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Sexy Property Queen - more

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Sexy Property Queen - more

After our little fuck fest. She sent me a text asking what I thought of the property. I told her I was little worried about water damage, given she cums all over the place. No she said, with a smiley. Really how was the property? I never checked it out. So she asked if I could. Yes I will tomorrow. Good let me know what you think.

Yeah I thought. Round two. She was going to wear me out like this.

The next day I sent her text telling her I could not wait to CHECK out the property. Good she said. Let me know about THAT water damage. Oh I will. <maybe it's just a hole that needs to be filled.

Her reply you sure know how to fill a hole. Wink, wink.

4 o clock could not come soon enough and neither could I.

I opened the door. Looked upstairs and nothing. I walked upstairs and on the banister was her thong. Soaked in her juices. I saw a note taped to the banister. Sorry could not wait to see if you could fill the hole. I was here a little earlier to take a second look and just could not help myself. So I HELPED myself. The place is still wet, very wet, so I used these to soak up the water. Hope you enjoy this. Maybe next time.

I just pulled out my dick and thought about that sexy ass and how I had her bent over fucking her. I used that thong to stroke my dick until I came. Just let it squirt all over the floor. Right where it was wet from her juices.

I sent her a text. Checked the place out. Still wet. I added a little glue to the wet spot. A white creamy glue.

Sorry I missed it. Sorry a drop or two was wasted. I never spill the glue. Wink, Wink.

I didn't see her for a couple of weeks. When she had to pay me it was left for me and then finally she had some doors to drop off for me. As she helped unload them I kept staring at her ass. No thong on. Her bra was hanging out as were her tits. After the last door was off and in the basement. She grinned that devilish grin, anything you need? I just looked down and she went to her knees like a well trained dog. She took my dick out and sucked on it. Took it deep in her mouth and sucked. Pulling my dick out of her mouth she would just pump my dick with her hand. I grabbed her head and stuffed my dick back into her mouth. I fucked her mouth the way I had fucked her the other week. My eyes had been closed. I just fucking enjoyed this. When I opened them to watch her suck on me I saw her shirt was open and her tits hanging out. She popped my dick out and rubbed it against her nipples. She kept pumping my dick, and licking the head. I told her I was cumming and she put my dick between her tits. I watched each load squirt on her titties. She licked the head, licking each drop of cum, sucked on my dick and then rubbed the cum into her tits. Licking her hand and fingers off. She got up, got dressed and left.

A couple of times each week now I saw her. She would stop in. I would get a great blowjob and she would leave. I wanted to fuck her again but I guess she figured she couldn't do that here her hubby might walk in. After all we probably went at it an hour or more. She could suck me off in minutes when she wanted to. I mean she is that good with her mouth.

Finally I sent her a text.

Me-You need any other properties checked out? Wink,wink.

Sexy-Well I checked a couple of others out already.

Me-Did they have water damage Sexy-Yes, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, basement, living room Me- Wow, lot of wetness Sexy ? Yes but still need more Me - what would have happened that day I checked out the property if it had not been me there.

Sexy-I guess someone else would have had to fill the hole with their glue then.

Me-So others check out your properties.

Sexy - Yes. I like glue. Lots of glue. I like wetness too!

So I wasn't the only contractor taking care of her property. I was a little jealous but also turned on. She was a dirty girl. This could get to be a lot more fun. My brain was trying to figure out just how much fun I could make this, and just how dirty I could get her to act.

I got her next text.

Sexy-Remember when I first asked you if I could do anything for you?

Me-Yeah Sexy-Member my answer Me-No Sexy-You wanted what they all want.

Me-Yeah Sexy-Still want it Me-Yes Sexy-Want more of it?

Me-Yes Sexy-Want to see if you can fill the holes with your glue?

Me-Yes, fucking yes.

Sexy-Meet me Thursday at 1:00 Sexy- I have an opening then. Here's the code. Do not be late.

Thursday was a couple of days away and I would have to wait. Back to work I guess.

Thursday finally came and I wondered what would happen when I checked this place out. Was she going to be there? Was I going to get to fuck her? Would she spread that ass of hers for me to fuck. Could I get a chance to suck on her tits?

By the time I got to the door and got it open I was so hard it wasn?t funny. This house was different from the ones she usually looked at. It was a large duplex and I wasn?t sure if I had gotten worked up for no reason at all. I found the steps to upstairs and got my first clue.

A jacket thrown on the floor, a little further up the steps, a blouse on the floor.

At the top of the steps a skirt, I looked down the hallway and saw some stockings. A little further down on the doorknob was a red thong. Bright red and wet.

I looked at the door for a second to read the note, ?There?s something I need, some glue, lots of glue. You see I have some holes that need filled. Can you fill them? Are you ready??

