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Sharing My Wife With My Friend And His Wife

Sharing my wife with my friend and his wife

I'm a fifty eight year old Hispanic male, and my wife is fifty one years old. She is five feet four inches tall, 34B-24-34, with blonde hair, green eyes and a beautiful shaved pussy. Marina has always been rather straitlaced because of the way she was brought up. It took me a long time for me to get her to agree on having a threesome, with my best friend David, whom she had never met before. Sometimes while we were making love I would start to talk about fantasy of watching her with another man. I noticed that she would get very aroused when I did that, and have orgasm after orgasm. On several occasions I asked her if she would like to live out the fantasy, and she would say that she was nervous about how I would react if we did that. I would always assure her that I would really enjoy it, and that I would love her just the same, if not more. Then one day my friend David wrote to me to say that he would be coming to Florida on business, and would like to visit me and meet my wife. I had described her to him, and had even mentioned to him, that I like to see him fucking her and watch her sucking him off. I wrote him back to say that we would be happy to see him, and also that I was hoping we could have a threesome, but that it was really up to Marina. Well, it worked out just as I had hoped. Marina and David hit it off at once, and within and hour the two of them were naked in our bed while I watched. Then my normally reserved wife surprised me by suggesting that I eat here cunt while my friend was ramming it with his cock. I had never been so close to another man's cock before, but I did my best to add to my wife's pleasure, then, while David was ramming her faster and faster, his cock slipped out of her cunt and went into my mouth. I found myself licking it for a few moments before he removed it and placed it back into my wife's pussy. We fucked most of the night, until David had to go back home. Before he left he said that he would like to us get together sometime with his wife Belinda, who was also a swinger.

A few months later the four of us made arrangements to go on a Caribbean cruise together. David and Belinda came to Florida a couple of days before we sailed, and stayed at our house. We all knew what was going happen. After they arrived we had a couple of drinks together, and soon we started talking about sex. David asked me if I would shave his wife's pussy for her. He knew I was an expert at it, since I always shaved Marina's. I went to get things ready, and then invited Belinda into the bedroom. As soon as we were alone she kissed me and rammed her tongue as deep as possible into my mouth. I caressed her slowly while removing here clothes. Then I laid her down on the bed and began the shaving process. I had no sooner started when I heard my wife in the next room moaning loudly, and I knew that she was about to reach a climax. I really wanted to go and watch her, but I was in the middle of shaving Belinda's pussy. Belinda had a very hairy cunt with thick lips, and she was obviously very aroused by me touching her there. As I finished up, I heard Marina screaming in orgasm, and a moment later I heard David asking her to suck his balls. I quickly cleaned up Belinda's cunt and then went down and started licking the sweet nectar from her now bald pussy. I sucked her till she came, then I got on top of her fucked her until I shot my load inside of her. We rested for a little while, and then David and my wife came in to join us. I put on a porno tape and we all watched for a while. David and I were in the middle of the bed with the girls on either side of us, touching us and playing with us to get us ready for some more action. Then Marina started to suck on David's Cock, and I watched avidly, loving the spectacle before my eyes. She grabbed his balls in one hand and his semi-hard cock with the other, and then slowly licked that big shaft from the head to the balls before taking it in her mouth. At this point Belinda, not to be outdone, started doing the same to me, and then proceeded to give me a great blowjob until I came down her throat and she swallowed it all. By now David was completely hard again, and he positioned Marina on her knees and started to fuck her doggie-style. Remembering the last time, when I had eaten my wife's pussy while David fucked her, I slid under her and started to suck on her cunt. She tasted sweet, but there was also a salty taste that I knew was David's. This aroused me so much that I pulled his cock out of her and went down on him. Belinda and Marina were surprised and excited to see me giving David a blowjob. They were getting a show that they had never seen before. I sucked his cock and licked his balls until I felt that he was going to come. David started fucking my mouth fast and hard, and I loved it. I kept licking at his cock, and all of a sudden he exploded in my mouth. I continued to work on him until he was dry. After that Belinda and Marina took turns with my dick, giving me the best sucking I'd ever had. Then the four of went to sleep.

