucked her beautiful tits and pulled my own top down, the dance ended with her straddling me and with our nipples rubbing together we passionately tongue kissed. I came three times during the dance. After regaining my composure and pulling my top back up we went back to our table and ordered a couple of tequila shots. I was so hot I just had to be fucked as soon as possible so when John excused himself to go to the restroom I called over the floor manager a tall handsome man about 30 years old and asked him if there was a private place my husband and I could got to fuck. Those were my exact words. He seemed a bit shocked at the request but said yes there private rooms down stairs and it would cost us $100.00 if we wanted to use one. Being a rather frugal person I thought the price was outrageous. I made a counter offer and told him he could fuck me also if he let us use the room for free. John was returning just then and he got a worried look on his face when I told John my proposal but John assured him that the arrangement was acceptable to him and off we were led down stairs to a corridor lined with much larger cubicals than the one I had gotten the lap dance in, each had a couch in it but nothing else. I could hear the sounds of other couples having sex an was so hot I couldn?t wait to have a cock in me. The manager showed us to our place and said he would be back in a couple minutes and asked again if I was serious, when I said definitely he asked to see some skin so I pulled down my top and he took a sample feel of my tits. John already had his pants of and was sitting on the couch with his throbbing hard cock in his hand so I quickly removed my panties lifted up my skirt and sat on his lap with my back to him and impaled myself with it in one stroke. John?s cock isn?t really very long about 6 ½ inches but it is extremely thick and it felt wonderful so I started working it as he played with my tits and pinched my nipples. A few minutes into my much needed first fuck of the night the manager, whose name I now knew was Raul, returned. He came in and was standing right in front of me so I began to stroke his rock hard cock through his pants and was pleasantly surprised to feel how big he was so I opened his pants and pulled them down and his beautiful 9? uncircumcised brown cock sprang out right in front of my face. His was the first uncut cock I had ever encountered and I was fascinated as I pulled back the foreskin to reveal a big purple mushroom head with a glistening drop of precum oozing from the tip that I immediately licked, it tasted great. John now had his hands on my hips and was helping me pump up and down on his cock as Raul took over playing with my tits and my mouth began to devour that beautiful cock. After about five minutes or so of sucking on that lovely cock I just had to feel it inside of me so I pulled myself off John?s and turned around so he could put it in from behind while I continued to take care of John with my mouth. I was feeling so slutty there in a basement fuck cubical of a Mexican strip club sucking my man while this strange cock was pounding from behind I seemed to be having a non stop orgasm, when Raul said he was cumming John said so was he and the simultaneously filled my mouth and pussy with their cum and I had the hardest time not screaming so loud that they would have heard me upstairs even with the music playing. When I came back to my senses I thanked Raul and licked his cock clean hoping to get him up for another round but he said he had to get back to work before his boss came looking for him.