I opened the door and could hear some faint music. I walked in and turned a corner to see her sitting on a bench in a lace body suit kinda. It barely covered her ass. She was bent over the bench, and I was getting a good view of her ass. She straddled the bench and I could get a real good view of her pussy.

Me- I?m ready to fill some holes.

Sexy ? Which hole do you want to fill first? I have three of them that need to be filled.

Me- I?d like to start with that pussy.

Sexy ? Then come over her and fuck me.

I could hear some music in the background. The shades to the room were wide open. Anyone across the way could easily see her gyrating on the bench, dancing and anyone could see I would be fucking her soon.

I had my shirt open and my pants and underwear were on the floor. I pressed my hard dick on the crack of her ass and started to grind against her. She had her eyes closed, just moaning a little and enjoying the feeling I guess. While I rub my dick on her ass I reached around to play with her tits. They were nice. Not real big but they begged to be squeezed and her nipples begged to be sucked on. I just played with her tits and did what I could to make her nipples hard and her pussy wet.

I started to press my hard on against her clit and rub it in good. Her moaning got louder and louder. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

Sexy ? Oh come on and fuck me. Stop playing I need a hole filled. Now!

I just pushed my dick into her. Slowly this time trying to tease her but she pushed back on me and reached around to grab me and pull me into her. It was no time and I was balls deep inside of her and we were back to fucking like dogs. God she like to be pounded.

Sexy ? Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

She just kept saying it over and over again and I just kept slamming my dick into her. I liked feeling my balls bang on her and she would reach down to play with them. Loved that. Fucking her and feeling her play with my balls, stroke my dick while we fucked. She was so fucking good.

I wanted to fill another hole. Her ass. So I asked, what about your other holes?

She grabbed a tube off the floor and lubed up her ass. She pushed her finger inside of her ass while I left my dick in her pussy.

Sexy ? Take it easy at first, then you can fuck my ass.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pressed my head against her asshole. I pressed it until it popped inside of her. I felt her tense and then relax and I felt her start to press back into me. Before I knew it she was fucking me.

I smacked her ass and started to slam my dick in and out of her ass. I kept smacking her ass, squeezing her hips and fucking her tight hole. She was practically screaming, begging for more, begging for it to be harder and harder.

Sexy ? Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yes, oh fucking yes and she came like a little slut. Juice all over the place. Puddles bigger than before.

Her hand was between her legs and she was fingering her pussy for all it was worth. Just playing against her clit, I could feel when she put her fingers inside. My dick could feel those fingers and we just kept fucking.

She came again and her legs shook.

Sexy- I need another hole filled. Now I need it now.

I pulled my dick out of her ass, ready to shove it down her throat but then someone came up from behind me. A guy I had not seen and he shoved his dick down her throat. I could see the bulge do down her throat. She swallowed his dick in one motion. She pulled it out and told me to fuck her.

There I was with my dick in her pussy banging in and out of her and on the other end some guy getting his dick sucked. Some guy getting a deep throat. We got into a rhythm I guess. I would shove my dick in her and so would he. We were pounding her from both ends.

After a couple of minutes I guess he told me it was his turn to fuck her pussy and we switched. Now my dick was in her mouth and he was fucking her pussy. I saw him pull his dick out and shove it up her ass, and then back into her pussy. He went back and forth fucking her ass, her pussy and back. All the time she was sucking my dick better than ever. She did not miss a thing. She took my dick out of her mouth for a second.

Sexy- Hope you don?t mind but I needed my holes filled. Slide under me and put your dick in my pussy. She turned to the other guy and told him to just fuck her ass.

I slide under her and she put my dick inside. The he put his dick up her ass. She had a look of pain and screamed out. Just screamed. And he shoved his dick up her ass and my dick stretched her pussy.

Sexy ? come on and fuck me guys.

And we did. Never done this before but I liked the feeling of fucking her and him fucking her. With his dick up her ass her pussy was so fucking tight. It was fucking great. I liked it even more cause from here I could suck on her tits and enjoyed having them in my mouth. She seemed to like a tongue on her nipples and a little nibbling.

We fucked her until she was black and blue, both of us smacking her ass and squeezing her hips, her tits, grabbing her hair, pulling her where we wanted her.

She came over and over again. Juice was everywhere.

Sexy ? cum for me? Put those dicks in my mouth and fill me.

He pulled his dick out and she got up. She sat on the bench and started to suck him. Took his dick all the way down her throat and sucked him dry. The last couple of spurts she let cover her lips and then she grabbed my dick and sucked me off. I came in a minute and she swallowed everything. Then the little dribble down her chin she just got off her face with her finger and licked it up. She was soaked in sweat and her own juices. We had put her through it.

Like before she got dressed, smiling the whole time. She fucking enjoyed this. What a lucky guy I was.

Sexy ? I?ll leave the checks by the door. Thanks for the glue.

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