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Seattle Bath House

I was in Seattle on business, looked up a bath house in the area and wanted to check it out. Once there I got naked and went into the main area, there was not much going on there so I went walking around. I came up to a room where there was a bed and a swing in it, along with two men. I walked in and we all started talking, they asked what I was into. I told them I was new to this and wanted to see what it was like in here. After a while I was sucking one man and the other was lubing me up. then thy placed me in the swing stomach down. Now I was taking one in the ass and one in the mouth. As they were pounding me the man in the ass shot his load deep inside my ass. When he pulled out, to my surprise another man quickly rammed into my ass. Just as he did that the man in my mouth shot his load inside me. The man in my ass shot his load deep inside me as well, and once again someone replaced him. This went on for 5 men in total, who all shot their loads inside my ass along with two men who shot their load inside my mouth, it was a great first time.

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