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Paradise Club

The Paradise Club, Amsterdam

After a few beers and a couple of Sambucca’s for good measure
we decided we would go the Paradise Club after all. We hailed
a taxi and asked the driver to take us to Schaafstraat 26
- a 20 minute drive north east from The Red Light District.
We turned into Schaafstratt and then stopped in front of
an industrial unit – a discrete neon ‘Paradise’ sign was
then visible from the cab. Paying the driver we nervously
walked in.

It was quite dark inside. We said it was our first time and
asked the guy at reception what to do. He explained that
you pay on leaving; any drinks would be added to your bill
– with a minimum charge of 50 euros. We were to undress to
a towel or lingerie. Handing us a wristband key we were directed
to the lockers reminiscent of a school changing room.

We smiled nervously and agreed we would ‘go for it’ – all
in the name of research for our Adult Friend Finder article!

Candy stripped down to a black bra and with black
silk panties and fishnet stockings – very sexy! I left on
my Calvin Klein’s.

We left the changing room and walked into the main lounge
bar area. Becoming accustomed to the dim light we could
see a number of other couples and quite a few single men who
were mostly walking round naked with hard ons. We ordered
a couple of beers at the bar and started to have a look round.
On one of the red vinyl couches we could see a threesome in
progress with a guy fucking one woman from behind as she
licked out another.

After the beer we went for a walk round but didn’t get very
far, noticing a sex swing in an alcove at the side of the room.
Candy climbed into it giggling and I pulled down her bra
to squeeze those lovely tits. I pulled her panties to one
side and slid my stiff cock into her very moist pussy and
started to fuck her. After only a minute or so we noticed
a group were gathering round us. A black guy very politely
asked “can I touch her?”. I nodded and he started to gently
fondle Candy’s boobs as I concentrated on her pussy. Candy
took hold of his big black cock and started to slowly wank
him off. After a few minutes of this we decided to stop, conscious
of the crowd gathering round us.

We left the lounge and carried on our exploration – noticing
that we now had a couple of guys following us, hoping for
some action. I whispered to Candy that I had though Saturday
night was couples only!

We walked up a flight of stairs past the swimming pool and
sauna to a smaller and much more dimly lit room (which we
later found out was the anything goes room!). There was
a large vinyl covered bed at the side where an older blonde
woman was energetically fucking a guy and shouting encouragement
in German as others waited for their turn.

Watching the couple shagging I hadn’t noticed the group
of 5 or 6 men gathering round us. Candy looked at me nervously
and whispered that they were pushing their cocks against
her arse! I smiled and the guys took this as a sign of encouragement.
One pulled down her bra and started to squeeze her tits.
Then another without warning pulled down Candy’s panties
and proceeded to lick her out energetically with his (as
I was told later) very hard tongue.

I lent over to Candy and asked her if she wanted to fuck them.
Candy nodded and I asked the nearest guy if he wanted to fuck
her from behind. “yes please!”. His friend then went to
get a condom as he stood behind Candy’s arse to guard his
prize. Candy bent over and he stuck his cock into her pussy.
I was turned on by this and became a bystander as another
guy moved his cock towards Candy’s mouth and she started
to give him a blow job. The first guy had now finished and
another took his place. He started to fuck her more energetically
grunting and slapping her bum. Candy later told me he also
had a much bigger cock than the first one!

The guy getting the blow job kept pulling his cock out to
stop coming, but after a while couldn’t hold on any longer
and came in her mouth. I took this opportunity to get back
involved, and moved the guys aside. It was a great view looking
down with my cock in her mouth and a complete stranger vigorously
fucking her from behind. Other guys were leaning in to grab
a tit or touch her arse.

As the second one finished Candy stood up to catch her breath,
noticing the black guy from the swing. She beckoned him
over asking “Do you want to fuck me?” He didn’t need any further
encouragement as Candy bent over again for a further vigorous
fucking - I thought to myself she will remember this in the
morning! As he finished he kissed her on the top of the head
whispering “thank you”– a very gentle act in the circumstances!