We made love several times the next day. At one point, while David's wife Belinda leaned over, placed her mouth on Marina's cunt and started to lick it. Marina moaned around David's dick, but I was pretty sure she thought it was me that was licking her, not Belinda. I was so excited by this that I sat down to have a good view of the action, not wanting to miss any of it. I even started playing with my cock as I watched. Belinda worked a finger into Marina's pussy as she continued to lick at it, then another finger, and finally a third. My wife was shaking and looking as if she was going to have convulsions. She pulled her mouth of David's cock and turned her head as she pushed herself back against Belinda's mouth. It was only then that she realized that it was not me but Belinda ho was going down on her. She had never had her pussy sucked by another female, but by now she didn't care. She wriggled against Belinda's mouth and instructed her to suck her clit. Belinda evidently obliged, because Marina started screaming, Oh yes! That's it! Faster, suck it faster, make me come!... Which Belinda did. Marina then turned back To David and stuffed his cock into her mouth again, sucking it faster than before. David fucked her face until he exploded in her mouth, and Marina swallowed as much as possible. Then she rubbed some of the excess come over her face, knowing that this turned me on. Now it was my turn to fuck Belinda. I got between her legs and stuffed my cock inside her, but I was so excited that I didn't last too long before shooting my load into her pussy.

The next day our cruise ship sailed. The trip started out great. We unpacked, changed into our swimwear and headed for the upper deck of the ship. David put some sun block on my wife, and I on his, and we ordered drinks and lay out in the sun. After a while we made use of the hot tub. I played with Belinda's cunt under the water while she stroked my cock, and I knew that Marina and David were doing the same. At one point I reached for David's cock, working my hand under his tight swimming trunks and playing with his balls. Before we knew it, it was time to change for dinner. After diner we took in a show, and then rushed back to our room. We could no longer wait to get into each other. We had ordered a bottle of champagne and some chocolate-covered strawberries to get us into the spirit—not that we needed it. The girls wanted to start by watching David and me going at it. They sat on a couple of chairs next to the bed and egged us on. They said they wanted to tell us what to do, and the first thing they wanted was to catch David going down on me, as they had seen me doing to him. David knelt down and took my cock in one hand, stroking my balls with the other. He stuffed the head of my dick in his mouth and proceeded to lick it slowly; making sure that the girls got a good view of his tongue working on my cock. This was a total turn-on for me. I asked him to take my balls in his mouth, and he did. Then he gave me a fantastic tongue-lapping, working up from my balls to the tip of my cock. It seemed to go on for hours, though it was really about ten minutes. The girls were so turned on by this that Belinda had reached over and started finger fucking my wife, while Marina was playing with Belinda's tits. This added to my already bubbling excitement, and I knew that I would soon be exploding in David's mouth. The girls saw that I was getting close, and they encouraged me, yelling Oh yeah, do it, fuck his face, come in his mouth!... When I heard this I could no longer control myself, and I shot spurt after spurt of come into David's throat, and he swallowed it down. Then the girls started saying that they wanted to see David sink his huge cock in my ass. I wasn't sure I could take it there, my ass was virgin and he had a huge cock around 8 ½ to 9 inches. The idea surely appealed to me. David was ready to comply with the request as well. He knelt on the bed and motioned for me to get in a doggie position. The girls gave David some lubrication jelly and sat down to watch the action. David proceeded to lubricate his cock and then my anus. I caught my breath as he slid his finger into my butt, rotating it as he worked it in to prepare the way. Then he pulled it out and replaced it with his cock. He had been already for this; he had put on the condom and had placed his cock by my anus. At first he put just the head inside me, but as I loosened up he started to push deeper, making little back and forth movements. It felt fantastic, and I started pushing back at him and moving with him, until he was in me all the way, and in another minute he filled my asshole with his cum. After resting for a while the four of us continued to make love, and we fucked each other for most of the night. Needless to say, things went on like that for the duration of the cruise. At first Marina wasn't sure that she would enjoy eating pussy, but once she tried it with Belinda she found that she loved it, and David and I enjoyed watching the two ladies go at it as much as they loved watching us. When the cruise was over we all decided that we wanted to get together again on our next vacation, and this time we are planning to go to a swinger resort. I did get together with David on several occasions and I enjoyed having his cock stuffed in my ass and sucking that cock of his. From that time on I have met some other guys and I found out that I loved to be the bottom guy and enjoy giving head but that is another story and maybe I will write it down another time.

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