After being well fucked by Raul & John my pussy lips were a little swollen but that wasn?t going to stop me from having more cock that night. As I said in the beginning once the slut in me comes out I can be insatiable and I never felt like more of a slut than I did that night. I guess it was the strange environment, being in the brothel section of the strip club with the smell and sounds of sex all around. I told John I wanted more and told me to stay where I was while he went back upstairs with Raul. From a cubical across from where I could hear the sounds of a guy getting a blow job, it was pretty obvious because between his moans he was telling her how good she was sucking him. I just couldn?t help myself so I went over and peeked into the cubical. The guy was a twentysomething blond American, he was laying back on couch with his eyes closed. The girl was my lap dancer! When she saw me she stopped sucking his cock long enough to give me a big smile and blew me a kiss as she did he opened his eyes and saw me too. He asked me if I would like to join them with this big grin on his face. The girl, whose name I learned was Fabiola, signaled her approval so I entered the cubical. My top was still pulled down so my titties were fully exposed and I was still wearing my short skirt and heels with no panties. The guy told me his name was Jason and I said, ?hi I?m Rachel?. Fabiola was sitting up now stroking his cock, so I went over and we exchanged a long passionate kiss. Then we both got comfortable and the two of us went to work sucking Jason?s cock and licking his balls. My pussy was throbbing and needed some attention so with Jason on his back I got into a 69 position on top of him so he could lick and suck me while Fabiola and I continued to give him a double blow job, this was another first for me I had never shared a cock with another girl so between my lips and tongue touching Fabiola?s and Jason sticking his tongue in my pussy and licking and nibbling on my clit I began to have successive waves of orgasms. I don?t have any idea how much time had when passed before Jason shot the biggest load of cum I have ever seen into our mouths and all over our faces. When he was done Fabiola and I had the pleasure of licking each other?s face clean and we didn?t stop when we were both cleaned off. I had never gone one on one with another girl and Jason was now just sitting back watching as Fabiola and I explored each other bodies with our mouths and hands. During our session with Jason she had been completely on the giving end and I thought she needed to beon the receiving end of some pleasure. Fabiola came for the first time as I was sucking on he nipples and fingering her pussy her body tensed and she held my head tightly to her tit as she let out a deep moan. When she relaxed I kissed my way down lower until my mouth was just a fraction of an inch away from her beautiful pussy, I started to cum myself at the thought on eating a pussy for the first time and just froze for a moment breathing heavily on her protruding clit. Fabiola wrapped her hands around the back of my head and my face was buried in her wet pussy. I got into it like I had been doing that sort of thing my entire life, I loved the taste and feel of every inch that sweet pussy. She was on her back and I was on my knees with my face between her legs when I felt Jason start to enter me from behind, I guess watching the girl on girl stuff had gotten him up to go again. I was moving my tongue slowly from Fabiola?s ass to her clit and he started stroking his cock in and out of me with the same slow steady motion. He seemed to know exactly what I was doing with my tongue because when I stopped and quickly poked my tongue in and out of her pussy he increased his pace in me to match what I was doing to her. When I started to cum I moved to her clit and worked it with my tongue, lips and teeth and as I came my intensity grew and I could feel and hear Fabiola cumming. I slowed down to gentle kisses and licks as both of our explosive orgasms began to subside and began to move my mouth back up her body as Jason continued to slowly pump his cock in my pussy. When my lips met Fabiola?s she reached down and pulled me by my ass cheeks pulling me up as she did Jason slid out of my soaking wet pussy and I positioned myself above her head and lowered my pussy to her waiting lips. Jason barely missed a beat and slipped his cock into her pussy. Fabiola was driving me wild with her mouth and reaching up playing with my tits as Jason pounded away at her pussy. When she started to cum the sounds from her mouth felt like a giant vibrator was pulsating on high speed on every part of my body and just as I heard Jason say he was cumming I exploded with my biggest orgasm of the night. While we were all catching our breath I looked over to see John peeking in from the side of the curtain. He said he had been outside just listening for quite awhile but just had to see the finale.

Fabiola got her things together and said it was time for her to go. We kissed thanked each other for our mutual good time and she was gone. Jason looked a little embarrassed when I introduced John to him as my husband but he relaxed when I took hi now soft cock in my mouth in an attempt to bring him back and get a final taste of Fabiola?s sweet pussy juices that were still on it. I felt John start to use his tongue on me from behind probing my pussy and ass and I thought to myself that this night isn?t over yet. Jason began to grow in my mouth and when he was once again completely hard I mounted him and slid his cock into my pussy while John never stopped sticking his tongue and then a finger into my ass. I shuttered with anticipation because I knew what would be the next thing to be there. When I felt the head of John?s cock touch the hole I stopped pumping Jason?s cock and relaxed while John pushed his into me from behind, my waves of orgasmic pleasure began as soon as he slid it in. I was in ecstasy as John and Jason got their rhythm going. I thought I was hallucinating when I turned my head and saw Raul standing next to us watching stroking hard cock in his hand. I motioned for him to come closer and I took his cock in my mouth, when I did I felt John cumming in my ass and it?s a good thing I had a mouth full of very large cock or I would have screamed loud enough to shake the building. Jason was still going strong in my pussy when John slipped out of my ass and told Raul it was his turn. I had never had a cock as big as Raul?s in my ass before but is was well lubed with John?s cum and glided in with no problem. I have absolutely no idea how long those two cocks pumped my ass and pussy time didn?t exist in my orgasmic world. I don?t even remember feeling Jason and Raul cumming when I came to my senses I was lying on Jason?s chest and Raul?s softening magnificent cock was slipping out of my ass. So know you know the story about my first time at a strip club and why John no longer has to cox me into going to one.

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