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My first time, follow-ups

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After reading about the other guy's first time with a guy, I thought that I'd write about my experiences.

I was about 14-15yr and working at a small ice plant. One night around 11pm, the guy that I was working with decided that we could take a break for a bit as we had gotten the ice bay pretty empty. He suggested that we go to the back room which is still cooled but without any ice crates there as it was about 85 degrees outside, mid August weather. Well we went back there and the conversation quickly turned to sex. Asking me if I'd ever had a blow job, ever fingered a girl, or if I looked at other guys at school in the shower to see if I was about the same size as others were. I told him that I had looked but as for the rest, no I hadn't gotten that far with a girl as they normally just wanted to be friends not any thing else. Mike, my partner that shift, asked me if I'd ever wondered what it might feel like and I told him of course. As soon as I said that, Mike grabbed my crotch and gave it a good squeeze. He told me that he'd show me what it felt like and if I wanted to I could return the favor.

Well, I agreed and he unzipped my pants and lowered them. He took my cock into his mouth and sucked and sucked. He paused once to ask if I thought that I could do this to him and I agreed that I most likely could. Then Mike did something that made me cum almost instantly. He put a finger into my asshole and worked it in all while he was sucking me hard. Now what I didn't realize then was that he'd gotten two fingers in my ass and had finger fucked me. I appologized for cumming in his mouth and he told me not to worry. So I started to suck him. I guess I was doing him alright. But then he said, "You came in my mouth, maybe I need to cum in you." I wasn't sure of that and he said that I had another choice, for me to bend over and let him fuck my ass. Now Mike had this planned out some as i agreed to try the ass thing and he got a small tube of some lube out and had me bend over a few pallets and he lubed his cock up and some on his cock and tried to get in my virgin ass. Well I was too tight and he didn't have enough lube plus it was getting close to shift change so we needed to check the ice bay and we got dressed. We never tried anything like that again as I never worked with him any more that year.

Now I'm 30yr and my ex wife wouldn't have sex with me at all, well maybe once or twice a year at best. I had just got the internet and started to explore everywhere. I found a gay site and started to chat there. Before I knew it, I was getting off talking to these guys. One finally asked if I'd be interested in meeting him. I agreed and drove to where he told me to. It was a carpet store and we sat on a roll of carpet and he sucked me and sucked me, almost making me cum. Now this guy was some what heavy and had a small cock. I could get it all in my mouth with no problem and figured that was all he wanted to do. Boy was I wrong. I guess that while I sucked him, it grew to maybe 5" and he asked to fuck me. As soon as I agreed, he got me spun around, bent over a carpet roll, spread my legs apart, and got behind me. Now he barely was able to get his cock inside of me due to his lenght, but he didn't care. He fucked me as hard as he could till he pulled out and cum into his hands. We got dressed and I headed home. Didn't want to see him again either.

My next time was with a guy my age. He was going to get married soon and wanted to try it once. He wanted to get fucked as well as fuck me. After driving to his place, we both took turns sucking each other. He had 2 rubbers and some lube already out. He put a rubber on himself and lubed it and me up. Now his bed sat high enough that he could have me lay back and legs up and enter me. This was the first time I actually had a cock go all the way in me and he was about my size. I loved it and almost came, but he came first and said it was my turn. I put the rubber on and did exactly what he did to me. I slowly entered his ass and after he got used to me in him, just like he had done to me, I started to fuck him. He moaned louder than I had and told me to give him more. Now the thought of me doing a guy went out of my mind and I really started to fuck him. Then he started to cum, shooting on me and him. That made me cum. I pulled out and took the rubber off and he sucked me clean. So I licked his cum off his chest and cock. I then asked him how it was and he told me that him being in me was ok, but me in him, well that was the best. We thanked each other and left.

The next time was a strange thing. I had talked to a guy that agreed that we could do each others ass, but when I got there, found out that he had a bf and the bf was more dominante than he was. The bf told me that since I most likely came her to fuck, that I had to agree to let them fuck me then I could do the guy that I had planned to fuck. Well, I agreed and was taken to a bedroom and we got naked. The first guy was maybe 6" and the other 7" but very thin compared to the others that I'd done. The 6" guy lifted my legs up adn started to go in me while the bf watched. He slowly fucked me till I thought that he had came. Then the other guy got in me, and did me little harder and little faster. Now I'm feeling good, and thought that it was my turn. What I didn't know or realize was that they had either not cum in me or had already gotten hard and put new rubbers on. I started to get up and the first guy entered me again. He too fucked me harder, deeper than he had the first time and they could see that my cock had some precum coming out. Now the bf saw how I was enjoyin git and told the other guy that he wanted me now. He told me that if I got him to cum, and I didn't cum first, that I could try and get my cock in him. Well, no matter how hard he fucked me, I didn't cum. So after he did, he put a rubber on me and tried to straddle my cock.

While I'm not a big guy, I think, I couldn't get in his tight ass hole. He told the other guy that he had to take me, so he bent over the bed and I got behind him. I got in him, but he told me to stop. I was going to, but the bf said "you agreed to let him in your ass, you are going to let this bitch fuck you." With that, he got behind me, and got his semi hard cock and pushed it in me, causeing me to go into the to him. Now I'm fucking a guy and I'm getting my ass fucked for the 5th time. The room was full of moans, and groans. FInally you heard I'm cumming and before you knew it, all of us were cumming.

The last time I got to play was when I was seperated from the wife and once again when to the site to chat. Found a guy and he told me that he was black and asked me if that was ok. I said I guess so and he came over one night about midnight. Now this guy would suck me till I came and then fuck me till I got hard again. Then I could fuck him. Sometimes I would suck him first then he would suck me fingering my ass before he fucked me. Most of the time he wanted to watch my facial expressions but a few times, he would doggy fuck me. Now this guy was 7" but thick. BOY DID IT FEEL GOOD!

Everytime that I'd ever fucked a guy or got fucked, it was always with a rubber on. Safety sex. Sometimes I wonder what it might feel like to have cum in me, but now that I'm married to a great gal who knows that I like my ass fucked and does me with her strap-on. She has said that my ass is hers only. Maybe one time at a swingers party, might find a couple that are both bi and maybe....

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