Others were still waiting their turn but Candy said she
needed a rest so we went back towards the bar.

On the way there an Asian couple sat by the Sauna started
chatting to us and asked if we wanted to go with them somewhere
more private. We went to a side room and sat down. The guy
then explained that his wife didn’t fuck other men – but
preferred women, and that they would both like to fuck her.
Candi said she didn’t – and that we both wanted to be involved.
It was also a bit off putting that a number of other guys had
entered the room ready for the show. We gave our apologies
and left.

There were quite a few more people in the bar now and a gang
bang was just finishing at one side of the room. It was hard
to tell what was going on but I caught a glimpse of widely
spread legs bucking violently amongst a sea of limbs and
cocks. Candy remarked that there were quite a few more attractive
women here than she had expected.

We had a few more beers and I told Candy that I had been really
turned on watching her shag all those guys. I asked her if
it felt weird to suddenly have someone else’s cock shoved
in her. She replied it was but exhilarating at the same time.

“That woman over their keeps looking at you and smiling”.
I turned round and noticed she was – I smiled back. “Would
you like to fuck her?” Candy said. I replied that I didn’t
mind! We moved away from the bar and went to sit on one of the
red sofas around the edge of the main disco area. The couple
joined us after a few minutes and we started to chat. They
were called Jose and Carla, both Portuguese but lived near
Amsterdam, had children but did this for fun at the weekends.
She was quite attractive with black hair and dark brown
eyes and was wearing a similar outfit to Candy. After about
10 minutes I leant over and asked Carla if she wanted to do
anything? She looked at Candy smiling and said “What – do
you mean have another drink?” – “No, he means do you want
to fuck?” She nodded and said we could get a private room.

We followed them down a corridor to a small dimly lit room
with another large red vinyl bed. A few naked men tried to
follow us in but Carla firmly escorted them out and locked
the door.

She grabbed my cock and started to wank me off before taking
a condom from the side table and expertly rolling it onto
my now very hard cock. I looked across at Candy who was already
on all fours giving Jose a blow job as he squeezed her tits.

Carla slid off her panties and laid back; I started to touch
her firm arse and slid two fingers into her sopping pussy.
before sliding my cock in. I felt obliged to put on a good
performance and fucked her energetically grabbing her
arse and spreading her legs. Candy was now on top of Jose
with his cock in her pussy, bouncing up and down and squeezing
her own tits.

I turned Carla over and got her to stick her arse in the air
before sliding my cock in again. After a few minutes her
moaning became screaming and, even through the condom
I felt her come squirting onto my cock as her husband watched.
Every few minutes someone would try the door handle to try
and join in our fun.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and said to the couple that
one of Candy’s fantasies (and mine!) was that she has
DP – was that OK? We took their smiles as a yes. Candy stayed
on top with Jose's cock in her pussy.

I moved round and pulled off my condom – before squeezing
my cock against Candy’s hole. After a moment it went
in. He slowly fucked her from below whilst I built up more
speed – it was weird to feel another guys cock through the
wall of her pussy! Carla started to stroke and then lick
Candy’s dangling tits. After a few minutes Jose came with
a series of strangled cries. At this I couldn’t hold on any
longer shooting my load up her arse. Fantastic!

Carla told us later that the whole ceiling was a one way mirror
and that there had probably been people watching everything
we did.

Candy later told me that she had gone to the loo early to apply
some lubrication in case she was fucked up the arse – and
that on the way back a guy had grabbed her thigh and that she
thought the only polite thing to do would be to give him a
blow job. She asked if I minded “not at all you dirty slut!”
I replied.

We left the club at 2.45 sharing a taxi back to Amsterdam
with a young couple from the West Midlands. They said they
wouldn’t have minded putting on a show if there had been
more couples but were put off by the number of single men
following them round. We nodded and decided not to tell
them what we had got up to!

End of Story

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