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My Wife and Her Young Lawyer (Final Part?)

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One night while my wife and I were watching television in bed, the telephone rang. It was my wife?s young lawyer friend, Matt. He would be back in the area for some business meeting and wanted to again hook up. My wife told him, ?When we were together the last time, do you remember the ?golf or something? comment in relationship to my husband? How about if the three of us get together at the golf resort by the lake? You two can golf during the afternoon and at night the three of us can do the ?something?.? Matt agreed as long as there would be no bisexual activities between us, which was fine by me; because I was only interested in watching and pleasing my wife.

My wife and I checked into the resort early in the day. It was a two story suite with a privacy balcony directly on the lake overlooking the water. The bedroom was upstairs and the living room downstairs included a fireplace. We would not need the fireplace for this summer day was over 100 degrees outside. On our way to the resort, we stopped at a liquor store and purchased two bottles of expensive champagne (Matt?s favorite) and a six pack of beer.

My wife took a bubble bath and closely shaved her legs and pussy. She applied body lotion to her body and smelled great. She had polished her fingernails and toenails. She was smooth and hot. In fact, she was perfect, no blemishes anywhere on her body. Matt called us and said that he was running late and would be unable to play golf. That was fine with me, because a 115 degree heat index is not conducive to golf. In fact, the course was almost deserted.

While waiting for Matt, my wife got dressed. This didn?t take too long, because she was wearing only a little black dress and saddles. Since it was near the end of summer, she had a nice tan and her legs looked great without hose. Her shaved pussy looked good without panties and her nipples were visible without a bra. When Matt arrived we made small talk before heading to the restaurant. I drove while my wife rode in the back and Matt in the front bucket seat next to me. When we arrived at the restaurant, Matt held the door open for my wife as she exited the back seat. She made sure that he got a good view of her shaved pussy.

We ate at the restaurant overlooking the golf complex. Since the course was deserted, we were the only party in the dining room. The waitress was not sure of what to make of our party; Matt sat next to my wife while I sat across from them. She just smiled and took our orders. During dinner Matt played with my wife?s inner thigh and she with his crotch. Besides letting him feel up my wife, I also treated him to dinner by picking up the bill.

Once back at the suite, we went outside on the balcony. As the three of us were looking out at the lake, a bass fisherman was casting below us. My wife asked him, ?Are you having any luck?? ?Only a few small ones,? he responded back. She smiled back and said, ?Bass fishing like other activities might get better after dark.? ?I am hoping so. You all have a good evening.? the fisherman responded. ?That?s what the three of us are planning to do; have a good time with fun activities after dark.? my wife said in closing. As my wife turned from the balcony rail, I asked, ?Do you think he could see up your dress and got a good view of your shaved pussy?? My wife laughed and remarked, ?I don?t think so, because he only had one rod in his hand and it was a fishing rod.?

The three of us sat down on the patio chairs and began to drink some champagne. Once it was dark, I began to kiss my wife and feel up her pussy under her dress. Matt sat in the chair across from us and watched. I remarked, ?My wife doesn?t have any panties on.? Matt said, ?I know that, she shot me a beaver while exiting the car.? With that my wife excused herself to go upstairs to change into ?something more comfortable?.

When she returned, Matt and I got instant erections. She was dressed to kill in a black lacy teddy, thigh high black hose, and heels. Immediately, she told us to take our clothes off. Matt and I were naked in a flash. Matt?s cock was hard and standing straight out. Without hesitating my wife went to her knees in front of him and started to suck his hard cock. As I stood watching, I began to stroke my cock. Want a beautiful sight, my wife sucking another man?s cock with me watching.

After a few minutes, she stood up and began kissing Matt near the balcony rail. I moved down in front of her and got to my knees. Moving the black lacy teddy from her crotch, I began to lick her clit. Matt was kissing her and rubbing her tits. Occasionally, he would move his mouth to her hard nipples and suck them. After several minutes in this position, my wife asked Matt, ?Would you like a total body massage? I have some oil and a plastic sheet.? ?That would be nice, may be you could give my hard cock some special attention?? Matt asked.

Once inside the suite, my wife laid out the sheet and poured oil over Matt?s back side. My wife began to give Matt an oil massage paying close attention to his ass and inner thighs. She requested that Matt roll over so that she could massage his chest and crotch. Matt?s cock was now semi-erect. Seeing this, my wife remarked, ?Time to give some attention to your cock, I prefer it hard!? In no time Matt was erect as she stroked his cocked and rubbed his balls. It didn?t take long before he was ejaculating in her hand. After relaxing for a few minutes, Matt said to my wife, ?Time for a shower to clean up. Do you want to join me?? I stayed in the living room as my wife removed her outfit and stepped into the shower with Matt.

