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My new Master

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My wife was out of town, so I was surfing around the net looking for a hook up and ended up on a gay web site chatting with a VERY dominant Master who convinced me to meet up with him on his house boat at one of the lakes in the area. From our conversation, I could tell that he didn't like his boys in lingerie, so I asked him what he wanted me to wear. He told me to wear my trench coat, a pair of tighty whities, my shoes and nothing elese. So I did as he said and arrived at his boat just after 3PM. It was a beautiful day, so I was looking forward to a little kinky cruise. As I walked up to his boat he was getting it ready. So he stopped what he was doing to let me on board and immediately made me loose the coat and kneel in front of him. As I did he placed a dog collar and leash around my neck and made me crawl behind him...he led me to the captins chair and tied my leash to the steering wheel and told me to wait there. I did as he said as he untied the boat and returned to his seat...he had me kneel down between his legs as he piloted the boat out of the marina. As soon as we were up to cruising speed, he dropped his pants and told me to hold his cock in my mouth...I opened up wide and he placed his cock and balls in my mouth. As we drove like this for a while he was asking me all kinds of questions about what I had done in the past and said that I was to respond with a nod or shake of the head. He asked me all kinds of questuions from the mild to the wild and I answered him as he'd instructed. During the course of his interrogation I could feel his cock swelling and filling my he did this I instinctively began sucking it....but he told me not to but just to keep it still and let it grow...his cock and balls grew so big and fat I could barely breathe...but we made it out into the lake and he killed the motor and just let us float there for a while. By this time I really had to pee so I asked him very politely if I could go...he said ok and led me to the back of the boat were a wooden platform extended over the water...he told me to lie on my back on the platform and relieve myself....I did as he said...and piss ran all over my tighty whities and dribbled down to the water beneath I did this I watched as he stood over me and began to piss on me too...he must have been drinking or something because he went alot...all over me....on my face and hair and even in my mouth...when he was done he told me to roll off into the water to rinse off...I did as he said and the water was sooo cold....he told me to climb back up....and I was embarassed because I knew my dick would be tiny and very visable through my wet tighty whities....he commented and laughed about it saying what a little dicked piss whore I was and then tore off my underwear to leave me standing there naked in front of him. He then grabbed my cock really hard and lead me into the cabin area of the boat...there I noticed a ton of sex toys all scattered around and a padded bench with metal loops on each end....he told me to stand still as he attached a leather cock strap around my balls and leather wrist and ankle straps. He then instructed me to lay face down on the bench and fastened my wrists and ankles to it...he then told me to straighten up my knees so my ass was up in the air. I felt him lube up my ass and insert a but was so big I thought it was going to tear me...but I soon got used to it. He then walked around in front of me and said, "o.k. Boy now suck this cock dry and don't spill a drop....he started face fucking me really hard and fast and actually came pretty fast. I swallowed and gulped it all down. As he finished he said he was very happy with me....but now wanted to have some fun with my he picked up a paddle and began laying into me....I screamed like a little bitch but he said go ahead...nobody's gonna hear you out here. It was then that the reality of my situation set in....I was totally helpless and in the middle of the lake. There was nothing to stop this guy from slitting my throat and dumping me I tried not to think about that...anyway...he apparently thought my ass was red enough and walked over to get his biggest dildo (I actually used to own the same 18" long and big around as a coke can) I knew I could take it, but also knew it had been a while and I was out of practice. He pulled out the but plug and immediately replaced it with the dildo and began slowly pushing it in me further and further...he was amazed at how much of it I could take and soon was fucking me with it really hard and fast. This lasted quite a while....but soon I felt his fist making its way deep inside me...this almost sent me over the edge...but he told me not to cum. After this anal assault I soon felt him slide his cock in my went in so easily...after all the previous play it probably felt like a pussy to took him forever to cum because I had already sucked him off earlier....but when he finally did I felt him shoot way up inside me. He held his cock in me for a while and I felt it go limp and slide out of me with a slurping sound as cum dribbled out of my hole... He told me he was very pleased with me and left me. I heard the boat start up and we were soon cruising again....I was still chained to the bench so I couldn't tell where we were heading. That's when those feelings of complete helplessness from earlier kicked in again....I couldn't help but think now that he's had his way with me is he gonna drive e to some deserted part of the lake and dispose of me??? As the boat finally slowed down and stopped I heard him come back in the room. He unchained me and threw me my coat and said..."alright get the hell outta here....maybe we'll play again sometime." I exited the boat to find myself back at the same marina we had started at...I jumped in my truck glad to have made it through it all....on my way home I remembered I hadn't cum yet...I started stroking my naked cock under my trench coat and came while driving down the interstate.

The second time I met up with my houseboat Master began in the same way. We ended up chatting online again and he convinced me to come to his real "landlocked" home this time. He told me he lived way out in the country where no one could bother us while we played. He also told me to arrive totally naked this time. When I found his adress, I stopped to slip out of my shorts and t-shirt and proceeded to drive nude up his very long driveway to his house. He was sitting there on the poarch waiting for me and motioned for me to pull around the back of his house. I parked the truck as he approached carrying my collar and leash. He opened my door and placed the collar and leash around my neck and pulled me from the vehicle. I stood there nude as he placed a leather strap around my now rock hard cock and balls, ankle and wrist straps and a black mask over my face. He then lead me on all fours up to a small back poarch and wipped out his hard cock. He told me to suck him off and not spill a drop...he came what seemed like a ton and I gulped every drop of it down my throat. He was very pleased with me and told me to stand up. He chaind my wrists to the balcony above our heads in a spread fashion and I hung there with my ass facing the woods and my hard cock facing his house. I began to wonder if there might be someone in the tree line behind me watching this display as Master went inside for a few minutes. When he returned he was carrying a ball gag, a riding crop and a step stool. He placed the ball gag in my mouth and strapped it around my head explaining that it wouldn't matter how much noise I made because his closest neighbor was quite a ways off, but that he enjoyed hearing the muffled whimpers of a bitch boy like me. He began laying into me with the riding crop, and he was right... my screams and cries were reduced to nothing more than whimpers of pain. Master then stood up on the stool and aimed his now soft cock at me. I instinctively opened my mouth and tried to suck it in, but he told me no....soon a long warm stream of piss erupted from his cock as he srayed me from top to bottom. He filled my mouth repeatedly and it tasted so hot and sweet. When he had finished I was totally soaked. He then went under the deck and returned with a water hose and proceeded to spray me off. The water was so cold it made me thrash around from the shock. Master then toweled me off, undid my wrist cuffs and turned me around reattaching the cuffs so that my bare front side was facing the woods and my back to the house. I felt him insert a finger then two and three and then his whole fist into my ass. My now extremely horny hole easily let it slide all the way up to his forarm. He spread my legs far apart and cuffed them to hooks in the floor. I felt his hard cock slam into my now gaping hole....I screamed but all that came out was a muffled ball gag grunt....he said mmmm you like that bitch! I only could nod yes. He began fucking me so hard and fast I could feel my hard cock flopping around and slapping my stomache....if anybody was in the woods, they were definately getting a great view of this. He must have fucked me in this standing position for 20 minutes. He finally came in my ass really hard....I felt it shoot way up inside me. After that he disappeared back into the house for what seemed like forever. The next thing I heard was several voices approaching from inside the house. I all of a sudden realized that my earlier suspicions were not wrong as three guys wearing camo encircled me on the poarch. Two of them were black guys and from what I could tell from their conversation, all three of them tended the Masters acres when he was out of town. Apparently the three of them had been watching from the woods the whole time.

To be continued Later

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