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My Wife Gets Taken Advantage Of

My wife just got a part time job at a leather store at the local mall. Her manager wants all the workers to wear the merchandise. So there are times she wears various leather pants, skirts or dresses. Let me just describe my wife. She is a stereotypical Puerto Rican woman. An ass to die for . So you can imagine what she looks like in leather.

One day, sometime near closing a couple came in. Very attractive yuppie type. Money coming out their ears. The woman came over and asked for some help from my wife . That day my wife wore a tight leather mini and some nice boots with no stockings or panties. The woman asks for the same skirt my wife has. She directs her to the back row of outfits. As my wife leads her, she so checking my wife's ass move . Her husband comes over when they get to the back. at this point each one is on both sides of her. Her husband starts off by saying,"I don't know honey, if you will look good in that. You gotta have an ass like this lady." My wife looks at him and sort of chuckles nervously . The wife says,"Let me see that ass of yours sweety. Mmmmmm, you're right honey. That is something. Do you mind?" My wife looks at her and has no idea what she is talking about. So she says no I don't mind. This woman reaches out and caresses my wife's ass. The woman says --I am getting sooooo wet just touching your ass.
Meanwhile no one has any idea this is going on.
Honey you just gotta touch this. And now both of them have a cheek in each hand. mY wife has always have been curous about swinging. She just stood there and said, make sure no one sees you, I can't lose this job. The wife reaches inot her purse and pulls out 5 hundred $ bills and stuffs them in my wife's bra. While doilg this, she touches her tit. The husband gets behind my wife and pulls his cock out and unzips her skirt. It drops to the floor. The wife whispers in her ear and says don't scream too loud because he is going to fuck that ass. All of a sudden she feels his hands on her hips and the dick is shoved in her ass. My wife looks for something to grab on. What do you know, but this woman lifts her skirt and shoves her ass in my wife's face. She is forced to eat the orange.
The guy finally shoots his load and pulls out. As they help my wife get her things back on. The woman kisses her long and tells her that she wants her skirt. So right there they switch clothes. They both kiss my wife long and hard , smack her ass and leave.
This couple comes every Sunday for some free clothes, some ass fucking and some orange.

End of Story