Once in the shower, my wife began to wash Matt?s back and ass with soap. Matt turned around and she washed his chest and cock. Almost, instantaneously, Matt had another erection as he played with her tits and fingered her pussy. My wife continued to stroke it with the sudsy washcloth. Matt moved around her and pressed his hard cock into her ass crack. As she bent forward, the water from the shower flowed down over her back and ass crack. Matt slowly entered her pussy with his cock. Grapping her hips, he began to powerfully pull her back and forth on his erection. My wife fingered her clit as his cock pounded her pussy. Before long, Matt ejaculated inside her wet pussy. My wife said, ?Twice already and the evening is still young. I hope that you have enough energy to finish the night, because I haven?t had my orgasm yet.? ?I wouldn?t worry about that, you have two cocks tonight.? Matt responded back.

Then Matt decided that the three of us should again go outside on the patio. Standing totally naked on the patio, we looked out over the lake and I wondered if anyone could see us in the moonlight from the main lake or the woods on the other bank. Matt was kissing my wife and then requested, ?I would love to fuck you while you are sucking your husband?s cock. With that request my wife asked me to sit in a patio chair as she bent over to suck my cock. As always, it felt good to have her warm lips and mouth over my cock. Matt positioned himself behind her and began pumping her pussy. My wife moaned with delight. In no time I came in her mouth and Matt pulled out and came over her ass and down her crack. My wife decided that we should go inside and relax on the sofa.

After another glass of champagne and dancing to soft music, my wife decided to again suck Matt?s cock. While he was seated on the sofa, she knelt before him and took his cock in her mouth. I just sat there playing with my new erection. After a few minutes, my wife requested of me, ?If you want, you can eat my pussy while I take care of Matt.? If I wanted? I dove onto the floor and laying flat on my back; I crawled under her pussy and began to lick it. While I was licking and eating her shaved pussy; Matt would occasionally French kiss her, suck her nipples, or finger her clit. After about 30 minutes of this my wife said, ?I am so aroused, I need to have an orgasm using my vibrator.?

As she laid back on the floor, I plugged in her vibrator and retrieved her baby oil. She oiled her pussy and began to vibrate her clit. She requested of Matt, ?Please put a finger in my pussy and another up my ass. I come quicker that way.? She requested of me, ?Honey please kiss me and suck and bite my nipples.? Of course, Matt and I did as commanded. Shortly, my wife had an orgasm with multiple spasms. Matt?s finger in her ass could feel each one of them as she camped down on it. My wife remarked to Matt, ?See what you missed last time by falling asleep.? ?That was great, why not have your husband fuck that relaxed and contented pussy of yours?? Matt responded. ?Honey, go ahead and show him how.? my wife requested.

As I positioned myself above her pussy, I lifted her left leg toward the ceiling. My cock slid easily into her wet and oily pussy. As I was pumping her pussy, I fingered her clit and she had another orgasm as we came almost simultaneously. Matt said, ?Let me have some sloppy leftovers.? He had her roll over on her stomach and attempted to fuck her in the ass with his semi-erection. Unable to penetrate her that way, he flipped her over and was able to enter her pussy. He fucked her with rapid strokes so fast that I could not believe my eyes. (I wondered to myself if he was in a competition with me to see who could fuck my wife the best?) My wife was surprised as he came again. He collapsed on top of her. After relaxing for a couple of minutes, she realized that Matt had passed out or fell asleep with his cock inside of her pussy.

My wife said, ?Pull out the sofa bed and we?ll put him to bed. You and I can go to the upstairs bedroom.? I don?t know how, but we got Matt into bed. Twice during the night, I awoke with an erection and fucked my wife while she was half asleep. I awoke the next morning and heard my wife downstairs talking to Matt. She asked him, ?Would you like to play before we have a small continental breakfast.? Without waiting for a reply, she started to suck his cock. I came down the stairs to this sight. She was dressed in only a short black satin slip. While I was making coffee by the bar, she climbed on top of his erection and slid his cock into her ass. As she was riding him, he was playing with her tits. She removed the spaghetti straps and let her tits fall loose so that he could suck them. Not comfortable with that she removed it totally and threw it to the floor. While the coffee was brewing, I watched her ride him while I stroked my cock. I came in a short time and Matt came shortly after. We ate some fruit and drank coffee before Matt left for his meeting.

Matt had been planning on staying for the next night, but we had planned to go home. On the drive home, I mentioned to my wife that I would be okay to call Matt and go back for a love session without me. When we got home, she called the resort. It seemed that Matt had checked out and was not returning. I told my wife, ?Either he was too exhausted for his meetings or that he came down to see you and the meetings thing was an excuse. Either way, you should be flattered.?

We have not seen Matt for a several months. But one day that phone will ring and he will be in the area for ?some business meeting?. So, this may not be the ?final chapter?.

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